SPECTATING WARZONE DUOS is a completely different experience

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    1. kanoa monke

      I waited at summit and you never came ):

    2. Bazdarino The Bizier

      lol Jev is terrible

    3. BO55_H4MZ4H —

      7:40 yoo jev chill you dont wanna get cancelled lol

    4. Charlottemadetimmy

      best cod caster ever

    5. Frank Tank

      Just a suggestion, I feel like you cut your clips too much. Sometimes you’ll cut a clip by like 5 secs. There is no need to lol We don’t mind watching it out full.

    6. Shane Wilson

      Do console players not know how to slide cancel because right can do it!?!?

    7. Storsteez

      Also at the same time, the whole rage quitting at the start of games is the same reason "half the lobby dies" by the time you get out of gulag lol, i used to get 0 kill gulags and get solid regain games all the time, not the case now cause trash players are so mad that they died for the 99th time in a row with 0 kills in their solo lobby lol

    8. Storsteez

      I love you and all Jev but I disagree, those rats in the attics and the corners and the bushes DO NOT deserve to be catered to lol

    9. FrancoDahGlizock05

      1:34 I was like really a pistol then BOMB!!! YES!!!! BITCH!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    10. Bro-D

      Someone send me the link of the video where jev uses the "yip yip" sound for his teammate called appa or sum shit, thank you in advance

    11. Minh Duong

      Jev got the pass 💯

    12. Joshua Pickering

      These shouldn't be this fun to watch but they areee

    13. Rubencito Kun

      You niggas changed the landscape who GAVE THIS GUY THE N PASS

    14. Frostyy

      I remember when you used to get picked on for camping and hard scopin now mfers get praised for doing that shit

    15. Joe Wise

      7:28 just pop your UAV and push Ffs

    16. Baby Yoda

      The guys name is tequila 1800 and I got an ad for some actual tequila that’s called tequila 1800

    17. James Morgan 62 (STUDENT)

      i only got gold for 2 snipers

    18. ABROAD98

      Jev videos are so awesome

    19. Charlie Stokes

      I love this guys commentary

    20. Deion

      I didn't watch this to hear you complaining, play another game or stop crying

    21. Ray Martinez

      Had a 5 kills in the beginning of a match was doing well, but died cus I didn’t expect someone to be hiding in the bathroom

    22. kevin chappel

      Love this series

    23. oI Power Io

      Solo Mode where the Player with the Most Kills Wins. Respawns on 100 Players

    24. Donny Fly

      Hate warzone/love the jev vid, but why is he actually spitting facts on this sellout game mode and the new camping(slow paced/ yolo) meta cod is in. Never thought cod, let alone a black ops would be more fun to watch rather than play

    25. FrothyFriz

      3:28 bruh need to make warzone gun gale online

    26. Fitkillerwolf

      7:40 ayo ill slide u a pass keep it on the DL tho

    27. I Rampxge

      I agree with the map uav or no ghost after a certain point, my first game on after 3 months or so of a break I end up getting 8 kills and then it was left to me and one guy after I killed the third one and he was camping in a house right next to it literally as you explained it IT WAS A DARK CORNER, you already know warzone got deleted right after and back into my ps4 library

    28. Logan Simmons

      Jev, this Is how I play at 4 am tired as shit.

    29. TheAceTwo


    30. Aiden Vaughn

      Lmao this man still mad bout that time he died 😂😂 still roasting on the game

    31. quinten landry

      if mw2 remastered comes out they will find some way to fuck it up

      1. quinten landry

        they always do

    32. Chris Davis


    33. Tyler Hortman

      Jevs intro is just the best because it's so far from obnoxious

    34. Jacob Mills

      I feel like the best way they can combat campers in warzone is basically have a uav ping every 1 minute and if you’re not moving then you’ll be pinged even if you have ghost basically like the Cold War ghost perk

    35. SC

      Multiplayer is coke -Warzone is weed!What you like more

    36. Unev __

      there's some rumors that modern warfare 2 remastered possibly coming out- wait didn't we already get that some months ago?

    37. Slade Brebrick


    38. DarkDevil One

      The uav idea solos would be perfect. Im the kind of player if I see someone either I'm dying or they are. But it sucks getting into a fight then a guy hiding in a bush next to you for literally 10 minutes finally decides to pop up abd shoot you instead of the other players that clearly walked past right before. That just creates more campers when people keep dying like that

    39. Tactical Lego 13

      7:40 😬

    40. Jack Powell

      I feel you man I like respawn too. We’re full boomer mode.

    41. Connor Flack

      Big Brian jev lmao

    42. Sean B

      See that’s why when i do solo i run riot shield sticks and rush everyone. Gotta make it fun somehow

    43. spelt


    44. Ethan Salas

      Squad fill rebirth may have a lot more fun I know I do

    45. frederik stræde

      Did this guy just call a Defender a fucking Jeep. On behalf of Europe and India: I’m disappointed.

    46. Tastier jungle 46

      Dutlniv tioogattlyg

    47. Roobobin

      7:40 ayo⁉️⁉️

    48. Nvydia_


    49. uhZiggy

      Ayo Jev let’s just delete this video and go cut out 7:40-7:41 I really don’t want you to get cancelled

    50. Cmm Colt

      Did he say the n word at 7:40

    51. Rec M3KH1

      yall think he said cause idk7:36

    52. THE TRIO

      anyone else hear him say the N word at 7:40

      1. Ha Ha

        Nobody cares

    53. Schmitzelhaus

      This endgame....duos now as well?! I´ll run the damn vehicle dmg barrel 100% if i ever bother to play BR again! You should´ve let the benny hill theme play during this.

    54. Six -_-

      he was prolly cheating look at his tracking jev

      1. Ha Ha

        Im so good you think I’m cheating lmao

    55. ExpiredMilk-_-

      Jev was in a good lood

    56. Curles

      Honestly warzone is crap if I play a BR I’m playing Apex 100%

    57. Valter Silva

      definitely more interesting

    58. Aero Blight

      I just like sniping.. Duos, trios, or quads.. Makes no difference, ping me a body and watch the AX-50 pop off.

    59. KaiiChann

      if i ever kill you in game i am staying where i killed you, when i see you drop back in im going to drop my weapons and i want a clean fist fight.

    60. D Morton

      7:38 did jev say the nword🤔

    61. Harrison Horwitz

      I want a modern warfare 3 remastered

    62. NRN Productions

      I’m just used to the no outro by now!!

    63. Bryant Rodriguez

      i like your content, but as a newcomer to CoD/Warzone community--I don't get the rage against people trying to win via camping strategies lol

    64. NotSkull

      Did he say the n word at 7:38??

    65. Isaiah Benjamin

      7:39 he said these niggas change

    66. Jack is Cool

      Challenge accepted don’t cry for a single video

    67. Calum

      7:40 Jev says something 🤔

    68. Nathan Stewart

      Challenge: jev plays warzone and takes a shot every time he contemplates ending it all.

    69. Vincent LeGrowl

      There's no point in playing as an average player anymore with all these try hards doing the most every single game.

    70. Rusty Abrahams

      Yes to more spectator matches!!

    71. willy_ _yikes

      7:39 Faze Jev N Word Incident 2021

    72. Mystery Puz

      "FaZe Clan Member"

    73. Zeppelin Contreras

      We need jev to commentate on a warzone tourney

    74. Aye

      7:40 ay yoooo what did he sayyyyy

    75. David Sciortino

      Can u play resurgence

    76. Logan P

      I like these videos the more and more I watch truck blowing up I almost jumped out of my chair in excitement

    77. QtMystikx

      7:38 did he say the n word?😂

    78. PonchoMadeThat

      Remember the days that Jev used to do his hair daily because he hated his curls? The first video that he put on a hat? Good times.

    79. LOL

      battle royale is just not a good design for solo, if you think a constant UAV will help get people moving it absolutely will not, it will do the opposite. people camp the hardest when they know where people are, think about the heart beat sensor, once people have someone on the heart beat they will crouch round corners slowly walk and play so slow until the zone comes if they have too, solos will never be a good game mode in battle royale

    80. K u r o o

      80% of the video is he bitching about playing safe

      1. ׄ

        Playing safe? Its fucking solos you literally have a second chance with the gulag

    81. GT Gang

      Ksg and Bo2 riot shield would be clutch on warzone 😂😂

    82. Kippy 299

      I should do this. @~@ Weed out the cheaters XD

    83. THE BOZZ

      Love these vids bro, sorry you have to go through this tho‘ 😂🤝

    84. Lazar Latinovic

      Day 2 of trying this: Challenge accepted: Use meta set ups, sit in a dark corner and win a solo match

    85. Dominic Perdichizzi

      7:50 "the ground is lava, NO-" -FaZe Jev

    86. Tyler Owens

      7:41 watch your mouth don’t say the n word your white so watch your mouth pretty boy

      1. Ochoa

        His dads black

    87. Joaquin Lopez

      If Jev played snd he would get 5 times as mad as he would in warzone

    88. devon's BIG Toe

      what’s that kids fara 83 class at 12:04

    89. Samuel Smith

      1:33 had me dying

    90. Coleture

      def do some duos here and there. maybe even throw in a quads spectating vid 😳 i think that be wild

    91. Brandon Roe

      6:24 Dude, I'm right there with you Jev - I started really getting into Cod during MW2. So I love playing respawn games, I run and gun a lot, but I also die my fair share. But I wouldn't saying I'm not entertaining to watch. The BR and kind of do or die game modes are what's in now.

    92. Alex Talmage

      I miss the cod he speaks of

    93. LyinZ VFX

      7:40 he said n word lmao

    94. Joseph J. Celli

      Nah Jev, we chasing dubs not kills 😈

    95. El4te Vortex

      Challenge accepted: Play like cobal

    96. CrazyWasCrazy Ps4

      Ohh I’m fuckin flashed

    97. cestus _3lackwe11 playz

      A couple seconds after 7:36 if you listen closely Jev says the N word

    98. MERCURY

      7:40, his dad is black fyi

    99. Swancadelic

      kovile was a girl

    100. Musti 17

      Yesterday in solos i went into the hangars mid game and 3 dudes sat in different corners without realizing each other