The CAMPERS in WARZONE have become too powerful

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    1. Freddy Fiddle

      Shit video stop being lazy and actually play the game instead of showing these idiots playing like shit

    2. Koji

      jev: I haven't had the time to look up the rest of the card eh I could do it right now it is warzone after all I could probably get up get some food come back it the top 60 or so *foreshadowing*

    3. vibin gamer

      3:40 what calling card is that?

    4. Brandon Hartley

      I had an 8 hr update for nothing, I play FFA and can't use the new guns, maps haven't changed since they put the game out. Love watching people play warzone but to have that big of an update and do nothing to those maps or add the new guns to multi-player hurts bad

    5. Connor Meech

      Jev turns into mike tyson at 6:23 lmao love u jev

    6. ItsKaspa Hoe

      Br aint meant to get 30+ kills. Pose to win no matter what. If you wanna drop kills play normal cod mp

    7. Rosa Parks

      angry jev is my spirit animal

    8. Gian

      You are the physical manifestation of all the Warzone pains we all face... the excitement of a solid loadout, to only getting murked 5 minutes into the game.. to never touching that loudout ever. 🥲

    9. Ivan Ivanov

      They should make ghost like your UAV can detect it only when you are in a 100m radius of the ghosted person. Then campers will be forced to move around and kind of avoid being in that 100m radius of other players and still be able to snipe and hide. And last rings nobody can sit in a dark corner with ghost knowing UAVs won't effect him.

    10. Jimenez the goat Oscar

      Mans os getting mad at a game mechanic lmao yea its annoying but no need to be toxic to the other guy

    11. how did i get here Staniev


    12. SelfMade

      Lmao i like how nobody complained about Roze when she was released now all of a sudden its “ nerf this “ “ nerf that “

    13. reneestrada_

      i say the same thing, how tf is this game successful and why do people think this is the best game out rn. so dumb

    14. Draco Pila

      I love that Jev is using that Serbian SAJ skin

    15. KZ Snow

      jev the only one in faze that hasn't switched up

    16. Alejandro Vega

      Sigh~ I only play this game cause it keeps my friends and I entertained for a few hours

    17. maxim millions2002

      Aye Jev, I just started watching your videos n I gotta say it's been hella entertaining. So much relatable content especially when it comes to how dogshit yet addicting this game can be. Keep up the great work man, look forward to the season 3 videos

    18. Devonic Beski


    19. zids

      Jev is the only one who actually calls out this behaviour for how ratty it is! How do you get enjoyment out of camping an entire game?!

    20. Ninjafish

      Mans still using the controller in 2021. Thats how you know he’s an og fucken cod player. Dude is a pillar of the community a fucken institution.

    21. aaahhhchew

      firstly thumbing a controller is homotus. learn keyboard and mouse you child.

    22. Jake da Snake

      So I was thinking about you saying to nerf ghost... but what if they buffed UAVS by making it so that after you pop two you can see ghosted players and keep 3 super UAV.... ?????

    23. J D

      Wasn’t the right guy

    24. Juan gonzalez

      Jev I’ve been enjoying ur wz vids bro ur funny asf keep it up 😭💯

    25. Sam

      All this man does is COMPLAIN

    26. Boss None

      Slight of hand stopped working jev that's the perk change

    27. Bears Films

      The editing suxs in this video, so many cuts when you don’t need them lol 😂 ohhh you need a new editor

    28. sick lad

      Omg jev still goin hard

    29. Gary Busey

      They only camping because you’re using those dog shit pistols

    30. Scrambled


    31. Dark Ember

      This is my first time watching Jev in a while. And man those jew curls aren’t the look

    32. Thekingmahd


    33. HennessyFlow420

      you guys realy have fun playing this akimbo pistol...................its like cheating

    34. Moh4mm4d

      Why did yt send me the noti now after 2 days

    35. Jakoba King

      Not trying to be “that guy” but isn’t the point of BR games to be the last one alive no matter what? It’s not regular cod where you have to “rush the objective”

    36. Palladium

      *Proceeds to google the release of the next BF game.

    37. Birby

      I'm Russian, and I honestly don't understand what could they possibly change by moving Verdansk to 1980s style Most of our cities was same in both 1980s and today, nothing is gonna change lol?

    38. SilkieSoft

      this is the biggest meta slave game i have seen in my life. idk why ppl play it

    39. TooLoose McFloof

      First clip when he calls the dude in the tower a loser... Mighty high coming from a dude using those OP ass akimbo pistols...

    40. Cording karma

      2:15 Jev being in denial is the funniest thing ever

    41. Savage Reaper

      This game play is exactly why I can't play warzone. How is a giant game of peek-a-boo fun?!

    42. Aydin Besic

      ly daddy jev

    43. Ben Wilson

      I hope they'll fix the FiNN lmg barrels.

    44. Lil Jeep

      i love how his classes say remove stopping power remove dead silence nerf ghost fix glint thank you 😂

    45. bikelife troy

      can i have ur old chair? plz

    46. iT-S_ DRAQO

      Why don’t you play apex anymore

    47. Cmull569

      Jev your amazing :)

    48. Jeff medina

      Play resident evil 8

    49. Guillaume Hanks

      Is this a complaine channel?

    50. W_O_L_F

      I think giving the rose skin some red outlines could work + it might fit her nickname 🤷🏽‍♂️

    51. MistMe

      challenge accepted: make a video showing off that beautiful beard (no gameplay, just beard)

    52. Orfeas Georgiadis


    53. Erick Perez-Parra

      He played 1 game and thats it

    54. Michael De Leon


    55. Lunar Umbra

      I’ll subscribe lol cuz sometimes watching someone watching someone else play the game is better than playing the game

    56. Kaden Wilson

      "This guy Tkos people. When I push people they don't show up to fights" - Jeremy Stephens

    57. Thomas Pontet

      The average escape from tarkov raid has less camping than that game and its a hardcore military shooter

    58. That SSGSS

      Unpopular opinion and it’s just an idea, why not just take ghost and heartbeats completely out of warzone 🤷🏽‍♂️

    59. Dale Doback

      He should change his name to complainer UFC guy

    60. Sykic


    61. drilla boy1

      This guy can't take a loss

    62. Frøsty


    63. Cell MTD

      love u jev

    64. Audi.

      God warzone is so shit

    65. Dawson Bullington

      Play blackout

    66. Ez-e

      Here before Jev reacte to the Kar98 in Cold War

    67. BugsBunny93

      *complains about camping *is using Sykov Argument invalid. Please try again later.

    68. SoulTundra

      Challenge Accepted: play Call of Duty Cold war campaign and make a video of it like the modern warfare

    69. Miles hardin

      imagine using a controller smh

    70. THE BEST GUY

      Good warzone video title: I LOVE WARZONE (NOT CLICKBAIT)

    71. Void 3673

      Low key just love listening to jev talk about shit he’s into.

      1. Carter Jackson

        A yooo bruh .. 🥾 🚪

    72. Soupy_53 Gaming

      Geez all i hear from jev is GHOST ITS FREAKING BROKEn well it is supposed to be like that.

    73. Tanner Colvin

      Jev shading Courage because he didn’t mention Ghost in the Twitter post😂

    74. Frankie Beas

      Fuc you talkn bout I got an up grade the pistol in rebirth and plunder

    75. Ricky Schiano

      They need to remove deady and stopping power. Ghost could use a rework to work like mp, only active while moving.

    76. be great

      Dude the pistols where never good since day one and now they getting nerfed off the bat I’m cool with it

    77. JM BLOCKS

      Bruh u would like apex no cap

    78. john blair

      Every five seconds he edits. Just listening is hard and annoying. Can’t you just make a point in one take. Or is this how the cool ADD kids to it.

    79. Mr.bossman

      One of the grips on the r90 blocks your screen with your hand, the hipfire lmg Also has a problem where you ads with the hipfire class and blind yourself, and SOH doesn't work on the double barrel

    80. Fruitslad05

      When are you making new requis ufc 4 video

    81. Billy Sperbeck

      How do I join the clan in call of duty modern warfare

    82. batman jelly

      They are too dangerous to be left alive!

    83. Braeden Irvine

      Every video I've been watching of jev now is 10 minutes of him complaining, self deprecating, and talking about how bad the game is he's been playing for weeks now.

    84. Caden Green

      I love how Robby didn't respect Kelvin's grappling game. I swear the man is a completely different fighter from when he fought Adesanya.

    85. Pap.i

      I came across 2 dual new pistol roof and elevator campers that shit was annoying

    86. Luther Ramos

      Lol you get straight dropped easily 😂

    87. Manbat POD

      0:36 When his pain was felt around the map

    88. Mooclethemonkey M

      You realized?

    89. John Sayson

      You gotta play rebirth Jev 😭

    90. Snake Doctor 69

      Robert Whittaker beat the hell out of KG. It was a great fight tho.

    91. Glen Dunbar

      The bug with modern warfare weapon perks is slight of hand, you can equip it, and it doesn't work, as if it never was put on it, and another bug similar to this, is the Finn Lmg, when you equip the "adverse" barrels, there adverse ability does nothing

    92. BHK Blxckoutz

      Challenge accepted: actually bring challenge accepted back

    93. bennett buckallew

      I gotta question for yall. If you snort snoop dogs ashes will you get high???????

    94. Keith Encarnacao


    95. Hunter Ellis

      hey jev whenever you get your new chair can i have the old one?

    96. Yuji itadori

      I let my dog watch this video and he smiled because you made his day

    97. John Dudeck

      Challenge Accepted: use the 725 with slug rounds

    98. Kjsdasav

      Sup jev

    99. Jeremy Barber

      I think they made war zone for kids that suck at fortnite and call of duty.

    100. Jeremy Barber

      I'm literally actually super happy that I never got into this game at all. of course that was a decision that was made for me because no matter what settings I put it on and what matter what I do it plays like dog shit on my PC.

      1. Jeremy Barber


      2. Jeremy Barber

        I don't like wars on or UFC and I still watch Jeff because his personality is pretty cool. haha