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    1. Chopsticks

      3:10 anyone else hear the echo??

    2. 12AMFILMS

      “I took a shit but I didn’t wipe”

    3. Micah B.

      This game makes no sense. You get killed and get captured?

    4. John Doe


    5. Hudi White

      TAKANOMI TOWER?!?!?!?

    6. Kevin Ruiz

      Dang everyone copying these videos now

    7. Cole McCoy

      You got vaccinated ??

    8. Ginga Ninja

      8:36 Valorant has that system, but skins in that game cost as much as entire bundles in COD...

    9. Snopple Wopple

      This gonna be good

    10. Trevor Santanello

      Do people actually still enjoy this game ?

    11. Tyflow

      6:58-7:07 LMFAO

    12. Daniel Dean

      If they would allow perks to stack after you get loadouts, that would speed up the gameplay. Would also allow different perks to be used, that way people who get a second or even third loadout would be rewarded. Guy at the end, the winner, was probably cheating. No way a level 37 smacks like that.

    13. Issyuh Boi

      He was hating on the same tri line with a dot blue reticle on his sight in another video on cold war

    14. ChumBue

      Copying JGOD rlly dude? 🤨

    15. Thomas Slack

      Jev does it better than Tim

    16. jacob kostka

      Is it just me who sees when they spray the ground while I'm spectating

    17. Just2goodlol

      Why don't you play with the winner of the game in ur next vid

    18. TTV ZASHOTS22

      I think this guy plays fortnite he just emotes all the time 😂😂😂😂


      real question is did you get pfizer

    20. John Lavvas

      The rambunctious mass july squash because brain immunologically repair against a hesitant tom-tom. skillful, shut break

    21. Daniel Bower

      Ew my boy got vaccinated that's gross

      1. pastaa.


    22. Ronald Duck

      play rebirth

    23. boi squidward

      I still remember when jev quit his job....

    24. M

      Me:Jev Is more invested in the games of the people he is spectating than his own my proof Jev: 7:05 “you psycho!”



    26. KroNic_ XoTic

      Jevs videos just make me happy lmao

    27. MaGniFic

      jev is literally calling someone a psycho while screaming like a psycho :3 NICE

    28. Wet Meme

      cold blooded keeps you off the heartbeat.....

    29. XxNightmarexX _PR

      Day 66 of asking Jev to finish telling us his thoughts on Zack Snyder’s Justice League

    30. nightblade 2.0

      It pains me to watch this

    31. Zzylz X

      Im getting my second dose today

      1. Damian Gutierrez

        Enjoy the soreness in the arm

    32. 23savage

      Still don’t understand how this dude don’t already have 30 mil subs he a legend

    33. Spideyfan102

      it's sad to see how Jev hasn't enjoyed a COD since BO4

    34. Jake Nelson

      Yeah you definitely started a craze on IRflow, spectating videos going up everywhere

    35. absolute trashcan

      jev gets vaccinated? good man

    36. 24k Che

      This my my favorite shit to do late at night. Fucking playing solos with high intensity cuz I sucked bad and everything was suspenseful lol

    37. Watchliam

      What was that gun you where using at 2:46

    38. Lockdownangel

      Jev makes me wanna get into ufc ngl 😂

    39. Thndr_

      1:42 the absolute DEAD eyes. No reaction.

    40. P1RandyMarsh

      People watching people watching people play cod lol people really have nothing better to do

    41. TwistedM

      Vaccine is a major L

    42. James Stubbins

      Why is moving across the map referred to as “rotating” even if there is no actual rotation around the zone? Like surely “rotating from underneath” in that end scenario doesn’t make any sense? Not hating or being sarcastic or anything it’s a genuine question, I’ve never understood why people use the word rotating so often lol

    43. ilalla

      Thanks for getting vaccinated

    44. Stretch

      I think the dudes that rock cold blooded are just mostly plunder players that never really venture off and try new perks or just to lazy to change them out.

    45. jake harvey

      these guys are so bad that i think recruit bots could beat them

    46. samxshrive

      Challenge accepted: play the new Fortnite season on Tuesday

    47. Jordan


    48. Tenma

      Jev is using C4 impossible there’s no way

    49. lts taco

      the sprays do show up in the game you just have them turned off in your settings

    50. Pack 4 Life

      Jev will you be watching the logan Paul and mayweather fight

    51. Gunner BD

      You have to remember many of these players are just little kids. That's why they do crazy shit. Lol

    52. Asa Haslage

      This spectating video was funny af lmao good shit Jev

    53. DisplayedTurtle Turtle

      Aye I got vaccinated too

    54. A Haralson

      Challenge accepted: bring back old happy jev

    55. hannah khan

      jev is the only fun guy rn

    56. Ghost

      The sprays do show up if u have the setting on... U have it turned off lmfao

    57. Ryder Covey

      Bro hop off war zone

    58. Andreas Selander

      Can we get to see another game plz, I understand your mindset but the repetitiveness is equal to this man’s oblivious play style

    59. Nathan Ramos

      Thank you for weeding out some at least some of them before you spectate

    60. Krishan Joshi

      Jev pls spectate rebirth

    61. CapitalGerm

      Challenge accepted: play spelunky 2 (day 1 of asking)

    62. Abel Sanjuan

      Who else is likes even him more for his UFC commentary lol

    63. Joshua Mercado Mendez

      i push one and karma brings you 7 more

    64. x Dyvert

      Dont break your glasses jev😂

    65. Sleepy GRIMM 😴💤

      “Hes just standing there, MENACINGLY!!!”

    66. Fly_Guy_Adam

      Vaccine is fine Jev just like any vaccine you got ever as a kid or a teen it’s like a work out after the soar goes away it’s all good

    67. TUF Bubblz

      why is it every time you predict an mma fight you are almost ALWAYS wrong? i should start betting on who you don't pick.

    68. Slay775

      You got vaccinated ! You’re a sheep now. I would have done my research if I was you.

      1. TwistedM

        Ikr, so disappointed lol. I honestly doubt the jev from 2013 would've taken it

    69. Master Flames48

      Aye yoo .... love u jev❤

    70. The710Salmon UwU

      Jev’s next title:I try to spectate but these players are so bad they hand me a win

    71. CeeK

      We don’t give a shit about the spectating gameplay. We r here cuz u funny and we like u dude

    72. Curious gaming

      Why did I think his intro look liked adin Ross?

    73. fieldmarshaljoe

      This guy really needs to start naming these videos “I reverse boost to get into easy lobbies and sometimes I spectate these 0.4 KD players for fun”

    74. Saqny

      Challenge Accepted: Do Challenge Accepted

    75. Aaron Hamilton

      jeb got the jab ill see him as a zombie someday

    76. Cots

      5:35 lmao I love this

    77. Alejandro Carnaval

      That actual raging sends me lmao

    78. Adam Kerdi

      Challenge accepted: Play Reburth

    79. Isaiah Dougherty

      Jev will always and forever be my favorite faze boy

    80. Chris G

      Omg this one was the best since the 4am video

    81. Misfit Clips

      Did infinity ward turn off matchmaking?

    82. Aurupt

      got deja vu while watching this

    83. Cop

      I pissed myself when Jev screamed "YOU PSYCHOOOOOO!!!!!"

    84. gg ez

      What made u want to get the vaccine jev i cant believe u

      1. TwistedM

        @memes from the streets safe from something that has a 99.8% survival rate

      2. memes from the streets

        He wants to be safe idiot

    85. Le'ona Perry

      "YOU PSYCO!"

    86. Dereon Archuleta

      When Jev rages it makes me laugh

    87. ChefDabardee

      I never get that collision damage in my games 😂

    88. Redguin

      Jev u should try to upload some other games minecraft rocket league etc. Because it looks like u need to go take a break from warzone/cold war

    89. Pops Daddy

      Jev: "we got Satan here" Me: Nahh its jus warzone

    90. よだ

      Pre Covid I played a lot of Warzone and Mw Gbs usually got many high kill games 2.0kd redownloaded Warzone and was disgusted after a 5 games It was a mix between hyper sweaty and the worst camping I have ever seen people have too much time on their hands nowadays

    91. Sameal

      I think cold blooded is very underrated for solos. In other game modes its bad. I only use it because I keep dying to somebody that has high alert.

    92. Wyd Buddy?

      Jev please play Apex, just try it.

    93. GibSpilBm

      Go to Fortnite... Warzone is complete shit

    94. Critesic

      Jev still thinking ghost protects you from heartbeats but coldblooded does

    95. ICY

      8:46 dude if you think this is bad look at the prices in valorant like $50 for like 5 gun skins

    96. Txkyo Arc


    97. Mazzi

      So these are the lobbies steams be getting in

    98. Southernrain 65

      Love me right

    99. lx DINGO xl

      the look on this face when that buggy blew up his vehicle bahahaha

    100. XxAvvoLxX

      U r corny