WARZONE is too hard for me and I can't cope

FaZe Jev

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    1. Some Random Dude

      I don’t play warzone that much... runs AS Val class


      I don’t get it. Is he playing a character? He moans whenever he gets killed or how others play. It’s a BR, the aim is to survive, play fast or slow depending on where your at, how many players are left and what guns you have. Not every single person in the world who plays war zone is a pro player running around like a mad man. If you don’t like the game... don’t play it? The guy jumped out of the truck and beemed you. How is that “cringe” in anyway?

    3. Christopher Hutchinson

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    4. Cool Stick

      u know im the same way. everything you said besides the dry hand and diablo.

    5. Crick Cops

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    6. xiihotstepaftw

      i've stopped watching jev but im back lmao and the SPR on multiplayer if you can snipe your gonna be broken

    7. bloodykid 2006

      Jev needs the tune up perk so he can self revive faster

    8. Maximus Blamey

      Ayo u should do another play through on a game sometime

    9. Kyle Mcculloch

      I feel like u need to start bjj so ur not stressed all the time

    10. Nick Waldron

      play tarkov for a month and youll think warzone is childs play

    11. william miller

      When i was playing a lot i was in a groove and so good but if you take breaks from the game its like you're trash lol. People play this game WAYYYYYY to much

    12. omnpHugs

      Faze jev give me $80 and I’ll fix your luck

    13. Bravo and Alpha

      Jev we will watch you play anything you want

      1. Bravo and Alpha

        We aren’t here for the game we’re here for you

    14. Lil pp Gang

      Try rebirth jev

    15. Marcus Hardeway

      Personally I think the AX-50 Is the best sniper but everyoyhas their opinions

    16. AridOmnivore

      I wonder if that dude knew a faze member was spectating him

    17. Jonathan M

      You need a squad or trio to practice and get the juice again

    18. BoxOfCurryos

      Warzone isn’t fun

    19. YT kiqstz

      Jev don’t play this shit game, go play some snipers only Cold War and be happy man, or play something else rather than cod, sometimes I just need to breath out and play something else, then back to cod and I shred

    20. SawIsUseless

      FaZe Jev carrying FaZe on youtube, FaZe Blaze carrying on twitch. Take a break Jev. :)

    21. Bailey Thomas

      Post some Diablo homie

    22. Oxycynical

      Y’all are sad for Jev but think about his editor like that’s 100x worse

      1. Colin Murphy

        He’s his editor lol

    23. W T K

      Jev is basically Seth rogan with a IRflow channel

    24. Billy bombas

      9:50 that transition had me gone

    25. Hi im Remy

      It annoys me so much thaat he didnt pick uo the satchel

    26. Raegan Webb

      Even if I’m wasting my time, I’m wasting his

    27. Jakoby Le russe

      5:53 same for me who else

    28. MyL2Broke_-

      I go through the same thing, confidence is a bitch to have and it’s a bitch to not have🤧

    29. Donte Jackson

      Play plunder and just get kills

    30. Colin Pyka

      this game is filled with people who send 22 hours a day playing, its ridiculous

    31. Sean Skillen

      wait you have won a game

    32. Matthew Vega

      Hey Jev since you're not enjoying cods br, I'd suggest Apex for some br practice. Its all about map rotations, holding height, etc. Ik you can learn these things in warzone but with the way people play warzone (super pussy bois), i feel you'd enjoy apex's br more. Or at the very least getting over that "i bet the enemy is doing this, that, etc" panic br mentality. In Apex, theres almost little to no pussy boi plays like there is in cod. Thats all just imo. also sry for roasing you abt talking about mma in your cod videos in the past. I was going through a rough time and for some reason i thought it was a good idea to trash you in the comment section for talking about something you enjoy on your own channel. I hope you and yours are doing well during this pandemic and all. Have a nice night bro and keep that good mental up. You're a beast. PS: if you try apex I know for a fact you'll shit on anyone with any sniper that game offers. And if you do pls clip it!

    33. Drewsky

      Jev I know I’m late but jev we need you man take a break we need happy jev

    34. Jax Isn’t DcCd

      Don’t leave us jev

    35. J Galaxy

      Been about 4 years since I saw your vids and GOD did I miss them

    36. Mystic Viking

      Jev take 1 week break play the games you wanna play please id rather see you happy then you upset

    37. Reckz MW

      When you can’t spell for shit “jevs title “

    38. Gabriel

      JeV since you like diablo, have you ever tried Monster Hunter?

    39. Zachary Sowinski

      I like to think the only reason jev hasn’t hung it up yet is for us commenting nice things and supporting him and it warms my heart

    40. Jordan Bernardinatti

      Please start uploading more warzone 😔

    41. Hunter

      I get it man, it feels like you’re shit and can’t do anything correctly.

    42. Excalibur Gaming

      Stop playing these games that piss you off for a bit, try doing a Diablo video since that brings you more joy

    43. Kyran Chapman

      jev take a break we dont need cw or warzone or whatever play what makes u happy then it makes us happy :)

    44. escobar6

      i will suck...

    45. Darkest Glory

      I know your job is IRflow, but your main job is yourself

    46. Cody Palko

      The reasons whys I can’t play solos

    47. John Preston

      I feel you man I just can't play this its mad boring and it takes forever to get 20 bombs

    48. Luigi-

      There was a gas mask at 4:20 and you didn't grab it...

    49. Sinr

      what’s your load out

    50. ME0W ME0W

      what's the point in playing modern warfare, hackers in 99% of games you play ?!

    51. kashif zakiullah

      Bruhh the valor set is better than the roland set

    52. T- Wally03

      Day six of asking Jev to play insurgency: sandstorm on steam.

    53. Jacob Boba

      Hey jev I doubt you’ll see this but I hope you’re ok and we all love and support you man just keep going with everything and take it as you go if something bad happens just try brush it off if something good happens try to embrace it but no matter what just know that we all are here watching your videos after years and years and you’re making a difference to peoples lives that you don’t even know you are helping so many people through this lockdown and you just keep on being the best you that we all know and love so don’t worry about stuff man we will always be here by your side ❤️

    54. A1 Mac


    55. LT Obzzure

      Damn I feel bad

    56. Nick Foran

      you okay jev?🥺

    57. Drew Garcia

      jev should livestream a day in the life

    58. Drew Garcia

      jev should livestream a day in the life

    59. Drew Garcia


    60. Savage Gaming TV

      play squads

    61. Jack Allen

      You complain for months about broken attachments and then use two modern warfare guns

    62. mvpminion

      is this the person that couldn't compete ?

    63. Tylectrix

      warzone is difficult

    64. Jordan Patrick

      Take a break if you need one homie! I’d ligit watch vids of you just ranting about the game 🖤

    65. Come up Visions

      6:44 spot on

    66. Stephen Holland

      Bro you look like your actually dying, take a full week off we will live

    67. mycz

      take a break bro get back on track.

    68. Brian Staker

      I’m in the exact same boat don’t give up, most important thing

    69. xTriangle

      The SP R is a dirty dirty sniper rifle i hit a 7x head shot with it multi player modern warfare is too easy i cant even play it anymore

    70. Reza smg

      ay man whats your controller sensitivity

    71. catman namtac

      make a diablo video

    72. Gbril Sword

      Play quads

    73. Greatest Ever

      its not a huge its a fragile ego you mean

    74. riSH

      I was good at the game then I bought the battle pass and my frame rate went to shit and I become the worst wz player

    75. slykk

      I'm really good at br games but I'm trash at warzone because of the way ppl play

    76. ElixirJD

      5:04 fam u literally done the same thing at the start of the match -_-

    77. alpha alex and alpha alexa

      yo i fucking putting comments in yt now it keeps saying that unable to send or some shit yt fix that its not that long bro danm

    78. Yous48

      Which operator is he using? Anyone knows?

    79. cash

      i’m worried about you jev

    80. dragon._.14

      Jev why don’t you play Rebirth Island

    81. Optahmism

      Jev the out cerebral thing I do it too. AND I FUCKING HATE IT. People just say don’t overthink it, like bro wtf it’s not that easy.

    82. Aead Khaled

      you can loadeout because warzone and mw better than cold war

    83. N M

      Jev, bruh, take a break if you need it. Or try findimg a squad, the game is not designes for solos and is much more fun if you have a squad of people who know what they are doimg.

    84. Braxton

      I’m the same way but with fighting games, I KNOW I’m good at Tekken but when I get 3-0 but a Devil Jin I get so fucking angry because I know they aren’t as good if a player they just play cheaply

    85. Soheil Fazeli

      Jev it's beter change the spr to kar98 and use m4 smg or good second gun for close range

    86. iconic

      sniping is hard when everyone is using the broken guns because they're broken

    87. iconic

      challenge accepted: go on omegle again

    88. Brent Dagley

      You talk about Diablo a lot you should post it

    89. Brent Dagley

      “This game feels like a dry hand job with calloused hands” 😂😂 quote of the century

      1. Brent Dagley

        @Hot Raj D typo lmao

      2. John Bey Films

        @Hot Raj D 😅😅😅

      3. Hot Raj D

        How did you misspell hand but correctly spelled calloused?

      4. John Bey Films

        Dude I read this comment as he said it. Made it THAT much better 😂

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    91. MentioneD

      Miss the old jev😢

    92. MentioneD

      Damm I just went on a rampage of looking at 6year old videos of him talking about his job

    93. Mofenyi Maimela

      Glad you took a break. There's literally THOUSANDS of your content . We love you and support you. When you return? It gonna pack a punch like THEE DEMI GOD. Salute

    94. Wavyy HD

      Play Friday night funkin for challenge accepted

    95. Matthew Kruse

      Zombies is super fun

    96. Andrew Winter

      Spr is garbage dum

    97. leonides mendoza

      Jev me boy just post videos of what you like my guy.

    98. Xx Jedi xX 6981

      “Their scared just terrified” 4 mins ago camping behind a counter

    99. Joe Mama

      Imagine if Jen played with me on war zone ps if anyone wanna play my username is Gdude07

    100. WestCoastBroke

      upload diablo i’m interested in it jev