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      Yo the dude pinging seemed like he was tac sprint spamming by using the ping

    2. Eli Feil

      I found another way to have a no recoil aug

    3. Stone De Steen

      he is level 3, but prestiged.....

    4. Jim pork

      I saw Phil's tiktok on this lmao


      Honk if you wanna get wrecked lol


      Wasnt a c4 it was a proxy mine. Cant detonate those but he threw it and just stood there so.....still an idiot lol

    7. Vibez

      i thonk he kept pinging because of a challenge

    8. Puff

      make a video where you play till you win

    9. distancia

      what's the montage music at 2:32?

    10. Orlando Torres

      Can you do another PO Box opening?

    11. vs Fargo

      Stop Crying about not being a Good Player dude Youre acctual trash. 😄

    12. Jacob H

      Wildcat using cronus with auto-ping??

    13. Jeremy Clarkson

      Anyone else use the Grau still?😂

    14. Ethan White

      Fun fact: Half the people jev spectates are miles better than him.

    15. BonBon _

      Wait they nerfed the ffar and the aug? I didn't notice ://

    16. MrChronicSun

      Can we have a spectator Sunday

    17. Kyle Flanagan

      Me knowing the most op and broken weapons. Makes me not want to use them.

    18. Melee Buffet

      I'll be honest, I do melee only and usually only watch others who melee, but you are the only gun guy that I watch because of these spectating videos. You are hilarious at describing their actions and I love hearing someone who is a great player complain about this game as much as I do. (I'm not so good) 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣keep 'em coming!!!!!!👍👍👍👍👍

    19. Jordan Lopez

      How pathetic is that guy 5:57

    20. CGS721 Scott

      My friend is the wildcat guy and this is hilarious

    21. Russel tee hong

      I’m literally watching someone watching someone playing games what the fuck has the world gone to

    22. Yuh

      The ping guy is cheating he's using alt which is to ping but also his toggle button for cheats

    23. Emilio Gonzalez

      Everyone who uses Roze an aug and an ffar is trash and has ZERO skill

    24. AnglingNVirginia

      If that first kid is using a controller he has a strikepack or Cronus zen... those things need to be bannable

    25. Vortex

      Did jev just forget about challenge accepted

    26. Eternal Fear

      im so glad im not a meta andy and use non meta weapons

    27. matthew Yuhasz


    28. Nicholas Brown-Addison

      It’s a tick bro it’s a tick 😂😂😂

    29. 2point2turbo

      “If you play Warzone, sorry first of all” 😔 I felt that

    30. Silver Edits

      _Wildcat pinged a location_ _Wildcat has pinged a location_ _Wildcat has pinged a location_

    31. I like horses

      Challenge accepted: get a win with ffar and aug

    32. Halo: CE Elite

      The constant pinging could be him toggling wall hacks

    33. JG Racing

      Jev u should just play rebirth it will cure ur crippling depression 😂😂😂

    34. Carmelo Anthony

      Jev Say This We do what we must to survive on our journey we will be attacked by all manner of creature close your heart to there desperation close your heart to there suffering dont not feel for them as they will not feel for you

    35. The real_s9artan

      Low key I’m gonna regret saying this but But I run m16 and mac10 if you know how to set them up your good but deader than a dead man if you dont

    36. Max Rice

      I'm still rocking the kar98, never goes out of style

    37. WBZ_King1018

      Who else doesn't like using meta weapons, like my favorite/main class is an rpd and a bullfrog like I'm tired of running into meta weapons cuz it feels so disappointing when I get beamed by an Aug or an FFAR.

    38. Charles 1

      Jev is to commentating warzone solos as Joe Rogan is/was to commentating ufc

    39. yes yah

      This is a nice way of boosting? Just a joke😁😅

    40. ER1191

      Dude pinging a lot most likely rocking a Cronus zen.

    41. deadpoolxgamer 5

      Yo there's a new nuke place in warzone

    42. Wizfizz21

      Ah yes. “”””””””n e r f s””””””””

    43. Eren Yeager

      Jev is the only faze IRflowr that actually makes content that i like

    44. Andrew Ibuoye

      Jev spectating warzone are the best type of videos😂😂

    45. Aidan Sanders

      that's not nerf that's "nerfs"

    46. 1 17

      your commentary is godly.

    47. TheHighRabbit

      Every time I open IRflow to watch you your always at the top in reccomened and I love it

    48. toads

      Did this guy use to straighten his hair?

    49. Will

      How come so many people watch this kid? He literally just spent 12 minutes whining about a video game. He must get shit on soo much he has to project the anger on youtube.

    50. speed racer xxl

      Jev should do quads with randoms if I play with jev I would be geeked too 💀 .

    51. Lt. HYDRA

      Yo jev go try the recoil for the ak in rust then tell me what is “uncontrollable”

    52. J Saffle

      The FFAR doesn’t feel any different

    53. IceMan 143

      They need to add Warzone Tv

    54. James Cole

      Just copped that Raging Gummy Fish G Fuel 🙏

    55. Ethan Wane

      kind of look like if Hasan and Destiny fused

    56. Elias Seinsson

      The guy talking to jev at the end made a tik tok about this

    57. V1bez

      Who else saw Phil’s TikTok

    58. MagazineArc 518

      “D pad to move around” got me dead 🤣

    59. P Lampard

      LOL exactly as you said, I can imagine all these people having weeeks to get used to some other stuff. Chasing the meta, while i'm just using what the heck I want. I actually went ahead and sniped a few kiddos with the explosive sniper yesterday, just for shits & giggles 🤣

    60. Trillian Ca

      6:36 that’s exactly what they are trying to do bud make it so not every player can just pick the aug up and burst someone no problem why do you think every nerf should just destroy any guns use

    61. Trillian Ca

      4:20 that’s not a C4 that’s why he didn’t blow it up bud

    62. WarriorKingCraw

      The automatic ping occurs when running a program in the Cronus Zen. FYI

    63. [F#kin]DIrtyHippie

      I love this series of spectating videos

    64. Ethan Karas

      these videos are great keep it up Jev

    65. Alexander D'Agnone

      W vid

    66. mr. grim

      I think the dude that kept pinging had walls and was just pinging people

    67. Jerrydailys

      They usually have a Cronus or strike pack whenever that happens with the ping

    68. Sir-Worthington

      If the person who won has a mic he should invite them to a party for a post match Interview.

    69. Garrett Martin

      Bro warzone is pay to win for me because I don't have cold war and can't level up these guns and nothing in mw can match up with these guns

    70. Xavier G

      Challenge accepted get all the blue dot recticles on mw

    71. NTChewy

      Phil where are you

    72. Icy

      M16 is the new meta

    73. Mason Edwards

      7:14 wtf was that 😭😂

    74. ItzDnZ

      idk why ppl use cw guns too bad at the game?

    75. Summer Donkey

      This is soo fun I love these vids especially ur commentary

    76. vandelm

      love these fucking videos idc how many you do

    77. chirp

      Lmao just saw Phil's tik tok

    78. l Detour l

      how to fix the FFAR nerf: Use the 34 speed rnd mag

    79. Mr0ofs

      “Is he using the D-pad to move around” I’m crying🤣😭

    80. Muhammad

      The guy that was pinging every time that he went to slide was most likely using a chronus zen, so that every time he pressed/held his crouch button it would also ping, that device also removes recoil off of guns, it's basically cheating but because it doesn't ruin or corrupt the game downloadable files or corrupt the software, it's masked as the player who is controlling the functions. which is why it now seems like most controller players are insane with movement because a lot of them just use that device to help them cheat without getting banned. (It can also make the FAL and SKS full auto without having to have a fast trigger finger)

    81. Unknow nymous


    82. Karen P

      7:11 -that made my day

    83. Argenis Esparza

      I used to spectate Fortnite solos back then for free live entertainment while eating


      Who came from Phil’s tiktok:?

    85. Gus Alvarado

      You should try the Milano again

    86. Yolo Knifer 24

      Challenge accepted play Black Ops Cold War Campaign Day 26 of doing this

    87. Talisa Washington




    89. Robert Barnes

      cronus has an auto ping feature, just sayin

    90. Toprak is Trash

      No one is gonna talk about that guy that killed himself🤐😂 4:05

    91. NF Skull

      Faze Ink needs to be recruited he was in this video twice!

    92. AoP JoKeRR

      That dude got ran over by his vehicle Hahaha

    93. Hunter Shank


    94. Asher Slagle

      New snipers out

    95. Asher Slagle

      New snipers out

    96. Asher Slagle

      New snipers out

    97. Damon Blanco

      Jev go back to Minecraft

    98. Xylon hi

      No upload today ??.??

    99. K lol

      The guy that kept pinging has a strike pack

    100. Suri ψ