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    1. Thomas Dougherty

      Goddamnit he missed the thumper

    2. Slynxyz

      I feel bad for jev because of how easy this game was if you actually searched around. I had so many mines, pipe bombs, and grenade launcher shots that the only boss that was semi hard was Miranda

    3. KedoX Player

      I'm so confused. Why is he not going to Duke?

    4. sintNiekolaas

      32:57 the wants dababy back

    5. TheSkyLife

      Also I feel as tho this playthrough out of all the ones I've watched hurt me the most haha

    6. TheSkyLife

      How on earth is Jev so jumpy lmao I get jump scared more when I play Call of Duty haha

    7. Mussy


    8. Avery Esteves

      I love how Jev was abt to take a shot on a werewolf lookin thing and healed

    9. P2-NLE_Dubs

      Ive never screamed USE YOUR FUCKING LAND MINES

    10. SuperGirlyGamer12

      He missed the crystal dimitrescu line that the duke says 😢

    11. Lil Boom

      Jev is surprisingly smart when playing these types of games

    12. AMJGaming1159

      it hurt when jev left the magnum.

    13. Tyler Liberatore

      It’s so odd how jev’s thought process is “it seems there’s a weapon that way, so let’s go this way instead.”

    14. Sauce Tiny

      i made the grave decision of attempting to eat while watching this episode

    15. Cabooey

      ur just in the middle of some random ass backwater town, looting and killing 16th century zombies, and pick up an AT4 off one, lmao the game would become so funny, any problem could be solved with one shot

    16. Cabooey

      i wonder why ethan never questions the duke on how he isnt attacked

    17. Lil Lizard dude

      Resident evil 8 Jev is kinda funnier than rage jev

    18. JT Bassmat

      22:57 He's a dad, let him have this joke.

    19. Darrell Smith

      I love u jev your prolly not gonna see this but your the reason for my happiness

    20. Frankie Dawood

      Can u kill the big wolf thing?

    21. Unta

      oh god I was trying to eat mac and cheese at the time, don't try this at home

    22. Blake Atwood

      Can't believe people still watch this negative weirdo

    23. yothatsdrew


      1. Dislone

        was looking for a comment like this

    24. Senku

      We need a shut up ethan counter

    25. Arky

      "you're out of your depth" he says to the certified mold monster/ werewolf hunter who has already killed 2/4 of the villians who can regenerate his wounds guys more qualified than any of there soilders fr

    26. Arky

      Ethan is straight dumb tho he couldve literally grabbed it and snuck out but he stands there to taunt the monster

    27. Lord S

      23:01 Even I told Ethan to shut the fuck up lol

    28. Lucas Dedis

      I get Ethan can sound a bit stupid in some situations where he would be saying something that seems a bit too comical or something that is beyond a more dire matter at hand, but why doesn't the organization that Chris either works for or runs (I don't remember) just hire Ethan? He's been through the ringer more than once, he took down a family of vampires, lycans, mutants (in both RE7 and RE8) and fucking dolls, along with this evil witch bitch that ran the whole operation. He even dealt with Mia's bullshit, he should be hired for that reason alone.

    29. Homer Dog

      30:41 I can tell he loves this game

    30. Kai

      Jev fr missed out on the magnum

    31. Official Cayde-6

      I feel so bad for the fish monster

    32. Χρηστος Τοπας

      Jev runs faster than dream in manhunt videos fuck sake

    33. Spitfire Games


    34. iSean DSK

      Jev blood pressure be through the roof 😂

    35. Delete

      How the fuck is Ethan still alive

    36. sadcalibre


    37. Prozxlla

      1:32 I dont know if anyone noticed, but this is Luiza's husband, the lady from the start of the game who let you into her house and then it burnt down.

      1. Lord S

        Holy shit she was right, we was still alive up until that point…

    38. Evo_Godly

      I'd say getting that magnum from the fish guys region would help you a lot too cuz thats the path the crank was opening up by the pigs. As always love your vids Jev and keep it up!

    39. Im Arkham

      The hurried competition cumulatively heal because couch prospectively lick given a adaptable mosquito. long-term, anxious find

    40. friezyy


    41. Ryan Fraser

      I watched this on the toilet so I guess you could say I shat myself watching this

    42. siqnoir

      Jev: “I hate backtracking” Me: (cries in Hollow Knight)

    43. Bob Senior


    44. AJ Lyons

      Yo jev how meny wepons did you miss

    45. JakeFromSt4teFrm _

      1:05 perfect opportunity for a trick shot

    46. gavin reber

      5:34 when my parents come into my basement

    47. Jack Hilder

      tread carefully in the flooded parts he roams bellow the waters

    48. Chonsay

      i need ITEMS 😂

    49. xvcloudy

      You don't fuck with fish? 🧢🧢🧢 I swear you used to main Nami

    50. Matthew Rex

      The writing seems kinda generic

    51. Tony Smith

      watching jev try to out maneuver the werewolf thingy when he could’ve just killed it in 3 shotgun shots was the most stressful thing I’ve ever seen

    52. Strictor

      23:00 I was like shut the fuck up Ethan and was glad to see that Jev agreed with me.

    53. The Man

      “I hate fish” Jev you should play subnautica, just to get rid of that fear

    54. ItsSkyl0rd

      Yeah im completely stuck on the stronghold and can't proceed, I have no ammo for anything and can't craft any ammo

    55. Nzungu Pumu

      29:54 "oh fuck, OH JESUS, *AHHHHHHHHHHHH* "

    56. braden williams

      Jev: is this a boss fight? Proceeds to unload to clips into the guy also why in the first boss fight u stab a doll but and the second you u put all ur ammo into a fish tf is this game

    57. Eggroll

      i’m at 16:22

    58. Jakoby Le russe

      19:08 me when it midnight and i woke up my mom and try to go to my bed to fake sleep

    59. Jakoby Le russe

      Me when i play a game for the first time 8:24

    60. mays316


    61. Unstoppable Rank

      When Jev checks the map 50 times every 5 secs because he doesn't know where he is

    62. SpaceMidget 49


    63. D acosta

      Jev you can get a lightsaber in this game we definitely need gameplay of that

    64. Amear Khechai


    65. legendary hero


    66. Joseph Glickman

      there was a zip line at the windmill

    67. 14

      Why did he skip the magnum and the labyrinth ball

    68. Beanie “14 year old loser” Boy

      AHHHHH, ok

    69. K•E

      I love watching jev because he plays the complete opposite of me I don't leave area until it turns blue I make sure I get all special items and weapons but jev literally intentionally ignored the area that have extra item cuz I couldn't be stuffed I repect him for it cuz I'll freak out if I missed something

    70. Sadman Habib

      The medical wren excitingly fax because signature arthroscopically lie sans a fortunate captain. coordinated, piquant secretary

    71. Erick Lara

      I said shut up Ethan at the same time jev did lmao

    72. Heem

      I’m surprised Jev was excited when he saw the thumper

    73. Luna XNightmare

      You can always tell when its a boss fight coming up if they give you more than 3 items, as jev has demonstrated in this video.

    74. Luchaos

      21:30 mans really ducked lmao

    75. The Only Alex Ryder

      Honestly feel bad for the fish monster

    76. CrazysebXD

      This game just reminds me of resident evil 4

    77. MPxLearn

      Ethan more tanky than any fkn athlete alive.

    78. MP Sins

      Ethan Winters vs REQUIS THE DEMIGOD

    79. marselo

      Faze Jew

    80. ItsKaspa Hoe

      But he misses the magnum wow

    81. Musix

      I’m watching this at 1 in the morning and I got work at 10 am tomorrow but seeing that fucked up baby is gonna make my sleep horrible tonight

    82. Jacob Todd

      I was wondering when you where gonna face that big hammer dude hahaha

    83. Jason Del Ángel

      number if likes is how many people want to see jev play subnautica:)

    84. Big Smokey

      11:24 me when white stuff comes out instead of pee

    85. Kavindu Hapangama


    86. Michael Creed

      I NEED ITEMS!!! **Short pause** F*CK!!!

    87. M3rderUS Dom

      30:42 best part😭😭

    88. Annmarie Vogelgesang

      29:47 best reaction

    89. Oxy Moron

      left handed ppl wya?

    90. g welch

      Jev: I’m sure I miss a rocket launcher Also jev earlier: *misses grenade launcher*

    91. TheDanGaming

      "Fking water Godzilla"😂😂😂😂

    92. IzanagiAce

      I swear Heisenberg sounds so much like Nicholas Cage to me lmao

    93. Miha Valenčič

      I'm dead 8:23 😂🤣

    94. not lmentrix

      Me when u missed 2 explosive barrels:ahahahahahahhahaha

    95. Anthony Madrigrano

      could he not place the mines in the water??

    96. Percaholic

      You said “Trickshot?” And then “I told you” what do you mean? Like are you gonna do one? Cause I feel like you did it but accidentally edited it out or something

    97. Percaholic

      Earlier in the game you needed the crank for something

    98. SinOfChaos

      Everyone notice how jev is the only person that didnt have the other shotgun and the grenade launcher lmao and he still killed that nasty shi lmao

    99. Zanith Gourd

      Jev can you do a bloodbourne play through please

    100. Jon King

      “Blows up stinky boi” Jev: I’ll drink to that