A DAY of nothing going right for me

FaZe Jev

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    No spin.
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    1. SleepyLikesModelos

      you might have some bad ram

      1. boi h

        Nothing to do with ram

    2. Lord Farquaad

      the power button should be the annoying cable with different ends makes sure it is plugged in the right order and space

    3. Ze-eX


    4. ShoppingCart

      “Meat flute”

    5. Jonathan Young

      I have a challenge get a nuke in a match

    6. pro gamer

      just call linus

    7. Weedy_ Plays

      Love u jev hope shit fixes wit ya pc

    8. he tries his best

      "my one pump is still going" pog??

    9. ZIP-27

      Day 2 of asking jev to play resident evil 3

    10. Marcus Brown

      I love you Jev 🤣 Never change.

    11. Alex K

      AMD moment

    12. ShadowShepherd50

      yea that happened to me i just unplugged it from the hub at the back and plugged it into the motherboard and they started spinning. amd btw

    13. Huntxr

      get better Jev

    14. Nathan Miller

      Jev not tryna catch that charge for that pack

    15. TryAgain115

      yes my favorite game modern warfare thanks youtube

    16. Tristan Badgett

      If you know what your mobo is, look up it’s diagram and find where it says where the fan plugs are and find it on your motherboard

    17. Jail Watch

      your a millionaire pay someone to fix your pc.

    18. Groovemaster2k

      For the fans, pull the cmos battery out for a few min (the watch battery that's on the motherboard) and put it back in. If that doesn't work, flash the bios to the latest version. Also, as someone else said: If neither of those work, there could be a dead fan controller which can easily be bypassed by plugging all of the fans directly into the motherboard.

    19. White Fox 115

      I let my subscribers create my warzone class 2

    20. Bullets Aim Far

      Challenge accepted: use my special class set up Use the Oden with the following attachments. Colossus suppressor ( muzzle ) Oden Factory 810mm ( Barrel ) Variable Zoom Scope ( optic ) Ranger foregrip ( Underbarrel ) 30 round mags ( Ammunition ) Overkill and use Rytec Amr with these following attachments. Rytec AMR suppressor ( muzzle ) FTAC Seven Straight ( barrel ) Thermal Dual power scope ( optic ) You can use any other two attachments that DOESN’T increase the ADS speed; if you want. You can use any perk except double time, quick fix, amped, and tune up. You can use any lethal and any tactical expect for stims. You can make a another class without overkill so you can get whatever perk two you want, but you MUST to pick up the other weapon you dropped. Have fun! 😃

    21. NRL

      jev i know im late but use msi afterburner and set fans

    22. Kaize

      jev u need a new motherboard the fan pins are broken

    23. Lord Yoda

      the aug should be FUCKING out of the GAME like i’m not playing warzone until they take it out or nerf it

    24. sG Potato

      Hey Jev, it sounds like your fan hub is broken or isnt getting power. Theres a 4 pin connector that comes from your power supply to the hub and there should be multiple 4 pin connectors on that same line, try using a different 4 pin connector. The other thing thats possible is when you connected them you might have plugged a 4 pin connector into a fan header, your controller should have a 3 pin connector coming off of it, use that instead.

    25. Alex Jay

      put your pc in some rice

    26. Rowen Martin

      cant you electrocute yourself if you touch your motherboard while is running lol

    27. Alex Jay

      Challenge Accepted: Jevs Cafe

    28. Charles Moreno

      ask linus tech tips to see what’s going wrong

    29. Ham24brand

      It could be the power supply

    30. Indica

      Jev the fans not working could just be a motherboard issue with the fan headers, could also be an issue within the bios so check that out, basically if they are PWM fans make sure they are set on as PWM can change the voltage and rpm of the fan, if the fans are DC they should stay the same rpm and on all the time unless there is a hardware issue

    31. Gamer 1234739_YT

      Make a video of you trying to fix your computer😂

    32. Silentt

      U haven't connected your power pins correctly

    33. Symplicity GG


    34. nobody

      Where’s Linus when you need him

    35. -VANDOZ- Content

      "My PC doesn't work and my life doesn't either"

    36. nxbair

      just play rocket league jev

    37. Mark Lockhart

      I would spin the fans slowly with your finger and if you find resistance then the bearings on the fans are gone. That would suggest trying another set of fans

    38. Jimmy

      Hey papi jev

    39. DAANZzZz

      Jev fan controller broke

    40. Liam Hansen

      Hey Jev I'm no expert by any means but I've repaired multiple AMD and Intel PC's. If you want to figure out where the fans are plugged in you will have to take off the back panel of the PC. There will be a control box where each one of your fans is plugged into(it's fairly large) and that control box has one smaller cord coming out of it if you are able to trace that back to your motherboard you can figure out which connector is the issue and can try replugging it. If the pin header is the issue connecting to the motherboard u can buy 4-pin header replacements on amazon for a couple of dollars. The only other case I've seen this happen before is the actual control box in the back can short out if you happen to launch your pc and anything like hair was on your motherboard. You can buy replacement fan control panels on amazon as well and all you will have to do is unplug everything from the control box in the back and replug them into the new one. Hope this helps, want to see you happy making content on the new PC.

    41. Simeon Figg

      Lol, lowkey Jev these titles are almost always subconsciously negative. Love you. Been watching you for years, but Jesus.

    42. NateWeav

      Your pc problem sounds like a motherboard issue to me. I had a bad motherboard a while back and random shit would just randomly stop working.

    43. RezTheGod-

      look who helped scump set his up hes really good with pc

    44. livinglike_cory

      The reason ur case bottom isn't workin is because u may have accidentally unplugged or losses one of the small case connectors at the bottom right of ur motherboard

      1. livinglike_cory

        As for the case fans it could be a psu issue (power supply) you may need to get a new one

    45. Drewskii TV

      JEV READ THIS!!! My PC was doing the same thing for a while your cords that power the buttons that aren't working as well as the fans are either plugged in to the wrong prong on your power supply or they're not in there all the way

    46. Sonny Boi

      Update your bios...

    47. Alien Og

      The fact I’ve been watching jev for about 5 yrs now and it still seems like every pc he has had just bricks out 😂

    48. Noah Langlois

      Why does the gameplay skip every 10 seconds

    49. SinisterGambino

      go into your motherboards bios and see if your fans are spinning on there. if not, set them to run at max speed thru that

    50. Stephen Bergman

      Its clearly motherboard related lol, if the fans don't go why would that be a fault of AMD? You know amd doesn't make the mobo right?

    51. Jompesteri

      Hey jev. If your fans are plugged in to a fan controller, check that the fan controller is plugged in the motherboard 4 pin pwm header (Pwm means that you can control the fans and the 4 pin basially means that the header that its plugged in to has 4 pins ) and most fan controllers have sata power to power the fans so check that the sata cable is attached to the fan controller.

    52. Spencer Rugg

      Go into msi afterburner and ramp up the fan speeds, unless they arent detected, then ur fucked.

    53. Liam Martin

      I literally come to IRflow just to type in “faze jev “ to watch genuinely good content. Doesn’t have a fake hype attitude at all. Down to earth ledge 💯🙌🏼

    54. Dain A.

      You need to give us some info. Do you have all you fans connected to something like a Corsair Commander Pro? If you CPU AIO fans are daisy gained into the CPU fan header then it means that you likely just need to figure out the fan center in your BIOS. If you do have a hub that controls all fans then that particular hub, where its connected to, or a possible auto firmware update caused an issue. My guess would be a Commander Pro and a firmware auto update.

    55. Malicious Dolphin

      Hey Jevs chat mind giving me a good Krig 6 class for multiplayer ❤️

    56. SONA

      the pins on the motherboard might be bent

    57. Goomer

      we need linus tech tips to help him

    58. FadedK

      Their might be a fan hub in the back of the computer, try unplugging and plugging them back in and see if that works or check if the fan hub securely attached to the motherboard

    59. Papaoofoof

      First time?

    60. GingeJT

      Check you’re front panel connectors for the power button, for the fans if there’s a controller for them check all the connections and maybe try a new cable. If it’s daisy chained check if there’s a broken fan?

    61. NOVOICE

      playing this video outloud right now at work on my lunch break and the dude 2 tables over from me asked me "is that faze jev?" and i was like "yeahhhhh😅" and was like "ive watched him everyday for like the past 5 years, i fucking love that dude" and i was just like "same man😭"

    62. biitle

    63. Douglas Jay Falcon

      Hire a tech to look at your pc it will be fixed in 20 mins

    64. Kevin

      Anybody got a “Fans” counter?

    65. Camarion McBride

      You know your boy over here needs a pc so you can slide it to me jk love your content

    66. Jacob Woody

      Challenge accepted: play search and destroy

    67. frank hernandez

      As a ps4 owner for over 7 years I have convinced myself that the fan is the size of a microscopic cylinder because it feels like being outstanding of a plane.

    68. SimpleManGaming

      Have you tried updating the motherboard bios???

    69. Willie Johnson

      are you okay jev?

    70. Jacob Schwantz

      Day 18 of asking for the return of Requis

    71. ShawneeNation

      0:26 the power line

    72. Keiran Toyer

      Pins 1-3 (GND, Speed Control und Sense)

    73. DVN

      Doesn’t sound like your computer issues have to do with the CPU so it’s likely not an issue with AMD. To me it sounds like user error for a lot of the audio stuff and the fans can have to do with where they’re plugged in or something is wrong in the bios. If you haven’t already, wiping the computer is a pretty brute force way of sometimes solving these issues if you’re not into the idea of trouble shooting individual issues.

    74. Th3 Tru3 King

      Depending on the type of fan it is.. it could be dust build up around the baring that causing them to not spin. Or the actually header its plugged into is blown or even the fan controller is out.

    75. Blank Immortal

      This just sounds like someone slowly but surely frying their mobo more and more.

    76. Prplex -

      Might be bad airflow? Id check bios and the iso panel on the motherboard

    77. Kyle Broski

      With the cpu I’ve had the same issue. See if the cpu is compatible 🤷🏼‍♂️

    78. Keyvo

      Bro I dead Ass got a post noti A DAY LATER 😂

    79. COD

      Try unplugging some fans and leave some plugged in

    80. Marshall 427

      Just spin the fans manually

    81. Tensive

      Never related so much to a video title

    82. Fabled

      could be a power supply issue

    83. Lenny Bob

      Jev u gotta play war zone with someone it’s a whole different game when ur solo

    84. rxzm

      Maybe you don’t have a powerful enough psu???

    85. Muad Helabi

      Why does jev talk about ufc like anyone cares

    86. Lazlo Gets

      Just send it in a expert. Thats what i did a few months ago when i picked my parts. I just didnt want to screw anything especially my gpu that cost half of my monthly income

    87. Josh Novotny

      Intel better amen

    88. Charles Parisi

      do a bios update

    89. Potatochipz101

      @linus tech tips help this man

    90. samuel asiamah

      jev listen to me, did you try turning it off and on ?

    91. ma'an Al Hamad

      hey jev I think I know ur problem with the pc because I ran into it a few years back. the definite problem is that ur fan splitter is broken (its an adapter or a cable that splits the sys_fan# ports on the motherboard in ur case, its probably an adapter that all the fans are pluged in since you have 9 fans). to o check if its the problem or not unplug one of the fans from it and plug it directly to the motherboard, if the fan works then yea ur fan adapter is broken , if It doesn't then maybe its ur motherboard but I highly doubt it, its most certain that it is the fan adapter/splitter.

    92. Tyler Dvorak

      If I had to guess, all of your fans probably run to one or two headers and that header probably came unplugged. Otherwise you're just fucked lol.

    93. Will Schmidt

      Have you tried starting an onlyfans for help?

    94. Justin Ginter

      Are your fans connected to the motherboard or a fan hub? If they are connected to a fan hub that is powered by SATA. Try switching the SATA power. I have had to switch that cord before that was connected to my Commander Pro.

    95. JoeySalt

      Jev you look very tired take a shit :)


      Sounds like a collab with @JayzTwoCents is in order

    97. Seventwenty07_gaming 07_gaming

      Am I the only one who said M’s in my bank account when he was counting the fans?

    98. Joshua Furlong

      meant to comment this last night but jev i had the same issue, lights on and everything pc running but no fans, was simply a loose fan header, got it in snug and everything started spinning, like this so jev ca see!

    99. Arkallic

      Motherboard is dying.

    100. Em Hale

      go into bios and reset your fan curve