I PLAYED WARZONE SOLOS at 2AM and I REALLY shouldn't have

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    1. Sky

      Can someone tell me what’s the name of music that’s is played in the beginning of the video it’s really catchy, thank you

    2. Tyi

      blow into your joysticks to fix some drift

    3. The Beast

      Holy shit this was annoying

    4. born RUTHLESS

      Yea the idea of the game is awesome but execution is terrible. Cant wait for battlefield to compete with warzone

    5. Pundah

      3:36 The queues are not that long compared to other games. Trust.

    6. Cranberry_ Bar

      I cant with "Gulag Garry"

    7. Adlonso Lion

      I like how confident he plays and when dies to something stupid he feels the same way we do

    8. Mr_ Sqiggly_line

      Take apart all your controllers and get all the good parts and make 1 good controller lol

    9. Freddy Fiddle

      Also I'm level 1000 but I didn't play last season so the max prestige I can get on mw is prestige 12 but on cold war it shows as prestige 15

    10. Freddy Fiddle

      These war zone campers are small fry it's the sad fucks that do it in game modes like kill confirmed and cranked had 6 games in a row last night with whole teams hiding in buildings in kill confirmed only game mode that warrants camping is s&d.

    11. Minarius87

      7:00 min u should take a Break from the game before u complete destroy ur PC or console ^^ never played Warzone but seems rly stressfull :)

    12. deathsagaXX

      Cringe titles

    13. Colin Queenan

      I’m pretty sure the controller exploded

    14. King Bedro

      A warzone mode that makss you move every 15 seconds is a must to stop these prone campers

    15. Coy Bennett

      If your controller drifts just turn up your dead zone in settings mine is at 14 and 10

    16. funny guy

      Controller issue quick fix here....STOP buying Scuff trash, PERIOD! Buy a Battle Beaver! Quality is unmatched in every way.

    17. Baby Yoda

      Alexis sleeping in the bedroom all she hears it to a.m. it’s just fuck shit and controllers fucking exploding

    18. Doubleface

      I feal this man this game just garbage and players jikes and somevane say its free game so what? they making more money than any pay to play game, can we have like if you camp you have 1 min or less to stop doing it or you will get demaged and ranked so i dont play against player who have 3 or 4 kd and play whole day ,

    19. Ac2raW

      Bro I remember watching your videos from 2014 and you were talking about your sleep schedule 😂

    20. Galaxy Kid

      What’s the name of that AR that u used in the intro

    21. Ice Bane

      My first ps4 controller lasted me years, but once one of the stick cages broke I got a new one, and within an hour of using it I decided I was replacing it due to drift. These things are either great or they break right off the bat

    22. Truk the World

      My dude you got 17 ping you should be winning most of these battles

    23. Max

      "What am I gonna do run downstairs blind??" "Why won't you just push up the stairs to come fight me you coward" LMAOOO

    24. Victor A.


    25. Kurt E.

      After playing multiplayer for 10 years, i agree battle royale is trash. Apex is a bit better and more fast paced, but multiplayer takes skill, teamwork, situational awareness. Battle royale takes camping, hiding until the end, or shooting the squad that just won a gunfight against another squad.

    26. ioannis bazakidis

      this is the most relatable thing i have ever seen

    27. MrDeserteagle411

      I eat French fries 3-4 times a week and I’m more likely to die not because of the french fries but because I’m a dumbass

    28. tactical gamer

      playing swat4 trying to get in each mission a score of 100/100 . a support with a like or subscribe would nice

    29. Charlie Hawkins

      Anyone know what skin Jev is using here?

    30. Dylan Niedzwiecki

      Loading into a game of COD Warzone is like loading in to GTA

    31. The Block

      man pronounced it “nitch”

    32. Jacinto Diaz

      Stop playing warzone you’re gonna get grey hairs 😅😅😅

    33. Johniegunz 129

      I have found my new favorite youtuber let’s go

    34. Joe Jass

      0:15 “what did I do” lmao

    35. brimmers

      I hate this game so much but I like to play it I swear activision hypnotized us

    36. Jon Benjamin

      Bro Jev is fucking NUTS hat beginning montage was insane, man just straight up shoots LASER BEAMS

    37. steve wujek

      Solos is a shit fest. They need to have a continuous ping every minute or so to keep people moving. The game is such trash it makes people pissed off when they are trying to have a good time.

    38. hi mada faker

      this is why I play apex not warzone

    39. Devin Simmons

      this video deserves 100k likes

    40. Domenic Monaco

      Challenge accepted play gta online

    41. Andrew Ross

      Take care of your controller and it’ll take care of you

    42. Anthony Gregory

      Catching that warzone battlw royal bug!!!!! Its hard to shake - catch them dubs you got ALOT better at warzone imo. Your were always a beast but weren't too good at BR...now, your move faster you don't look lost when you play any more. Id be so confused like how can someone so good on multi b so bad at BR. Well it was simply by he didn't play it. Your one of them rare breeds like me you can be good at about any game you spend time playing

    43. UnsaltedChild

      6:48 that is why I moved to mouse and keyboard.

    44. Boy Oregon

      To get rid of CONTROLLER DRIFT 1. Get can of compressed air 2. Blow the air into the area of the joy stick where it moves around. The reason there’s the drift is because dust gets stuck under it. You can also blow on it with your mouth if you can’t get compressed air.

    45. Poob Tomahawk

      I started playing on call of duty waw when did you guys start

    46. Stitchezz

      How do i get your lobbys?

    47. Cucked edger

      Is he just really good but unlucky or is he just decent and lucky?

    48. kennythecyclone

      Just hit play again after you die. Loads into a game way faster this way :^)

    49. Sean Maxin

      That last clip in the into was NASTY

    50. SxmPwnz

      you need to get lvl 250 in order to get prestige 14 but for you prestige 15

    51. Ben Wilson

      The Swiss is a reskinned Lee Enfield.

    52. Jennifer Ruiz

      love the thumbnail

    53. As Above So below

      The only faze member that’s actually worth watching

    54. No Limit

      That’s why I stopped buying scuf I’ve ran through 4 controllers and it’s all because of stick drift I’ve even took them apart put em back and works for a bit and back to the drift and this is within 3 months period

    55. Xxhunter2019xX bear

      Jev one thing ‘deadzone’

    56. Louis Godbout

      U got anger issues

    57. John Michael

      I swear to God I feel the same,I hate battle royal


      If you wanna try tea try sum Guayaki Yerba mate.

    59. JamesIsFlames

      Dude chucked his controller after seeing the drift 😭😭

    60. Geeoh

      “It’s not because they get slammed. It’s because they stop working and then they get slammed.” I fucking FEEL THAT.

    61. KingSauce_31

      No Jev your right battle Royales suck. It’s amazing how they still are popular

    62. Night Fury

      You got to get 250 if you want prestige 15

    63. Mike C

      If nerd rage was a person:

    64. slain ice

      Would you look at that, every single Loadout he has has a kar98

    65. Ballistic_Chillz

      i have the drift too lol its something with the deadzone

    66. Juan Jose

      This game almost unplayable

    67. Darren Tupman

      So what did they change about the map

    68. shaquille gordon

      Your not wrong warzone has to much camping. I can barely play it anymore to be honest

    69. Ryan Johnson

      I really don't get how people actually play Warzone. Shit gets so boring after the first game

    70. Reticlz


    71. Cryptic Fury

      I’m the same way when I can’t sprint I bash the fuck out of them

    72. Ryan Baroud

      I just wanna see this man happy again bro

    73. Pablo Vroklage

      You’ll still keep prestigeing untill prestige 15 doesnt matter if you are master

    74. Holy Kar98

      I have been breaking down about br games to I honestly can’t fk compete

    75. KDINK

      Soo jev knows he can just adjust his dead zone to fix the drifting problem right? Lmao

    76. 78

      Are they your girls weights on the floor bro? You took my advice and started work g out and being grateful? Good for you even tho I know u didn't see my comment. Less moans and cope this episode. 😜🇬🇧✌️🙏

    77. 213– BeeRow

      You perfectly summed up why I never play solo and always with my bud it’s to annoying to deal with

    78. Luivatan GG

      can you play hour games g

    79. nooboy 35

      Please take a break u need it

    80. Rebzah

      why does he care about the rumbles in the controller if he can just turn vibration off in game

    81. YT kiqstz

      This game is terrible !!!!! This is not call of duty, real OG cod players don’t like this shit, I’m a multiplayer guy and I hate this shit warzone battle royale, and I can’t understand how people like it!!!!!! You die, you have to go through the whole matchmaking process all over again, like wtf ?????!!!! Go play some mw2 domination or cod4 headquarters, or some bo1 tdm, nothing better than that

    82. SkippingRhyme

      I'm thinking Addies...

    83. SkippingRhyme

      Jev You gotta play Rebirth Island it's way better and loads faster!

    84. SkippingRhyme

      But what if you used to eat like fries everyday???

    85. Dimitrios Diaz

      Apex Legends you get into a game and play within a minute... no pre game lobby. its useless.

    86. Ya Boi

      Jev take a break bro 😭and yes ps4 controllers are so shit

    87. jackie huang

      War zone has become pubg very tactical

    88. cube can

      0:21 "its so cool i can just drive through staduim" this did not age well

    89. Osgore 1215

      breaks controller over a tiny bit of drift

    90. Chris Zaragoza

      What’s the blue gun called

    91. Jurei

      0:15 lil uzi caught lackin 👽

    92. Guapo323

      I was actually gonna play at 3-6am last night cause I couldn’t sleep

    93. Edge of Enlightenment

      You complain to much jesus

    94. Defuzzler

      Am i the only one that questions how the controller has never bounced back up and hit his face???

    95. Chiraq Glory

      Bro you’re not even human on warzone

    96. Jacob cahill

      That is why use keyboard and mouse because controllers are shit. Your playing on a PC for fucksake use keyboard and mouse.

    97. David Valles

      I feel like Br's are only popular because of the casual fan base, especially warzone. No disrespect to them, but you have to remember that Warzone was a side mode the Modern Warfare and Activision and the studios making the game still see it as a side mode, even though they promote it as it's own game. It why you see Apex which is a fully fledged out Br get more credit and have more people playing it now. The lack of content and just overall support for Warzone is what is killing it and it's why you see big streamers leaving the game to go play other games. It also doesn't help that Cold War isn't any better then Warzone, honestly Call of Duty is growing away from what it once was and they really need something like and MW 2 remastered to save and bring back there older fan base. Idk just my thought on the matter.

    98. Cell MTD

      love u jev

    99. ItsKaspa Hoe

      Audio is either to loud cause of fucking constant a10s and CAS that hurt your ears or it's too quiet you can't hear nothing

    100. ItsKaspa Hoe

      I agree. Long setup, quick death. Annoying. Sick of hearing and seeing the intro. Wish there was a setting to turn down the fucking constant a10s flying over literally my ears be bleeding. You cannot soundwhore no matter what. Not that you could to begin with. Audio is still the worst in cod history. Mfs be running and sliding up on me with no dead silence still no audio que lmao game is trash plane noises drown everything else out. Can't hear teammates talk, footsteps, etc