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  1. Pane

    Please play Smash again it could be a nice breath compared to the grinding of mmorpg's and CoD


    idk how but I just got dejavú wtf.

  3. nexus

    can jevs vids ever be bad like... eveything he posts is just maximum efficiency

  4. Bob Carter

    2021: Jev calling for more C4 use,wtf

  5. Somebody Nobody

    I like these videos because Jev doesn’t get angry and he actually has an enjoyable experience

  6. Vernzy

    I think if you use the lc10 your simply not good

  7. ItsSkyl0rd

    Yeah im completely stuck on the stronghold and can't proceed, I have no ammo for anything and can't craft any ammo

  8. ViiEwZ

    Been following since 5k man. Definitely one of my favorite content creators. Not one of your videos have I ever not watched. Keep it up man.


    I can’t believe we read Porn comments together as one big family

  10. Batboy 2.0

    I write the same exact way

  11. Cole Carter

    Just came from part 1 and there was a BIG time skip between the parts im hella confused

  12. Slothfulgains

    DUDE THE RETURN OF MRGOOMAN. He was in spectating at midnight

  13. Extranosense

    Watching the hacker get stuck and killed made me so happy

  14. Forensic Cannibal

    i like how we got to see both endings good job jev

  15. Grayson Lezten

    Jev I just played with you! I Think. I was trying not to mic breath I’m sorry that I was awkward I’d do anything to play with you again lol

  16. Brian McCullough

    ... we all wanted Tony to win, bröther.

  17. niggacumcheeks 13

    Mrgooman the goat this is the second time we’ve seen him win while spectating

  18. Danger FAZE

    Best cod ever no futuristic shit normal guns no bull shit best ever man pls bring it on ps4 i love that game... these new kids won’t understand how good was that game..

  19. Tine-2-Hunt Whitetails

    I was playing random duos the other day and played with Phil Swift. 😂😂 I said “I SAWED THIS BOAT IN HALF” and it was silence on the other end...

  20. Extranosense

    Don't even blame Jev for mainly doing spectate videos it's a lot of fun

  21. ENDER king

    More ufc 4 with the requis?

  22. Zack workman

    I love spectating vids lowkey

  23. Svnt

    So thats why the riot shield exist to counter chraters

  24. MoRpH


  25. MLG Shark


  26. HyperBluuJay

    Jev was right though Ethan did die, but he became infected with the mold, that's why he feels no pain throughout the rest of the game or in RE 8, because he himself is now infected and is 'alive' because of the mold.

  27. lasthumankind

    I do like the fact he doesn't unnecessarily scream at the camera for no reason, calms me down hur hur

  28. Deamondmun Bear

    this is the secound time he spectated mrgooman and got the dub both times wtf haha

  29. De H

    Crazy how all your picks lost 🤣🤣

  30. Chainton

    Can we pls juss call it a truck instead of burtha

  31. Zinquilla Zombih

    In the description of this video it said "enjoy" and enjoy it I have.

  32. Seamus Byrnes

    Bro I wish I had the same in game confidence that Jev has. If someone comes in my safety circle I'm fucked

  33. Damian Schexnaydre

    I hated taking pictures as a kid until one day when I went back to look at old times I realized my pictures only went back to when I was in middle school. I started taking them to capture and help remember fun and beautiful memories.

  34. braden williams

    Theres a lightsaber

  35. Derek Segra

    And then they made call of duty mobile

  36. Savage_217-_- ‘

    Honest question would IRflow pay Jev more for this video cause it’s food related and not game related?

  37. RichardDavidHodges

    I vote Jev be a commentator for a COD Tournament

  38. Luke C.

    I love to come back here and jus remember😔❤

  39. Yoomi

    He still eating

  40. ShadowMain 324

    I could clap this man in this game on Braking Bad

  41. Luke C.

    Jev honestly ive been a fan a while and during dark times your videos helped me made me laugh made not feel alone and i relate to you on so many things thank you jev i love you😔❤

  42. Slade Hardy

    I feel bad for him

  43. Kenneth Briseno

    I’m so sad that tony Ferguson is probably done, he is still a legend

  44. ØjayTooClean

    Haven’t watched my boi jev in a phat minute and already got in the first 20 seconds I’m dying like the usual 😂🤙🏼 good shyt man

  45. Texas Prodigy 4

    Jevs spectating videos are the best thing to ever happen

  46. DuhItzJonathan Gaming

    I have Warzone on not in a game yet and I’m watching Jev and he said that

  47. Kenneth Rodriguez

    he's using the shirt from a po box opening that cool i think it was

  48. VIrritation

    Bro I’m waiting new bud?

  49. Unseenbeek

    it was my birthday

  50. Liam Kretschmer

    Play more rainbow six

  51. TR4NC3DOUT

    Jev, does Alexis play WoW Classic or Retail?

  52. Pyro


  53. Nzungu Pumu

    29:54 "oh fuck, OH JESUS, *AHHHHHHHHHHHH* "

  54. Mason Rogers

    Challenge Accepted: play Subnautica Below Zero

  55. :

    Yoo MrGooMan was in Disresepectful Warzone solos st 4AM

  56. Ian Levi

    I don’t think this was a good idea to watch at 12:00 am

  57. x_StanleyModz_x

    Imagine dying while you using hacks lmao

  58. Chris DudeDurian

    22 knockouts in a row is not luck lmfao

  59. Komix

    This is such bullshit their fighting someone elses war and simping over fucking Farah. This shit even realistic. In real life in the middle east no girl is in control or captain of an Army literally no girl theur just making it appeal to our generation and im sick of that bs.

  60. AsaelSoto

    “Oh my god my play through was terrible” 😭😭😭😭

  61. Killem Mangaro

    Challenge accepted: play the game

  62. John Preston

    2021 and im watching this waw

  63. I'm radly

    Challenge accepted: return to ufc and make requies

  64. captain crunch

    Dude i remember watching this when it was uploaded

  65. Relax

    bro i love your spectating vids

  66. Julain Jones

    The way jev moved his head as if he was dogging a bullet

  67. PapiChuloGaming

    Hey Jev are we gonna get some classic gameplay with the old squad from mw3 when you made the best Ragetages in a newer Game.

  68. Tincho Finks

    Jev we fucking love you man. U THE GOAT

  69. Epicwaverider Gaming

    Yo Jev you should do an Friday night funking video

  70. Trips

    exactly likemy sh*t console

  71. KN

    The guy who died in the beginning, that was her husband

  72. Jusanta Caldwell

    Man Jev this still gotta be the funniest video ever why did you do that😂🤣😂🤣

  73. LakeOfSparks 1

    Look, its jev when he was super happy.

  74. theredbaron20

    I love the mp7

  75. Antoinette S

    "It's impossible to hurt me...I'm Requis"🤣🤣

  76. Pain Trvp

    yo why is that baby built like a baked bean

  77. Jennifer Ruiz


  78. Evan G

    Bruh those picks aged like milk 😭🤣

  79. Pixels and Soundbites

    It's gotten to point where I check to see if you uploaded this series before I eat. I eat and just listen to you talk about UFC. I don't know who any of these people are