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    1. Cody W

      "crimson glass... can we smell it?" lmfaoo

    2. Arc OChet

      “what have you done to my daughter” jev: i fucking smoked her ass wym

    3. Henry Cooper

      when jev said: Let meeeeee innnnnnn, i was laughing so hard

    4. Ezra Cauler

      “Do they know who I am ?!”

    5. Yoru no Shugeki

      When Jev screamed, and then Ethan died like a reverb, I was cracking the f up 🤣


      ethan just joined back his hand like lego

    7. Daniel Tate

      Anyone else rewatching the 5th time in a row

    8. PooPmagoo 970

      Can we appreciate my boys aim I mean my accuracy in that game is prolly 60-70% his is 110% hits all the time

      1. PooPmagoo 970

        Who am I kidding 40%

    9. Noah Detrick


    10. Babooshla

      bruh Ethan has been through some wild shit these past 2 games put some respeck on his name Jevro

    11. Mingus

      35:17 “I’m feeling pretty brave tonight.”

    12. Curtiss Cotrell

      What have u done to my daughter!! ****** smoked her ***

    13. Bacon

      40:08 - 40:11 😂

    14. Darthunicorns300

      4:50 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    15. Darthunicorns300

      “What a lucky chair” 🤨🤣🤣

    16. Ryan Keilty

      I did the exact same thing with the elevator escape😭😭

    17. Fugly

      can i smell it

    18. Blackwraith

      Jev and Markiplier have the same crush on a tall vampire lady that try to kill their game character

    19. LiOwN 55

      Jev show us the setup

    20. scrasiker

      "crimson glass.... can we smell it?"-Jev

    21. Devontea Mays

      It actually wasn’t my hands it was full blown shells 🤣🤣🤣

    22. Anthony Pizzo

      4:51 lmaoooo

    23. Lil_Skorpion64

      Is it just me or am I hearing some audio latency issues?

    24. ヅEman

      "lucky chair" - Jev 2021

    25. Antonis Alipour

      35:17 fear

    26. XfireLXIX

      Dude when she goes "what have you done to my daughter?!" and Jev goes "Fuckin Smoked her ass" I had tears too funny man

    27. Sodium Chloride

      Man’s scream sounding like Tom’s scream at a high pitch

    28. JumpmanZach

      18:05 😂😂😂

    29. ducky boom

      Least he ain't no simp never mind he's a simp

    30. Avery Esteves

      “Can I smell it?”

    31. C O

      How our protagonist doesn’t die of blood loss nor have one of the numerous arteries in his legs punctured I don’t know

    32. Failrecord

      Why does it have random cut offs

    33. Juan Jaimes

      I got freaked out when the door wouldn’t let him back in

    34. Cigars!

      117 rounds in his pistol and he uses the shotgun with 4 shells left

    35. Brian Holz

      Do they know who I am? *COD flashbacks ensue*

    36. KING


    37. Chanz Kallstrom

      32:39 we all felt that one 😂

    38. Nate1713

      5:39 the way jev was so immersed that he had to check his hands to make sure they were good

    39. Darrell Smith

      “That’s a big bitch”

    40. saeveyon Hinson

      35:21 has me dead like I missed you jev so much it’s amazing to have all this great content after being released from being locked up

    41. Brandon

      35:19 Baby’s when they come out the you know what

    42. Dont R4ge

      17:28 XDDDDD

    43. Big Daddy benz

      47:15 jev i just notice that it looks like a dark figure is behind you

    44. Big Daddy benz

      Jev : *finds a wine glass* Also jev: can I smell it?

    45. Big Daddy benz

      No one: Not a single soul: Jev: that shit seems cozy

    46. Untheory

      11:25 Ha 69

    47. achilles531

      imagine if kratos or doomguy is the main character of this game

    48. GhostPlayz

      I finished part one and part two started here and I don’t know what happened

    49. FOX

      Best episode EVER

    50. Reece Chaney

      “That lucky chair”

    51. zenofreestyle

      18:04 jev almost shits him self

    52. Krake Rake

      35:59 this has suddenly turned into fuckin hide n seek

    53. ryukluvr

      is it delayed for anyone else? just the gameplay

    54. hendrixx

      Jev I doubt you’ll see this but try combining the crystal wings and skulls and etc… maybe leads to more coins?

    55. Christian celis

      27:48 oh god🥴🥴🥴😩

    56. Psi-ence

      **finds sniper** Jev - "Do they not know who I am?.."

    57. Dojofi

      17:45 was low key a 200 IQ play on Ethans part

    58. 8bit Jesus

      "I killed her! Get fucked" - Jev 2021. Man, I love this series so far, I'm even tempted to get the game, and I generally nope the fuck out of horror games

    59. Mr.Siilent

      3:49 "What a lucky chair" I'm crying

    60. Nexy

      lmaooooo “can we smell it”

    61. Usoris

      Bro it's the first time I've been bricked up watching a jev video and jev not being the one to cause it

    62. Brandon Palumbo

      Jev: "See like how does someone say something so random after this." Jev *sees crimson glass* : "can we smell it?"

    63. Oliwer Hansson 7A2021 Petreskolan

      Jev: I just wish to go, Oh god (; 4:48

    64. JohnBug 13

      Did anyone else think of Eric Andre he screamed let me in? Also I love when he gets a sniper he goes, “do they know who I am, do they? I am...yes”

    65. Josh Rutschke-Sterling

      “Do they know who I am” I think not Jev, I think not😂💀

    66. Yassin Mohsen

      Am I the only one that will talk about him sticking his hand back

    67. IXY Mogun

      That scream at 32:00

    68. Brian Holz

      I dont think Jev ever played RE4. It hurts watching him do this, but I still love the content

    69. Jeremiah Moreno (GuestA110_Jews)

      32:39 😭😭😭

    70. Raccoon Man

      24:46 you damn near shit yourself there lmao

    71. Marcus Vasquez

      “Stfu Ethan you ain’t sh!t” 😂😂

    72. Viper

      32:39 im dead

    73. Awoo

      The stress points at 32:20 and 32:40 had me dying 😂😂

    74. Fernando Hernandez

      “LET ME BACK IN!”😂😂😂 that would be my exact reaction as well



    76. Sione Fanua

      *finds sniper* “do they know who I am?” 🤣🤣

    77. Jimmy Brown

      The amount of pain he has but Ethan has almost no emotion 2 second later in a new cutscene?

    78. Video Maestro

      8:03 That is not going to work for any of them 19:03 Made from Insects so that is why 27:47 Or at LEAST have some PERIPHERAL VISION!!! Is that right?

    79. javier Gomez

      Did no one hear “what a lucky chair” when Lady Dimitrescu stood up💀

    80. Gard Løding

      35:20 got me😂😂😂

    81. The Kid Gamer

      I love how he screamed at the door with the key

    82. Ryan Fraser

      Jev: sees tall thicc lady Also Jev: Hey, hey, I want to get caught please catch me

    83. Jonathan Grypp

      Anyone else catch 3:49

    84. jose mateo

      Imagine the doom guy in resident evil

    85. THE MILK MAN

      *jev picks up a rifle* Jev: "Do they know who I am?" Me: on the floor dying

    86. TSR CLUTCH

      "Thats a lucky chair." - Jev 2021

    87. Collin Vincent

      I think they died from temperature because they are made of bugs and they freeze easily

    88. Furious Duckie

      32:47 XD

    89. Jack Hilder

      she no bat she is something else

    90. Ma James

      If I grew up to be like Jev I wouldn’t complain

    91. Luis Goodsell

      “lucky chair” LMAOOO

    92. vicious671

      "I just wanna go hom-- oh my god👀🎂

    93. GamingSaint

      Game is great but I will say the duke is a more interesting character than Ethan honestly

    94. DiamondX

      You act like the most simple simp ever

    95. Robos Bussin

      i wanted to hear jev say LOSH POLLOSH when he saw duke so bad

    96. They Hate Assassin

      I don't even wanna be sneaky, u can catch me if u want

    97. Broken

      “Crimson Glass, can I smell it” -Jev

    98. Funny Valentine

      35:17 is single handed the most funniest scream jev might have ever done.

    99. Amear Khechai


    100. ianlawson2006

      They teally gotta re due eyhans voice lines some of them are just so out of place