I spectated WARZONE SOLOS and only said nice things about them

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    1. Itz Lynxz

      Please do a mw3 video

    2. Alexander Addington

      I loved this vid lmaooo, I bet whatitdo feels so good

    3. Stan Kolodin

      I was expecting a silent video.

    4. DeViiaTe

      Wholesome jev

    5. Rusty Johnson

      F´ah Far

    6. Yokidele Hitch

      The groza is better than the ffar

    7. The Pilotist

      I love how activision managed to take all the variety out of the game...literally every player in these videos with the exact same class setup 😂

    8. Asher Mott

      The laugh cut off at 8:50 had me rolling especially how hard it was for him to find the ladder geeez

    9. PapaYop

      BIG BRAINS Jev: "He's a very cerebral player" fuckin love it

    10. CrimsonDeath

      so you ever use blue dot for any of the modernwarefare weapons, also we should play together

    11. Meru

      Imagine being the guy who was spectated the entire game...

    12. no

      i don’t plan on playing warzone ever again after watching these lmao everyone plays the exact same and even uses the same skin. cod managed to take all of the variety out of battle royale somehow

    13. L Lasha


    14. P Lampard

      LOL 2:51 never knew there were fence door in the game 🤣

    15. YNG GHETTO


    16. Ghastly Suicide

      Anybody else see that massacrer2 won the game but at 11:42 he already died

    17. Xd fishy 13

      pic up his famas no dude that was a ffar

    18. Kenneth Li

      Did jev say the ffar was the famas?

    19. TS Luminous

      14:10 the body said aight ima head out

    20. Will

      Funny how you don't even try to play it because you know you're dogshit haha gg

    21. Tek Evolved

      It's funny because even if a player I know is playing like poo, I always compliment the things they do right to encourage them to keep trying and not to give up because that is the real defeat, however, there have been a few times I've done this and the player was that toxic in mindset in public they started getting angry and upset with me because they thought I was being sarcastic haha ONLY IN COD!!! hahaha

    22. Deegan Beaupre

      make more commentery videos pls

    23. Luke Spencer

      Wait if u pick up a ghost class, then get a second load out and choose overkill, will u still be ghosted?

    24. Malachi Barlow

      “Fence door” Or... think about it.... “Gate”

    25. sir fear

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    26. Dawna Ashby

      Its amazing how he can rip the piss out of people and compliment them at the same time

      1. Rusty Shackleford

        that's what that sterile corporate style language is for, "cerebral gameplay" "high level strats" are the things shoutcasters say because they can't think of anything else

    27. Bradyn

      *Jev being a sarcastic fuck for 15 minutes*

    28. Kieran Sapru

      R.I.P. WhatItDo 10:51

    29. liam grayston

      it was at 5:29am i realised i was in a faze jev video 13:22 hahahaah well damn i had to double take when you shouted and OC down

    30. Disguised


    31. Fssfdgd Sgssgsyshs

      I think he just roasting everybody

    32. Sterling Smith

      The stupid piano lilly sin because jumper relatively hammer of a tame astronomy. sturdy, meek son

    33. David Kellam

      This is my favorite spectating vid you made.

    34. Travis

      13:05 its the same guy he just killed. shit happens

    35. Gettinhighoffmusic

      Alternative title; *I was being a decent person that could be easily liked by people*

    36. Actually Asked

      Make a video where you get All the winners of each video u make fight against eachother in a mini royale

    37. Bruce Valdez

      Please do a reaction video on “dfalt”

    38. Job Kitchen

      Anyone else notice that the guy who won the game died at 11:40 and somehow came back😂

    39. UnknownSt1ck

      Dudes body went flying 14:07

    40. Adam Faisal


    41. Joel Blythe

      you should do this in duos or somethin

    42. Seydo :P

      Wait, that’s illegal.

    43. dxnny

      what oporator is that

    44. Jayden Lanier


    45. jackplayz video games

      It's 4 am woke up tired so mutch

    46. emmett sic

      Collab with WILDCAT

    47. BizzleLTM

      I wish I had these lobbies lol

    48. Azzr YT

      Jev what’s poppin bro I haven’t watched you in ages. My bad man you funny af

    49. Tylko Jedno w Głowie mam

      Man got excited over a fence door 😂😂😂

    50. RampageBlizzard

      Jev is a good commentator.

    51. How

      Have you tried being a commentator for the ufc😆😆

    52. Qlaspi

      This should be a series. Commentating warzone games

    53. Dune_mc

      hes now the only good/funny faze member now

    54. Chase Jonas

      14:10 😂😂😂

    55. titlick55

      ended up, ended up, ended up, ended up, ended up, ended up, ended up, ended up, ended up, ended up,

    56. Cerberus 12

      this vid feels wrong

    57. Tac Tic

      2:42 😂😂😂

    58. Stomping Peak

      There is 100% preference when it comes to cod. Like I absolutely love the uzi and striker45 for solos. Then I'll still use the m4. Like these three guns are lowkey busted when used right

    59. Dylan McChesney

      I started using the aug and ffar because other people keep shredding me with it. Good decision cause it smacks

    60. iso


    61. Assault Troper13

      fire i

    62. Carrie Cole

      can I be in faze

    63. Swarm VFX

      the dislikes are the people he spectated.

    64. ItzJayebee Jayebee

      I would rather watch jev spectate , Han watch people actually play. Lmao good shit jev, that was fun

    65. Jamie Davies


    66. harrydoesgaming

      anyone else notice that he spectated the same guy twice at the end even tho the first time he had died ?

    67. Thunder storm

      Pov : you are jev seeing the fence door : NANIII??!?!?!

    68. pierce.m

      i need more of this

    69. Bandy thegoat


    70. UhVibenQween

      I cant log into cold war

    71. MANINJI6

      14:10 , i think i just saw neil armstrong lmao

    72. Jacob Singleton

      Never heard a gate called a fence door haha laughed so hard. Each to their own I guess.

    73. TheWrongGuy


    74. Roger Thomas

      He kind of sounds like ninja

    75. Steven B Bass

      I never knew there was fence doors💀

    76. Why Lol

      Jev is the only one who stuck to what faze should be didn’t get money thirsty buying all these cars he didn’t get obsessed with clout he is the only one in faze who I respect now he’s a real one and anyone who’s and og faze fan will agree with me

    77. Kevin Hernández


    78. Christopher Hutchinson

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    79. John Lara

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    80. Human Person

      What do you think about adesanya

    81. Jeff


    82. Nigga Poop Crankers 1

      ay what it do got ice

    83. Nigga Poop Crankers 1

      at least jev seems happy from this

    84. Nigga Poop Crankers 1

      what it dom

    85. Marcello Vinicius

      Só tem exótico no warzone

    86. Sullivan O'Harrow

      Who elce is happy that they dont have to suck off the weeks meta to get kills and have fun

    87. Nolan Wright

      The aug is disgusting

    88. O Wraith

      You should check out Opulent Ghost, he's the 🐐. Tell me I'm lying!

    89. Hudson Thomas

      I fn hate this game for what it is

    90. George Puckett

      “He’s got incredible spacial awareness”😂😂 i died

    91. Killer Claw

      Kid from a video 3 years ago: We need another spectate video Jev: you ask and i do

    92. desmirr

      Jesus who replaced Jev?

    93. Jonesy

      What a dude

    94. Get outa Hereee

      Ia the ffar actually good in warzone bc in cold war its terrible

    95. Morgan Brown

      this was lit

    96. Alejandro Valdes

      I didn’t know you could open those

    97. Zachary B Romberger

      I genuinely enjoy these mr jev

    98. Jigglyjinja

      Do more of these

    99. FrosTy Winterzzz

      Jev groza is meta try it out

    100. officialkeewon

      People watching this like: -in bed -not in full screen -reading comments -if I am right, u owe me a sub bro😼