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    1. Charles Davies

      great video, thank you

    2. Slynxyz

      I love jev but the amount of resources and ammo he misses in this game is so infuriating to watch

    3. Fugly

      I'm honestly relieved that Ethan is dead at this point

    4. avatar #

      Cuting to much

    5. FrazeYt

      54:02 “Ethan better be dead” Ethan: *pulls out meds*

    6. Hunter Hoppes

      Jev: (kills bosses for fun) Also Jev: (scared of wolf in village)

    7. Doug Macray


    8. toxic

      mother miranda is itachi 🤔?

    9. Rubrum

      "Boulder-punching asshole" will go down as my favorite video game voice line

    10. Tushe

      50:46 I know right, that fight was ridiculous, plot armor is ridiculous.

    11. Zein Ahmed

      41:14 I was thinking that in my head at the same exact time he said that that’s a bit creepy

    12. Mythical

      Anyone else notice when Heisenberg says "im going to murder that boulder-punching asshole..." as a reference from the end of RE5 (referring to Chris).

    13. Proelite

      I love that line from Heisenberg “that boulder punching asshole” if you know you know aha

    14. Hunter Christiansen

      Can we get a resident evil 3 long play-through?

    15. Dream Cloud

      funny how i havent seen one person link the book at the begining to this demetricus is the bat lord giving blood doll face is the weaver heisnburg is the horse and that ugly dude is the fish king and they all form miranda the witch

    16. aliensauser 635

      That must have been a pretty big fan to jump at you like that

    17. Tezzah

      That key charm on the shotty was hella annyojng

    18. Ty Bauer

      I got lost in the fuckin factory too lmao

    19. Karan Khurana

      Jev dude you gotta broadcast your heart rate during these gameplays

    20. Krake Rake

      im starting to think they made ethan dumb on purpose

    21. Logan Lambert

      Holy shit Jev knows about Parasyte that's cool

    22. Estroli_v

      for me nothing will replace the horrors I saw which are the "regenerators" from re4 those damn sounds of them freaked me the hell out when I was young.

    23. Meme Midget

      Just the pure devastation in this mans voice anytime after 33:00 hurts me inside

    24. DJ fox3 Cove

      I mean Leon voice isn’t better lol even Chloe she sound dead and Leon doesn’t sound any emotion

    25. Dillon Forsythe

      mannn can we all agree that Jev is one of the best content creators? he just keeps is real and its so underappreciated!!

    26. mike the gamer

      the ppl who disliked 🤡🤡🤡

    27. iSean DSK

      The level of stress Jev endured in this episode alone is so sad and hilarious at the same time 😂🐐

    28. Legend71377

      Jev. Master of ignoring all other lootable weapons.

    29. Chef Mike

      Ethan talks like a power ranger

    30. Jitterdoomer

      And his name is JOHN CENA

    31. Donny Fly

      2min into episode 1 made me buy the game immediately..now that I beat the game, I’m just watching this to see if the same jumpscares catch em slippin too

    32. Rotlinux9

      0:50 what did he sayyyyy

    33. Aero_Spaced

      M stands for mezzanine Jev!

    34. Nick D

      watching this is so irritating lol idk why he just doesn't take his time other than a schedule but still its either this or cod vids :/

    35. oliver

      heisenberg is a discount nicolas cage

    36. Ribs

      Faze daddy

    37. Geo Gee

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    38. Joey Trevino

      So Ethan had a cell phone the whole time.. never called for help... and the phone never cracked or got any water damage from the multiple times he fell in water... uhhh okay devs

    39. Scot_playzz

      wait jev watched parasyte?

    40. Alexander D'Agnone

      jev just hates loot

    41. Omar Gonzalez

      Parasyte the maxim is such a good anime, we need another season. Thanks jev for acknowledging

    42. Bilal Hussain


    43. JustAbbassy

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    44. JustAbbassy

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    45. Luka Maur

      Fuck Jev’s reactions are hilarious my god

    46. QT Eila

      Every time Jev wonders why they don't get ran over by the shotgun i giggle a bit, knowing he's missed the Tier 2 and 3 shotguns plus the magnum 👌

    47. Glass Jar

      Holy shit the screaming while running from stuff with it edits are making me laugh more than anything in awhile

    48. B Mon

      If mot boy would save his ammo. He be waiting it all like bro use all the bullets in the magazine before reloading🤦🏻‍♂️ 38:28

      1. Simon Riley {Ghost, MW2}

        One, the spelling gave me a stroke. Two, it doesn’t matter if he would he used all the ammo in the mag it’s still the base ammo and he wouldn’t be saving nor wasting ammo

    49. Relax

      37:29. Jev: I'm so stupid Heisenberg: You really are

    50. Enthusiastik Goon

      why the fawk every enemy like a boss fight

    51. Aruji-Sama

      21:43 gold

    52. Dat BOI Dev Playz

      Are ya feelin it now mr krabs

    53. Chris Johnson

      The helicopter dude busting through the wall the the cool aid man was a1

    54. FreshBread

      IRflow down

    55. ScYz Feral

      There’s a slab you can place at the grave site with her name on it. You find it in one of those crypts around the church area

    56. The Doomslayer

      49:26 thats a callback to re5 where at the end of the game Chris punches a boulder to kill the final boss

      1. The Doomslayer

        I know right

      2. Simon Riley {Ghost, MW2}

        Yeah I thought I was the only one who noticed

    57. Im Schittles

      “That’s the way the world” That’s the way the world what???

    58. TheShaman

      why would you buy a gun when you have no ammo

    59. David van Heijningen

      heisenberg sounds like obama just a lil bit in the beginning

    60. Jack Hilder

      don't believe him don't listen to him don't trust the iron steed

    61. Ryuolol

      jeff schine voices javier from the walking dead game and chris in this gane

    62. 5servin

      It’s nice watching him play something other than cod, i still watch the god either way😂 but still

      1. 5servin


    63. Ben Jones

      Always waiting for that one “Shut up Ethan” every episode 😂

    64. Christopher Anast

      Jev u should go and play the newest god of war and give us a play trough

    65. Kvatz

      Am I the only on that was expecting more out of this game? They set up Heisenberg to be this amazing metal bender and it just kinda... falls flat

    66. Dollah Dame

      41:00 love how he subconsciously grabs his hand because of the PTSD of big pale ass bitch

    67. Dollah Dame

      32:05 Jevs sick of it 😭

    68. Jake Walko

      bro stop screaming im watching this in the hospital and my roommate must think im so weird lol

    69. chimken salad

      Boulder punching asshole lmao

    70. Ryan Comegys

      Love this dude jev

    71. lil sesame street

      The that boulder punching bastard was funny af

    72. EvolveNation™


    73. Illuminix

      youre not stupid jev your just not the smartest... Ethan on the other hand stupidest being to ever exist

    74. LackSleep

      Couldn't Heisenberg just have pulled apart the completely metal tank from the start? Lol

    75. Alex henderson

      Miranda be turning into crows like she is itachi

    76. utoy

      20:46 bitchhhhh

    77. Robin Jay

      The amount of loot and weapons jev missed is disappointing

    78. Amear Khechai


    79. Ashur _

      Nah I’m re7 earths face is never shown truly you get close quite a few times but they always just barley hide his face

    80. Voltage My Guy

      8:45 i would have said yes ethan is on some shit

    81. Tribal Fuse

      Ethan on life support

    82. Christian Ortiz

      why are they so tanky. idk maybe cu u didn’t upgrade your weapons

    83. fortnight_pickle92

      I don't get how jev is so entertaining

    84. B. Duello

      More horror, your jump scares are pure gold.

    85. Joey Rogan

      Resident evil went from zombies to vampires lol iv missed so much

    86. Itz YaBoyKen

      24:42 I like how we say the same shit at the same time 🤣

    87. SXVXK

      "damn straight we will" why are Ethans lines so cringe

    88. Deathfrag gameZ

      Did you... re post this??

    89. OGxFritz

      The yell😅 20:30

    90. Lucas

      Please bring back Jevs Cafe 😂

    91. McLovin

      36:18 that is the sound of a broken man

    92. yeaboi

      Lol people are so happy he made a play through of re8

    93. Brandon Lewing

      When jev picked up the flash bangs all I could remember was mw3 and a bedsheet

    94. ItsKaspa Hoe

      Zombies are tanks cause you still using the bullshit shotgun lmao shouldn't of rushed. Loot around you get way better weapons


      bought a scorpion and not the ak or ammo what an idiot

    96. Fabian Harris


    97. SONA

      kinda wish jev played Jedi Fallen Order

    98. YEET SuLFer

      Aww I’m sweating on myself 😂🥴

    99. MP Sins

      You think they intentionally made Ethan cringey?

    100. JuanLilG

      Seeing Jev cringe at the horrible lines is so fucking funny 😭