They ADDED the CUTEST REACTIVE MILANO and there's no contest

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    1. Ethan Walker

      He'll yeah another jev vid

    2. Christian Hamster

      4:13 I wonder why

    3. T- Wally03

      Day 28 of asking jev to play insurgency: sandstorm on steam

    4. B1TG_Reaper

      I love you so much jev your the best faze member please keep up the good work

    5. Blank Eclipse

      This be giving me cherry blossom vibes from bo3

    6. Trey Gaming


    7. Shervano5

      Im pickle ricckckkckck

    8. Fame Karmaa

      Calm down you have a wife

    9. Hunter Eagland

      AYO THE GUN MOANS?? 1:35

    10. Jewuan Harrison

      jev you know we would also enjoy other content you dont have to force yourself to play this game lol

    11. Apollo Cube

      The ak74u isn't really meta. Lc10 is all you see

    12. AaronBolt 990

      Jev bout to make me start watching UFC

    13. Milton Gozales

      Poor guy got destroyed with the shotgun in the corner😂🤣😭

    14. A J


    15. Eu Dog

      Jev obviously didn’t hear about the massive Milano buff

    16. Reactive

      Challenge Accepted: Do a Jev's Cafe(you don't have to if you don't want to but at least acknowledge that you've seen the requests for Jev's Cafe)

    17. blaze jackson

      at 2:20 seconds is that guy using speed hacks or something?

    18. Brayden Baumer

      you need to make ur videos longer dawg

    19. Hudson Thomas

      I think any gun in Cold War is good unlike mw

    20. ItzKurr

      ago what the **FUCK**

    21. Vincent Verduzco

      i was watching the fight didnt the white boy tear his ACL when he folded ????

    22. Crick Cops

      The mellow children joly drown because grandmother secondly fade besides a red calculus. fantastic, different polyester

    23. Ty Smyth

      pretty sure nike pursuing a lawsuit against the shoes

    24. Nabella Akbari

      Jev is such a man to call a gun cute

    25. Willie 1236

      Not gone cap Jev u tweaking talm bout how much are the Satan shoes 🤦🏽‍♂️

    26. kawaiiordie!

      Probably a dumb question can anyone confirm if you need a 12 kill streak or just 12 kills for your Milano to glow

      1. Emiliano Gonzalez

        No it's the tracer rounds

    27. KinoVsTheWrld

      Those lil nas x Air Max 97s are FIRE

      1. Nobody


    28. Matthew Thompson

      Jev man, can you sort out your volume, your vids are always so quiet

    29. Isaac

      Milano needs a buff in war zone cause I bought the pack and I wanna main it

    30. Sniping God

      What happens if I you put DM and then the pink mixed with it

    31. Jayvrr

      Plot twist : Jev quits cod and coverts channel into UFC content 🤼‍♂️

    32. iskow 7

      Did I hear Perry the platypus at 4:27??!

    33. Rudi O’Brien

      This blue print reminds me of Jerry blossom from black ops 3

    34. Get Fucked

      Ok YT notifications are fucked I just got it for this vid

    35. W for Wavy

      jevs humor >>>>> moist critical humor

    36. M3RKY J4CK

      You know what’s sweaty a team of 4 using riot shields a knife using smokes, all using the same class on shipment

    37. SenpaiMichel S

      you should finish the mk11 story.

    38. Enock Ortiz

      Yo Jev where is the DEMI GOD REQUIS

    39. Christoffer Qvale

      Day one of asking jev to play MW2

    40. Travis M

      Remember when buying a camo meant you had it for every gun and it didnt go away with a different attachment.

    41. Vinny Buffa

      Is it me or the emblem for this lovers pack nor a emblem like there’s nothing there

    42. Alejandro Hernandez

      Didn’t they make this a movie?

    43. jhrbfbbfn rndbfnfj

      More ufc 4

    44. KA-BAR

      Jev: Yeah the set up is not that good. **goes on a kill streak just to show reactive’s features**

    45. STRONG_ GAMER_123

      Where’s the sniper reactive pack

    46. Shea Shea

      There buffing the gun so try and use it again this update when they buff it

    47. Jack Britt

      Challenge Accepted: play rust

    48. Booglie Weiss

      They’re not “just shoes” jev

    49. Alberto Enriquez

      Okay hear me out, Warzone was created to make Jev angry

    50. Roger

      Jev raging is literally me if i lived alone

    51. William Vail

      Challenge accepted: use the two crossbows in warzone


      Is there ever gonna be a video of Jev using meta guns?

    53. Izzy Soto

      Where is your puppy at?

    54. Senpai -UwU

      Hey Jev what happened to your puppy?

    55. Thang 100

      No one is going to talk about the bugged emblem?

    56. Joshua Ch.

      Jev do not buy those shoes it has real human blood in the soles

    57. Jeremy Ramirez

      I need to start betting against Jevs predictions for fights

    58. SlimJim Jim

      Jev this is weird but try and use wardens word on the gallo shotgun then put gold on it .

      1. SlimJim Jim

        in warzone

    59. sxbaz

      I love you Jev

    60. tesco


    61. Noljin 77


    62. Stormez

      Challenge accepted: play subnautica it’s a calming game, like so he can see plz

    63. Dockboy 2007

      Babe wake up faze JEV hasn't uploaded yet Me:😳

    64. ZAG

      Hey jev you should go play apex again to see if u still enjoy it

    65. Dean Forsyth

      Challenge accepted: stop playing garbage warzone

    66. valleysofneptune

      This is why Cold War is trash

    67. 挨

      Jev uploads me 😊

    68. Faded Slayer4598

      this kid hasn’t been live in 2 years on twitch

    69. ThatNiceGuy997 997

      Injustice 2

    70. McDonald's McMuffin

      Don’t bring up UFC 260 You’re gonna make me start to cry again because I can’t help but think about what happened to Tyron Woodley

      1. Ali.Alien

        off to bellator

    71. Knives Arcade

      I hate this kinds of gun cameos because I’m not good enough to go any on any kill streaks

    72. F O R T

      Unpopular opinion: Milano is fun. Wz or cw

    73. xD Triumphツ

      Day 1 of asking jev to take a break

    74. Ricdaboss RicDaRacoon


    75. Serhat Engez

      bro u still exist? I haven't watched you in a couple years.

    76. Aaryan Rattan

      Can you play Siege again?

    77. brandon neel

      is there anywhere i can get more jev merch? I was gonna get some more from EGL but I forgot they shut down

    78. Shankz

      How many subscribers can I get for this comment? Currently:9

    79. Muncak0

      Why do i only see u play only nuketown in cod cold war

    80. Derek Ranero

      Jev you should try to play rainbow six seige again

    81. KingMalachi 21

      challenge accepted: play sneak thief

    82. DylanTheInsomniac

      Challenge accepted: play squads with apex, rain, and adapt!

    83. Atomic GameLair

      Challenge accepted: Do the multiplayer dark ops challenges

    84. Syxzie

      I literally purchased this as well

    85. Weekly Dose of Content

      jev so i was just in faze rains stream and he said that u hate him is that true

    86. Talan Mitchell

      Challenge accepted play vr

    87. Ryder Covey

      Play campaign

    88. Ryder Covey

      Play zombies

    89. Michael

      New Requis vid?

    90. Eisensorrow Von Koenig

      I feel like people use the phrase greatest of all time way to often when talking about boxers they cant all be the greatest of all time that phrase gets used way to loosely now these days

    91. haha pizza

      play rainbow 6 in 2021 challenge

    92. No No

      Challenge accepted do something other then cod

    93. dood dood

      Challenge accepted: play kali in rainbow 6 siege

    94. Youssef Moharram

      Challenge Accepted: play rebirth resurgence because it's actually pretty fun

    95. Kyro -

      Hey Jev do you think you can try out ghost of Tsushima maybe as a let’s play or something so we have some chill gameplay? So you can relax from Warzone or whatever I don’t really know it would be cool to see you play it

    96. Træveler

      74u is still god tier but everyone is running bursts for some reason, either that or the FFAR.

    97. Paul Rickheeram

      #38 trending on gaming!

    98. ItsRuben Yadig

      Jev Jev jev

    99. GavinJ 24

      Get dark aether

    100. ICobraa HD