They NERFED SNIPERS but I'm already over it..

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    1. Tahu33446

      havent been on cold war in a while but even if the patch is minor its the kind of "ok but why tho" patch that brings out the response to the dev who tweeted about agreeing with quickscopers being bad a few months ago. Maybe the original last unlock sniper will be better

    2. Liynox

      Not people complaining about Jev spectating as opposed to us spectating Jev and that be okay

    3. Evil Paradigm

      I have a love hate relationship with snipers (using them and being shot by them), but I respect the hell out of your honest video. Great content. (EDIT) Are you even real? How can you you be so honest about your feelings and be so mature? I'm disturbed here.

    4. glenn yarwood

      Atm there’s no reason to use Peli or Swiss compared to Tundra, neither of them are that much faster and they shoot marshmallows :/

    5. xXTaeXx

      What was the second sniper he’s using ?

    6. Chilling Chucky

      Yeah i only play with snipers breaks my heart

    7. L A

      snipers are broken in old war idk how you think they are bad

    8. The Relevant Nerd

      A sniper ain't shit if they can't kill a camper.

    9. ZephX36

      Play door in the basement please

    10. MLG try hard

      The Swiss barely changed

    11. Anders Rasmussen

      It’s crazy how good the snipers are with presicion aim assist, they should nerf that, not the snipers😂

    12. polarized ?

      “They nerfed snipers but I slapped a camper in war zone”

    13. oRaGaMi 1337

      you are all slaves to a bad game.

    14. Cian

      Challenge accepted: Play World at War zombies!

    15. Tristan Lambert

      Sniper nerf literally did absolutely nothing

    16. Sebastian Castillo

      Can you try gears I Woukd love to see you play

    17. Monkey D. Luffy

      Next update they will make it 5shots to the head to die with a zrg

    18. Thefrankiebaseball -

      They made the tundra worse than the night the update came out .....

    19. Changes-YT

      Did his beard just grow more from the last vids😨😨

    20. J.M. Harduvel

      I personally grinded season 1 and then just yesterday started playing again. I noticed no difference in the snipers personally without knowing that there had been a chnage.

    21. Phoenix Drivers

      Bye bye snipers

    22. Jordan Bourque

      How they nerf guns literally every week is the reason I dont play call of duty anymore.

    23. Panditch _ZA

      Snipers are shit, it neeeds a buff

    24. Jorato Bridge

      They nerfed the snipers because they wanted it more like the other guns in the game yet sniper rifles are supposed to be high caliber weapons that can kill from 500 m away nerfing a sniper in order to make it equal to a close range weapon or medium range weapon is just the dumbest decision they have ever made with the snipers

    25. Brink

      Fuck it . I Might as well go back to the older cods .

    26. Jakin

      Their nerfing my desire to keep this game installed

    27. DeadKing507

      Zombies, but i can relate to them because im also dead

    28. The void

      I miss mw3 when the sniper literally felt like apart of the screen and nothing more. Wtf is weight in a game?

    29. Shultzy

      Please take a break

    30. Menhera

      They for some reason have tbhis belief that snipers are too strong but guns like the r700 in mw was just fine. And I'm not saying the r700 was op I'm just saying if anything the snipers suck in cw.

    31. Gary Thacker

      I think the problem is they are nerfing snipers when then don't need it.

    32. Im Boxxxed

      Jev is the only real member of faze

    33. daniel pena

      Can’t wait for the new cod to come out

    34. LyonKing👑

      Nerfed? Again?

    35. MTB Thiccness

      Bro they do this right when I'm about to do zombies diamond on snipers >:(

    36. MTB Thiccness

      Cold war: slows down ads and doesn't let smaller scopes be faster Cold War again: ads too fast sniper too stronk gotta slow it down

    37. ONeillsi

      Who actually cares about cold war

    38. Dean

      12 % to 5% is fucking disgusting 🤢

    39. Brandon Wellar

      I just love seeing Jev use a sniper outside of warzone

    40. Kanako

      Nerfs = buffs

    41. CoWinkcidence

      6 Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ: (‭Philippians‬ ‭1‬:‭6‬ KJV)

    42. popdoodle

      They nerfed the snipers THIS NEW UPDATE CHANGES EVERYTHING

    43. NC Anonymous

      i love your spectating videos jev

    44. Mostly Hated

      Wait so your telling me not everyone has the new bat and pistol?

    45. Salvatore Cocozza

      what is your kd on this game?

    46. Akademics

      how are they tryna take away the only community that plays their game

    47. Ronin Leszczynski

      I can’t remember the last time I played Cold War and I’m a better person because of it

    48. Afonso Fernandes

      "My son was born and i'm already over it"

    49. Luke Nolfa

      Jev hated MW and was so excited for this new game and he rarely plays it

      1. Hunan Anwar

        He rarely plays it because there is barely any content, but it is still better than mw

    50. Andrew Chrismer

      They are intentionally trying to lose players...its sad...

    51. A1olan

      I love hearing about UFC from your POV so the spectating vids II all good by me

    52. spelt

      I don't understand how this game still has players

    53. chris ogle

      Snipers don’t need to be nerfed in the first place that shit needs to be 1 shot but all the idiots in the world complain because they are ass at every cod and want it to be a pistol with a sniper scope on it at this point..

    54. tyrek Thompson

      It says the bat is exclusive to cold war

    55. treace

      bro just make the snipers one shot head then have them literally ads in a single frame and then no one would be mad

    56. Dawsjuan

      9:40 “is that jev”

    57. Ethan Grett

      Bruce Willis has his own cod skin? Wth is going on

    58. 603 Heat

      Why do they continue to nerf the already awful snipers do they just not want people to play

    59. Chandler Russell

      Snipers have no flinch dog they are busted Shit at least they didn't have flinch when I decided not to play this garbage can ass game

    60. Bell Bottom

      Snipers were slightly OP and they decided to completely run them into the ground. Great idea.

      1. hnoah 2006

        The only time u could says snipers were slightly op was in the beta,THE BETA

      2. Bielzinho Lima

        You are a kid modern warfare was you first cod you never get a Gold you are a meta abusser you are a kid cry Snippers have skils mac 10 usser not have skil

    61. Fsho

      i’m just saying, nerfing the ADS on the worst ADS we’ve ever seen across snipers along with no separate perk to reduce flinch is still awful I. general. in the context of this game alone, a 2% doesn’t change much but it’s still awful for snipers who love the classic quickness and feeling. if you adjust fully to this game alone, then obviously it’s alright but

    62. Dead Anxiety

      day 125 of trying to get jev to notice me

    63. Juan23

      Fuck Cold War, Modern Warfare better

    64. johnny M

      Sad that Cod is fortnight now

      1. hnoah 2006


    65. BeetlefiberILJN Raggedylion94

      Bruh, they were already hit marker machines and they nerfed them

    66. Matthew Davis

      Snipers where already bad enough

    67. Sapzy

      honestly thinking about downloading mw again just to use the kar. the only thing is i hate the maps except shoot house/shipment

    68. K H

      Stop using air patrol!!!

    69. Troy Vasquez

      Like how are they gonna add flinch and add ads

    70. Will Olson

      is that a haircut on jev??

    71. Currently Vibing

      Cool......I’m trading this game in

    72. Jacob Vanderhoek

      who else actually misses when he played mw 2019

    73. Kamui 2004 (Calb)

      oh no your no flinch snipers are actually balanced now boo hoo

      1. hnoah 2006

        Once u can find a valid argument why snipers were anything close to good then we can talk D U M B A S S😭

    74. Awad Ihmud

      I watch XclusiveAce testing on the sniper changes and he even said that the patch notes makes you think sniping is destroyed when in fact it is not some got a buff like the m82 and the swiss. Then watching jev video, he even said it that he thought the snipers were gonna be destroyed but after feeling them its not bad.


      I though they buffed snipers no? I'm almost sure they didn't nerf them dude idk

    76. Savarn

      haven't watched jev since 2015 time and damn he looks different lol

    77. Ashten Macheras

      Didn’t they just buff the snipers or am I tripping

    78. ButholeBandito

      Just an opinion.... Activision should give everyone complete freedom when customizing classes for Warzone. This means allowing brand new players to fully customize their weapons without first playing Multiplayer. Yeah, I'm aware you've spent countless hours grinding for these attachments and it doesn't seem "fair". But it's kept new people from entering the game based on the pure disadvantage they have from the start. Nobody wants to go up against cracked weapon loadouts when all you have is ground weapons. Again, this is merely an opinion, shit on me if you want. I'm jus sayin.

    79. Odyj06 Tewee

      Challenge accepted: play minecraft story mode

    80. G Sicki

      Im not crazy good but i had over 5k sniper kills, i loved sniping . i think it was fine, now it feels so weird / awkward this is just unfair, every season gets worse for snipers

    81. Suds

      *3 months later* One of your video titles: "they buffed the snipers"

    82. VoidWo

      jev should do a Q and A again

    83. Kaylan Cooney

      Jev happy everyone happy

    84. The Joker

      challenge accepted: do a challenge accepted

    85. lparkwayl

      The real question is when is snipers only coming back

    86. Acemcfugly

      People mad that there so bad they cant beat snipers who are more skilled

    87. Pvrge Jxson

      A guy had the new gun in one of the lobbies he was in

    88. Paxious 0157

      That beard lookn' fresh tho

    89. TURB0FTW

      "is that Jev?"

    90. Yolocod1



      Why is this guy complaining about every cod. Like honestly if you don't like it go do an ACTUAL job, maybe then you will appreciate how lucky you are doing this for a living.

    92. I’m Anonymous

      Day 2: asking jev to make more horror series

    93. Hugh Janus 420

      If you want community while you play switch to twitch

    94. DanMcGd

      COD mobile snipers got nerfed too :(

    95. BTX Music

      Modern warfare is better

    96. xan (sxkerain)

      well this is gonna be hell while I’m going down the road of dark matter

    97. Turtle _

      Wait I thought they just buffed the snipers wtf

    98. John Doe


    99. Lewis 12345

      Snipers and underpowered for pubs but overpowered for competitive don’t know what people don’t understand about that.

      1. Lewis 12345

        Well post patch the no flinch was a big deal pretty much meant it was impossible to challenge a sniper and the fact smoke grenades also don’t work the best on this game it means u can’t block a line of sight against snipers so they could pretty much hold down half the map no problem.

      2. hnoah 2006

        @Lewis 12345 what do u mean by too strong?

      3. Lewis 12345

        Most cod’s balances guns to help pros and competitive, that’s the main reason pros hated MW because it was made for casuals, no league play, barely any weapon balancing, the reality is gaming has been heading to a more competitive experience rather than casual for years now because for people who have been playing a long time pubs are just boring, it’s the reason all the biggest warzone/cod guys are insane players no one wants to watch someone who is trash, pros usually have snipers in every cod but there’s obviously a reason t y aren’t using them this year. They are too strong for good players to use that’s why in competitive play they aren’t allowed. Any high level player in Cold War will tell u snipers are broken.

      4. hnoah 2006

        @Lewis 12345 I definitely see where u coming from where in past cods they could ads as fast as reg guns I GET IT,but does that mean that the snipers needed to be the slowest it’s ever been?or the weakest they’ve ever been?and also there is only 2 out of the 5 snipers that we have that can kill shoulder,3 SNIPERS ON COLD WAR CANNOT KILL SHOULDER,how does that make sense 🤔

      5. hnoah 2006

        @Lewis 12345 how is that even fair?saying that you like competitive more than pubs so they should base the guns around competitive,that’s LITERALLY not fair

    100. tice sine

      Think i gotta disagree with ya Jev , you too good to.have an opinion on the snipers. You wouldnt notice it as much as us. I use the pelington , mortal.anguish and since the update all i get is hitmarkers.