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  1. Ronald Medford

    There's 11 minutes I can't get back.

  2. BlackoutSmokez

    They should put the blunt in it that would be cool lol

  3. Emiliano R


  4. NewtonMCgaming


  5. Hayden Cox

    It pains me seeing him saying theirs nothing to do when I see his progression on dark aether and he hasn’t bothered with it once and it feels so sad

  6. Hayden Cox

    I feel like when theirs nothing else in Cold War their is to do he’s gonna say their is nothing else for jev to do but he doesn’t realize he could actually make a road to dark aether honestly .-.

  7. ivebeenflashed

    Ahh what a great video

  8. Help The Deer

    yo were you using the dm ultra mg 82 a hijacked match

  9. GoldSwaggamer 400

    "They ADDED The NAILGUN but I don't need it because I'm already screwed"

  10. BEL

    8:20 thais what?😂😟

    1. BEL


  11. Αλέξανδρος Προννη

    It's the second time that you spectate MrGooman

  12. kb_breezy 27

    jevs beard is lookin nice

  13. momslayer21

    53:23 price breached without a mag in his gun LOL

  14. JacobHodge2000

    Did you get a perm?

  15. m4ck_YT

    la pregunta es "porque?"

  16. Phasma


  17. Vision ll

    If would have been far better if he played controller

  18. Person Human

    My man looks like Jacksepticeye in that thumbnail

  19. Jesus is Lord

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  20. Michelle Rahe

    I miss this game

  21. Thatdude

    “Man I love park she’s my favorite operator in Cold War” simpppp

  22. k3ron m3iller

    No seriously tho the nails are better then bullets😭

  23. Tinga

    Do you have a creator code that I can use in the shop?

  24. Try FyleZ

    What did the dog say?: 6:09

  25. Giancarlo

    Still faster than every sniper in Cold War.

  26. William Mallon

    Is it just me or is Jev more a boxing commentator than a gamer

  27. Erberk Senpai

    4:23 Jewbacca

  28. Ryan

    this is the first video I seen Jev actually win a warzone game

  29. Kean

    Jev talking about the nba for 3.4 seconds made my day

  30. John Cedric Correa

    5 years ago this was the start of the legendary demigod REQUIS

  31. hi blood!

    jev could literally be talking about anything that i give no fucks about and i still will be entertained

  32. iBrownfye

    1:46 He looks like a teenage version of Peter Quill from the MCU

  33. TMan

    Damn jev on trending? Let’s gooo

  34. donkey guy king k man

    seeing jev play zombie with his friends would be fun

  35. Just a mere image

    Demon dogs are a knock off of the marine nickname, “devil dog” the Germans gave us during WWI

  36. Awedxzs

    New LMG has moderate recoil they lied there’s no recoil

  37. frasbray220

    he looks like a old hobo jacksepticeye

  38. xqc

    challenge accepted: play on 30 fps.

  39. Sami Yusif


  40. iTz_Slink8037

    They lied that this new LMG is the first Ultra-rarity blueprint in the Battle Pass, the first Ultra was that MP5 "mastercraft", "Roman Opulence" I think, with no special inspetion. Bruh

  41. Noel Milton

    Same voice different guy

  42. Leo Guerra

    We will never know

  43. Arthur Merritt

    Jev: you definitely aren't wallbanging with this thing Me, who thought nails were meant to go through walls: impossible

  44. X Beastmasta64

    6:38 6:41 bro what😭😭

  45. Dior

    dude, just cast my life

  46. kota

    Daddy please start spectating again

  47. Miguel D

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  48. Ocey T

    Bro its a quad feed why you even show that

  49. BoyInTheRoom

    𝕀 𝕄𝕒𝕜𝕖 𝕍𝕚𝕕𝕖𝕠𝕤 𝕋𝕠𝕠. ●《●《

  50. Clayton Dickey


  51. Pang Lam

    "I used the new nail gun to nail people but the game screwed itself"

  52. Falcxn


  53. Coconut Nut

    cods trash

  54. L.K. Sanchez

    Fuck ohm

  55. Phantom TGS

    JEVVVVV!!!!!!! Fucking play siege again, it’s changed a lot and I wanna see how you’ll adapt

  56. L.G_Splitz

    Theres the Joey Jordison skin and Jackel looks low key like Mick Thompsons All Hope Is Gone/ early Grey Chrapter mask. This is basically a Slipknot season

  57. Henry Cooper

    when jev said: Let meeeeee innnnnnn, i was laughing so hard

  58. Dark Knight white U

    Challenge accepted: Play rainbow six siege again.

  59. Bryan Martínez

    Ok mr. trending

  60. Ack Logan

    Bo3 ptsd

  61. Jacob White (WhiteBoyJ115)

    What so he’s so bored of cod that he just watches other people play and what you guys just watch someone watch someone play? Isn’t that just sad?

  62. Tno Emmi

    Rewatching again a few years later let’s get it 😌🖤🖤😌

  63. Jake Hamel

    My guys name is eugene

  64. Julius Villalobos

    What up Jev is me Bruuver if you ever wanna play hit me up and then dab me up. Gamertag: Bruuver Pack

  65. Julius Villalobos

    What up Jev is me Bruuver if you ever wanna play hit me up and then dab me up. Gamertag: Bruuver Pack

  66. ZexoSzn

    People who disliked can comment here why they disliked the video

  67. itscryptonly

    Algeria mentioned in a game yaaaaaay

  68. Reaksiyon

    “more hertz will never hurt” genius

  69. Nico Harris

    Can someone teach Jev how to Multi?🎶 🤠 Love ya Jev ❤️

  70. Finley Gilmer

    old old username: CoolBoy! I absolutely despise that name to this day

  71. Guava

    My guy I swear they just need to add a neon filter over the entire black rose skin and crank that shit all the way up till it's not so bad your blinded by it and you can still see a clear outline. Seriously. It's bullshit. Just remove it from war zone altogether maybe. But they won't do that. :(

  72. Zachary Calderon

    Jev was hit by a “parked car ”😂😂

  73. Royal Aegis Gaming

    I made a video on it in warzone. It's absolutely NUTS in warzone. I can't wait to see you use it lol

  74. Ghost

    Jev on the trending page you love to see it😎

  75. Free Masons Cat

    This is cool and all but I’d like to brag that I got into the same match with him while he was working on the new lmg

  76. Irvin Jaquez

    I got 15 kills and 5000 damage in war zone I love it

  77. Kenny

    Lmao algeria doesn't look like that