I played WARZONE SOLOS and nearly karate chopped my desk in half

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    1. FnFright

      hEY JEV? wanna play warzone duos?

    2. ImJoSeッ

      Remove ghost makes uav’s pointless now that everybody runs it

    3. aizen prod

      Shiiiit that rage had me dead😂😂😂

    4. Dxte FN

      mans said "that guy must of did a PREDICTION airstrike or someting"

    5. Exclusive Kix

      The inconclusive step-grandmother extremely save because timbale algorithmically scrub amongst a ratty society. legal, steep acrylic

    6. Branson Milius

      I knew your were jewish

    7. Lucas M

      He gets angry for no reason, you just always seem to be unbelievably angry and done with everything

    8. Laundry Dillingham

      OBSIDIAN X16?!?!?

    9. Aurteekay


    10. Lilith

      remove the trophy system

    11. I Snort Crayons

      According to youtube captions: "Alright, what's going on guys, it's chad"

    12. DailyFlowerStyle

      3:18 footage of me waking up for college

    13. MrJonmnn11

      Love you Jev. But grab your nuts and stop complaining. I know it’s bullshit. But it is what it is mane. Get that W

    14. I like memes Ok?

      This is why when I play MW I always have a pillow next to me


      Anyone know what operator skin he uses?

    16. Dead Warrior

      5:46 i feel like I know that song playing in the back

    17. Dom-does-Gaming

      3:17 (your welcome)

    18. mha,boruto,naruto

      This is so funny 🤣 how do you rage so much 😂

    19. Ware Da Kace

      This man will never change 🤩

    20. NeilyBobber

      New desk: " DADDY NO!!" Jev: "DADDY YEEAAS"

    21. Michael Rizzuto

      So funny how Jev goes from raging because he got killed by a truck and then goes strait to him talking about UFC

    22. Strip4david


    23. Nick Schuman

      This game is disgusting so I’ll probably never play again but I enjoy these vids

    24. Mark Defeo

      When the Warzone meta is still FFAR & AUG 6:28

    25. Vidonicle

      I wanna see Jev happy again

    26. ImpactZ

      I almost did the same

    27. Flying Sprite

      6:22 y e s

    28. JD

      Wsrzone just no skill game... cod era is dead since modern warfare

    29. chops


    30. jose Ortiz


    31. Aye Itz Jordan

      6:28 IM WHEEZING🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    32. jason booger

      my god you are a child

    33. Jarrell Banks


    34. Heavy Metal Hero

      I think the thing that makes the game so infuriating is the amount of players there are per server. If it was an even 100, you would get more time in between fights to recover and loot up, instead of getting spammed by eight teams in a one mile radius. It would also decrease the amount of people that are camping in a match. and maybe better balanced weapons so everyone isn’t using the same guns.

    35. JoshYT

      6:28 FBI OPEN UP

    36. Leon Williams

      The periodic board covalently invite because cat intuitively wander till a crazy increase. rude, equable lobster

    37. Tanner Colvin

      i have no idea what keg is talking about when he talks about UFC, but it makes him happy so i like it

    38. GuyFTW

      That's probably the dumbest black roze I've ever seen tbh.

    39. Kibi

      team up with me now

    40. Rxckz

      Jevs chat LMAOO

    41. Kenny Lemus

      I get killed by the big birtha 4 times in one game

    42. Alex K

      What’s the class setup the guy he’s spectating has at 6:30?

    43. Arkron

      3:17 How the hell did he keep a straight face.

    44. DJ SonicSwag


    45. Kronk

      This game is so rage inducing, I literally rage quit everytime

    46. Milton Lopez

      Never ran to an aug and an ffar? I die by it every game

    47. Fwostie_

      im confused if you said gay keeper or game keeper

    48. Shane Schoeman

      I see Jev started using Cronus. No recoil... Straight a a ruler when he shoots.

    49. Yung Craze

      Challenge accepted: Random class setup mk2 carbine with monolithic suppressor, 20” barrel, and ads attachements for stock and grip no scope unless you wanna change something out for a scope and the sticks it works really good in mw probably not in warzone but it’s a pretty good set up in my opinion

    50. Jennifer Ruiz

      💀😭😭😭😭😭 also someone pls make that a gif

    51. Alfie Salang

      cooking video?

    52. StalkingFlamingo813

      Day one of asking jev to Play resurgence

    53. Shreks_Microwave

      Jev : Starts talking about UFC Me : Pretends to know what hes on about

    54. OPADI


    55. K9 Revenge

    56. FBI

      Pure pain

    57. Ghxsted Clan

      can u look like old 2015 jev plz

    58. Ï łôvę Ñüggįęś

      Do you enjoy playing warzone????

    59. Sinon Gfx

      you’re videos are the only thing that have been getting me through my day.

    60. Enter Name

      I don’t like when jev turns his cam off

    61. Communism_is_wrong

      I need jev being chased by trucks compilation

    62. FPS ッ

      he has awakened the 9 tails.

    63. Numzy_YT

      The dead body on 3:17 tho 🤣🤣🤣

    64. Little Flash

      4:00 RIP


      trust me


      6:27 is the best part

    67. SammyToeJr

      8:50 i dont think your exaggerating but i do wanna see those clips so for the propose of that i will say your exaggerating.

    68. Eco

      Jev woke up and chose violence

    69. Kamen 55

      Saw the body at 3:15 and fucking choked amd then looked at jev thinking hell laugh and then choked again bcs hes face was so serious lmao

    70. Luke Adams

      Quit exaggerating

    71. Tofu MW

      “ you got any masks in here guys “ LOL me at Walmart in Texas XD

    72. Reed Segale

      yo. seriously. jev needs a brake bruh

    73. Trebor Grose

      Step one when clicking on a Faze Jev video: turn down volume

    74. JustTheRod

      that noob was so clueless he didn't even know he only had 3 bullets in his "whatever-the-newest-pro-meta-is" MAC-10 lmao nice pay-to-win Roze skin fat load of good it does you when you think this is GTA

    75. Ben Hear

      Challenge accepted: land super store until you get the Warzone victory

    76. Strom Hawkins

      You always find a way to be negative bro lool

    77. michael jackson

      Jev died in bertha then spent the whole game talking about how over powered they are and how no one can kill anyone in them🤣

    78. Oltiqn XBL

      Im so excited for stipe vs ngannou tho

    79. Adam Mendes

      Challenge accepted Scar short barrel, underbarrel 40 mic, sniper scope, collapsible stock and 357 akimbo snake shots.

    80. unknownperson395

      Ayo the pizza here 3:17

    81. Isaiah Jones

      God and Jesus Bless you all in Jesus mighty and powerful name we pray Amen 🙏❤️

    82. Yaboi Gio

      6:23 is when he starts to rage

    83. Seann

      Jev hasn’t changed in all these years, what he has done is contained but today he could not.

    84. Sr. Saucy

      6:26 And here we can see the iconic jeverson species practicing its mating call

    85. The comment Is a joke

      Omg I forgot about the channel because IRflow stopped recommending you but you came back.🙂

    86. Daniyal Owaisi

      anybody else see these knives only in the memoriam list on the side of the screen when the match ended 8:49

    87. Irrelevant Truth

      If you use cars to get kills then you are whats wrong with warzone

    88. Regret

      Challange accepted: play rainbow six sedge

    89. Jayden Vasquez

      8:20 jev was so happy it mad me happy😁😁🤣🤣🤣

    90. Jayden Vasquez

      6:27 thank me later

    91. chupapi munanyo

      don't you just hate it when you feel like you did so much but you end up only have like 2 kills😤😤

    92. Schmore

      MAKE LASAGNA pls. Anything? Anything better then warzone man make something else,_,

    93. Bill

      Cod mw4 and cold war are the worst cods out there. Apex legends a fucking free game has way more views and a higher player count daily

    94. willy2k

      so are we all going to ignore the fact that guy didn't reload his mag for the entire endgame match after he killed the dude for his bertha?

    95. Table 2k

      6:23 here it is

    96. Michael Magdycz


    97. Legion DC

      Yeah man, Solos is dooky juice!

    98. Q

      6:26 well the title didn't lie

    99. DaPenguin

      6:22 thank me later

    100. mama help with no videos