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    1. metallicfreak

      man i remember the server queue for that event, not in Warzone and Modern Warfare, but in Black Ops Cold War, I'm been trying to reach to level 200 to get the Black Ops 3 Zombie Master Prestige Calling Card xD, but it was worth it

    2. Captain Price

      i was happy to join the first verdansk event round

    3. Kevin Phillips

      Do you edit your own videos? Haha epic af

    4. MARC Padilla

      that nuke seemed really underwhelming

    5. slade

      I just realized these intros are a sample

    6. Viper194

      1v1 sniper battle u me?????????

    7. qtsacky

      if jev is happy and laughing so am i

    8. Bill

      Warzone is the worst cod and br out

    9. Billy bombas

      He said 2.7 kd is dogshit... me with my 1.6 ;-;

    10. Mura •

      I didn’t even know that people where dc I got it first try with my friend I think it might be a solo que

    11. Morten Haug Bårdsen

      Play the new resident evil game

    12. Pedro Quintero

      Were you high making this video 😂😂

    13. Rodrigo Garcia

      I just wanna play multiplayer fuck war zone ☹️

    14. elemenopee

      Anyone else dumb enough to believe there would actually be a new map?

    15. Bill

      This is why cod is dogwater

    16. Honest Truth

      I'm not shit on gawd I was the same way

    17. deadopsARCADE

      I wish this never happened I actually loved verdanske

    18. SILENT_JOHN564

      Im glad he didnt get super mad. It gets boring sometimes.

    19. suhtiva

      its crazy how i just subbed, after watching jev for years straight,

    20. papi dukes

      So looks like I’m about to play war zone again

    21. iitsTre_

      Today I learned... Jev has no idea what he’s talking about.

    22. bonzay j


    23. Boat n the gang

      This is what I wanted a good 8-12 minute video on this even bc I was at work i see Noah’s vid on my recommended and bro had a 4 hour stream

    24. Boat n the gang


    25. JOEYPOO

      I played my first game and didnt lag out

    26. XgamesCOD

      That happened to me 7 times

    27. Ruben Octave

      Wtf the event went smoothly on our side

    28. Jonathan Nicolas

      Day 9 of challenge accepted: Max sensitivity, max dead zones, inverted controls, motion blur and weapon blur on Cold War but with any gun you want 😁

    29. Jack Pritchard


    30. Lagz

      and i wait for my game to update and miss both events lol

    31. Ethan Feinberg

      we gonna ignore the fact that Jev fell to his death fully unintentionally

    32. XxNightmarexX _PR

      Day 27 of asking Jev to finish telling us his thoughts on Zack Snyder’s Justice League

      1. Sesto Alternative Evo

        For reals

    33. schnell

      verdansk gone L

    34. Tommy the tomster Barry

      Jev were u playing part 2 of verdansk did u play with techsupportertom

    35. Andrew Dyer

      today’s my birthday 🙂 love u jev

    36. Human Pelican

      I live for the day a 28 months later movie comes out


      “Musics creepy” doesn’t recognize zombies music 🙁

    38. Jakub

      me: downloading game my pc: please no :(

    39. Undetecteble

      its honestly embarrising on their part at how bad their servers are

    40. MKK

      Day 32 of asking Jev to finish his minecraft series

    41. sjeiks ahhdjf

      jev looked sad when it happened :(

    42. Daniel J Del Bosque Jr

      Hey Jev! Do you plan on doing a series on Resident Evil Village?

    43. stefan radojcic

      I did this event about 20 times with no problem

    44. Galactic Gaming

      Nice to see other BR games picking up the trend of live in-game events after Fortnite pioneered it. (Before you harass me, all I’m saying is that Fortnite started the trend, and I’m just supporting other games doing so)

    45. Jay

      I finally unlocked gold and now I have to get every ar gold now😢

    46. Rafael Martins

      This *ALMOST* made me play Warzone again.

    47. William Beeks


    48. NoahTNN

      this is just the fortnite event lmao

    49. Kvng Austin

      Jev and other streamers and you tubers always have issues with the game that I never have 😂

    50. steebo

      This game is following in Fortnite's steps... oh no

    51. StanJarick

      I’d like to imagine that “alright what’s going on guys it’s Jev” are Jevs first words

    52. Luis Avila

      That was fucking dope

    53. NotFound Yet700

      Why can’t they make a nuke streak like that lol

    54. Henry Smith

      I’ve watched his old r6 vids and then came to this video, why does he look so sad?

    55. trip audio

      forjever 5?

    56. Navarro

      He says he doesn’t know what he’s talking about but he was actually just speaking facts

    57. Mr.chicken31 Bye

      This dude has to go threw ever fucking glitch that warzone has to offer at this point I just go to his videos to find out what’s wrong with the game.

    58. Jake Angelucci

      This feels like classic jev

    59. Shawn Riley

      Play private match it lets you play the 80s map

    60. Chopsticks

      Imagine being able to actually get past the server queue..... lol

    61. Arvind R

      I think the most ironic part of this is that they actually nuked the part of downtown where jev dies the most

    62. owen

      after all these years jev remains the only faze member i watch daily. crazy how far he’s come.



    64. tuscah hd

      i love you jeff but all you do is complain

    65. Adam Mutchelknaus

      I disconnected 5 times then got to see it thru

    66. Cooper Nelson

      Me who got to play 5 times and never had a problem

    67. jaival

      Hopefully part 2 is longer of a cutscene than the actual gameplay bc I’m tired of this map lmao

    68. Athanasios Beligiannis

      seeing jev happy has made my day

    69. Can I get 3k subs by the end if the year???

      Who else skipped to the actual game play😂 (sorry jev)

    70. Tyler G.

      Bro jev dies to his own exploding cars more than other players 😂😂

    71. WabElite04

      the music is from zombies jev

    72. Mix

      So they add a new sniper to Cold War the worse cod in the world but not modern warfare a game that it way better then Cold War😂😂

    73. TarkIRL

      holy shit jev i havent been here in a few years but you lost alot of weight

    74. Mix


      1. Robert Ramirez


    75. Angelos Daniilidis

      How nice would it be if this game had no meta and you could play any weapon and still kick much more money will these people gather like i hope every single one of them dies and dont have time to enjoy their money or have anyone to inherit it and the money go to cancer curing research

    76. Cmon man

      The nod of approval at 8:11 😂

    77. Major Chocolate

      Yeah but what about tonights UFC?


      Its gone now

    79. Tarlok Tarlok

      Warzone kind of sucks now! I'd rather make my own version or play Fornite!

    80. ItzBear

      this was sick

    81. Justin Harris

      Yea whenever you land as a zombie it kicked me out smh

    82. Tyler Griffin

      Missed the event cause of work, were there any helos?

    83. Restarted%

      Was Hella disappointed that I couldn't get to everyone who couldn't experience it themselves

    84. Elite Potato

      Mine is in 10 hours

    85. The Mind Flayer


    86. 冬MiZu


    87. Neo Kim

      I’ve never been nuked in b4, but I imagine it would be pretty similar to the whole server being disconnected.

    88. TrashTierGamer

      jumpcuts go crazy in this video wtf was u cutting out guy

      1. TrashTierGamer

        @mattapt25204 no it just seemed like every other word in this video

      2. mattapt25204

        he does that on all videos its his editing style

    89. Mc Jibbo

      Nice Trailer that they sell as a big live event😂😂😂😂

    90. Gus Theo

      The video should've been called Verdansk is Destroyed but Requis still stands

    91. DaNiLY

      Huh, getting the feeling of Deja vu, “infected” everywhere, the map in quarantine. So they... nuke it... Oh boy.

    92. Sean Hi

      it took me literally more than hour to even queue in for a server

    93. Nate Dawg

      Well that was underwhelming.. 😒

    94. Jacob salber

      idk if its because of america servwers but earope ones were 100% fine

    95. Vlad Popesku

      It worked for me hehe

    96. [GPS4] GabrielPlays4

      Well goodbye verdansk, rest in peace we loved u

    97. Benjamin Totallynotalt

      I love that the stupid warheads in the bunkers HAD ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH IT

    98. Josh Skelton

      I know the servers died but me and my friends literally had the best time just being zombies. Haven't been this hype since the old fortnite events

    99. Adrian

      Challenge accepted: play WW2 campaign

    100. David Bradford