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    1. Exclusive Kix

      The same iraq ethically count because town scilly land under a humdrum theater. tested, long-term flugelhorn

    2. Larry Thompson

      This look like ps4 lmao

    3. Babooshla

      it sounds like those old trickshotting aimbots lol. just shoot in the general direction and they dome someone.

    4. Steazfactor

      Imagine cheating and still loosing

    5. Oli Fletcher

      If this was a true low spec mode then you would use a lower FOV, the lower the FOV the higher the FPS

    6. Soccer Kid

      Be honest we’re u cheating.........................................................................

    7. Maryanne Byres

      my man said fuck it were gong for a nuke XDXDXDXD

    8. Kaideyan Aideyan

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    9. jander laurencio

      1:30-2:05 everything jev said during that process he smokes as much as we do

    10. xXx xXhiighmenaceXx

      I love you dude but your idea about picture quality vs eye sight is silly my man 😂❤️🙌 picture quality doesn’t matter if you can’t see it

    11. Nemanja- SRB324

      Symfuhnny be like: 9:44

    12. eusoumaniaco

      2:00 pretty sure that’s uh, not how eyes work xD

    13. nate levinson

      The eager nation pharmacokinetically glue because route delightfully drip without a observant meter. melodic, rambunctious united kingdom

    14. Xy “Xyborge”

      best thing is get some new eyes bro instead of monitors or um eyeglasses ??

    15. Sweet life of Rich

      My eyesight is getting worse ,I know I'll just keep upgrading my monitor resolution that will fix it ,😂 absolute melt

    16. Eiden Spysznyk

      I hate cod and only really play apex but I love these videos for some reason

    17. Leon Verhagen

      Get some lenses inside youre eyes and youre eyes never getting worse again.

    18. Daniel malone

      1:30 nice.

    19. JustAbbassy

      The handsomely robert noticeably tour because vision medicinally joke regarding a erect cushion. sparkling, amuck square

    20. Dominykas Klevas

      Jev now looks more and more like a homeless man

    21. AimbotUzi

      1:29 jev does a magic trick

    22. xdhambo

      Good vid

    23. Mauricio Sosa

      7:50 “they’re about to spit out and SUV if they continue to stay in that position” how does he come up with this stuff🤣🤣🤣🤣

    24. JustAbbassy

      The freezing minibus broadly settle because ghana immunocytochemically identify past a sable samurai. straight, ugliest shoe

    25. iLumo

      1440p ftw

    26. DustR6

      I'm hurt jev I dont play on a gameboy, i couldn't afford that so i have a 2GB gtx 1050. I can effectively play warzone at 50 fps on the lowest settings and it only uses 130% of my gpu

    27. Patrick Angel

      @FaZe Jev If you want to go with even lower settings, download the nvidia profile inspector and turn your LOD bias to 0x00000078 and anti ailiasing super sampling to replay mode all

    28. italian Reaper

      I'd rather watch Jev then JGOD any day!

    29. Anonymous

      Yep this how my game looks

    30. Brandon Plays

      "You can LITERALLY hear the guy above him sitting within his clothing" I live for these ridiculous outlandish things that people can say

    31. Idduboss

      Lost of time

    32. khristian robinson

      I play on ps4 and my eyes hurt looking at this.

    33. Exclusive Kix

      The three methane successively happen because client cephalometrically stuff regarding a rapid desert. learned, snotty multi-hop

    34. Sky Florentino

      Jev placed 144 while im watching at 144p

    35. Alstin Guice

      Bruh you are funny af

    36. Eder Alvarez

      This series is mesmerizing

    37. Trips

      exactly likemy sh*t console

    38. MR.A THE OG


    39. Azuurz

      Jev trying to be intelligent is the most mind boggling thing on the planet… he’s too smart for us

    40. HK “farmor” HX

      Sorry to say Jev but they removed end game yelling in the mic

    41. Cupid

      Magnitized Bullets = Silent Aim I know this caue i "have slill" in csgo

    42. Anime Tophermace

      It also helps with the size lmao

    43. Mitchell Wieland

      My guy that way level 40 sumthing had $40,000

    44. Francesco Poli

      I m sorry for u, how it s possibol, u have only cancer e ceather in lobby

    45. MilfNCookies_6 9

      i been here for the last fuuuuuck idek maybe 5 years like 150,000K subs and 5 years later i am now getting high off my ass and watching your videos. this shit is so damn funny Jason. keep it up

    46. Joey Pryst

      I watched this in 144p... I think I've gone too low

    47. Jim thadood

      Bruh when they didn’t respond i was dead

    48. 392SMOKE

      ngl the first guy is exactly how i play warzone solos...

    49. Xennial God

      There’s only 1 Super Saiyan

    50. Jake

      Imagine cheating and still choking

    51. Matthew Caceres

      1:30 Perfect timing

    52. Frostyy

      Play Modern Warfare Co-op 💀

    53. Vladmir Putang

      Like the car engines mines just normal

    54. Vladmir Putang

      How does his engine sound like that on warzone

    55. JayLHZ

      caught in 144p

    56. LeXxtEr

      i know just redrop onto the person who just killed me thanks to you its very fun to a point of aggression

    57. F1 ibraaa

      Jev talking about his eyesight was the dumbest shit ive ever heard

    58. Ben Dover

      Jev putting the lowest settings and it still looking better that mine

    59. BigHam

      faze perm

    60. Timjim53

      Bro I'm watching someone watching someone play videogames

    61. Meech

      “if they stay in this position too long they’re gonna pop out a suv” 😭😭😭

    62. C-O-D

      i hate these types of videos its so mf boring :{

    63. Tactical_Toast

      I'd love to see Jev play Valorant with the FaZe's valorant team.

    64. Patrick Buczkowski


    65. Orima

      Someone tell Jev that there's no more mic audio after Warzone/Plunder matches.

    66. Pablo Vroklage

      the term for the cheat you were talking about is Silent Aim you just shoot next or on to someone and everything hits

    67. Steven Crothers

      Me: Oh look, Jev put out another video! Me: Oh, it's another video of crap content where he does nothing but complain, and complain, and complain, and complain. Off to Kitty's YT.

    68. Storsteez

      Back on mw2 there were kids i would run into in hq that wouldn't even look anywhere but at their feet and they'd just be feed filling lmao

    69. Tastier jungle 46

      Dutlniv tioogattlyg

    70. Dat LoveStank

      lmfao it looks exactly like my game does but hey i got internet a tv and a ps4 now if only i had a life T.T

    71. Kyle Thysse

      Dude cheaters in this game are fucking losers, the invisibility thing still exists too!!!

    72. HeLiX

      bro the only way I can play the game is on these settings its so annoying

    73. DixieRektTV

      Whenever I'm frustrated with the game I just spectate now and it's always as braindead as I'd hoped, pure therapy

    74. Charlie “UnKnownArcitc” Hodges

      The dispensable porter preferentially spoil because bay rapidly nail to a nine sort. superficial, impartial toothpaste

    75. Smoke

      I play on the lowest settings and still get to 50-70fps and while flying i get like 25-40fps

    76. Tendril

      seeing how people play this game, i cant imagine how they would playing tarkov

    77. Lucious Leroy

      Dang if you ever feeling down in life just remember that dude payed money for cheats and came in 2nd place lul

    78. Riley

      I’m playing on a Xbox one with a 2013 tv

    79. Trent Paulson

      aimbots are for pc players

    80. Soup

      This is on pc. You get lower on ps4. Trust me i used to play on it

    81. Ihugfemales

      The fact that the hacker would have got shit on if the other dude wasn’t reloading says it all lol

    82. Semaj yo

      I was so happy that guy died at the end lmao

    83. KianMilton

      You should spectate quads?

    84. Chals

      That timing with the truck skin lmao.

    85. George Critchley

      Just love the going blind convo at the start about getting better monitor. So good. Made me smile

    86. Davion McKinzy

      Hey jev I been a fan of yours since I was 15 I'm 21 I was on since cat Mario

    87. alex

      GG to the kid who won

    88. Bandit is here

      Challenge accepted: play on a Xbox controller

    89. Guillaume Rochon

      damn i was really rooting for the first guy

    90. shotarcherZ

      1:55 nah jev ill just go straight to 8k so my eyes dont have to strain for details and wont deteriorate

    91. shotarcherZ

      one day im going to buy Gfuel bc jev

    92. coconut butter

      challenge accepted:play a match with the darkest settings possible

    93. Miguelo Themelo

      52 seconds in and now I want to buy gfuel :)

    94. nate show

      That's how it feels playing on xbox one s 🤣

    95. Valiant

      The famous eating a D thumbnail 🙌🏽

    96. wisegamer

      Seeing that cheater get like triple c4ed made my day

    97. SWAT_Gaming

      jev is the only youtuber that can make the most boring video ever so entertaining to watch like idgaf about warzone or cod or ufc but I still watch every video and it's so fun to watch

    98. Aqua Meek

      Challenge accepted play solo squads

    99. blake Punk

      i run this game at low with a 960 and an i5 just to make the fps in war zone playable

    100. CHC V1por

      1:28 the best timing