They ADDED the R1 SHADOWHUNTER CROSSBOW and it's actually fun to use

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    1. Landon Edwards

      Is it just me or is the crossbow bugged in the new update cause I completed the challenge and I can’t equip it. 🤔

    2. Jimmy Flores

      My r1 shadow is on 15 and I can't unlock ot


      I have the same thing with it saying I can customize Maxis. I think it’s a next generation console issue.

    4. R- boy

      Ive unlocked it but I can't use it does anyone know why?

    5. Michael Espeland

      AK47, HC, any match that doesnt last long. And it's yours

    6. dillon uk

      why is there 5 attachments but we can only change the sight ??

    7. BreakfastBois

      Looks like a blast but it’s still not the NX Shadow claw

    8. Henry Spielstadt


    9. The FBI

      Did this man just say a crossbow shouldn’t be ridiculous heavy

    10. TheRealBigET

      I think it’s because it’s unreleased so all the barrels and stuff are locked because they didn’t mean to do this

    11. Donovan Weldon

      Yo I wouldn't try the backing out method in Cold War it didn't work for unlocking the street sweeper.

    12. lakota tanner

      The thumbnail looks like shoot house

    13. Gamer Moments

      If you back out it wont save ur progress I'm pretty sure.

    14. The Watermelon

      So nobody gonna talk about how that guys in trial? 3:45

    15. EvilxPosse

      The epitome of your judgement is funny, you don’t have the time to unlock a weapon for use but you’ll gladly sweat out obsidian and Damascus lol. Any excuse to cover up the fact you just want to spend money

    16. Bill

      Cod mw4 and cold war are the worst cods out there. Apex legends a fucking free game has way more views and a higher player count daily

    17. Idk seems kinda sus

      Through all the years of jev on youtube i really liked the video where he played cod

    18. dwight •

      i played today after a month and it reminded me why i stopped

    19. ziqulous

      teach me how to multi

    20. Kozy Freestyles

      Anyone else still having problems getting crossbow?

    21. pankela

      6:55 😬

    22. Killa Jay

      I noticed a shit ton of wanna be youtubers and streamers play search at 5-9am EST to sweat on kids before school and it's super pathetic.

    23. Jared Lough

      Crossbows actually are pretty heavy, at least the one I have. I’ve gone hunting with it and it’s a pain in the ass lugging that thing around

    24. Robert Richards

      Oh this thing is gonna need to be fixed

    25. Nathaniel Masten

      I've noticed how the amount of recent time played effects your lobbys if your playing a lot and all of a sudden you slow down on your play time and have shorter sessions the system will notice this and try to hook you back in with a bronze lobby I went 51-3 after I slowed down the amount of time I play and as soon as I started playing constantly again I'm back in the sweatpool

    26. Deckasaurus

      An average crossbow weighs more than the average SMG. The averaged C-bow weighs anywhere from 8-15 lbs and SMGs are typically around the 6-10 lb range. Even an M4/AR-15 weighs in at just 7.5 pounds fully loaded. Just some useless knowledge for y’all ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    27. Odin sindre

      Why dont i have the crossbow?

    28. Claycius Austin

      You're challenge will resets if u backed out

    29. Sawyer Strange

      I Uninstalled warzone finally. The game got so old for me. Too tired of people posted in buildings ADS'd at a doorway. Shit is cringey and unfun. I have been playing cold war only & if I wanna play BR I just play apex. Ngl, I've been less pissed and enjoying games more now that I don't have the discouragement that is warzone

    30. westendcory

      Give us different guns same ol same ol

    31. Ryan Woods

      Somebody get this man an award for putting in effort to these vids for us

    32. Get Fucked

      Jev C'mon the crossbows not gold in the first 3 hours slackin of man

    33. hoe slayer

      6:56 “just barrel stuff people until a nigga dies”

    34. احمد

      Activision 👎

    35. Hula

      Video just now popped in my sub box wtffff

    36. My Pistola

      jev u hurt my head some times talking about settings... affected is for smg players independent is for Ar long distance players.....

    37. barmelo xanthony

      good to see u smiling man👍🏾

    38. Oghma Infinium

      Activision great work,,...😂😂😂 No more crossbow so where is main money??? Great, fuck dys game

    39. Asad AlMuharib

      Am I the only person who can’t find it?

    40. RTG

      That maxis thing is a bug

    41. Andy Rich

      Why would u do this to us?


      This game is fk terrible

    43. Payne Smith

      Legit didn’t know this was in the game

    44. metanoia.

      Jev, the crossbow shoots a projectile... the trophy system stops projectiles. 😲

    45. Ritvik Kumar

      Jev please fucking increase the graphics to high, for the sake of your viewers. This shit is dreadful

    46. Callum Martin

      This is a rare vid of jev smiling

    47. _ Cabbs _

      This aged like a fine wine

    48. Stantanuim Gaming

      Unlocked dm ultra whilst watching this 🙏

    49. Hunter Pevahouse

      I don’t see it on Cold War or mw I try to see if there was a update on Cold War and there’s not

    50. Will Johnson

      Why did I get 3 notifications for this lmao

    51. marcos dominguez

      Are we gonna ignore the way everytime he gets a kill he looks at the camera💀

    52. shark biscuit

      The maxis is the same for me too jev lmao 😂

    53. Vincent Scott

      It's about to be a bitchfest with this weapon and watch it get nerfed lol

    54. Blake Homan

      I went to look for it and it was removed >:(

    55. White Bread

      I don't have the crossbow in store and I don't have the challenge to unlock it wtf?

    56. Jonathan Foster

      My cousin loves the mw crossbow in warzone

    57. Dick Fatkins

      I can't use it in warzone

    58. Miguel Lopez

      I’m glad to see Jeff not getting mad in this video


      Crosbow slaps in warzone

    60. Will Kohut

      Challenge excepted: MW crossbow plus Black Ops Crossbow in Warzone

    61. Paladin Brother

      So is the crossy in the game? Or is it still removed

    62. Ethan Rodgers Vargo

      Jev you should record a cod mobile br shit literally more balanced than warzone

    63. SaboFudge

      Me: yeeaahhh about that.

    64. Chenco Gonzalez

      So is anyonr gonna mention his whole team and enemy team have the words codename for some reason?

    65. John Parfrey

      hey man, maybe ur a crossbow player at heart, this is the most fun i seen u have on COD in months

      1. John Parfrey

        i myself run the bow in warzone, i love it, if u use fury bolts if u down them with the first shot and they dont have EOD u full kill them. the death comms are also spicy. u should try it. what ever u do if u do use it DO NOT use the 28 cables. they are complete butt cheeks. u only hit 20% of ur shots cuz they are so inaccurate

    66. Memez R Kool

      how do you get 200 fps, are you playing with a controller on your pc?

      1. karlos singh

        Yh he is

    67. beam sulliedcorgi

      You’ve probably already tried this but if u equip the skin in pretty sure that will get rid of it

    68. Alba

      not there anymore

    69. Pog medic

      Have not seen Jev smile in a thumbnail for a while...

    70. Brewer Fan

      Aaaaaaaand its gone

    71. T- Wally03

      Day 19 of asking Jev to play insurgency: sandstorm on steam

    72. Jason Rosales

      My maxis is doing that glitch too

    73. I got no drip

      I really hope their still adding content to mw instead of cw

    74. Frankie DeBari

      Jev is finally happy🙂🙂

    75. adam pichel

      For me the crossbow got removed

    76. wil

      Bruh Bruh

    77. Sunnycannon

      DO NOT leave after getting things that's the reason his camos kept breaking leaving mid match screws with everything so dont do it (spread this around so people going for camos dont break their shit)

    78. xD Triumphツ

      When I saw jev smiling in the thumb nail I had hope that he was happy again

    79. Andrew Rafferty

      Next video "they took away my shadow crossbow and now my soul is damaged"

    80. JAHEZ

      First time I've seen jev smiling since mw2

    81. braiden

      4:49 anyone see the body fall😂

    82. Yuvis O9

      Why can’t we get this now

    83. Cozmic Art

      Kinda sad how the crossbow is better for quickscoping than actual snipers in this game

    84. nagy2134

      Jev, where is the DM etool?

    85. heelywheelies

      Then they remove it lol

    86. Trix the Heretic

      I don't even see the crossbow on my even being available to unlock

      1. Average Dear

        @Trix the Heretic calm down

      2. Trix the Heretic

        of course it did... Of course Treyarch and Activision don't know what to do with they shit now I gotta wait for it to actually come out

      3. Lynden Hall

        It got removed from the game

    87. Ethan Coyne

      As an archer IRL, I always get mad hype whenever any kind of bow gets added into a game I like. Can't wait to try this out!

    88. zio

      crossbow op

    89. UltimateGamingFTW

      Crossbow is 🔥

    90. big jeffery

      does anyone else vid look messed up? i cant even watch smh

    91. Robert F

      Has anyone else’s Cold War just stopped you from doing the crossbow challenge

    92. Joseph

      Jev needs a long break

    93. zuhayrq

      I killed streamers in warzone and got their reactions

    94. Cal Rage

      they took it out of the game to normally unlock hours after they added it

    95. Malaky Brady

      Jev if you see this take a break for your health

    96. Jeannette Vega

      Challenge accepted: Play Rebirth in war zone

    97. smd.not_stiffy 999

      Wtf where is the crossbow

    98. itz_ birdman

      Hey Jev, can you teach me how to multi?

    99. Not Funny

      Did you learn how to multi jev?

    100. SpartanCobra118 :

      Jev say niggas