I UNLOCKED the DARK MATTER ULTRA BASEBALL BAT and felt no sense of accomplishment

FaZe Jev

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    1. Cactus Stick

      8:30 sbmm truly is the epitome of sweatiness.

    2. Sea Sniper

      You got to be honest Faze Jev is best Faze out there.

    3. Unknown God

      E tool is bad. Machete is very good

    4. Preston Nickolson

      The bat looks like a push pop with DM ultra

    5. Landis Junkermann

      And everything I just said was a fucking lie 😂

    6. QuietAlice

      dark aether looks neater

    7. NoJaVa

      Faze Jev is the best tomahawker alive!!! 🔥

    8. Bestgunner1 (bestgunner)

      Day 35 of asking jev to play Minecraft again

    9. koji

      my pfp is cool

    10. TheAceTwo

      "nobody is dying to snipers; its exploding on twitch; its exploding on yt... and everything i just said is a f***ing lie" so much for tryna start my own channel on that lol.

    11. A Iron Dot

      Call of Duty: Cold War "That wasn't fun at all"

    12. Keiran Rooker (TheCanadian)

      Jev I drop nuclears in Cold War but my personal record is only 22 in warzone

      1. Keiran Rooker (TheCanadian)

        Don’t think you can estimate how good someone is at warzone by the way they play multiplayer

    13. Breezy Omar

      6:22 “and everything i just said there was a fucking lie”

    14. Breezy Omar

      5:16 😂 the classic scream

      1. Breezy Omar


    15. Breezy Omar


      1. Breezy Omar


      2. Breezy Omar

        This guy in a fucking space ship? 🤨🧐

    16. Brody Stefankiewicz

      You know who's better then Cody and Rob The DemiGod REQUIS

    17. Slick Dc4

      i love these titles jev 😩

    18. ItsDamianLol

      Make smokes more accurate??? The smoke would blow in the wind

    19. ItsDamianLol

      “The Sandlot” Easter egg?

    20. Badnatedoggg Yt

      6:24 😂😫

    21. sgtdave117

      bro thats fucked up jev. You cant just say "man why did that water bottle taste like" and edit out that last word. Tf did it taste like.

    22. King Skullie

      I wanna know what that water bottle tasted like

    23. King Swäv

      I'm amazed he's still playing this slop 🤣

      1. King Swäv

        @wesley997 I haven't played at all lately, this game is trash, BF1 is cool but boring, and BF4 is really weird it's hard for me to find lobbies. So I just gave up.

      2. wesley997

        What do u play

    24. ogdrip

      Day 3 I'm trying to get jev attention

    25. Jrippiee Jrippiee

      Everything I said there was a fucking lie 😂😂

    26. Kaidxns

      cold war is so messed up with them always knowing where u r and the amount of gun spamming is ridiculous

    27. JSM Gunner

      4:07 wtf that was some MW2 lunge

    28. Sebastian Castillo

      Jev looks shredded lowkey

    29. Rick Rambo

      Bro I’m pretty sure you were in my game it was your name using a baseball bat so it’s like a 60% chance

    30. vegastjg

      I want that bat on MLB the show21!

    31. Bryce Rochester

    32. pangocciolo delmulinobianco

      dude since you unlocked obsidian for every mw weapon, why don't you do dark aether? 'cause it's bugged so you don't need to do golden viper every single weapon but just a couple of them in theory

    33. Aka Riced

      Recently played Cold War and feel likes I’m working towards nothing. Of course there’s the battle pass but there aren’t any actual challenges to play through. Camos aren’t fun to get nor fun to look at. Weapons feel like a chores to grind because to get my little pistol maxed out, I must level it up 40 times 😂. Lobbies are sweaty and campy. Spawns don’t make sense either. You could be pushing a spawn and the moment you turn your back a LC10 guns you down.

    34. ZupremeArtist

      Cold War is the new face of call of duty at the moment , and every fucking thing I just said is a lie

    35. Legacy Trails

      [B O N K]Bonk Gang is my name if anyone wants to see me bonk some clowns with the bat

    36. Conner Tracy

      What did the water bottle taste like?

    37. TheCoyleGames 935

      Literally I don't care what anyone says, I'm having fun with Cold War sure it's sweaty but I'm still having fun with it, I just generally blame Infinity Ward for making Warzone a thing cause I feel like it's contributed to what has happened to Cod now adays

    38. Eduards Abele

      Go play UFC with DEMIGOD THE REQUIS.

    39. Jake

      the point thing is a reference to babe ruth

    40. Turtle_Shell

      I hope the next cod goes back to the matchmaking system BO4 had. It was so much better man. If they want skill based it’s what league is for

    41. Giuseppe vito


    42. Pulli TQ

      Your titles are literally the only thing that keeps me away from your content... Boring and old

    43. Kash_108

      Jev should play titanfall.

    44. Zyrus

      challenge accepted: Destiny 2

    45. Alexander Tyson

      Cold War is just not fucking fun. I literally played 2 matches yesterday and the got off. Fuck this shitty ass game.

    46. Thunder/Michigan/Lions fan

      CHALLENGE ACCEPTED: unlock dark aether for every weapon

    47. Michael Hernandez


    48. M Savage

      Solar flares gonna cause distortions in comms.

    49. Garrett Dodson

      His vids are so boring now we barley see him play he just starts talking about some random boring stuff and Cold War sucks

    50. PogsRcool

      I've found that i have the most fun on 12v12 moshpit

    51. GMil

      Challenge accepted: Adopt a kid

    52. Pablo Visions2.0

      Challenge accepted “follow chef Ramsey recipe

    53. Just Carne

      Actually Jev I do care about the mechete and E Tool Like so he does them

    54. Xennial God

      My boy.

    55. Splxsh Clan

      Cody Garbrandt Grew up in my home town 😂

    56. Aether Pheonix

      Jev= wholesome funny ragetastic and fucking awesome

    57. OnlyFocus

      I went back to mw because of the sniper nerfs on Cold War and the fact that there is just no new content or that it's so lackluster

    58. Darin Smith

      I was in Jevs lobby yesterday and was wondering who was throwing all the damn smokes 😂😂😂

    59. Gavin Ware

      U should try and play 2k21 current gen with some youtubers for a vid

    60. Dravyn Kitelinger

      Every thump I hear that kid get sh!t on get sh!t on 1v1 me

    61. JAC MAN

      DAY 10: CHALLENGE ACCEPTED: Play 'What Remains of Edith Finch'

    62. Your PoOPy MaN

      Challenge Accepted: Use A Max Recoil M82 and A Max Recoil AK-47 And Try To Win A Warzone Game

    63. TheGreatWarrior123

      haven't touched cold war in 5 months, its just not fun to play.

    64. Camo Wise

      JEV! Cody kinda got out struck??? Baahhahaha he got absolutely worked and dominated by Font and font kept walking Cody's arse down every round. Now Cody did land a couple shots. But come on Cody def has his chin being exposed lately

    65. Kyle Flanagan

      The fucking wham with the baseball bat. Fucking brutal. So beautiful.

    66. Max Knight

      Is it just me or does anyone else want to know what the water bottle tasted like

    67. Max D

      No hate but how can anyone enjoy watching someone play a game that they absolutely hate playing.

    68. SOSA

      Who remembers the baseball bat from A Bronx Tale

    69. Trenton Doyle

      Stayed up for a good 2 days geting this bat dark aether and diamond im not good a zombies thats why it took so long

    70. Mistah Spicy

      love i jev

    71. Daniel Phantom

      im enjoying this game but I haven't had time to play but now I do Im level 95 yall think i can get to prestige master this season?

    72. Gucctastic

      you look identical to my step dad...

    73. Cyth

      i love you

    74. Arcadia Green

      Fun fact: most of jevs viewers were 6 when bo2 came out

    75. beelzeboss

      Try battlefield 5!

    76. Copeland Eckhardt

      I think the inspect might e based off of babe Ruth’s legendary home run when he pointed were the ball was gonna go

    77. Ed Gonz

      Damn i havent see Jev’s stuff in years, good to see he’s still on his grind 🤝

    78. OneCalledB

      This is where I come to get my UFC updates

    79. zay fohtime

      how about ballistic knives

    80. Thomas Heinrich

      Please play more rainbow six

    81. un_resolved

      6:01 to 6:25 the best part in the whole video

    82. Temrax

      i don't think people go into nuketown to win they just use it to lvl up weapons

    83. Homie

      After the nerf of the snipers all I do is play zombies

    84. Tyson ThatsRight

      I knew nothing about mma until I started watching Jev

    85. Suite Brink

      The baseball “point” inspect is a reference to BO3’s baseball bat inspect

    86. daddy jenkins

      let’s appreciate how he’s literally the only youtuber who puts ads at the end of the vid

    87. CT-5555

      challenge accepted:try to be happy for an entire video

    88. Med

      I unlocked dm ultra bat but I accidentally got corona

    89. Bradley Otto

      Get dark matter for both melee weapons

    90. _wrks

      Cody's inability to move his head is saddening. He's dangerously close to the UFC outgrowing him; he desperately needs a camp change.

    91. Critical

      What kind of mic do you have?

    92. Nick2Joker 13

      Anyone else want Jev to go back on mk11 since all of the characters have came out

    93. the guy

      the inspect is you pointing at somebody because i believe thats how it was in bo3

    94. Wrxith

      season 2 I didnt even get to tier 100 and this season I am almost tier 80

    95. XCELLS FE4RR

      The inspect is from bo3

    96. Pranav Kheani

      Love u Jev

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    98. XxNightmarexX _PR

      Day 57 of asking Jev to finish telling us his thoughts on Zack Snyder’s Justice League

    99. WhenPigsFly

      1:32 the reason you pint is to reference Babe Ruth. In one game, he pointed to a certain area in the crowd, and then hit a home run right to the spot he pointed at before the pitch

    100. fytb chino

      Challenge accepted: do a teach me how to multi remix