They ADDED THE NEW SWISS K31 SNIPER and it brings me hope (SEASON 3)

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    1. Mc Commander

      Ffar 1 is still op though

    2. LeePlayZ

      The thumbnail clickbaited the shit out of me. I haven’t played cod in awhile cuz I played Cold War to much and got burnt out but you made me think they added a bo2 map 🤣

    3. Mr_ Sqiggly_line

      What really weird is that BP 76 is a master craft paint and BP 100 is just a legendary paint job

    4. NovaClapp

      How is he not hitting hit marker headshots!?!?? Every shot i hit is for 148

    5. Killua Zoldyck

      7/10 shots I hit with this sniper is a hit marker.

    6. Captain Price

      2:29 was that the way it was worded that sounded worng or did that just sound wrong

    7. Bold Existence

      7:47 when a new jev video comes out and double uploads are happening.

    8. Evan Cairns

      Nice to see jev happy

    9. Sevs !!

      I don’t even need to play call of duty anymore I watch jevs uploads and it makes me not want to play that much more

    10. Berch

      God this new gun is such a fucking shit little hit market machine it’s painful

    11. [NUK3]_ SP4RKY

      Jev I just squad wiped with the AUG. It’s not nerfed.

      1. [NUK3]_ SP4RKY

        And I’m sad

    12. Benjamin Rader

      How did you turn on the stats for the attachments?

    13. M3m3_ Man

      Hey jev I’m thinking about buying Cold War, how are the flash bangs?

    14. Lac Lac

      Yes sir

    15. prais the sun

      The sykove is still broken

    16. Goodie Man

      They added the ppsh-41 and now they added the kar-89k hmmmmmmmmm

    17. Landon French

      This guy can talk about shit I have no idea about and he keeps me on the video

    18. Near Future

      I got this sniper from level 1 to 55... in... S&D... i now have lost my sanity.

    19. X4STYY

      The Swiss k31 sounds like Locus

    20. v Bocaj


    21. Jesus Garcia

      Hear me out.......kar98 + locus bolt = swiss k31

    22. AnimeDweebKid

      that sniper sucks badly

    23. ExplainMyStats

      7:10 Hey dats me 🤩

    24. Tyler Bishop

      Anyone else wonder if these old guns being added is a subtle hint towards the upcoming reveal of cod 2021?

    25. Hybrid-R Racing

      That’s banes wife

    26. FaZe Erøs WRLD

      this gun fucking sucks, needs a big ass buff

    27. indian tech guy

      Im sorry but with all the hitmarkers it brings me ptsd

    28. the lord

      "Golden tigers" Damn, I didn't know that lions became tigers.

    29. sug dachri

      nice 5min intro

      1. Jackson Schrier

        Exactly i just wanna see him play

    30. Superstitious Animation

      Closest I've come to playing call of duty the past few months is Jev's vids

    31. SoarinVelo

      OMG hate it that he didn't even use the new variant he got from the pass. Whats the point

    32. Joe Rydell

      Wraith with a mask? What is this? Apex legends?

    33. Smilezz659

      Whoever sees this, God loves you ❤️

    34. Lethal Krab

      2:10 *thats not the pathfinder I know and love*

    35. elijah

      Jev: Happy about more snipers Activision: **erases new snipers from the list**

    36. Doc MacOray

      If you don't have the last canon, that gun is fully shit, even the pellington has less hitmarkers I have so many clips of the swiss giving me hitmarkers in the head or in the chest, wtf treyarch

    37. TIPPIE _

      Why you such a nerd dude

    38. Monarch

      The Snipers @ CW are insanely slow. Just junk.

    39. GLD_Tay

      Jev” getting this thing to level 53 is gonna take for ever” me doing it in 1 day: 😬😬

    40. Brka AU

      I no jev won’t see this but, jev you have inspired me to start doing IRflow and streaming, I have been watching you for years and you’re such an idol that I look up to.

    41. ItsGeorgeMate

      New sniper looks OK but I saw a clip where scp got 2 hitmarkers on the same man which isn't a good sign

    42. 7530andrew

      Fuck that whole map though

    43. Mr. Bobby

      I'm faze United gaming for people

    44. Ethan Klingenberg

      Why the phuck do you do this to yourself..

    45. The Heartless

      Kinda sounds like the locus from bo3

    46. TTV_Taylors_Prime

      Play hardcore guarentee one shot. Also I maxed out swiss by die machine do penthouse strat then exfil round 11 same with ppsh

    47. David Poder

      I want, but I’ve been too addicted to forza horizon lately

    48. iqofallama

      The map is garbage in my opinion

    49. Nightbot V2

      Wraith and pathfinder 🤔 if ykyk

    50. PlasticStroz

      Whats with the apex legends operator skin names

    51. H I

      You can tell Jev doesn’t bot his lobbies

    52. Jakku Gaiming

      Me watching jev and inhaling a meatball sub

    53. Jason Abbott

      The Swiss oddly reminds me of the locus

    54. Blake Donnelly

      It is literally a kar98

    55. Yagaroshi

      m16 is no where near nerfed

    56. Almestad

      The K31 reminds me of the Ballista from bo2. Good scope in time, high fire rate, but low damage if you dont hit from waste and up.

    57. Tom Wook

      The amount of hitmarkers the swiss gives you is crap, worse than pellington

    58. Pave

      Hehe he said ppsh

    59. Mini Tractorbandit01

      6:38 wtf that kill feed tho

    60. Javier Alexander

      I tried watching Faze Jev and it made me lose hope on humanity

    61. Christian Weston

      Video starts at like 4:44

    62. FuzzY- WuzzY

      Cod: the apex character names are dope

    63. Prisco Gaming

      A very strong and elegant lady on screen holding riffles.

    64. Nathan Morris

      So why wasn’t it just called a Mosin-Nagant?

    65. shark took 2006

      There's a new special out too a ballistic knife

    66. Fin Morland

      You should have just used the new sniper blue print 😢

    67. XANXTION

      They need to buff that gun for real

    68. StayMerking

      It’s litterly the worst sniper in the game thi

    69. Groovy Q

      faze jew

    70. Tyler Hebner

      Wraith? Pathfinder? This apex bruh


      Jev, im saying it.. leave faze, faze fell of after bo2, start ur own clan fully focused on sniping

    72. Ayden Grossniklus

      Swiss MY CONTRY

    73. yourboydan

      I clicked on this vid just to see the train map...

    74. Giancarlos Santos

      why you dont play snipers only you being difficult

    75. Curious Christian

      It’s nice to see jev be really happy

    76. Zeke Rodrigez

      Vid starts @ 5:13

    77. WowSuchEmpty

      I still main m13

    78. A fAiLurE

      Hold the fuck up why are they naming characters the same as apex like fucking pathfinder yeah right

    79. Bn0799

      Jev, you have a blueprint with high tier attachments from the BP you could’ve used

    80. Krondon / SSR

      smg meta, LC10 rapes you in 2 shots cringe

    81. markoni Jovketus

      I really hate coldwar weapons. Mw weapons were so much better

    82. JustTrentt PS4

      Raven did a great job with the weapon skins

    83. Cdntrooper

      Love how the Swiss scope and rechamber and build is the kar98 and the magazine and reload is the spr😂

    84. Cdntrooper

      Love how Jev said the m16,aug,ffar and sykov got completely nerfed but when I played yesterday I couldn’t even land in rebirth without getting beamed by all 4 especially by the ffar everyone’s still using it AND I FUCKING HATE THEM

    85. Davin Crowe

      Lol I'm not gonna lie I've never liked content coming from faze it never entertained me but your just funny as hell and relatable as fuck i fw your content and ya got a new subscriber for sure lol

    86. ѕρя GolDenFury

      you leave the games crying

    87. ѕρя GolDenFury

      te vas de las partidas lloron

    88. ѕρя GolDenFury


    89. Isaac Pemberton

      Did he really say wraith and pathfinder???

    90. Morten Haug Bårdsen

      Play the new resident evil game

    91. Tradeopedia

      I legit get a hit marker 7/10 times.😕

    92. Pro Gamer

      Hold up the very first shot of the video was a headshot hit marker like if you pay close attention to the health bar it turns yellow and only when you headshot the bar turns yellow so my man got a headshot hit marker ooof

    93. ___________

      stop playing cod and upload something else. This series is shit now

    94. Caolan Doherty

      Jev is a really lazy IRflowr.

    95. Nathan Rippy

      New map is dog shit spawns are wak

    96. Xenzty Snipes

      I’ve said this millions of times it’s just the kar98 on GFUEL

    97. Briann G

      That new map is shit as😂

    98. elijah mciver

      Poor guy with the helmet, he was prolly so happy when he seen himself in the game and bro just shitted all over him and his lil smile lmao 😂

    99. My farts stink

      Snipers should be banned to sniper only games. Lepers

    100. Devin Jollie

      Damn wraith and path finder they taking all apex shit lmaooo 😹