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    1. Roman Henry

      that guy little brother defintiely took the controller

    2. Lardo

      Bro this game is more camp heavy than PUBG…Pathetic.

    3. XisTheStart

      it sad that the majority of cod players now just rather sit in corners or roofs no one has a pair of balls anymore only the people with a twitch or youtube really move and a very small percent of other players can play a game of cod with something swinging down there but the of the rest of the people think sitting in a house with 3 other guys is "tactical" in a game were you can jump around a corner with a 50 lbs lmg and have lil to no recoil or swing, its a game 9 year olds can understand your not good if u sit and hear someones footsteps and procceed to not move till they're in front of you. first cod devs were ruining their franchise but now that actually good cod games come out ppl want to play like its hide and go seek with guns. Players fuck up multiplayer games more nowadays than devs

    4. Jennifer Ruiz

      rip stab master arson, very cool tactical dude

    5. Jennifer Ruiz

      "everything was so calm, cool, collected, calculated, methodical.." is the gaming equivalent to that lady gaga clip lol

    6. Jennifer Ruiz

      out of all Jev's spectating videos, this one sounds like the most professional lol

    7. Idk IIV

      Get some new content

    8. John Doe


    9. I Am x Fire

      The long-term fir industrially behave because viola relatedly sin athwart a dangerous kenya. utter, abrasive cupboard

    10. tbsdrummer87

      Man majority of players just suck

    11. Patrick Kilduff

      It's funny you call every player 'this guy' as if there are no female Warzone players...even when you thought the persons name was Tonya, you assumed it was a dude...

    12. jake harvey

      it pisses me off how bad these guys are and they still think they are good at the game hahaha

    13. minato sama

      It's tony not tonya

    14. Icyy-_-Warrior

      Anyone else play for wins and worried every time a notification pops up? lol I’m always worried when someone is spectating me in solos now days 🤣🤣

    15. John Christain

      How do I get these lobbies



    17. K-Field Isaac

      Tonya Lonso Ball

    18. DeadBanjo

      U should start a brand new account and spectate that

    19. Bets11

      his name is tony alonso, not tonya lol

    20. Waving Buddy

      you actually get the same zoom as before its just the viewing window is smaller (for the pelington)

    21. SHYLA T[A]P 0N [M][Y] PiC

      Challenge accepted: The video ends when you rage in warzone.


      6:48 completely changed my mind on dead silence. Always hated how powerful it is but when people like to sit in buildings I get it.

    23. Peter Hull

      I can play and win rebirth with no audio but I can not do gd shit in warzone with no audio. That’s why dead silence is in the game, audio is everything.

    24. YAJEE

      i think robots are real

    25. ken johnson

      Great fights this weekend!

    26. Joseph Hertzog

      Jev started a trend, he started spectating warzone just for the hell of it and now other youtubers are doing the same thing

    27. Chrispy

      Great job boys we hit 4.69 subs

    28. Garfield4317

      His 5th attachment is probably the fully loaded perk

    29. Big_James

      My biggest fear is appearing in one of these and getting absolutely roasted

    30. AAG_Pizza3

      You should be a warzone tournament commentator

    31. Jacob Boba

      To do with the 5th attachment on the amax me and my friend recently thought about a late zone class with having to mw weapons with the perk fully loaded on the gun so you have maxed ammo almost as soon as you land later in game meaning you aren’t in danger of running out of ammo extremely fast

    32. domaindiego_ TTV

      *Dogecoin to the moon* 🚀🚀

    33. lvloody

      I think bory had their kid just walk forward and hide while they went to get/do something

    34. Snopple Wopple

      Mans thought he was playing Tarkov

    35. Josiah Moore

      Jev, gas masks don't last in the gas. You know this lol.

    36. Josiah Moore

      Meh, I used to love Warzone and Warzone content but I'm over it now and I'm sad about it.

    37. VerTicuL.

      i played with bory kill you a few days ago

    38. Noble

      IRflowrs really out here straight up copying Jev's idea. I've seen 5 big streamers now doing spectating vids.

    39. Derek Schuch

      First guy was pretty fricken cringe to watch.

    40. Zriy Vhraeox

      lmfao I love the fact that people who uses thermal sights are considered psychopaths. Guess I'll have to see a therapist after all

    41. Ryan S

      tony alonso nahhh tonya lonso

    42. Alexander Tyson

      3:26 that was not a run.

    43. John Smitt

      Bro we need to see your face reaction is 50% of the reason why i come to watch it.

    44. Justbeamyport0

      Battlefield 6 reaction???😂😂😂

    45. Snowy Sniper Mattsuki



      jev you should make a titanfall 2 in 2021 vid been having so much fun on that taking a break from warzone and cold war LIKE IF U AGREE

    47. Jason Haniff

      Challenge accepted: Jev plays subnautica

    48. iSean DSK

      Jev for commentator of the year 🐐

    49. Hello100bro 1221

      play rebirth 😩

    50. KTLyons2712

      They added drop zone back into mw multiplayer

    51. Angel Mast

      Tonya 😂🤣🤣 bruhh

    52. seth weston

      Challenge accepted:I am bread.....

    53. Conner McColm

      hey jev have you thought about doing another lets play but the new alien game there very good or even the star wars games

    54. DangleMiLemons

      tonya lonso> tony alonso

    55. Jo

      LMFAOOOO it’s tony man

    56. The Alpha Elf

      Tonyalonso: Tony Alonso: Tonya Lonso Jev: They’re the same picture

    57. Just Barely Decent

      Tonya Lonso or Tony Alonso

    58. TheBoiAlfonso

      A jev vid never fails

    59. Galen Marek

      Love you jev

    60. Robert

      U should revisit cod mobile. Changed sooooo much

    61. DBO Thundurr

      Jev should play knockout city

    62. ESHLOVE _

      Jev should host a private game and spectate his subscribers

    63. Buff Sponge

      Day 7 of asking jev to play rainbow 6 again

    64. GG LOL3232

      jev bring back jevs cafe please bro! i love the series

    65. eric pobi

      i j remembered i sent you a snake a few years ago

    66. Allen Wadenholm

      8:49 they already made pvp splinter cell in blacklist, the spies vs mercs multiplayer mode.

    67. Loca Eris

      Battlefield 6 I need to see u play rn

    68. Evan St. Pierre

      Just realized I've been watching your videos for 10 years, since MW3. I appreciate you so much Jev, thank you for everything you do.

    69. Baby Pluto

      How come I can’t get lobbies like this

    70. mama mami 1234 yeet

      At this point..POWERDUCK should start a youtube channel..

    71. walky


    72. Lohmoeller

      do the ballistic knife in sticks and stones, its so much easier

    73. xAvengerrr Conner hodge

      Tonya!!! Lonsooooo!!!!

    74. Young Reefer


    75. ashton jeffries

      Applebeeslegend a real one

    76. voidツ

      Powerducks line up

    77. Leo Flores

      Jev’s cafe

    78. Red’s Wasted

      The first player spectated should’ve just stayed where he landed, he would’ve made top 10 at least lol

    79. Christian Zito

      jev: this guy has to be on a heater the dude: *has 5 kills* jev: *giggles*

    80. Noah Berkel

      That amaz guy was totally walling

    81. Darth snxgs

      Challeng excepted: eat Korean fire noodles

    82. zqwaw

      U should spectate squad games or trios

    83. Tonyo

      Tony Alonso is pronounced as Tonja... lmao

    84. Kryptic Sceptixx

      lmao the end though

    85. JackSwervo

      Enough spectating bro, dookie on sum kids

    86. Noir

      Challenge accepted do a reaction on battlefield 2042

    87. Howard Chong

      How many likes for a Jevs cafe?

    88. Roblox And Memes

      A Jev a day keeps the corona away.

    89. TheNetflixGamer

      Love you jev

    90. Mason chill out

      Considering the fact that we didn’t see jev in this video I think he found out what he looks like without facial hair

    91. Connor Robertson

      no one will talk about stopping power on a sniper?

    92. LastBreath

      Jev I absolutely love ur channel mate I been subbed for such a long time, and I know you aren't gonna see this but just so you know Your content lately and last year is fucking trash play something else, We want new vids of other shit, ur channel can use a fat break from sweaty camp cod, TAKE A BREAK.

    93. Fusion_

      He was in a really good mood today

    94. cryptic siren

      Go check your pets in Minecraft

    95. Aiden Yorulmaz

      challenge accepted: play rebirth island

    96. Jason Harding

      Do you go outside ever?

    97. ThatOneKidJose

      I swear why can’t i come across players like this when i play. Only players i find are roze skins with their sensitivity over 300🤦‍♂️

    98. Blue Scar

      Which region does jev play?

    99. ShoKasaki2k12

      I was taking a bite of my food when the ending happened and I almost died.