They ADDED the NEW ZRG 20MM SNIPER and it's too slow to enjoy

FaZe Jev

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    1. Eduardo Meza

      Thing has aimbot if you shoot while going ads

    2. Jacob

      you’re not good enough to use it khed

    3. Aryan Persaud

      This gun is really fun to use but the attachments your blueprint has is slowing it down to the m82

    4. Alex Cardenas

      I love this sniper in warzone im a beast 😈😂

    5. Drew Caliber

      0:38 You talking about the gun or me?

    6. Jiggy

      You are telling me you get obsidian on all guns and you didn't know you have to stay in the game to receive the progression? LMAO

    7. Homelander YT

      Its way better than Rytec

    8. kruzy kud

      Your able to unlock the gun in warzone and since its still on mw severs you can leave after getting your progression

    9. Felix H

      Looks like interventions ugly twin

    10. Friendly Ruv

      I guess I'm used to this sniper? When I play phantom forces on roblox like 5 years ago I used the bfg 50 which is basically this sniper just a little slower fire rate

    11. Finn Tredup

      With this caliber you literaly shoot planes

    12. d4n1___ ___

      People still play this shit game?

    13. S c h n e k Alex

      The fact that this is not called NTW 20 makes me go *microwave sounds*

    14. Zovvey _


    15. rubenthemaker


    16. IsUcKaTcOd YT

      ...and it’s too slow to enjoy Csgo players: pathetic, you don’t even know how to move

    17. Justin Sinson

      How did you guys get the new sniper I don’t got it

    18. Tastier jungle 46

      Dutlniv tioogattlyg

    19. PaNaRaMuH

      Cannon weighs from 60lbs(27 kg) up to 130lbs(59kg) and he's complaining about ADS times. Hoisting up a child up or a petite woman up to your eyes is hard fam.

    20. brian conred

      It's good in cold war but try using it in warzone

    21. Carti Edits

      First time commenting In 4 years, Thankyou for years of happiness

    22. JustaRacc

      3:51 homie was really interested in the ads review

    23. JustaRacc

      Ugliest sniper in cod history

    24. Bálint Kiss


    25. Sham Rock

      LOVE YOU JEV👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼

    26. John Peiffer

      This game looks like hot shit

    27. Arif Ramen noodles

      This gun us pretty bad In warzone

    28. A moth

      Well it's slow, but atleast it's realistic.

      1. Daddy-Saxon

        Its not realistic. Cod in general isn't. For example most snipers in mw and cw if to be realistic. Whoever you shoot would explode with 1 bullet.

    29. James Jones

      weak gameplay , pamaj dominates pleb

    30. ACorgiWithaCrown

      That is one ugly NTW-20

    31. Gavin Z

      When jev thinks bullet velocity’s unit of measurement (m / s ) is milliseconds. bullet velocity is in meters per second . meters / seconds love you jev! keep up the good content :D

    32. JoBoyJoe

      This guy is complaining about a 20mm Anti Material Rifle being slow... then stop playing like you're in FaZe then. This rifles' meant for you to lay in a position and lay hate and discontent it was never intended for running around.

    33. Weston LL

      thats meters/second brother

    34. Dragz johnson

      heres a idea..... try actually sniping with it

      1. Dragz johnson

        its not a assault rifle, its a.... sniper rifle

    35. FADED

      i just got killed one shot today the zrg

    36. Hogfire

      Swedish fish taste like red fish from Sweden.

    37. BoyBobbyBo

      I got crapped on by ZRGs in snipers only.

    38. Bam Ryan

      Sniper is not bad at all its a good no scope sniper and its has faster ads when you put on different sights.

    39. asmodeus

      dude i expected a 20mm round to have a sound like a train hitting a brick wall, but instead it's just *tink*

    40. Mr Mexíco

      I would like to see jev shoot these gun irl and see if can use it. Not being salty or anything im just curious Also i got this thing Dark Aether already

    41. The Faceless Gamer

      The ZRG is slow but the suffering from using it is fast.

    42. Kronorium Kaos

      *Possible fan* - "Yooooo it's the real Faze Jev" *Faze Jev* - "F Dat"

    43. - MisterChief -

      What do you expect from a sniper.

    44. iiamsam tv

      You should do plunder and leave and it works and you can check if you got it by checking load out when you press pause

    45. RoninZero

      It's stupid that 50. Caliber snipers don't one shot people in cod.

    46. dissappointment

      Thats the ugliest thing ive seen. And ive looked into a mirror before

    47. Doan Huu Khanh

      The holistic preface neuroanatomically poke because home endosonographically command onto a two composition. rightful, quickest bowl

    48. Sheep Wool

      It's a 20mm what did you expect.

    49. Ethan Ritchie

      She is built like a steakhouse but handles like a bistro

    50. Ayman Seif

      1:40 meters per second*

    51. Skoalface

      Wait, isn't the ADS quicker than the HDR? lol.

    52. Nood1le

      Does he even enjoy this game

    53. Malicious Muppet

      What if it has the best hipfire in the game but nobody will ever know, because the only people who touch snipers insist on tapping ADS. As a dev thats the funniest troll.

    54. Cordingdesert 95

      Call of duty players when a sniper acts like a sniper. "What is this shit?"

    55. Feihyndei

      just don't play console

    56. Malicious Muppet

      So basically a nerfed Kraber

    57. big deezle

      Faze complaining about something not surprised

    58. Gbonjubola Bolajolbim

      Cold war: takes place in the 90s Also Treyarch: WhY DoNt We AdD a SnIpEr FrOm 19 MoThERfUcKiN 95

    59. dem power

      Zombies is much quicker when leveling up a new gun but probably not so good for IRflow content

    60. Jack ?

      Its pretty dumb how he complains about a how bad a sniper is at anti infantry while using a sniper that want designed for anti infantry

    61. peno 420

      notice how he is playing with [FaZe]JeffereyEpstein

    62. Timothy J

      When you have a gun that powerful of course it has to be slow. Balance or else the games are not fun. Not sure what you are complaining about.

    63. BathingWookie

      That sniper looks so dumb 😂 Why are Treyarch so bad?

    64. BathingWookie

      Failarch at it again 😅

    65. Drilomac

      Cod milking the same map for the last 10 years probably even longer lmao

    66. Russell Johns

      It looks like the kraber from apex ngl

    67. Juggernogger64

      It has 13 years since cod had a 20mm gun in cod, since WAW.

    68. Jay Burb

      Oh no. You can't sprint around and 1-tap people. Whatever will you do?

    69. krzysiek zmora

      I cant play that game on my ps5 u have no issue with frame drops?i cant bear with it just uninstaled that shit and stick to MW

    70. Strider

      Why does this look like the NTW-20??

    71. ライフ

      Unpopular opinion: the Zrg 20mm ads speed is faster than most snipers

    72. Truth Serum

      More like it handles like a sniper is supposed to in real life, the quickscoping is out of control with the other snipers.

    73. paint ball

      I still can’t get the crossbow I have the challenge done just will not give it

    74. Just Another Gamer

      its a 20mm, its supposed to be fired from prone

    75. Anthony Albert

      Not all snipers need to aim in like a fucking pistol your the reasen cold war is dying

    76. Robert Douglas

      That's what Halo's Sniper Rifle is based off of partially

    77. Andrew Sheen

      I love this gun in combined arms which I never play. Haven't gotten much chance to use in warzone. I want to make rank this gun

    78. tom.mk7_

      I dont know why people still play this game. Its not even 10% as good as MW or its engine. I cant even force myself to play it

    79. Liam Leech

      It didn't give me the sniper either and I don't wanna buy it so this sucks haha

    80. Gabriel Pena

      Man, I did the damn “get 2 long shot kills for 10 matches” to unlock the gun and it just stayed at 10/10 and didn’t unlock for me. I closed the game and went back in and had me at 5/10🤦🏽‍♂️

    81. sped_BOI

      “I can’t FUCKING compete “

    82. Freddy Fiddle

      Worst cod game in years

    83. J3RX Eruption

      You are not smart why would you use the sniper the entire game after getting the 2 long shots??? Just change guns wtf

      1. Gaurav Heer


    84. Athan Tippett

      Awww come on man it’s a fun sniper not a practical one. You gotta admit it’s cool

    85. Regulator

      first off, play king slayers in WZ and get 2 longshots in 2 minutes, back out and it counts. Second off, get it leveled up and get airborne on it, and no other attachments that slow ADS, and its not bad. It mostly one hit, one kill.

    86. Jessica Burgan

      I’m gonna call duty black ops ups tomorrow cold war

    87. Dankest Mangoo

      “thanks blargus” as the guy gets a 7-8 feed with a grenade launcher lol

    88. i clapped yo girls cheeks

      what’s ur sensitivity

    89. Tyler Rusciano

      This sniper doesn't do squat to armor and vehicles

    90. Kaze No Kishi

      *Forced to use a sniper rifle as intended* “U N P L A Y A B L E”

    91. Patrick Rhegafd

      who are you yelling at?

    92. 144FPS Beastツ

      faze jev talk to fucking much ever intro

    93. Thrurh Demon

      Man cold war looks like dogshit still ffs

    94. Sgt. Foley

      It's a fucking 20mm rifle, the fuck did you expect?

    95. kip

      2:23 imma need a pauze for that one chief😩

    96. Adam Rodgers

      It doesn't load fast enough. You do realize that gun is the game version of an anti material rifle that usually isn't even fired while standing !!!!

    97. aiden Winter

      Fire team hardpoint

    98. Robin

      it looks like a clock turned into a gun

    99. Kevin Galeas

      I’ve been getting raped by the gun

    100. Ghost

      Looks like a halo 3 sniper

      1. FBI Agent

        Yeah that’s because the halo sniper was based off of this gun