SPECTATING WARZONE SOLOS but the players aren't really playing

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    1. Rich Boi

      Why is this sooo funny to me?!? 0:08

    2. John Doe


    3. galeforce21

      ElPerea was a bloody gargoyle

    4. ConDuiit

      does anyone know jev’s ram-7 loadout?

    5. Christopher Biro Jr

      You should spectate squads


      why dont I get such braindead enemies? Last time I played I had 5 games in a row with full teams of legit hackers

    7. Potato

      It’s honestly boring spectating people by ur self but watching this hits different

    8. Doink

      make the heart beats range shorter or battery

    9. LOKI_AF mf

      NO DONT CAVE TO THOSE A HOLES JEV!! this is YOUR channel you do what you want 😎

    10. skripz.

      i dont really know much about warzone zo is the m4a1 and kar98 a good loadout ?

    11. Pumbukin _Pumbuken

      3:10 I took that personally

    12. yormom

      I love the like and dislike ratio

    13. fbechito

      Don't join my live

    14. Cuban

      That guy is playing like he's taking a bite out of his food every 5 seconds... the fucking pausing is annoying me so badly I can't even lie lol

    15. Nibba Poop Crankers 1

      PowerDuck was jev's codm name right?


      Watching that first game was the most horrible thing I've ever seen 😆

    17. The Sam Sam Show

      Challenge accepted: make a ragetage

    18. dillon neal

      Oh yea let’s put a battery in the heartbeat just so I can get flashed and stunned every game !!

    19. Nicklas Holmberg

      PowerDuck is my daddy

    20. Owari YF

      jev literally doubled his content in this video for us ur a legend man

    21. Xotic Blade

      Personally I think ur running out of content

    22. Just Glxy

      @0:12 me trying to catch the bus knowing if I don't Im getting my ass whooped

    23. Adan Avalos

      You should try each player load out for the first couple minutes of your video well the load outs of people with a weird setup that “works”

    24. ThatOneGuySamuel

      The legend himself POWERDUCK

    25. Super milsim dude

      Gameplay at the beginning is a good idea it atleast shows us your progress in this which i find amazing cause im in the same boat as you except i hate warzone and wont play it i like multiplayer



    27. ough

      Challenge Accepted: Tell Us A Story

    28. Stixcckz

      Wait jev shorts and they are ragetoges

    29. Zz I Savage

      Jev from now and Jev from a year ago are two different people, new year new Jev.

    30. XCEL Thomas

      or make it as an attachment on all the guns except CW when ww3

    31. Krist Novoselic

      I think my daily dosis of watching Jev is kinda unhealthy taking into a count how addicting his videos are...

    32. Elijah J Sacco

      Challenge Accepted: watch the Forgotten Weapons video on your favorite CoD weapons

    33. Sassberry Fox

      New bundle

    34. Stuart Greene

      Put the heartbeat sensor in the shop

    35. Aggressive Sage

      hay jav I thought you might like some of these animes. so here you go. and keep up the great videos man. Kenja no Mago. The Misfit of Demon King Academy. Noragami. Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!. Our Last Crusade or the Rise of a New World.

    36. R Foges

      I got com banned for saying nutsack lol

    37. Jr_Supreme

      Jev it makes me so happy how ur channel has grown so much recently and the views and likes are showing it keep up with the great work and this series is fire🔥

    38. Baby booon

      In my opinion fuck warzone that games not fun anymore. It was fun at the beginning cause people didn't know what there doing now it's just filled with sweats teabaggers campers. It's way worse than any multiplayer cod out there. I mean at this point I'm not even looking forward to any cod until they fix the problems they made. Cold war is fun but broken af. And sooooo unfair with the guns. MW fucking just sucks in general and warzone I talked about already. This game makes WW2 look good.

    39. HYBRXD !

      To fix that stealth/ghost meta, I think if they made a warzone only heartbeat sensor that detects ghosted players up to 10-15m away would give players SOME sort of control over their general survival. Just saying

    40. That Guy Named Ben


    41. Tropical X Homie

      Slayin people💥

    42. Nunu K


    43. Lost Loopy (Mr.cool)

      That’s A Warcrime

    44. John

      Thats fuckin sad when someone third partys you and and they get shited on

    45. Wounds Of the broken

      Idk what, but I would live to see Jev shooting a cheytac intervention in real life

    46. statickam

      Have you tried spectating duos?

    47. SWITS Feral

      Warzone solos should have a constant uav for everyone, that also bypasses ghost

    48. Hades

      for your next video you should play whatever game you want to play. i dont care what you’re playing ill watch because i enjoy your content in general. ive been watching since the storytimes in mw2 days. my favorite has to be the kicked off the bus one😂 “jabba the hutt looking mf”😂

    49. BryanFz


    50. X7 Kryo

      Can you play Friday night funkin

    51. DF-Sway

      The heartbeat having a battery is reasonable but then they are going to have to balance stuns/battle hardened

    52. Edward Richthofen

      “Aright what going on jev it’s guys”

    53. K-Field Isaac

      So basically you're just playing Warzone Solos and it's just Solos.

    54. first last

      Anyone else see marksmans video and think jev did way better at the whole "analyze a noob" thingy

    55. Ruslan Dale

      jev stop spectating and actually play the game. that would be so much better

    56. Itz Atom


    57. The Redcorn

      The lobbies I get the heart beat sensor is pretty much pointless after the first 45 seconds

    58. thebeanzfloシ

      Jev>the rest of faze

    59. fieldmarshaljoe

      “He’s got an M13 but it’s not a super rangey M13, he doesn’t have a very strong close range load out” What???

    60. Darkness

      What a magnificent sight to see regular warzone players in their natural habitats

    61. Noah van Delft

      M13 is a good weapon inmy opinion.

    62. Babatunde Olatunje

      who else is loving Jev spectating solos?

    63. Ben Dover

      Play the fucking game holy shit no one wants to watch this shit most boring ass gameplay

    64. Dat_Boi_Kay

      Jev can you try and spectate Rebirth island for a vid

    65. RoXx Plays

      The streetsweeper/ram 7 class is jev's revenge on this entire player base


      Hey faze jet I got a problem in modern warfare every time a find a match on shoot the ship it shows I have 51 ping but I have a good wifi I just don’t know what to do please help me

    67. Percskies

      Love the video

    68. sparten uprising

      You can get the amp by getting like 400 critical kills in zombies with pistols

    69. woah

      Why do people say LOL when there not laughing?

    70. KryptoPB

      activision account got unlinked and disappeared so while i wait for it to be recovered i’ll watch some solos LOL

    71. xCubanBeauty

      Play on 100% film grain

    72. ALFlores2k01

      2:55 “he’s basically spectating with us”

    73. Cane

      I love these videos lmao

    74. Imagine No123

      This guy cheating?? 10:45 looks like silent aim to me

    75. Axstro Samurai


    76. crbncfc

      jev can we please have less spectating videos please (:

    77. Ross

      Day 1 of asking Jev to play siege again

    78. Luka KAVČEVIČ

      We want Requis!

    79. Tristan Gouverneur

      challenge accepted: play apex legends. its actually fun unlike this shit game

    80. Jeremy Como

      Ayo g-fuel in the Fiji I see u jev

    81. MagicTime121

      Jev can u play rust For a challenge accepted video please 🙏?

    82. HyperΨ

      Where is that warzone ragetage bro

    83. xxurppo

      I love jev but god damn upload. your videos are not that long anyway it’s annoying waiting two days for a 6 minute video like cmon how would you like it if Tokyo revengers come out with a 6-10 minute episode a week‼️

      1. xxurppo

        @HyperΨ I know brody it’s just cause I watch him only this man is the funniest man alive and helped me get through a lot so it just feels like shit when he doesn’t upload

      2. HyperΨ

        He needs a breaks bro. And he uploads alot so be patient

    84. Pinch

      Can you please play other games than warzone and Cold War it’s getting old

    85. elias martinez

      0:21 what guns are those?’

      1. Shiny 428

        Ram-7 (MW) and the Streetsweeper (CW)

    86. Mafew

      Clean intro👏👏👏

    87. bot teehee

      Jev get the naked chicken chalupa it came back, only og’s will remember

    88. Grayson B

      I definitely would like to see clips before each spectating video

    89. Colin Gribble

      Teach me how to multi, teach me, teach me how to multi

    90. Victor Sumano

      The lush jelly resultantly transport because charles ethnically rhyme in a fragile volleyball. prickly, ablaze sousaphone

    91. EG Heartattack

      I wonder how a player with that much game time and wins is even playing in those types of lobbies...

    92. I’m Dank

      Challenge accepted: go back to mortal kombat for a day

    93. LuCaS DaDaLt

      new mastercraft'S came out. same pack for two. they look sick

    94. Eileen Hill

      Jev play rocket league son

    95. HEN El PANSUO

      How does jev have obsidian and dark matter on his new account?

    96. JironCFC

      Does he ever play with anyone else or just solo?

    97. Adrian

      Jev as a viewer since "faze clan plays gta" and po box openings I think you should do your hair more. I got no issue w your hair now I just miss the classic.

    98. Oscar Garcia

      Mans always on gaming trending

    99. Monkey Man

      4:47 he isn't even using lapua or norma his build doesnt have any bullet velocity

    100. Ki

      What’re you drinking that shit look good