WARZONE SOLOS are so slow I could make a meal and still win

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    1. Julain Jones

      The way jev moved his head as if he was dogging a bullet

    2. Andras Szucs

      when jev screamed ruuun bro i died

    3. Furrysaregay 1

      Made a beef Wellington game was still in play

    4. Dempsey Karameti


    5. Jonathan K.

      I mean you’re in a armored car in solo so of course they’re going run away

    6. adrijan pajic

      8:37 that scream ahahahahah

    7. Kerri Wilson

      I was drinking your gfulel and it’s good I recommend🥵🥶

    8. moe bandz

      6:28 bru im dyinn

    9. DJ SonicSwag

      Never heard JEV want Pepto

    10. ABROAD98

      Only Jev can play like that and we still love it

    11. jamal the 3rd


      1. jamal the 3rd


    12. ez dubs

      "This food taste a lot better while eating it in victory" XD

    13. Arihant Jain

      Chill Jev is better than angry Jev

    14. Kieran

      Whst fov is that

    15. 42 Raaarityyy

      Bro the scream at the end was amazing

    16. Inktroverted

      Ow wtff

    17. Akio 2.0

      @2:37 someone has my name near the bottom of the list wtf

      1. raze

        soo what daddy

    18. migibeats

      5:25 I like how his facial expression doesn't change a bit when running two dudes over in a row

    19. Horacio Miranda

      I have been playing the game so wrong

    20. Leo Humbarelly

      How was he able to join FaZe?

    21. Bam Bam

      Run polo😂

    22. Delinquent

      Killing Jev has to be the scariest thing in warzone. I know I'm gonna be so scared after that

    23. ToroPoro

      haven’t watched his channel since like, requis forgot you existed. kinda happy you popped up in my recommended though

    24. Jacob

      this funny ash

    25. N5 Zombiekill

      Hey Jev! Love the videos but one question. What channel do you watch the UFC on? Is it Sky Sports or what

    26. 4lfm__

      My ᴄᴏᴄᴋ hurts so bad rn

    27. Justin Rivertree


    28. Keke Suarez

      Mans said while making food my boi you was making a bowl of cereal

    29. Parielz

      Glad I’m not the only one who finds the pace of this game extremely slow

    30. Swerve The Lane

      i keep hearing miss the rage while watching this wtf

    31. Plo O

      Victory breakfast

    32. Your Daily Hood Cat Juan

      Hey jev what's ur Kar Loadout

    33. Zane Willie

      How do you get so much fps in warzone?

    34. apenneukende

      It's really annoying how you leave your sentences

    35. A.Alhashmi

      jev please make more war zone plz plzplzplzplzplzpzlpzlpzlzplzpzlzplzpzlz

    36. Marco Apac Way

      3:35 - 3:39 why do you sound like a robot or like you’re under mind control and are being told to say that lol

    37. Doubleface

      Warzone is boring as fuck

    38. Naka

      by far the best video of the year you should have ended it there

    39. Jail Watch

      first win

    40. xKRYPTIK PRO

      Am I the 1,000,000 viewer?

    41. Killer Chiller

      Game crashes to menu because of the new update on consoles

    42. NoYoungCricket

      He just showed that you can get an easy dub by killing a few people vs slaying the entire map

    43. - Atosuki -

      The intro proves Jevs philosophy that winning in warzone isn’t hard but getting more kills and playing aggressive while still winning is the problem

    44. GMGeri

      My man can literally make a Jev's Café video while playing warzone.

    45. Simba

      06:27 Name of finishing move please?

    46. Trillian Ca

      That title makes no sense of course it’s slow if you go afk on the edge of zone with ghost am I missing something

    47. Kasson Garza

      This guy can’t stop complaining, unsubscribed

      1. Vytrux

        @Kasson Garza yeah I don’t watch him as much as I used to

      2. Kasson Garza

        I can agree with that but sometimes he just needs to stop crying lol, I used to like him a lot but now the vids are getting repetitive, it’s just him complaining

      3. Vytrux

        Maybe because cod is garbage nowadays?

    48. Juice*

      recreate the chicken ramen video while a warzone game

    49. PKabes 22

      5:32 is where he looks drunk

    50. Simba

      Finishing move name please?

    51. Antoan Paskalev

      The scream at 08:41 man XD

    52. Flopfist

      Bro I swear everytime i get a bounty they are always camping there 4:12

    53. SKiiTZZO

      5:28 no brain activity starts look at jevs face

    54. Terrell Hollis

      8:37 I was dead

    55. UneasyWiggles

      homie tried to stun a truck lol

    56. TTIG

      Jev: I hate the way people play this game maaaan Also Jev: **continues to run over 2 guys with a truck**

    57. Welshy

      That scream was amazing 😂

    58. Cole York


    59. Gxven

      Jev the swiss is good asf in warzone in my opinion

    60. ZeroDayVirus


    61. William Gale

      I’m just happy jev won a solos

    62. 4kilometers

      yo use molotovs to get mfs outta berthas

    63. darth_jarjar123

      holy shit this is gold

    64. Generatorswex

      7:05 ruuuuuuuuun ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

    65. Don Hamilton


    66. Jacob Bottos

      play rebirth

    67. Zeus

      Would have been hilarious if they guy in the Bertha just said “what a nice bush... let’s run it over” and kills jev

    68. LiveYouTubeKingz

      Aaaaahhhhaaaaa....love it

    69. No bueno

      Your intros tend to be the best plays and after they are done reeling, I end the vid. You need to change that you curly headed four eyed geek.

    70. xfinitywolf gaming

      That scream at the end tho I’m fucken dead😂😂😂

    71. yodaz jockstrap

      bro, start taking pepcid{famotidine} every 12 hrs and boom no more heartburn ever the pills will be very small and 20mg a piece thank me later

    72. Xur’s Location

      Wtf ps players are ass

    73. m e

      The irl dodge at 8:27

    74. SHY

      If u actually listen to jev every video your not a man 😂

    75. Eclipse

      I love how jev is just eating in the thumbnail! 😂

    76. Derpy Greg

      8:39 is the best omg 😂👌🏽

    77. Kush Plush

      Challenge Accepted: Apex Legends

    78. Snowy donkie

      let's go jev getting a win

    79. Ryan Carolan

      There is no end comms anymore so you cant here anybody at the end apart from your party

    80. John Preston

      Ok jev is speaking FACTS and I only play duos

    81. Campbell Smith

      lol no shit look at where you are on the map why would anyone go out there looking for you going prone behind a tower

    82. iii.crelix

      8:28 its funny how hes not even playing yet hes dodging

    83. Scoopified

      Jason you’ve been my Father since 2014 . Thank you

    84. WhynotFingerBoardS

      Theres a new under ground glitch in warzone just died to a whole team of glitchers love to see it

    85. Ride the Gamer

      speak facts jev, speak facts 💯 👏 😤

    86. Ride the Gamer

      speak facts jev, speak facts 💯

    87. Peyton Bauer

      Thats why I plays rebirth

    88. Arman

      complains about people running away not fighting 6:32 runs away without killing his persuer

    89. Final Boss SKELETOR

      *Your not good enough to make such claims as “solos are so slow” get your money up not your funny up.*

    90. German Ortez

      8:31 😂😂

    91. Micky Pickles

      Because more and more people are deleting and giving up on warzone ever since it went straight down the toilet to Japan and back.

    92. Rohan

      I thought this was just going to be a video where jev was afk the whole time

    93. Mr. Jay

      Solos!! Ahhh. I’ll get 10 kills grabbing uavs pushing people and make it to the top 10 only to be taken out by a kid with no kills in a building and probably hasn’t moved the entire match

    94. TNoftall

      I'll play some duos with you. I like to play aggressive and I am absolute trash. Plus I'll probably be drunk.

    95. PlayboyTom


    96. PlayboyTom

      I think that’s the first time I’ve seen Jev actually win in his videos

    97. ChoccyF1

      Jev could literally create an economical crisis in the gaming industry.

    98. hepho

      Challenge accepted: play a different fucking game for the love of god

    99. Panda Playz

      The scream RuN PAuLo!!! 😂😂😂😂

    100. DG Photography

      This could be a thing. I vote steak dinner next. Different recipe for every time you play.