I woke up early just to SPECTATE WARZONE SOLOS and it was awful

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    1. Tyler Green

      I’ve never watched ufc in my life but whenever jev talks about it I completely understand what he’s saying and find it interesting

    2. No Earth Society

      I like this guy. Subscribed!

    3. Bionic Warrior

      I only do the bushes in fortnigt but im done with that shit so

    4. Jordan Garcia

      Jev i been watching you forever and honestly i wanna see you play something else anything else, Warzone isnt even fun

    5. Joesiah King

      5:52 are we gonna ignore the fact that this guy has a flashlight and a laser on his mac 10

    6. Retrokix

      Lmfao I’m so glad that dude got in Bertha and killed that bush camping loser. Made me like the video

    7. TomBrady

      nobody: Jev: comBINED

    8. Lone Wolf

      I bet Jev goes against what he said on Francis.

    9. Pablo Tapia

      This Francis commentary did not age well

    10. Parker Sharron

      No one gives a shit about UFC this is a cod channel

    11. Timothy Devenport

      Whenever there's a popular myth about easy lobbies it's never true because all the sweats that care about it, try it and play each other.

    12. Beef Wellington

      Bruh no one cares about UFC. We don’t watch these videos for that. Clickbait, you barely spectated at all

      1. Beef Wellington

        @Epic gamer I didn’t know you had data to back your claim. Nice to know seeetir

      2. Epic gamer

        Go watch something else then, most people enjoy it

    13. Alex Parker

      try Organise a squads game with some other faze gamers that would be sooo good

    14. Deepak Mohanty

      Stfup man ... not everyone watches or has interest in ufc

    15. Leandra

      He was 100% right about the new sniper. Slowest down site ever

    16. Kellan Flanary

      If anybody’s wondering Francis knocked out stipe and Jeff lost a lot of money on his bet

    17. Aidan Roos

      Francis gave Stipe the Requis treatment

    18. Andrew Larcom

      people will always play the most scummy way possible its human nature. AND most people arent good enough to use a different weapon. the below average player cannot get kills without the BEST guns only.

    19. Ted Crombie

      any brits have no idea what he’s rambling on about?

      1. Epic gamer

        Ufc, know none of the names though

    20. DeltaBravo

      I find camping so boring. That guy in bush must have insane patience. I want action not boredom

    21. TakeSome Salt

      This mans should be on a radio talk show lmao man talks so much 😂 but keep up the good work

    22. Levi

      The most amazing thing about this video is that i have been saying the exact same thing about early morning/late night games for years.

    23. Mand Kind

      O’Malley is a sore loser. He’s fast as fuck super elite fighter but how can u have respect for him saying he didn’t lose because he got leg kicked before the KO.

    24. Fjr

      anyone’s sleight of hand not working?

    25. Yee Awesome

      Jev Is a casual

    26. Loves Exotic

      They needa buff pelington for wz

    27. Tyler Wheeler

      let me guess what your primary is? im gonna say aug LMAOO

    28. XxPark28xX

      This game is 300+gb of pure depression

    29. gangster_vision_1

      What calling card does he has in this video

    30. dark angel

      Its sad that i enjoyed bo4 blackout more then this

    31. GBC Matt

      What’s your opinions on askren vs Jake paul

    32. Andrew Williams

      His predictions are really wrong stipe got his shut run

    33. Crispy Nugge

      dude the best part of this video is him driving this armored truck around while speaking about UFC while another enemy passes him and they both ignore it.

    34. NOAH OGLE

      Best vid thanks for the subs from faze noah

    35. Matheus Henrique

      jev must be the biggest enthusiast on ufc i ever seen (im not from USA)

    36. Matheus Henrique

      jev must be the biggest enthusiast on ufc i ever seen (im not from USA)

    37. Alec Moriarty

      There’s nothing to the claim of “easier lobbies in the morning time.” Trust me, I work third shift so I only play in early AM hours and the lobbies are honestly either just as sweaty or oftentimes, more so. Whoever came up with that claim is delusional or straight up lying.

    38. Lucid dreams INC

      jev all of US want to see you happy you know that maybe you should take a week of maybe a month be with alexia’s we will be here when you come back

    39. Gassonnn

      how wrong were you about Ngannou...

    40. GoldSwaggamer 400

      "I spectate WARZONE SOLOS but the only thing being shot are my brain cells"

    41. Sucks TO Suck

      The afternoon is good time to play the people are calm and it's just a vibe

    42. Official Fams HD

      Watching this after the fight 🤣

    43. FishFiletfan487

      When stipe lost

    44. Tech Guy

      go back to multiplayer - it suits you.

    45. lord

      just because you're bad at the game doesn't mean the game is bad

    46. Hurr Shah

      Question are jevs grandparents alive? Because if not I’m so sorry I’m not trying to be rude just asking

    47. Ben Thurlby

      this video didn't age well

    48. Jak Ball

      Call me wierd but personally I use ffar and Grau it’s surprisingly good with the right attachments

    49. Visuals 獣

      jev i just want to say YOU ARE THE BEST DUDE you have made my life i used too watch rug and other faze members but when i stumbled apon your account i think it was 1 year ago maybe not but you have changed my life around for the good no matter how corny i sound i will always look up to you as a cod player and a person THANK YOU for being a youtuber!!! :)

    50. MoETy B

      Jev play apex. Trust me

    51. Jack Watkins

      this intro is sick

    52. Jordan N

      Bruh too much UFC in your vids

    53. Iamcanc3r

      *jev* I wonder why I don’t play so well *also jev * take the whole time about ufc 🤣🤣🤣

    54. Kar.187

      challange accepted take a break man

    55. ashton capolot

      well..... poor stipe

    56. john mitchell

      Anyone here after UFC 260

    57. Roberto Alvarez

      I think I got a std but it wasn’t from my gf n idk how too tell her should I just give it too her n act like she gave it too me just in case she cheated too so at the end neither or us will say anything

    58. Tropical Beat

      Players like walnut jeans is why war zone is a trash ass br

    59. Exodus Sotello


    60. Bálint Tótfalusi

      Wtf is he heartbeating

    61. Andrea Gauthier

      Lmao why has jev unlicked some inner UFC in me

    62. Chase Beck

      Francis improved more than anyone could have guessed

    63. Ya boy Wyatt

      jev low key no no high key take a break play what you enjoy without losing your mind in activisions hell house they call a B-R

    64. uzi

      “Stipe is too good” stipe on fight night: 😴

    65. Ansoni

      I run a kilo and kar98 or m4a1 and mp5

    66. Ruben Perez

      Does anyone’s scuff controller not work when driving on any game when I have my trigger hare hair how ever the fuck you say it

    67. Jessey Newburn

      jev literally complains about everything every video. players being unevolved....complains, players sweat and be good at playing he complains. its just all one note.

    68. Jessey Newburn

      says he dosent see a difference in difficulty but proceeds not to fight anyone and drive around doing nothing for 3 mins. so mindnumbing bro

    69. Swag White Boy

      Hey jev can you play apex legends again.

    70. Zenshar8 Shar

      How do people watch this

    71. Marckman1

      How about you do something that isn't awful for once

    72. MikeGlasses

      Jev’s ufc predictions are like 2/30. Its not his fault he always picks who’s the favorite unless its a big name He even admits he’s wrong a lot of the times

    73. Rudra Bhan

      Francis is a beast, jev you know he was gonna win

    74. Jigglyjinja


    75. SchliPerko

      Metas ruin video games. SBMM ruins video games. They released the new AUG and FFAR bundles because they know people will buy them will the gun is good, then nerf it a week later and the bundle is no longer usable. Activision is a scam company and people fall for it, constantly

    76. Why use mad ?

      Switch your IP on your game you’ll get in some trash Game.

    77. Dxzen

      Next time you spectate me im dropping a 20bomb

    78. Jack Baxter

      Crazy to think the Francis did learn soooo much!!!

    79. Jacob Welten

      Play rainbow 6 steige again pls

    80. Jalen Alvarado

      Can we talk about how his first drop his gun tracks a guy in the air while he's not even looking at the camera or screen 👀👀👀

    81. Blake Atwood


    82. Hubert Cornelius

      Jev should try apex legends again

    83. Phoenix Gonzalez

      me and my girlfriend love you jev & i just want you to know that if you made content that wasn’t from a shooter game, or war zone, i would still love to watch you and support you as i’m sure many of your fans would!! keep up the amazing work and stay motivated :)

    84. Ron Jones


    85. pa1d k31th


    86. Salvador Gutierrez

      Make a tik tok acc

    87. Lettuce

      Actually, in some games you get MORE exp for power leveling quicker

    88. Bill

      Warzone is turned into shitstorm I mean imagine taking almost three months to patch a simple stem glitch🤣🤷‍♂️🤮🤮

    89. Ninjamadedrake

      Francis won

    90. Vic Just Vic

      Man, I'm just here running around with a P90 and AN-94.

    91. Jid

      This is the game u guys are playing.

    92. avro Slapzzify

      Me: knows nothing about ufc Also me: enjoys listening to jevs predictions

    93. Allat Bronco

      8am on a rainy windy day gonna grab a cup a joe life is good

    94. Didier Andries

      I would love to see jev play S&D for once on modern warfware

    95. psychofruity

      Jev:Talking about the UFC Me: Who doesn't watch it 👁👄👁

    96. Chhrispyy 2x

      Stipeeeeee nooooo

    97. Microwavee

      I love you jev with all my heart watched you since day 1 but you are so bored of it I can tell you are out of ideas

    98. Adrian Centeno

      His FFAR looks like a skittles

    99. David Hewison

      I use grau and kar 😎

    100. Cole davidson

      little did he know Francis had improved enough