A day of WARZONE disregarding my feelings

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    1. Mitchell peck

      I hope his girl never leaves him man i feel like he would be lost i love you jev

    2. Kyle Thysse

      I would love for the engine to change honestly, something on cold war just feels easier to play for me

    3. CrazyGhost

      Imagine being deaf the game is literally unplayable

    4. Andreas Jepsen

      This is why I play Plunder

    5. Mason Demeure

      does the thumbnail mean something what does that word mean

    6. Your Local Casual

      I introduced my friend that plays Warzone into multiplayer and I pooped on him. You have a point

    7. The Bean

      Nobody: IRflow: “he’s playing call of duty from 2003”

    8. Alexander Da Great

      Bet they’re gonna release the water in dam and pull a fortnite where everything is water

    9. wOkeUpAsta

      10:14 😂

    10. Ryan Paras

      Jev actually got better at warzone

    11. Not Nick Lol

      They should keep the tactical sprint

    12. R M

      Warzone is completely POOOP

    13. Thunder storm

      0:31 laugh of superiority

    14. Hadoop Bro

      Blind people be like : -_-

    15. Nick Schuman

      Might be an unpopular opinion but CW’s engine and perks in warzone would be way better

    16. Lagoon

      dude this shit hurts so bad man.. i regret what i ate today god damn

    17. glain ay

      He talks about the most random things

      1. G935G

        Thats why hes so entertaining

    18. Armani

      Most of the ppl who complain about the CW engine haven’t played it enough. Chat shit all you want but isn’t it funny how the CW weapons are the meta on a different engine.

    19. Liam Dawson

      Donny makes an excuse every time he dies

      1. Liam Dawson

        @G935G No mate but i don’t make excuses every time i die

      2. G935G

        Are u in faze?

    20. ño life Άιντεν.


    21. Super_Shorts

      People think jev got mad aim assist when it’s deadzone setting 😂😂😂

    22. SifferTheSly

      We must be playing different games, I swear I've never heard a proper set of footsteps in this game. I'm always as loud as an elephant and they are ninjas.

    23. Doge Dude4

      Jev may not be the best faze member according to skill, but he is definitely is the most entertaining to watch, and by FAR has the best personality. Very good videos.

    24. SHY

      Warzone is so ass it’s jokes that ppl actually play it

    25. Ansnssb Fnfnfnf

      Try apex

    26. Blin Blyat

      Jev is great and all. What impresses me most is the fact that he frags out with the damn default sight for the Kar.

    27. Marlon

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    28. Jennifer Ruiz

      OOF that intro🔥

    29. ROBO

      If they do switch to cold war's engine I would love to see some iconic black ops maps integrated into warzone such as nuketown and raid.

    30. JOSE LOPEZ

      Jevs best girl out of faze

    31. elimisurski

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    32. v Manning

      if they swap to the cold war engine, i'll actually be able to enjoy warzone, it feels so much better than MW's AAAAAAAAAAAAAND the guns on the CW engine have more recoil than they do on the MW engine, which is great

    33. Arun Dass

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    34. Arun Dass

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    35. Casper

      Jev has always been built different

    36. SuperSayian Debro

      Wait thy tried to say jev’s girl had something to do with him "looking” depressed (notice the looking part because he’s not😀) I feel like looking depressed or being mad comes with playing video games, you kids need to relax

    37. Charles Krammes

      ok ppl do u not remember black out in bo4 its gonna be just like that but better

    38. Reyhana Ahamad


    39. Bleeding2323

      How do you change your fov

    40. Ryan Welch

      This game honestly brings me no joy anymore

    41. Andres Contreras

      Bruh love your ffar class

    42. :/

      Not happy jev

    43. XenzZ

      Yk how op it would be if you could change the different audios in this game like footsteps and gunshots

    44. kickass1238UMLl


    45. Stomping Peak

      I've been campaigning for dead silence as a perk in mw and warzone for over a year. Its the main thing that ruined mw and made the both of them soo campy. Same thing happened in mw3 and ghosts with sitrep pro and amplify(can hear all steps with these perks)

    46. Falcon Howard

      Cold War engine is far superior

    47. mace jade

      How did you get the ultra dark matter Ultra so fast? :D :3 UwU.

    48. LastHeat

      I love how Jev was basically like “I can express my own opinion cause I don’t have a code.” 😂

    49. Cam x223

      who else thinks the cold war engine looks kinda shitty? i mean cw has the dirtybomb mode and its kinda like BR but anyone else think it looks like shit? even that zombies mode that was out, it just looked so bad. i like the mw engine better for warzone

    50. Jay Bee

      I wish warzone wasn’t made by call of duty because it really isn’t the same, you can definitely use your multiplayer skills but it’s definitely a different ball game..

    51. Emmanuel Morata

      You played warzone again?, no wonder why your therapist cant help, you keep doing this to yourself. But i love the content keep it up its great.

    52. Cant think of a username

      no they said they are not shifting engines

    53. Jason Montero

      Jev play rebirth plz

    54. Dhr. Woltemade

      Thats exactly what i've been thinking, activision is going to shift everything over to the cold war engine, when that happens, i'm uninstalling this shit until they put it back, hopefully when MW2 comes out. I absolutely despise the cold war engine, it SUCKS, its like they got the fired developers that worken on GTA vice and gave them a tutorial for developing doom 2 and said, "please make cold war. Oh and please make the weapon and character movement as stiff as possible and forget about the amazing graphics they created in MW.".

    55. Rajaalghani

      Hearing Jev talking about Alexis is so heartwarming

    56. young boss

      can’t wait till jev and his wife get a little older and start a family channel. now THAT is a family channel i would watch

    57. SONA

      if the cold war engine is used for the new map the entire game is chalked

    58. Tynan

      Are you ever going to go back to apex legends?

    59. Don Reese O'Brien

      "I'm a Caterpillar bitch" "I'm a god damn onion mason"

    60. Obito Uchiha

      Changing the engine will be the best thing ever modern doorfare sucks and I hope it dies

    61. Drippy Gravity

      Where can I find cod warzone updates

    62. bio baby rapstar 101

      dude, I hope most people who watch you care more about your mental health rather than warzone, so we are fine with you playing whatever makes you happy.

    63. roman so cool

      whats the song at the beginning?

    64. ACowboys27

      Fix ur dead zone so don’t have drift

    65. xCriticalChipsx

      I agree with nerfing footsteps and I think they should get rid of heart beat sensor

    66. Joseph Grant

      My dumbass don’t even use sound and get mad Bc I get shot in the back

    67. jpa750pro

      You know what let me be nice kar 98 his own attments now perks i pick high alert amp and the blue is going to be cold bluded and second dary is a desert eagle with your own attments

    68. Brendan Drayton

      Jev is simp

    69. Liam Mastervick

      I speak for everyone when I say Cold War is the most shit engine from any call of duty


      Engine is what matters.

    71. Jack D

      I really really really really really really hope that Warzone stays on the MW engine.

    72. N1ghtz

      anybody know the song he uses in the intro?

      1. N1ghtz

        i found it: Rhythm Thief Theme

    73. AikWorldz-

      Lol jev doesn't get dev error but his game still gets ruined

    74. herewego

      6:05 is one of the most relatable clips of all 🤣🤣

    75. alex bob

      Who's Samantha?

    76. David Martinez

      imma be fr, why you still play then if it gets you like that lol

    77. Alex Schifano

      stick drift = aim assist

    78. william miller

      Stadium use to be my shit ans now everyone goes there because the room. Fuck off

    79. DubstepZz

      When the beard starts getting beefy food is no longer enjoyable 🤣

    80. Timothy

      Just saying u should play with friends bc I think you will be happier

    81. Florz

      Remove footsteps? probably the dumbest take yet

    82. Grandpa Billy

      I hope they switch the engine. I would enjoy watching the carnage

    83. PlayahTime

      4:05 and when he says talk he actually means talk we’re holy around here

    84. Frenzy Nhi

      Bf6 teaser trailer kinda fresh

    85. Jan

      i dont hear shit when someones around me...

    86. zandr

      why tf did they not keep zombies on shipwreck

    87. Larsa Jr

      My dude, if the rumors are true with CW engine i'll quit Warzone to be honest.. But i'll probably still end up playing it because i have nothing better to do...

    88. Drewber Beast

      I love his classes names Mad Real mad

    89. Ruben Pascual

      Jev is just the superior IRflow person

    90. Alden Moran

      I stopped liking jev cause all he does is complain and he only plays cod nowadays

    91. Fuzion Knightmare

      Jev u shouldnt play solos just play like fill its more fun .solos are so campy

    92. Tastier jungle 46

      Dutlniv tioogattlyg

    93. Dorito Tip

      2:36 got me rolling

    94. SoughtYaper

      I dont even play warzone, or br games I general. I play cold war only for zombies, and the mw engine is SO much better then the cold war one. If they change the warzone engine to the cold war one then it doesn't effect me at all. But I'll be pissed off because of how much cock and balls the cold war engine sucks

    95. Camrenzz

      i hate dev errors there they equivalently as annoying as dmr meta

    96. Smol_Galaxy

      *someone saying that cw is dogshit and they are doing something bad for the game* Jev:"THAT'S WHAT MODERN WARFARE DID"

    97. Large Human

      Whos alexis

    98. sean bond

      jev bro trust you have to get a team idk sum friends and play sum trios or quads not duos its literally just solos but With 2 people😭

    99. BranAeF

      If they switch to that horrible engine the game is dead on arrival

    100. Basketball king Clutch

      Who has been here ever since outlast? I I V