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    1. Dennis Benner

      Play story mode and make a series

    2. Kim Jon un

      Is that ali-A

    3. Firosiz

      is it just me or does Jev look like he wants to die at 3:38

    4. Just Nate


    5. Chubs

      Haven't watched any COD content in forever, since like the old MW3/2 days, and honestly have missed it, this past week however I've been getting back into it and sadly most of the channels I used to watch are actually kind of annoying to me, I think it's because I've grown older but the target audience other you-tubers are looking for hasn't, which is kind of annoying but I understand why they do it. All that being said Jev is one of the few people I've picked up again recently that has actually made content I still find enjoyable and I'm so thankful for that because my love for the game has been rekindled because of him. Man's a beast in the COD world and a Beast in the IRflow world too. If my man sees this, thanks Jev, keep up the great work.

    6. Gooch Fitness

      Jev I need that feeling of completion too that’s why I’ve gotten the mastery camps for a lot of call of duty’s

    7. Saturn

      Its probably like braces they hurt until you get use to them

    8. Max Tyson

      U need new fited glasses but I need em and when I wore them my sight got worse and now I stop my vision got better

    9. Beau Hendry

      the way he makes long shots looks easy makes me want to do all of the long shot camps

    10. Exodus

      Had this happen before. The glasses u wear have a metal frame so it uses pegs to not rub the metal against ur skin. But the pegs are trash. Plastic frames are better because they are smooth and don’t have those pegs. Ur skin doesn’t suck. It just happens to people with glasses

    11. Tam Campbell

      Challenged accepted : play bo1 again or mmordern warfare 2

    12. Yxungy

      I love how jev is so determined

    13. Aidan Cabrera

      Challenge accepted: get contacts

    14. Andrew

      Ur complaining about long shots with a crossbow bro i had to get 60 long shots with a shotty

    15. Not Nick Lol

      I dislike one of the M79 challenges I've done the grind but when it's literally like "destroy three scorestreaks or enemy vehicles" but when I did so it literally didn't count

    16. Andrew Mcduffee

      Jev I have had glasses since second grade are this happened to me near the start basically you either put some type of lotion/medicine on your nose or you just do pay attention to it or you can get a different thing that leans on you nose like the think on either side you can get rubber or something

    17. LJ LaGrew

      Play fortnite mannn

    18. MN3Z

      Yo, bet you won’t see this but you can get little foam pads for the part of your glasses that rest on your nose. Have a great forever! :)

    19. derpykillz

      Tell me why I just got a notification

    20. Banga

      why don't pros use stimshot?

    21. Daniel Vasquez

      3:22 yeah jev that’s kinda exactly what it does

    22. BIOHAZARD 69

      Why did I get the notification for this 6 days later?

    23. Griffin Easton

      Regarding the glasses try aquaphor on the irritated area

    24. Evan

      I always like the cod games everyone seems to not care about.

    25. Ace Bowser


    26. crispy chicken

      Put a rubber cover on ur nose

    27. SoR_Tutorials

      Hey Jev, for the glasses what I've seen help people is to go to a craft store like Michaels and get some foam and glue it to the part that touches the bridge of your nose and then trim to fit. It's barely noticeable if you get the right thickness. Definitely a life saver. Upvote so Jev can see.

    28. The Sequence Gamer

      Bro Jev you don't have to play this game every day if you don't like it. You can play anything else and we will watch it.

    29. cartoonynoah

      4:34 I have the same thing and I hate it

    30. XD_ Radioactive

      Jev you’re glasses hurt your nose because you’re rubber thing that supports the glasses to stay up will make you’re skin hurt and it will press you’re nose in

    31. xJGZx Gaming

      Worst cod for DLC so far season 2 is a waste of time

    32. Taρッ

      for your glasses you can get these tiny little pads for each side if they are the right size

    33. ItsBreeeZey

      I got a challenge accepted idea, try playing Rocket League!

    34. paint ball

      4:40 that is normal for glasses its the pads staying on your nose for a while leaving a indent on it making it hurt

    35. Cool Logan


    36. Dominic Ortiz

      Fuck life i just want to see Faze Jev happy again

    37. Christopher Hutchinson

      The young ostrich simulteneously heat because swan genetically note up a half lynx. spiky, cute responsibility

    38. Akame

      7:32 “Teammate you good?” Idk why but that made me laugh lmao

    39. Faris F

      If your glasses hurt your nose, get new ones. I have glasses that dont hurt because the shape of the glasses is ergonomic for my nose and it doesnt have the see thru thingies most glasses have. They are like rayban sunglasses, they dont have anything for the bridge of your nose

    40. nämäpähkinät

      Just start doing challenge accepted but not cod ones

    41. J3zzaGaming

      complaining about using trophy systems but uses them himself :). hypocritical much?

    42. Mr. JollyRancher

      Bro honeslty glasses are such a pain, I’m not sure how to fix it man.

    43. Matrixx

      Jev, if you made zombies content we would still watch. We watch your videos for primarily for you, not the content.

    44. Ghoul Dean

      I use to have glasses and it done that to me idk if there’s anything to do but mine hurt a little.

    45. nathan davey

      Do zombies camo

    46. Adnan Hnoosh

      challenge accepted : play zombies.

    47. llMELODICll

      Use aloe vera then cover it with a bandage

    48. Noobs4H1gher


    49. Andrew Blanar

      Adjust the bridge supports in the glasses. They may need to be flattened out if they are raised to much.

    50. voidafk

      FOR THE NOSE THING: The main reason for the nose bridge pain is tighter nose pads of the glasses. Nose pads are the supportive aids of the glasses, which help to rest the glasses on your nose. Nose pads help to keep the glass in position when you are bending down and moving. Eyeglass nose pads hurt when they are tighter than average. Also consider getting bandages/soft cloth padding

    51. Gas masked

      Does my skin just suck 😂

    52. David

      Hey jev, if you dont want your glasses to hurt, you might need to go to the place where you ordered them and see if they can fix them, the nose pads normally needs to be tightened for whatever reason when you get them every time! But anyway, I started using the crossbow in hc waiting for my friend to finish and achive it and I legit went positive in the game lol!

    53. Nyan

      Jev try apex if you want a brake from cw

      1. Nyan


    54. The.Chucky

      Time to get contacts

    55. itsMW2nukes [wolf]

      Jev on the glasses I have smooth ones not the ones with the little like clear things but it sits softly on your nose it's really comfortable

    56. Ace Øne

      That's Just the struggle with glasses, nose pain for 20/20 vision.

    57. Xxn00b1o1xX

      I mean jev if you want something to do you can make a alt and get all the camos on mw again

    58. Kevin

      4:42 go to ur glasses shop and tell them they'll fix u a new kind of bit that rests on your nose

    59. ACMerU06

      I had this glitch with my sniper diamond so i had to redo it 5 times

    60. Justin

      ahhh you make it look so easy

    61. Perfecto Valdez

      Remember B02 Jev he never got bored even if he had all the camos unlocked not bringing hate on Cold War cuz I like it but just back in the days on bo2 were amazing. Just doing dumb stuff or window wars with ur friends.

    62. chris comerota

      It makes absolutely no sense how trophy systems would prevent tomahawks & reg crossbow arrows when their not explosive. Yeah their lethal but what’s the point of even having them then? Need to nerf trophies.

    63. Gage Lamboo

      You should try apex

    64. TanjiroMagic

      For the glasses the first week I got used to it and yes there are like rubber things to help with that

    65. David Palacios

      for the glasses i think your just getting used to the glasses cuz i have some too and when i started wearing them it felt like that

    66. the hatch

      i fucking love jev

    67. Im A Paintbeast

      The reason ur nose skin hurts is cause ur headset which is y I use turtle beach earbuds the headset squeezes the glasses in tighter

    68. Anthony Murray

      You just deal with the pain and eventually your skin will just adjust to the glasses being there. Or just get lighter frames

    69. Softe

      I have glasses! My tip would be to get nasal caps! They really help

    70. Kile Hillson

      These days, fame is disconnected from excellence Half the time, I gotta ask niggas what they profession is

    71. Johnny B.

      Just get Lasik surgery bro. My wife got it and she is super happy with the results

    72. Sam Clark

      I’m glad to see you having fun again:)

      1. Sam Clark

        Makes me happy makes me smile

    73. tj cundiff

      with glasses it will be like that on your nose for a while u gota where them on and off for a bit

    74. chom

      Teach me how to multi

    75. Ben Dover

      You need to stop wearing them for awhile and let your skin and nose heal

    76. Ride the Gamer


    77. Blind Beasts

      Jev can you make a video on Call of Duty mobile someday I want to know your honest opinion on the game😊

    78. Tyler Mundy

      If I hear more shit about the ufc im unfollowing

    79. Fish3yy

      Ima just say it, I don’t like the sound design in Cold War and I hate the sound it makes after you kill someone

    80. Cutie bam

      Challenge accepted: go back and play fortnite again and see how you do.

    81. Predict051

      Challenge: get the rocket launcher to gold camo in real life

    82. Immortal The Demon

      If you dont know what to do after you do this, play seige

    83. Fish3yy

      I also can’t play games with out having a sense of progression but I just get pissed and get off, that’s why I didn’t. Get Damascus and dark matter ultra

    84. Wian Howell

      Who remembers requis and the bedsheet

    85. Jack0dollar

      If your looking for a game to grind play Destiny

    86. Ang310 Gonzalez

      Well technically you don’t have to do shit you choose to punish yourself like that cause you’re a self hating masochist

    87. Dick Cheese

      Fuck it play a game of battlefield 5 for a video Id watch that

    88. Its Rard

      I feel the same way with the camos bro that’s why I stopped grinding for them because they kept resetting me. It’s sooooo dumb so I decided to play other games

    89. g Anime_boi

      i think there is some jell or like rubber that people make so that it does not hurt

    90. Stunty Boi

      Jev under the ridge of your glasses you could put some sort of fabric or foam something soft that might not discomfort you as much.

    91. Elscruffo

      "the armor stops him from being killed. What does it do, KIND of stick in him?"

    92. Deagle2 YaDome

      "The armor prevents him from dying from the first bolt, what does it do, *kind of* stick in him?" LOL

    93. Ishaan Suri

      i 8447892267th this

    94. Ancient PhoenX

      Get a set of durable plastic glasses. The metal ones or the ones with the nose thing have a lot of problems with them. I switched to plastic glasses because of them. One they leave and indent in your nose bridge when you are wearing them too long and 2 if you are sweaty then the get dirty easily forcing you to clean them almost daily

    95. Viper

      I've worn glasses all my life am 42,sounds like you've got a soft nose skin over time thee skin will harden and it would be pain full & you could just adjust the nose pads to make them comfortable

    96. HvSx Tactical

      About the glasses: you can get a titanium framed pair of glasses they are super light and don't hurt your nose

    97. Tom Foxall

      You can get soft pads for your glasses bro

    98. Manwit Feelinz

      With the glasses you just gotta get used to it

    99. BigMoose

      jev i have that issue with glasses too, the best advice i can give to you is put skin lotion on it or just get used to it

    100. poisonus potato

      Hey Jev the thing with the glasses is when you don’t clean your nose very often and your gaming with the headset on and you’re putting pressure on your glasses are usually causes redness on your nose. If you just clean the grease off of your nose every once in a while the redness should go away