WARZONE SOLOS never stop surprising me

FaZe Jev

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    1. George Gymnopoulos

      8:35 what gas mask is that?

    2. Simon Rosales II

      5:53 What do you guys do all game? Oh......I see

    3. BlaDe qwazzz

      it’s suda bro

    4. Lord Donut

      imagine getting mad and throwing ur stuff like a child.

    5. Uchiha57


    6. Jason Cox

      Why do people get so mad playing games... people need impulse control

    7. Monke

      Bruh the cheater was using ImSuda’s name

    8. Robin vark

      Warzone is a fun game but most of the time i cant play cause of my shit internet

    9. ChiJalo Gaming

      We gone ignore the fact that he had 10 round mags😂

    10. CrazyBoySoy

      I just got my ox taken away but my dad had the audacity to just unplug the power cord and only take that away

    11. Seraphim Adkinson

      This is why i stopped playing warzone

    12. Oliver Mynard

      Suda, isnt he a cod yter?

    13. Big boi

      11:54 Wtf happened to your barrel

    14. Gabe Geisler

      Anyone know his SPR build from the intro?

    15. Spooker Ender-boi

      I honestly think a hundred and fifty player Twisted Metal Battle Royale would be pretty dope. But we haven't gotten a twisted metal game in years 😪

    16. Clotic Syko

      Id love to watch diablo 3 i used to play all the time

    17. esai espinoza

      i want to see you play diablo 3 that game smacks

    18. Marco Erbrich

      Feel you!

    19. Felix B

      The worst thing is, that the Cheater came that far to have the Kar on Platinum and the FFAR on Max lvl. How can he play for so long without getting banned😐

    20. RyanGhost


    21. umar yousuf

      bro you should be a teacher

    22. Foreva Moody

      Well i have learned looking at the gps is bad

    23. FaZe_ant

      Anyone else notice Suda

    24. LegendDragonZz

      I love the cod community, them trash talkin the cheater was just amazing😂

    25. Cheater Elxptic

      The only way to win in solos is to camp change my mind

    26. Nagan Bran

      Don,t hate the cheater hate the shit games that allow them to do it lazy fucking devs .

    27. Scruffy eggs


    28. TTheuz

      9:37 I think there’s a golden gas mask there

    29. Mjmplayz

      1:09 thats imsuda very good warzone/cold war player

    30. Spider-Assassin7

      "What, do you think he doesn't have a heartbeat anymore?" I'm *DEAD* 😂

    31. kingkiller2802

      You know whats fucked is that in COD mobile hackers are so far and few between because bans are basically instant its one of the 2 reasons i dont really play WZ

    32. Miguelitoo

      Do whatever you want to do Jev I’ll support you no matter what

    33. Jaeden Cabrera

      Jev fr gets my lobbies

    34. Zeke Clark

      Lmao everytime I watch a streamer get owned the opposition’s cheating 🤷🏿‍♂️👌🏿😁

    35. Wachoutboy

      Watching these have made me realize not to do stupid things when I play solo because there always a change he’s watching

    36. Tht Foolie Flacko

      They should make a thing where, if someone stays still for more than 15 seconds and doesn’t move 10 meters, they blow up...call it an (anti-camper)

    37. ItSpookToMe

      I wanna see Jev play Diablo 3, Idc

    38. Gunner BD

      Lmao when you threw the controller. Then subbed. I hate that shit too!!!!

    39. Juice Box Jim

      Where's the guy at top blue? I swear I couldn't see him

    40. FordsRGaY

      I cant play solos. Shits only fun with friends at least then we have 4 dudes inting together.

    41. Saran O.p

      Are we gonna ignore that suda was in his lobby

    42. REE Benji


    43. Officer Giggles

      I love Jev, but for some reason his videos are so quiet

    44. Jennifer Ruiz

      when that guy got killed with the finishing move LMAOOOOOO😩😂😂😂

    45. Milo

      Warzone is a very fun game.. until you play it..

    46. Senshi Ronin

      Nice looking beard jev

    47. DaRealOmar

      He got killed by suda that’s why

    48. XxShadowEnigmaxX

      Cheaters suck but bro you really need a break from cod bro its not that serious lmao and i think your opinions on solos are stupid not everyone wants to play the game the exact same way as 90% of the player population it wouldnt be fun if in every game every player made the exact same play

    49. Cay J

      I haven’t watched this guy it like 4 years and he hasn’t changed a bit

      1. Ahhh

        That's y we all watch him

    50. aiden bray

      He rages like he isnt insane at the game

    51. Peter Walker

      What is that spr load out

    52. OddBoyMaxcifer

      Jev, it’s time to come to apex buddy

    53. FaiZan Edits

      Eyo the guy who got assassinated i felt happy 3:39

    54. Avery Parker

      Pellington class?

    55. Jason Stewart

      Yooo Jev I personally would love to see you play Diablo 3, I love the game so much and would definitely enjoy that sort of content

    56. Nathan Cole

      But solo hehhhh

    57. Bs Tiwana

      suda in the lobby???

    58. darelG_


    59. Gabriel Garcia

      I started dying when the guys car exploded when he was leaving storm

    60. Jaystar Light

      "The more I play the more hardened I should get, right?" *Modern Warfare a year prior* "CoD is literally killing me"

    61. D3adK3V1n Catches scammers

      11:51 strike pack smh

      1. FizzSmokeyFPS

        Thats a scuff you can literally SEE the scuff letters i have a strike pack i dont use it and there's an easy way to prove it if the leds are green on the strikepack there cheating if there white there just using the paddles normally before every stream i show my chat the white leds

    62. Amecame

      I love how jev has the exact same opinion as me about this game

    63. Kaleb Fleming

      Not realizing my m4 class from first warzone meta is better than ffar

    64. Angus Robertson

      The reason the standards of decision making are so low in these lobbies is because of how bad warzone's gameplay legibility is and how steep the learning curve is. It's so rare in this game that dying teaches you something useful.

    65. RoyalKnight6

      I have to say I feel the same way u do when I play this game that's y I just dont. 1 game or 2 maybe a month. But I suck anyway. So...

    66. Jonathan Thomas

      Give us bounty game mode for the love of god

    67. Bluedemons 2007

      9:37 you do realize that console players don’t have a FOV slider yet right?

    68. Tushe

      Este sujeto me representa y no me gusta.

    69. Collin Lee

      Jev, I feel like you’d have a good following still but trying other games might be a little more enjoyable... I know you’re cynical and this is just a job, but enjoying other stuff might be helpful for your mind lol

    70. jonathan lucas

      Activision sucks tbh I got banned for no reason, literally don't even cheat

    71. ASMR James

      Jev, get off the games, go to the gym, eat right. You don't look very good brotha.

    72. Bobby Bessette

      I knew that controller was broke just by how you just sat there after. Been there done that buddy lol. Good stuff!

    73. Schleinitz

      Yeah except... we do want Diablo III content

    74. skas Gaming

      11:44 this man was streaming and his end game chat XD

    75. skas Gaming

      11:00 i played twisted metal, it was really fun and i get the reference, for people that dont know, twisted metal was a playstation game where u have a car and guna attached and destroy other cars

    76. Ryan Bourke

      Just stop playing the game

    77. Sticky

      Can I have the pellington attachments from the beginning?

    78. Van Schuch

      Please upload Diablo 3


      Solos make me want to see a therapist

    80. TheGalatian77

      Why was the cheater framing Suda Fricking Cheaters Suda is the best youtuber

    81. Tiago Ferreira

      hey man, you looking slim.Not trying to be an asshole at all, just a lil worried about your health. Hope you doing well, you helped me a lot man♥️

    82. DrebinOW

      3:58 If anyone knows about GGO Squad Jam, just ping the leader of each team every (i think it’s) 15mins, obviously you’d get it every like 3mins in cod

    83. Sky B

      When did Shia labeuf start playing warzone?

    84. Artem Shportun

      Haha I love jevs rants sometimes, but honestly he's super smart ! You keep each video entertaining af

    85. Lil Suicide

      It’s just me or he goes into bronze lobbies?

    86. BAKES

      The reason I camp in warzone is because im to scared to get totally crapped on with the ffar aug or m16 or just one tapped from someone off in the distance with a sniper

    87. Pingoose

      I don't know why, but that intro was hype as fuck for me

    88. Nextzy


    89. qazzzy qaz

      "Sometimes my ego just can't handle getting smoked by somebody that's just better than me" well we have it here folks, Jev is in fact human

      1. Marty

        It feels good when you think you got outplayed but then it turns out you died to a cheating loser

    90. Kingy MaBrah

      Please shave beard

    91. Qais Bafarat

      Ok yyy

    92. Ghost Ice

      11:54 the gun bends

    93. Kaden Beard

      That dude had the golden gas mask 8:34

    94. Lil Idiot

      I have hours upon hours on warzone, but I never played solos for an hour

    95. Elite Zararus

      Jev's starting to look like boogie

    96. whale of winds

      This can’t be the same jev who screamed about flashbangs Never mind this definelty is

    97. shadowlessgam

      This guy is so negative and depressing

    98. Conrad Heath

      I play solos for 1-3 hours everyday and it’s miserable I come here to see a famous player go through what I go through and it helps

    99. WALLLIE _T

      Jev should play plunder

    100. Hugo Pinto

      3:50 i've pulled back 10 times now, i still dont see the guy on top blue...what do this streamers use to see?? xD