They ADDED RAPID FIRE MOSHPIT and I rapid fire quit

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    1. Luis

      watching jev sniping makes me happy

    2. Bill

      Cod mw4 and cold war are the worst cods out there. Apex legends a fucking free game has way more views and a higher player count daily

    3. Brisk the Sodawoo

      This guy said "Maxees" I know some people are gonna be triggered 5:15 lmao

    4. Nikoloz Mchedlishvili

      Just found you in the nuketown 24/7 lobby

    5. Meme Machine


    6. BatMite06 Memes

      4:02, Kevin that map is from bo4

    7. Sour_Bleach

      Daym he post every day/ he’s a goat

    8. ChrispyCreeme

      Maxees 😂😂

    9. ChrispyCreeme

      Maxees 😂😂

    10. Wavy Irving

      how does he get the dark matter to cover the back of his sniper scope , mine is just black

    11. Ninjabon3r

      That title tho lmaoo

    12. Yandere Dragon

      I love moshpit

    13. Aidan Ward

      Just got the notification 5 days later

    14. Hunter Mayville

      Mack sihs

    15. Brendan Straughn

      I just want to say thank you for being the only faze member I used to watch who didn’t sell out and is still just about playing the game. We appreciate you man, keep doing what you’re doing!

    16. Fahim Morshed

      Anybody know how his dark matter covers the entire scope of the tundra?

    17. Daniel Durante

      Son complaining about ghost but he’s using a sniper. Big little meat energy

    18. GameFly485

      I’ve been playing the hardcore version all day and there is hardly any skill based from what I have played, I actually had fun for the first time on this game😂

    19. Side Character

      This game is so ass man.

    20. Kilzz Tv

      Baby u be looking so good now

    21. Rebekah Crawford

      Bruh no ghost perk in solo warzone would just be so nice so good and fun. No more ugly campers

    22. Zylic

      POV: Maaksees

    23. kaori Plays

      Jev is like a slice of life anime

    24. EXTurmaNATEr ExTurmaNATEr

      I went to zombies and got eather within a month after the game released just to put it in warzone ggs

    25. deltafire12

      The title: The rapid fire moshpit Me: *RAPPITTTT GUNFIRE* 💥💥💥

    26. jmozeyMB

      Apocalypse reminds me of jungle and Madagascar from black ops 4

    27. Adam shanahan

      What is this where is requis

    28. T D

      I don’t understand why Jev as many followers as he does. There are far better players than him, his gameplay is incredibly bland and these videos are not unique at all.

    29. xxeddie200

      Jev is the only person on faze that still play cod you look depressed maybe you should take a break from cod

    30. Abizain Alcala

      I hope they keep it like 24/7 nuke town

    31. Abizain Alcala

      Bro this game mode is my favorite

    32. FaZe_Titanica

      was that P-Hami in the second gameplay in Apocalypse?

    33. Devin Sweet

      Hey Jev just wanted to say your one of my favorite IRflowrs and you deserve a break

    34. congunz

      So are they just never adding dark aether to warzone

    35. Aron Kimball

      I stopped playing cod period because of the direction that it seems to be going

    36. Shamar McCall

      damn you complain about everything 😂

    37. Veysel Eryilmaz

      Challenge accepted: Go back to mk11 and go on a 5 game winning streak

    38. MarzyG 15

      Cold War is so bad honestly, I’m thinking about downloading black ops 3 again and playing that get dark matter on that

    39. Cristiano dos Santos Gomes

      1:50 we'll get them next time.

    40. David Mcduffie

      Shut up

    41. Michael

      I did the same thing lol

    42. ZombieDasher

      I look into Jev's eyes and see nothing but pain and sorrow. His soul, his joy, passion, gone. He is a broken man.

    43. Dreams

      Jev, try playing wreckfest, it’s a true fuck around game and it’s a break. Take a break my man.


      Take a break dude

    45. secret vex

      My biggest flex is I'm a higher level than jev

    46. Fish

      You look really bored

    47. Oldwest99

      I tried warzone for the first time the other night and I asked my friend how to play, he said use ghost we proceeded to win our first 5 matches

    48. Ep3 TV

      I’m stuck help

    49. vilius indriunas

      FaZe Jev more like FaZe rage quit XD

    50. ひManny

      4:32 that boy P-Hami was going crazy

    51. Evan Z

      Challenge accepted: play gang beasts AKA lol

    52. Hutchy

      This mode is really good for detected kills

    53. Crypto F

      Jev did you know you can get dark aether on any gun in 5 mins max

    54. KiD Dezz

      removing ghost would be great if they didnt have heartbeat sensor unless they changed it so cold blooded countered them instead

    55. Mom ya

      Jev, you’ve made it look at your fan base, they are neither faze fans nor are they all even gamers, most of us just like your personality not even the fact that you play games. Love you

    56. Sr Pwns Alot

      Why don’t you play zombies

    57. Jack Toner

      High alert is the best red perk the amount of times I have been saved from a snipe in the back is so good

    58. jacob gaon

      I hate how this guy pops up on my recommendations , I’m not subscribed and they still show this guys shit content . Wish you can block people on this

    59. Ibo N

      I have Been grinding diamond for smgs but everytime i get them Gold they reset and have to do the challenges all over again:( Can someone help or at least tell me Why they haven’t fixed the Camo bug? Are they going to fix it?

      1. Ibo N

        @Freddy DeWitt i have also Tried not leaving The game and it still happens. It’s just a scam game tbh. They come out With operators and new modes but wont focus on the bigger issue facing The game.

      2. Freddy DeWitt

        If you leave games you lost camos

    60. سيد فازلين

      Bro jev take a break ♥️

    61. Gabriel Mendoza

      The only faze member who didnt get consumed by money

    62. Fifth Page

      Jev tries zombies let’s make it happen

    63. CZR

      U funny nigga

    64. KindaJuicy


    65. grimreeperx3

      Honestly my heart and soul goes to jev for playing this shit game because of you people

    66. Neechi

      He talking about the map from ghosts with the predator

    67. TheWorstGuy

      F**k Ghost 🙄

    68. SWC

      Jev it’s ok man take a break take as long as you need we understand full heartedly

    69. joey `

      jev i love ur beard

    70. topher 319030

      Why are all these comments always the same

    71. Mr J

      I use ghost to push people who only run heartbeat sensors and UAVs and camp

    72. XXkkingXX

      Black ops one had a dlc map and a mode like this where ghost was disabled I remember vaguely

    73. Trace Manzi

      Bro, Jev , my man , what the fuck is this shit. Please post anything that isn't COD.

    74. Drew

      That hit a distant memory that’s map apocalypse is from the mission Vietnam jungle from bo1 when you and woods sneak into that Vietnamese village like wow that blew my mind 🤯

    75. JesusDuck 32

      rapid fire rage quit*

    76. Moist Ass

      How does he have such low graphics I really want to do the same but idk how

    77. Koix


    78. Daddy Dylan

      I used to use the pelington then I switched to the tundra so much better

    79. Thesaucesensei

      Tbh I’ve been so interested in other games is cause warzone and cod made me mad


      Jev gets more depressed every upload and i honestly never felt so relatable

    81. Hooded Bean

      tried to play cold war yesterday and because I have it on xb1 it looks like I shit in the disk trey and it tried to run it

    82. faze hayden

      Hi jev

    83. Monty Bayley

      ghost isn't mostly used by campers its just good in general to push people without them knowing you're there

    84. Andrew Hoffman


    85. Ivan Wilks

      Love watching you man Fr but you gotta smoke a blunt before bro you won’t even care your getting slapped 🤷🏽‍♂️😂

    86. Nathan Tsang

      0:42 stop fucking hiding 😭😭that crack me up fr

    87. Ripped Minds Gaming

      They should also take the sentry gun out of snipers only moshpit ! 😅

    88. Card Commander

      BO1 had a turbo mode with no second chance and no ghost

    89. Slipknot Army

      I heard that if you stand still and you have the ghost perk you can be seen on heartbeat. Can anyone confirm it? I don't really use ghost anymore now I use overkill

    90. X-_venoxscar _-x

      People with dark eather are lowkey uncompetitive

    91. Dustin Knight

      Apocalypse is like the fusion of the predator map from ghosts and jungle lol

    92. Alex Meneses

      The absurd leg lily consist because cirrus orly sack worth a disgusting malaysia. narrow, separate chalk

    93. Fierce Peter Gaming

      *Omg Who The He11 Cares?*

    94. wisegamer

      Jev you need to try some new games. I go insane myself just playing warzone and Cold War but you are like 5x that. Maybe try an old battlefield or just a game to relax to.

    95. Erik Garcia


    96. Cali Boy420

      Cant Even Watch A Full Match On This Channel , Always End Up Leaving Bruh ..

    97. Mason

      Jev should play apex again

    98. gaming

      maxese lmao

    99. MKNerd Music

      Nobody: Jev: Dark Ayther

    100. Rey Ramos

      Jev plz try out apex legends it’s great rn