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    1. BabyJDizzle

      warzone is the worst thing to happen to cod, no more , please god no more of this abomination in future cods

    2. Chef

      I feel like Jev feels about Warzone the way I feel about Cold War.

    3. Jaho Vah

      Jev if you wanna drop over 30 kills u need to go into quads by yourself. Easier if you can take out 4 man teams rather than look for them camping solos lol.

    4. Jean Oh

      I fckn hate Warzone!

    5. Ryan Carter

      there is no fucking way that my guy Jev has that as his class names, what a inspiration

    6. John Doe


    7. Andreas Cederqvist

      This game is popular since it rewards bullshit behaviour. Like everything in the ”western world”. Be an asshole, use all the short cuts available. You, you, you. We got a nice future ahead of us

    8. ChristOpher DaNiel

      when more people learn the game and being op and cracked out just doesn't happen as much you get this reaction .... i love it

    9. IFWHXD

      What’s this ak class ?

    10. iDRED

      Anyone know the ak class?

    11. Delinquent

      *Kills Jev* Aw shit I better hide

    12. Welshy

      Jev go play Human Fall Flat please 😂

    13. Jahri Francis

      Dude there’s so many other games to play

    14. White Chocolate

      Titanfall 2 jev pleaseee 🥺🥺🥺

    15. Archie

      Bro, watching these videos, I'm terrified FOR you. xDDD


      jev you should make a titanfall 2 in 2021 vid been having so much fun on that taking a break from warzone and cold war LIKE IF U AGREE

    17. iSean DSK

      Jev was not having it this video 😂😂

    18. SNAP AYY


    19. Joshua Humphreys

      Man you the best don't worry feel the same. I play so assigns creed

    20. yunglung


      1. yunglung

        this game is like a bad relationship it keeps sucking you but you already finished and it starts hurting

    21. Fluffy_Boy_Ian

      2:23 This is in the top 3 loudest FaZe Jev screeches of all time. Hands down

    22. Shyam Lodhia

      how bout some b02 or bf1

    23. KTLyons2712

      Play rebirth

    24. Gideon Riccioni

      Ak class?

    25. Thicc thighs -save lives

      jev's rage voice is so wholesome.

    26. AlphaGrizz

      Challenge accepted: unlock dark aether

    27. Typical Rj

      Bro this is someone who money and fame didn't change

    28. Luca Metsop


    29. Oscar Perez

      what weapon load out is that?

    30. Skeptical Boi

      Amax is fine jev you buggin

    31. KRUDDY

      Just show us how to make a sandwich

    32. Static

      nerf heartbeat ? nerf amax ? Jev is fuckin tweakin.

    33. Month082

      0:23 Just for the record

    34. F. Exprt

      he chases kills way too much. Thats how he gets caught surrounded all the time. U can play aggressive and find a good balance. Then he would have 15-20 kill games on occasion, as well as more wins with less kills. But he always forces it, goes back to kill the guy that killed him (with a pistol, or surrounded by players) like a dummy every time and that alone ruins almost 50% of his games. Oh well, he still funny.

    35. phillip wright

      Try apex

    36. Nat_Reverseツ

      Challenge accepted: 𓂺 reveal

    37. Jeffery Stroud

      man i love watching you play, my only real question is it doesnt look like you got bullet drop is that a controller thing ? Been in the to many players situation before so found that funny as hell

    38. BRrruhdon __

      Jev fr censoring his videos 😐

    39. Dj Lee

      jev hear me out play apex just a couple of games it is more fast paced but if you use a spitfire we are going to have a heart to heart moment

    40. Dj Lee

      JEVS CAFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    41. Kirby


    42. Yeager Eren

      JEV'S CAFE

    43. J S P

      Jev u should buy a wheel sim for forza if ur bored

    44. Dakota Mayle

      I completely agree tho 😂 the game needs some significant changes to make it fun, like I play warzone with the boys because there’s literally nothing else but man the amount of garbage that goes on in this game is absurd. Just about every night I wind up feeling like absolute trash and it’s because of stupid stuff like getting chased down in the air by some lunatic who’s shooting me right after we dropped like how is that fun or interesting? I waited 15 mins to get into this game just so that someone can be a douche bag and chase me down in the air all while shooting me like bro, I am literally just trying to land. Or how about when you and another player are landing on the same contract but you land first, do the logical thing, grab a gun, and bozo the clown lands right behind you and somehow manages to 2 wack you when you’ve shot him 8 times with a 12 gauge shotgun? Like what? The other day I’m just cruising around with the boys and get annihilated by a whole squad just laying down in a stairwell….like 5 mins into a game

    45. Mr. Ewing

      Jev broke armor twice on one guy at the beginning of the video. The game is dogshit

    46. Skeng

      I need to see Jev play GTA RP

    47. William Dwyer

      jev play sea of thieves

    48. nick

      I feel Jev so much bro. Solos can be so fun sometimes but the other times it’s just PAINNN 😫

    49. Dillon Reich

      I feel like now would be a good time to release MW2R Multiplayer

    50. wormyblackburny

      Jason for real though, you definitely need some time off. Don't get me wrong I'm kinda the exact same way with the newer CODs and I find it funny and relatable when you complain about them being half ass garbage, but dude we're all genuinely concerned about you. Sure it's funny to see you mad at some point in your vids, but man...this game is literally killing you both mentally and physically. Seriously bro your health matters most. Take care of yourself.👌 Can we all agree that most games nowadays just straight up suck ass or just look uninteresting or slowly get worse over time? Fuck MW and CW in particular. The two games that ruin the fun and replayability that older CODs once had thanks to SBMM (mainly multiplayer, idk if Warzone has it cause I don't care about this game or CW lol) and the most disgusting creatures that play them. Activision literally holds their hands for them for playing horribly and doesn't teach them to simply get better at a game. This is why SBMM is a stupid concept and doesn't actually teach the player to be good at the game and just remain the same garbage can they play as. Time to play older CODs like BO3 and WW2 (my personal favorite CODs) for another year or two because Activision can't make a simple fun COD to save their life. Sorry about the rant, this game just creates frustration and I'm just watching it lol

    51. fantomthunder

      Jev you still have requis

    52. Syaen

      play mk11 again haha

    53. EkonRemo

      I think you'd have more fun playing duos or squads even with randoms

    54. Eli_Finesse

      son jev made me almost choke on my beef patty at the end lmfaooo

    55. Smol_Galaxy

      Jev cook oatmeal

    56. Cameron Taylor

      Alright then. Jevs Café- Salads

    57. samuel w

      Challenge accepted: upload a zombies vid

    58. Leopoldo Rodriguez

      worst call of duty for sure even worse than cold war

      1. Eggybread

        Both are trash

    59. Aaron Menzies

      Try phantom forces that roblox game you might have played before either that or bad business there fun

    60. CheezyIsPog

      why does jev have his twitch linked on the description even tho he hasnt steamed in 3 years lmfao

    61. TheMrRudemeister

      I don’t know about you guys but if I had 4 million subs and paid my bills playing war zone, I wouldn’t be so miserable. It’s always the guys making money on IRflow that complain. This is getting repetitive.

    62. David Cano

      Kinda sucks how he dosent even care about his viewers 😕

    63. Super Dad Yay_


    64. KroNic_ XoTic

      do anything we'll be entertained

    65. Brandon Addington

      Can we get more Requis content?

    66. Munk

      Play chivalry 2 jev should be change of pace from dying to corner campers to swinging swords chopping heads off

    67. Emerson Castillo (Kys_Nooby)

      Cmon gorden

    68. Willam Snyder

      Tbh, i mean as fucked and cluttered and poorly optimized warzone is, I still blame AMD for this one cause AMD be on some real fuck shit with their CPU's, they claim to have same ghz as intel, they pull some legal technical loophole where they can say it is as strong as intel, but in reality its 8x worse because of the shit threading AMD has.

    69. Tony Flamingos

      Do a podcast I’d watch 🤷🏽‍♂️

    70. realsolarv

      what’s his AK set up?

    71. Colinmd 7

      We don’t need steak Jev, just literally anything

    72. brodynoodles

      "HOW MANY ARE THERE" that made me laugh

    73. LoungedEthan

      Jevs cafe !

    74. guess who i am〈3

      Name - Jeff

    75. Fluz YT

      What’s his ak

    76. Bradley Hanneman

      When he doesn’t say “alright what’s going on guys it’s jev” 😭😭😭😭

    77. I'm suda's Turttle

      Day 12 of asking jev to bring back old outro DO SOMETHING

    78. XxNightmarexX _PR

      Day 67 of asking Jev to finish telling us his thoughts on Zack Snyder’s Justice League

    79. Michael Blaser

      There is also a xbox issue with this new update warzone crashes randomly and its un playable on XBOX only for some odd reason I'm not the only person who is having this issue ive tried to do everything i cant get more than one game in without it crashing

    80. Jan Hrašar

      jev is just spitting facs

    81. carlos solis

      Go back to mk11 😂

    82. Jxylino

      “ThEiR EveRyWhErE”

    83. Robert Lyons

      Been watching jev since 6th grade and today I’m graduating high school. Thanks for all the laughs over the years man

    84. ThePhoenix561

      Just play Apex. This game is fucking dogshit and you know it, it's made for cowards and people who don't know how to shoot straight. Apex is literally everything this game isn't.

    85. myles the_goat

      Jev you can play rebirth fo a vid and see how it is its really good for fast pace games and the loadout monet is decreased from 10000 to 7500

    86. joseph kipfer

      Jevs cafe please 🥺🥺

    87. MR.PENGUIN010

      You can play another game jev lol

    88. DeadManDj

      that cry for help at the beginning got me DEAD gee

    89. Camron Shelton

      Stop being a baby and cook us some food.

    90. Handsome Squidward

      Ak class?

    91. RicePanda

      When the new CoD comes out he'll like it for a bit then be back to hating it and then release some Modern Warfare 2019/Cold War videos again in the future saying "Those games weren't that bad were they?". It's the vicious cycle of CoD.

    92. Kev2077

      Play some rebirth man

    93. Bravo

      You should try VR it’s great content and it’s fun!!!

    94. Wolvez _

      CAHLLENGE ACCEPTED: Do another Minecraft Series

    95. Krishan Joshi

      pls spectate rebirth-day 2

    96. ᴠxʙIᴢ

      you know it’s a big deal when jev dodges bullets irl when he’s getting shot at 2:16

    97. Luca Albertin

      Fists are way too op, and stuns are so

    98. Arian Imeri

      Jev get better kid ur cheeks dude

    99. Bablu Htoo

      How’s your grandmother Jev?

    100. C J

      play rebirth