I UNLOCKED the OBSIDIAN SYKOVS and they already nerfed them

FaZe Jev

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    1. Eric Pearson

      When ur so good u have to get rid of any other green perk For vulture because ur running outta ammo

    2. Dahlandre oates

      Is obsidian total kills?

      1. Dahlandre oates

        They worded it weird and everyone keeps telling me it's total kills

    3. hyper l

      I say remove akimbo and mono

    4. damien ryan

      damn hn obsidian Already

    5. lil ely the finesse kidd

      challenge accepted: escape from tarkov

    6. erin dole

      why are raven and infinity ward so bad at balancing

    7. SoggyNapkkin

      can somone tell me how to get the special camos

    8. Mr Standan

      i didnt even believe it was him and yes i was that guy who called him a phoney and a fake lol thought he was faking

    9. Swagdrifter

      He has all weapons in obsidian but we need to be serious, he plays like a bot

    10. Cat wait I’m not a cat


    11. Noah Tapp

      As a home owner. The worst thing in the world you can hear us running water when you didn’t turn it on

    12. I’m in ur room

      Please Jev, get some sleep.

    13. TheAceTwo

      yo try the Cold War dual diamatti. might be a viable replacement

    14. Damascus Skittle

      Why are they so quick to nerf MW guns but they take literal years to change CW guns. Do they not care if they use their guns anymore

    15. john jones

      They weren't even op or meta, y'all just love to complain lol. It's a high fire rate pistol that's it lol. Literally can be out gunned lol

    16. disduderude

      [Razor] fake fave jev

    17. Emmo JM

      Yo when the next event coming out???

    18. BlueHoliness

      Big L

    19. Kirkland Worthington

      Imagine using the sykov

    20. ReaperIn1080p

      they did the sykov so dirty

    21. Alpha Bravo

      Video idea: use the first gun you got gold for an entire video ;)

    22. Sav Kvd

      I was trying to rank up my shotgun on shipment and the pistols absolutely melted me tge entire gun, even when they weren't even akimbo and even a point blank range.

    23. Hamish Sutherland

      its sad

    24. Exodus 19

      Plz jev what @Fade Angell said

    25. SwancySwan

      Disgrace, absolutely disgusting

    26. Gordon Ramsay

      pov: youre gay

    27. Steve Choi

      Haha noob

    28. Brendan McDermott

      Why does Jev still give money to Faze?

    29. Max King

      i love how the skykovs came out like a week ago and they already have a nerf and the m16 has been insane for over a month and they haven't even mentioned a nerf

    30. Nicky G

      4:25 LMAO

    31. Jonny G

      They really need to add a fov slider for console

    32. jakobimatt 20

      you're the reason i left cod, take a shower

    33. Phoenix Savage

      Him being a youtuber/streamer aside, it's pretty sad that it only took a few days if that to get OBSIDIAN for the sykovs. Must have no life to put that much time in

    34. Twitch jack4024


    35. Seth Begley

      Just a few thousand kills. 💀💀

    36. Rac coon

      80 round drums for an auto pistol shouldnt have even been a concept they came up with

    37. Kyle Skaggs

      Stop playing hard-core

    38. MARTINJW25

      So he gets them max lvl with Damascus with 150 games played. tF I can't even get a gun to lvl 50 in 2 weeks LOL

    39. Kieren Ingold

      The Sycov is really good. i set mine up as a mp7. Monolithic, fully auto barrel, wire stock, tac lazer, 80 round mags. Its a great secondary for a ghost glass

    40. Kim Young Jin

      This guy talks too much

    41. That Donkey

      I think Jev would like the song "The Remedy" by Puscifer. Literally just said the message of the song in this video.

    42. inexternial Screaming

      Trust me with this slycov setup Compensator Auto barrel 80round Stippled Tac laser (Brain will be off)

    43. Cheesey Face

      “M19 is underrated, I smoke people all the time with it” Damn boy you get a like

    44. Tushe

      4:01 This.

    45. Brady Johnston

      that kid that was saying its a fake jev mad as fuck right now🤣🤣😭

    46. Drippin Hippie

      Had them before you again

    47. Odeh

      my man running with obsidian skins "fake jev"

    48. Jakobite _TA

      Hahaha yea..i didnt bother grinding pistols, knew they would do that.

    49. David Weber

      Possibly the fastest nerf I’ve seen on MW/CW

    50. wat noob gaming

      challange accepted:use 1911 pistol in hardcore(use akimbo if you want)because i want you to have fun its one shot in hardcore lol

    51. Epoc

      i bet u couldn't wait to switch from that shit of cw to mw

    52. Adam Coons

      So I know you like MortalKombat and there’s a show called invincible so you should watch it the end scene of the first episode is amazing

    53. Mike Basilisco

      Your my spirit animal

    54. Ainsley

      they need to full on delete the 80 round drum in my opinion

    55. Exzavier Williams

      I’m not using another but the ppsh

    56. Jacob Schwantz

      Day 39 of asking for the return of Requis ( 7 day ago was the closest I've gotten with him being in the title )

    57. crazythree3 plays

      Challenge Accepted: video name: Apex Season 9

    58. Console Only

      And this is how you know that Activision and raven want you to buy cold war instead of modern warfare. They nerf mw guns fast now then cold war weapons👏

    59. Findlay Hatfield

      It is really annoying how anytime something is good in warzone it just gets nurfed. Honestly why don't raven spend their time fixing all of the glitches in warzone, or not to mention hackers? I enjoy playing with good weapons, but of course "everything must be equal".

    60. ABROAD98

      No idea how you have a mental anymore

    61. -Alpha_zero-

      No one can flame jev cause jev will unleash hell upon them

    62. Cristobal Gutierrez

      Challenge accepted: play rainbow six siege again

    63. Trent Hagerman

      Jev could you try out a build I made it’s the cr 56no stock no sigh merc grip the green laser amd the short barrel

    64. Phat Doinker

      “Hey we need ideas for exciting new guns for each weapon class.” “Alright check this out. It’s a shotgun, that shoots really fast called the street sweeper. Then we got this sniper. It shoots really fast. Finally, we got this pistol...”

    65. Budah :-:

      The m19 still the best pistol in the game 🤷🏽‍♂️

    66. khanim bekossi

      Imagine if FaZe Jev pins this.

    67. Wishful

      Yo that look like the battle pass

    68. yk.limitz

      REMINDER: only the duel wield has been nerfed not the standered single handed sykov so it’s still cracked if you can hit shots

    69. W W

      8:42 Wise words Jev

    70. Cikostar

      If Jev killed me with these sykovs I wouldnt even be mad , Cause Cmon Its Jev

    71. FastAdventure Gamer

      Hipfire doesn’t feel decreased with akimbo. The 80 rounds tho- they made you even slower- slower than the LMGs

    72. Derek Catiller

      I love how jev doesnt have a job and can play this game 24/7, unlike some of us. But what do I know? 🤷🏽‍♂️

    73. Jonathan Rodriguez

      Jevs warzone class names are hilarious lmaoo

    74. j


    75. Christian Spangler

      Still trending after a day? Nice

    76. Windex

      Challenge accepted: get COD Mobile demascus

    77. Krasix

      Wait till that kid sees the video

    78. DRAFTS.

      Love ur vids man keep it up... I also post cool cod content like u

    79. N&J GAMING

      Could you try another reading messages video, it’s really funny to watch

    80. YoJason

      Jev i got a question this goes to everyone should i get modern warfare or cold war

    81. EatMemesAndDie

      Everybody was using the damn sykov in that first match, fucking hell

    82. KalaniGreen

      jev u talk to much

    83. UrMumIsALandWhaleTV

      Imagine being a content creator and knowing that jev constantly watches and enjoys ur content

    84. Luis Martin

      Faze u need to do in youre next video reac to ure old videos it could be a good one u can be happy and u will laugh and have a good time👍

    85. Aaron Wohrman

      Challenge accepted: Make a new account and get an obsidian Kar98 from only War zone.

    86. Shadowzzz_ 64

      challenge accepted: win solo quads

    87. NF TROOPER

      I just went up against a hacker on mw with dm ultra like wtf

    88. Tastier jungle 46

      Dutlniv tioogattlyg

    89. YORU

      Who wants jev to go back to seige?😞😿

    90. Pigeon

      shoot the ship objectives? no Damascus? *Y E S*

    91. Foiso

      people do say stupid shit like black lives matter

    92. Kutwk Kardashian


    93. Ashtyn Page

      Challenge accepted: jev plays rocket league

    94. Mario 4.0

      I wonder who tf thought that 80 rounds was a good idea

    95. Logan Stafford

      Challenge accepted: Use the best load out for the striker 45 and the oden and go until you win In warzone

    96. small spud

      I think it would be fun if they made a playlist with all of the guns pre nerf as in the 725, sykovs, spr ect

    97. Cypher

      i dont think i ever saw another gun pop up in the kill feed other than the pistol in that game of shipment

    98. Firestorm6007

      Some guy beamed me with that thing from like 75 yards

    99. Austin Zylinski

      He hated the m19 in the beta

    100. Trevor Bilak-Sackin

      Bro, look at the fuckin kill feed at like 3:50 - 4:30. Nothing but Sykov