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    1. Jay

      Not going to lie, i teared up seeing rose at Ethans Gravesite, i might play all of the Resident evils now to see the full story

    2. Unknown

      You doged her in real life

    3. BigMFReign

      I don't know if anyone noticed this but Jev kinda called that Ethan was dead this entire time in the 7th game. He asked if, Ethan was a "zombie" now too because he was welcomed into the family, and his arm was able to be stapled back on, etc.

    4. BiGMaC078

      I low-key can't believe they killed him off

    5. Chicken Boy

      Dude jev has 4.69mil sub😑😑😑😂😂

    6. FloridaNiggaOG BLOW

      I’m sad watching Ethan give his baby to Chris an blow himself up

    7. Will Lovelace

      Ethan the mold man is still alive that is who they picked up at the end

    8. TheShaman

      Love you jev

    9. YUNG SXN


    10. armypanda87

      Goddamn you jev I smiled at the end

    11. Jacman1225

      Had a tough day with my brother and we were irritated at each other, but we turned on this series and had an awesome time watching it

    12. Austin McDonald

      looks like hes playing on easy lmao

    13. Proelite

      Watching Ethan die was kinda sad tbh almost got tearful 😂

    14. Sukehiro

      MW vibes playing as Chris

    15. thpr44

      I'm not crying ... You are

    16. Kaiden Nicholson

      Ethan be like: sadly I died, but I lived!

    17. Hunter Christiansen

      Can we get a resident evil 3 long play through?

    18. Mil Mi-24 Attack Helicopter

      Jev and 8-Bitryan did the best playthroughs.

    19. Gospelsxl

      absolutely amazing

    20. Cabooey

      if only it was ethan who got geared up, having him rambo his ass on everything with the pure hatred of a father would be cool

    21. Big Yeetimus

      Ethan must have the curse of Sukuna in him

    22. multiplexspy 25

      Jev’s focus is like mine when I’m drawing I’m talking about ZONED 😭 I forgot his little screen in the corner during the fight

    23. Tragical Gaming

      Play house of ashes

    24. Darrell Smith

      It was a good series while it lasted please do another jev for me

    25. Nozhan

      The guy you see at the end is Ethan he is alive

    26. Ethan Siar

      no sacrifice to great: lieutenant Joseph turner

    27. Peter Kalmár

      I enjoyed this series very much.....thanks jev

    28. Nazim Playz

      whole series was good

    29. Nazim Playz

      thank you jev its amazing

    30. Ben

      Now we wait for re9 to come out

    31. inchardid

      bro ethan really got that plot armor on

    32. travtrav-42

      i speedran the game to watch the seris

    33. Snowy Sniper Mattsuki

      I always love it when you upload a series like The Dark Pictures or Resident Evil. Well done Jev 👏

      1. Snowy Sniper Mattsuki

        Always a nice break from all the cod ngl

    34. Lenodeno

      Loved this series Jev!

    35. Not_d3o’s

      I think in re9 we’re gonna play as rose

    36. Smoker

      When The car stopped The model of That guy was Ethan (Doesnt mean its him, they could just re-used his model)

    37. Jon Kunneman

      If I had to rank Jevs best horror series I’d go: 1: outlast 2 2: until dawn 3: outlast 1/whistleblower 4: re7 5: re8 6: soma 7: slender arrival 8: little hope 9: re2 remake 10: man of Medan 11: amnesia (would be way higher if he finished it)

    38. Lucas Dedis

      My thought on the matter is, if Miranda wanted a baby so bad why not just fucking adopt a kid and not have to go to this length, but no, Miranda is going to go tooth and nail, get a virus that turns her into a into some deity, and create other forms of this virus that are equally as disturbing and terrifying, and fail. The same shit with Ethan too, me, I would have said fuck it, called it quits back in RE7, seriously though, 3 years gone and you go after her on some whim of a video that she sent you? Honesty, what the fuck. I love how goddamn ridiculous and over-the-top the whole RE franchise is in general.

    39. yomyom_ish

      I think he had more fun playing other games than warzone

    40. james whitehead

      series was perfect, loved all of it thanks jev

    41. Sasuke Uchiha

      It’s Ethan at the walking

    42. Jestyn Osorio

      Apparently Ethan came back and was the one walking down the road at the end

    43. River Stream

      I absolutely loved your series Jev I'll hopefully be making one of my own here pretty soon. I've been watching your channel since middle school can't wait to see your next playthrough!!!

    44. Preston Lee

      How did Ethan survive when Mia kept cutting him up before jack got to him

    45. -Slum-

      Resident Evil Exodus is Next

    46. Ben Demonte

      I just wish jev would stream ;(

    47. YT OSPACE7582

      No one got modern warfare vibes?

    48. IFrenzyyI

      Amazing been here since qwidt shouted you out when you have 20k!

    49. Joseph Huston

      so basically what im thinking is the rose/eveline are both in that body because in the transformation that miranda was doing cris shot her

    50. XxPark28xX

      Bro this shit was sad as hell at the end:(

    51. Certified Clown

      no he stayed so the hot vampire lady could be reborn as his wife

    52. Nenojames3005

      Wait is eveline Miranda’s daughter like Eva and that’s why she chose Ethans daughter because he had a connection with eveline

    53. Ryan Oswald

      The devs played alittle to much dark souls before making this

    54. ryseny

      Quickscoping the boss as a true FaZe member should

    55. Cam Veillette

      Jev smokin on that Miranda pack 😆🔥

    56. Trent Mangrum

      I loved this series so much that I stopped half way through and went back and watched your playthrough of RE7! Loved both games and all the videos!

    57. Evo_Godly

      1:50 we are watching cuz the way you struggle entertains us and plus cuz its you 🤣 the one and only Jev plus the rages are just something else 🤣 tbh I was there along with you in the beginning but I made sure to loot everything cuz in Resident evil 7 that's what I learned to do and that it's important.

    58. Gard Løding

      Been watching this the whole day, epic series❤️

    59. mute (mute)

      why does the baby look like duke?

    60. joe mama

      so that explains why he can be healed by oregano water

    61. dahir ahmed

      I don’t like these types of story he did so much just for him to die at end bs

    62. Brandon DePace

      jev everyone loves when u make play throughs keep making them🙏🏼🙏🏼

    63. Timothy Green (GayBoiGreen)

      The man the car stopped for at the end was Ethan. If you go into photo mode you can zoom in and see not sure if it’s cannon or a reused model but it would be weird to re use Ethan’s model out of everyone.

    64. Jelle Henkelman

      These series have been amazing, you got yourself a new subscriber keep it going man ❤️

    65. AlphazFNF “freddyvsjason77”

      dude i couldn’t figure out where i heard chris’ voice before then i remembered javier from walking dead a new frontier

    66. Reuben Thomas

      The way he physically flinches from the boss's hits is amazing lol

    67. Anonymous Assassin 6657

      *Finishes resident evil* Great, now time for some more warzone😂

    68. Enthusiastik Goon

      what if the healing chemical was somehow rotten and formed mould that would heal Eathen

    69. justin pyle

      Nah ain’t no rip Ethan rip duke legend

    70. Alvin Sydney Moll

      face reveal of ethan

    71. HuskTheOne

      The true main villain is accidentally healing yourself

    72. ItsBryce

      Ethan went out like a champ

    73. plum !

      Rose looks like Duke

    74. Gee Bee

      I’m kind of disappointed this wasn’t done on hardcore

    75. Mr.Grinch

      The monster in the thumbnail looks like the swamp demon from demon slayer

    76. Andres Glispy

      jev should play this again but actually try and get all the guns and stuff you can sell to the duke

    77. Jack Hilder

      The witch is now unstoppable and destruction and death will spread across the world Our only hope now is the man that was thought to be dead long ago

    78. John Gibbs

      Made me spoil this game for myself because watching you was so fun lmfao

    79. vicious671

      Dukes the goat bruh🐐

    80. yex

      This as AMAZINGG!!

    81. Julian Miller

      good job with the game i think the person walking down the road could be ethan winters alot people say he surived it

    82. Kwame Igboh

      nah I did always think something was up with ethan when he literally got his hand cut off and got it stitched back together n worked perfectly finr

    83. FinnishDucky


    84. Dinxi _

      Loved this series !

    85. Pawel Zubr

      I'm down to watch jev play more single player games. Funniest shit man.

    86. Maaz

      Not a fan of horror games but watching JEV play 🤩 i love his rage expressions thank for all of that we love you 😍

    87. Bryan Grimes

      Great series

    88. reemaster420

      Holy shit this is the first game that made me cry a little

    89. Jacob Kissam

      The horror series are always the best with jev

    90. SMKurama

      I was surprised that the ending had me feeling something!

    91. Elias Ramsey

      Missed like a month and a half straight of your videos and then binged this series. ♥️ U jev

    92. braden williams

      Theres a lightsaber

    93. AsaelSoto

      “Oh my god my play through was terrible” 😭😭😭😭

    94. Pot


    95. tac

      Residentevil village modern warfare

    96. The Only Alex Ryder


    97. Dogged Owl

      Get the light saber now

    98. TheSlayer150

      Bravo! Unto the next one!

    99. StefanThePro (StefanThePro)

      When Jev realized how easy it would’ve been with an upgraded weapon, my only grief was eased - thank you for this great content Jev

    100. bigbadharry001

      I thought That baby was for sure Gonna be an emo when they grow up