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    1. Mason Jordan

      With that aim, he needs the exploit to win. These are the kinds of people to buy hacks.

    2. E Laurole

      Never expected for me to be watching somebody watching someone else play video games😄

    3. michael puente

      Killed by Danny Phantom 🤣

    4. Robbie KZ

      I’ve killed someone under the earth but only by luck, I saw the bullet trail leading from under ground at my teamates and I just shot with an EBR without fmj and I killed him in two headshots. So it’s possible and you don’t need fmj but it’s nearly impossible because of what they do.

    5. Juan Teruggi

      dude he es bad af

    6. TaintedDman

      Hey there’s another way in

    7. TaintedDman

      Use the car to get out

    8. Gabriel Lopez


    9. cov

      the placement in the end made this perfect



    11. Doubl M Morris

      He’s suck

    12. Knight Rollers

      I play first time and i killed by a person underneath too

    13. Joey Sanchez

      That dude was SO bad

    14. Av3nger

      Its like a one way mirror.

    15. james james

      Hate cheaters like this

    16. Hideki Nagachika

      Love how he showed him how to do it

    17. John Dozier

      Your placed 69😂😂

    18. Nathanixl_ 🇦🇺


    19. bruno Kauric

      That com at the end was gold

    20. Redbu11

      P L A C E D 6 9 th

    21. d R

      He choked so hard at the end

    22. Big Dee Griff

      Finished 69th 🤓🤟🏽😎

    23. Gabriel Castañeda

      And me being a chump getting +15 kills playing the game as it was intended.

    24. Shadow Plays


    25. zRoDRii

      Man you can clearly see how bad that guy was that didnt even picked the loadout guns from the guys he killed, why did he stick with the Ffar instead of using something else? trash players


      The worst player by far

    27. Enjoy HaVoC

      Justice was served tho! 🤣🤣🤣😤😤😤

    28. Enjoy HaVoC

      Thank you my guy! Finally! Some one else! I just started getting into making content lol (semi boomer still cracked tho🌎😤 ) but I made a tik tok on this and it blew up lmao thank you for doing something about it. There’s a lot more spots tho sadly.

    29. Shadow18x L

      lmfao easy lame

    30. SlipThot Official

      The most satisfying end to a video ever.

    31. Soupysoup27

      Guy can’t land anything 💀

    32. Ryheem Jenkins Jr.

      he did that shit so effortlessly ... like wth is it sooooo easy to do it ctfuuu

    33. Itz JP

      Ending is so true for every cheater 😭

    34. joseph almazan

      Bought to hook up with some chick bet she don’t know I’m watching jev before she pulls up 😎

    35. Unraid Clover

      Yo the zip line play was awesome

    36. Isa Elfarse

      This was amazing

    37. The Raven

      Imagine they find out about this and just say “fuck this” and just put quick killing spikes everywhere underneath the map

    38. Mark Andella

      Maan feels good only watch and not to experience this sh!t any longer as I uninstalled this crap with my friends...

    39. Nicholas Bradbury

      He is cheating 🤷🏽‍♂️

    40. Cassandra Wade


    41. ItsJorlaz

      lol i do this

    42. Verbal Spaghetti Gaming

      Why is it... that the guy cheating always happens to be watching the stream of the only person spectating em? You asked on stream, he obliged, showed you, and nodded to your question... that's kinda sus bruh.

    43. whas the deal

      Guy shouldn’t be banned. The devs fault they can’t fix their game

    44. tactical gamer

      playing swat4 trying to get in each mission a score of 100/100 . a support with a like or subscribe would nice

    45. FlexHihi

      At least there’s something on IRflow that’s good

    46. Kyle Meade

      My mans has the best thumbnail face of any streamer

    47. Schmitzelhaus

      Judging the aim on that little 💩, it´s most likely the only kills he ever got, so let him have it, whatever (hope you still reported him tho!) EDIT: BWAHAHAHA, that ending was freakin perfect, too good to be true lol! The guy winning was fukkin perfect as well with the taunting! 🤣👍

    48. zekewapo

      We love you jev

    49. Lostre Lis

      omg AHAHAHAHAHAHA he lost it !!

    50. L V


    51. [Glaze] ponyo


    52. Cooter Destroyer

      I have never seen such a great video cheater loses and Jev places 69th place

    53. Ahmed Kurashi

      Is this bug still there or has it been fixed?

      1. mystic ADHD

        Dont cheat

    54. Mr Traves Cot

      no wonder why he cheats, that's his only way of getting kills because holy hell is he dogshit. Literally the worst player I've ever seen lol

    55. UnsaltedChild

      The guy who glitched, no wonder he did, his aim was so bad

    56. solfip


    57. FIREDELL10

      I did NOT think it was that easy to get down there. And I know there's another spot somewhere at Airport.

    58. Max Berke

      Reminds me of old old Fortnite, the under the map glitch in the shack next to Tomato Town. Man, I miss those days.

    59. Tryumph

      This made me so happy

    60. George wade

      That’s just the way it is now. Content creators need hackers/glitchers for good content lol

    61. Jose Escobar

      I remember I did a glitch where I got my load out drop and I got out of my car and glitched in side of one of the load out drops and some one came to get their load out and I killed them cause I was in side of it glitched.

    62. iamacamera123

      that glitch SCREAMS tell me your bad at the game without telling me your bad at the game

    63. ZeroDayVirus

      Too good! Jev, I've only discovered your channel a few weeks ago, love the content. Keep up the frustration with Warzone, it gives me peace knowing I'm not alone

      1. BoxBoySweats

        Go back and watch all his ufc videos they are golden

    64. It’s a Doozy

      If I had a dog he would have better aim than this trash can

    65. ZeroNero

      Instant karma

    66. Jennifer Ruiz

      loved the tutorial he gave though lmao

    67. Shawnonsens3

      Na bs.....anyone knowingly and willingly cheating or playing the game other than its intended use....should be perma banned period. No excuses, you know right from wrong when you see it. Be the same person when no one is watching.

      1. BoxBoySweats

        Its a game though and this isnt a tournament

    68. Pete & Pete

      What a bum

    69. Jaiden Glass

      My game logged me out of my Activision account that I made years and years ago for no reason and I don’t remember my email or password I made it on. I might have to restart everything. Fuck this garbage game I hate everything

    70. Hector Portillo

      Train station also has glitch as well as by quarry well salt mines

    71. OK Kyro

      when you cheat and still lose lmfao

    72. yyakob

      I just got the notification. Me angey

    73. Keith Boswell

      I was standing on train station and went to jump off and just fell into it and was stuck. Super annoying.

    74. Zade Flores

      Faze jev placed 69th lol 😂

    75. tha Ph30nixx

      Faze swagg is trying to contact you to do a spectate video with you sir🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿i think yall should do it. It would be good content

    76. Bibo

      Theres a glitch now that lets people stay in the gas idk what exactly it is but my team got 2nd as the only ones outside the gas and at the end they obviously talked trash lol

    77. Innocent Woman


    78. Chris Bourachi


    79. riceandcheese

      Manz has the advantage and still can’t aim💀

    80. Kelly Oubre

      Theres other spots on the map, ones near storage town.

    81. Ron Raincoat

      Needs to be more cancerous in the final chat.

    82. Nicholas Matthews

      Jev's setup - $7536 Copy of Warzone - FREE Jev announcing this match - PRICELESS

    83. ᚨᛚᛃᛖᚾ•ᚠᚨᛒᛖᚱ

      its funny his aim is absolutely horrible

    84. Jake Stewart

      Let’s be real here for a second. That rappel play to on top of stadium was actually fucking clutch 😂😂

    85. Enes Özcan

      6:15 "Happy Hour Ended" great timing for the glitchers i guess

    86. Luiz___ MK

      I died to a guy inside a wall doing a most wanted contract today

    87. Bend That pity

      Love it

    88. Awesomecake705

      He should stayed

    89. pocketrocket 3800

      Amazing ending I was hoping a bum hammer but that was better 😭😭😭 cheaters never win!

    90. Isaac Slater

      The crazy thing is how bad the person is that went under the stadium.

    91. Cdntrooper

      There was a super simple glitch spot in airport where you literally just walk into a wall and I killed 2 roze skins who were sweating on my teammates with a single rpg shot

    92. Motmus_YT Motmus

      Ofc he got a free skin and exploits😂he doesnt know that he gonna get banned

    93. Ligma Sphere

      An actual rat wtf

    94. Mr. Mercury

      I got killed like this once. Not fun.

    95. Jake Deguire

      Love u Jason

    96. MalakaiVSGaming

      this shit reminds me of black ops 3 last gen, infection under map glitch

    97. noah mcgee

      Idc i feel like they reserve a permanent ban don't cheat✔️

    98. Krishaun


    99. Coco康納

      Happy Hour has ended 6:43

    100. julio cerda

      This is why I don’t play warzone