I have regained my CONFIDENCE and I am at peace

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    1. SniperKing R4G3 E-Sports

      Anyone else hate how many times this guy says soooo😡

    2. Obee Donaghy

      i like watching jev. he just plays game and talks about whatever i dont really know most of the time

    3. Miku Nakano

      Love ur shirt

    4. Tatum Condron

      3:59 kinda sounds like the entrance to one of Bruno Mars songs uptown funk

    5. Welcome to The gulag

      The title makes me happy

    6. SHY

      You actually have the worst ufc predictions in the hole world we don’t want to hear it

    7. Hunter Orion

      Bruh am I the only one who can't change my FOV in warzone?

    8. Gedo


    9. Bill

      Cod mw4 and cold war are the worst cods out there. Apex legends a fucking free game has way more views and a higher player count daily

    10. Mopar or No Car

      Huge Isreal Adesanya fan here

    11. Logan Lewis

      Jev I love you

    12. My balls hurt

      Sadly this content went really sour after the last few years.

    13. Samuel Mark

      Wtf!!! I can't believe they dude could be so true... I mean *master_hacker18* on 1n$t@gram got my account back and boosted my lobby in less than 20mins of chatting... Try him out guys . I love him no homo...

    14. Samuel Mark

      Wtf!!! I can't believe they dude could be so true... I mean *master_hacker18* on 1n$t@gram got my account back and boosted my lobby in less than 20mins of chatting... Try him out guys . I love him no homo...

    15. Colin McNally

      use a suppresor for your sniper you will get less hit maker

    16. Nazi Zombie

      Me:Hentai or jev hmmmmmm Jev

    17. Lui 341188

      We did it boys, he’s smiling again

    18. TTV Zenollen

      You shitted on them jev god damn

    19. kickass1238UMLl


    20. VXG Blankツ

      Its so nice to see this guy just be happy and having confidence to play again!

    21. Cm Aqua

      Jev I have this glitch where the people in my game shoot back

    22. 2b Lucid

      lookin good jev

    23. Shex Starh

      These graphics are insane 😧

    24. Spice Head Jack

      khabib is shit all people ever say is hes muslim and wrestles bears. he aint the goat for shit

    25. Oscar Samaniego

      Damn, you just are so good

    26. Robert Koren

      What are you talking about ?

    27. Original Teddy

      A 16 minute jev video what have i done to deserve such bliss?

    28. Brandon Mitchell

      Translation ‘’I am a scummy sweat and it makes me happy’’

    29. John Deaux

      5:00 thats what trophy systems are for

    30. Jensen Jewell

      Jevs just an honest and real og and doesn’t ever beg for subs or like and that’s how you gain them naturally, jevs apart of my daily routine lol

    31. Flo

      Does someone know his settings for controller?

    32. Cody Baker

      Jev should be a ufc commentator

    33. Aaron Troyer

      a 15 minute video?!?!?!? bles the gods!!!!

    34. DJJ


    35. MrLazyNoodles

      Its normal for him to be upset lol

    36. Basic_cKevin

      It’s all fun and games till jev starts using meta weapons

    37. Uzii

      I’ve been thru what you are going thru

    38. Ian Henderson

      Jev should be a ufc announcer

    39. Chee HI

      jev the goat

    40. skas Gaming

      why does jev always talk about the ufc? every single video, nobody ever talks about it in the comments cuz nobody really cares but damn

    41. Bison X

      My morning has so been bad but when i saw this title saw a smile on your face it made my day your part of my childhood love you bro 💪

    42. TropicalFistPunch

      Who the FUCK asked

    43. Alex Rangel

      Did he just kill someone with both his hands in the air ?😂🥲

    44. The CH0SEN 1

      Why the fuck was there flashing on the AUG when you were shooting at that dude from behind the truck?

    45. Big DAWGD DRAKE RIce

      Me too

    46. Big DAWGD DRAKE RIce


    47. hgjnrthe 1st

      not me being confused that jev is not swearing XD

    48. Mustachioo

      What type of controller does he use

    49. Scrub Clan

      Gimme your banana jev 🍌🤏

    50. Ariel Elazar

      We love confident jev

    51. denv3er

      Try and play r6 again, there is a bolt-action sniper op called Kali!

    52. GZO

      Your always going to be my favorite youtube✨✨✨✨✨✨

    53. Sconnie

      6:07 that jump

    54. Elijah Hamilton

      I’m glad to see jev positive in this one

    55. Carlosawesomec10 Carlos

      I’m happy too hear that your back to being the best.

    56. HydraXL

      Saw the title and was like “no way that’s not sarcastic” and was pleasantly surprised

    57. Ryan Blair

      Love you Jev!!


      2:20 almost everyone i've seen using a single PC for this game has that, Warzone is just poorly made for PC; thats all. For anyone suffering from the same thing just: -Look into your config file in D:/Documents/modernwarfare and make sure the game is set up to use ATLEAST 10 Cores of your 5950X if you are recording with X264/1080p/8000kbps+ in OBS. -If you are using NVENC for the recording then, no matter what CPU you have make sure the game uses all of your cores; this also applies if you are just playing the game. -Make sure the game can allocate a maximum of 70% of your TOTAL VRAM; try also to disable the caching shadows and reinstall your shaders For more info look up the Channel ''Techtesters'' as they showed how to fix this a few months ago. Raven fucking sucks now, they don't optimize their games anymore and these are the same people that developed Singularity which is a fantastic FPS from 2010 with great optimization. They have fallen so much since then :(

    59. Forthaawin

      People are taking what Jev say on these vids to serious lol 😂🤡 it’s a video game for Christ sake

    60. Dangamepro 123

      Anyone know his kar98 class

    61. Jennifer Woodcook

      Jev... I started watching your vids again.... what happened to your hair?

    62. Slump boy

      can’t wait for faze 5

    63. YESYERT

      JEV should stream whether it’s here or Twitch

    64. Henry Ramirez

      there are actually 2 rooms in stadium with 3 orange boxes in each... one is on the second floor.

    65. anti

      OogahBoogah has invited you to a game.

    66. Mr2lettuce

      anyone knows what song was playing in the background at the start of the video?

    67. TheMan OnMars

      I love your videos you make me happy

    68. I’m Him

      He wasn’t even concussed you clown

    69. I’m Him

      Imagine comparing Khabibs title defenses to Nunez defenses 🤡🤡🤡

    70. FuriousRath2.0

      Hey if you want to you should try subnautica its a survival game and its really fun

    71. Jacob Porzuczek

      u should play resident evil 8 when it comes out

    72. Gavin Knazavich

      Thank god he is okay, I thought some shit was going on, Faze Jev the goat

    73. FDA_ Aproved

      Yo anybody else see the guy that he was spectating track the guy in the house?

    74. Jorge Masvidal

      You mean you spent three days reverse boosting to get in bronze lobbies. Lol it’s cool man just be who you are.

    75. LoveIs Fake

      or just record the whole game and just cut out the boring shit

      1. LoveIs Fake

        because no one rq ants to fight khabib

      2. LoveIs Fake


    76. Jalsumait1 ಠ_ಠ

      Khabib couldnt go up because he is in the highest he wants to be in

    77. Jishnu Modi

      lets gooo Jev's energy is back!!!!


      Me: gets 3 dubs in a row. *Starts screen recording* (becomes dog shit and averages 2 kills a game and looses gulag) Fml

    79. Hexlos

      I wanna see you react to the ufc fights

    80. Axel Villanueva

      Jev lowkey got me into UFC and I’m happy he did I started following all these UFC personalities

    81. Cg O51

      Me: has never watched a ufc match in my life Also me: nodding to jev talking about ufc 260

    82. John Doe

      And man listening to you talk and Jan and Izzy gives me aids. Jan out striked Izzy every single round. The only person to do so in izzy’s mma career. Lmao you talk about Jan slowing down in the 4th and 5th but you gotta be blind to say that. That’s when Jan started to really yolk Izzy up and take him down. Even Izzy said that he didn’t expect him to have so much endurance.

    83. champ champ

      I only come for the fight talk anymore😂

    84. John Doe

      No you must’ve forgot that Petr trained in Dagestan for this fight. That’s why Petr looked so versatile and good with the takedown defense and clinch. He trained with the same guy you said isn’t the best. Amanda is great and the greatest female fighter but don’t try to convince your young audience that Khabib isn’t the greatest lightweight ever.

    85. E HegSch

      Call of Duty nah UFC talk yaa

    86. E HegSch

      yo wtf peter

    87. bajan__chicken

      Can you play Cod mobile again.

    88. TheWalking Legacy

      Jev said bussin 😂😂

    89. Fish N Chips

      Never thought he would like this game again

    90. Kieran S

      Im so glad jev acknowledged that we were concerned for him, keep it king we love you

    91. Carter Koch

      You got so many people who love you jev, glad to hear your happy brotholemew

    92. Hezzy ツ

      That’s what I like to hear jev much love

    93. NotPhinks


    94. Nicholas Morgan

      Love you Jev❗️❤️

    95. joe boomer

      Jev, I feel like if u listen to institutionalized by Suicidal tendencies, u will feel better

    96. MoMo Bro


    97. Julian Avelar

      U should do Twitch and If u do I'll watch u the whole time

    98. Asistls


    99. Long ling

      I’m impressed ur mind is still in tact after obsidian and dm ultra lmaoo

    100. SLMP Trip