Forcing myself to UNLOCK DARK MATTER ULTRA for EVERY weapon

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    1. Alejandro Delgado

      Challenge accepted play 2k

    2. Dj S’more

      I miss the old trickshot faze days

    3. Slammers

      play forza please

    4. John Doe


    5. BRUH biqw


    6. Mr. Mack

      Maybe give red dead 2 a try ?

    7. Alijah

      Get “the crew 2”

    8. d bayyy


    9. Keagan Ellis

      I'm so disappointed in Cold War's dark matter it looks like fucking purple water

    10. I'm D'Andre

      Apex legends

    11. USTE PRRO :v

      Play nascar heat 5

    12. John Grisham

      Please for the love of God play Forza Horizon 4. It would be my favorite person playing my favorite game.

    13. david Le

      I just eating dinner and bingle all your videos 🥺


      癬麼劇羽 西 癠車 刺務百 癬序國 大、一 您折中 悶锸富弓 奢心 比找屬一 國成凱劇 測完殻 劇刷刷

    15. apper566

      Challenge Accepted: Try a Battlefield game

    16. Ultimate Ronald

      Man remember when people used to play video games for fun?

    17. Percskies

      He cannot possibly be stable to play Cold War

    18. wydpanda

      Jev do the machete in league play it’s cheesy af and if it’s your first time playing it then you’ll get in lobbies with bots

    19. Verxei

      Was in your game lol 4:00

    20. Kegatori

      Challenge accepted: play biomutant

    21. Iris rahubka

      Challenge accepted: use ghost and the Belly flop finisher in warzone and the guns that come with it :)

    22. JarHead (JarHead)

      Challenge accepted: play Forza horizon 4

    23. Bosscaller13

      I would love to see you play a racing game lol

    24. Cmull569

      Play forza 4 its still fun or nfs heat

    25. Alvaro Diaz

      When is there gonna be another horror gameplay 😫

    26. [ organic ]

      this does not sound fun

    27. Cadle

      The fact that he hasn’t played a second of zombies

    28. iSean DSK

      Jason just has a different level of everyday stress 😭

    29. Private Label

      Try gran tourismo sport. There’s a huge drift community that I’m sure would help out. Plus it could use some attention from larger streamers.

    30. XXPerfectClutch

      I would like to see you play whatever you want and it would be nice to see you play a racing game

    31. still Terminal

      unlocking DM Ultra through warzone😂😂😂

    32. JT Luis

      Racing series jev

    33. nulldotorg

      jev u should try a racing game im down to watch

    34. Simon Silvers

      Challenge Accepted: Play something besides Call Of Duty... it’s terrible :/

    35. Darkness Artist

      Thoughts on a discord server?


      Trophy systems should not affect the crossbow and ballistic knife

    37. Logan Corbin

      I play this shit 🙃🙃🙃🙃

    38. AggeBagge

      go back and play old cods

    39. James Wallace

      I don’t even play this game anymore. Jev you deserve so much better. Activision need to sort their games out. Shit is trash

    40. levi southern

      play some mx vs atv all out or monster energy supercross 4. mesx4 if you want a more realistic play, mx vs atv if you want a more arcade play. both fun!

    41. Tyler Withnell

      Do it jev please play something new I love when you do

    42. Unknown

      Challenge accepted: play hollow knight without raging

    43. Miguel Soto

      i did that shit too but i quit i wanted to hang myself

    44. Dante Inpuro

      Jez if your getting into racing games my man...I know a pretty good underrated racing game that's lots of fun

    45. fireballjaw

      Play need for speed hot pursuit remastered it’s on the PS4 pc great ps3 classic!

    46. M F

      Okay Need For Speed Underground 2 or Need For Speed Most Wanted

    47. Dylan Katz

      How are you still playing this game

    48. Mase

      jev can you wish me a happy birthday pls

    49. Bryce Anderson

      Play Forza!

    50. Nestor Cabrera

      Jev should play knockout city

    51. Brayden Oldhouser

      If you're going to do racing stuff try Car X Drift Racing it's one of my all-time favorites :)

    52. 22 Savage

      Unpopular opinion:Cold War isn’t bad

    53. Luxifyy

      Challenge Accepted: Play Black Ops 2 Plutonium (day 37 of asking)

    54. (PG)Ghost

      I wanna see requis

    55. николай масейчук

      I would never recommend any of you to a scammer and not trustworthy person Restorepanel on insta is the right to choose in viewing private account and any other hacking related problems..

    56. Jason Vorheez

      Would you consider doing a play through series or another game like re 8?

    57. jah lives in me

      i rather watch you play cold war than warzone tbh

    58. вероника ванюшина

      Go hire Restorepanel on !nsta for spy service into private account, photos and followers with pass-code will be granted to you immediately, This dude is great...

    59. HF ULXA

      i mean you could always play a rage game even though you hate them

    60. Purpolo

      Challenge Accepted: grind for Dark Aether in Zombies

    61. vinny tuzzolion

      Challenge Accepted: Go back to mouse and keyboard on powerduck for a while to switch things up for yourself

    62. That63Center

      I would love to see battlefield👍

    63. Xxplosive -XCxzXy

      Bro try Forza is a good racing game !!!!! I would watch it

    64. W •

      Bro just play apex

    65. OG_ Mach1

      Love u jev u should try and play absolver

    66. Shields

      play rocket league and get really good at that it’s like cod all over again

    67. Noire

      Honestly this is understandably unpopular to say, but I do seem to enjoy Cold War more when I’m with friends versus when I’m alone Edit: I have Need for Speed Heat and it bangs, it’s not a Forza game but it kinda slaps

    68. Cesar Cisneros

      Challenge accepted: play ufc online

    69. Jop Van Rossem

      Challenge accepted: play F1 2021 Hard to rage in, fun and competitive

    70. Scarrow

      He needa new game to play man

    71. Kai

      Play forza 4 it’s on steam

    72. Brody Cornish

      get f1 2021 it’s fun

    73. Jesus Calihua

      Jev back to mk11

    74. Kevin Ruiz Perez

      Due dark matter in Zombies

    75. Justice Bellard

      anyone know the song at 1:10?

    76. Xavier Perez

      play apex legends plz

    77. WhyRanger

      I would watch a jev forza series

    78. YeeT XI

      We need another single player game play through

    79. Andrew Flores

      PLEASE PLAY RACING GAMES, I don't like seeing Jev's mental health deteriorate because of Warzone, Play whatever you want Jev. You don't have to play warzone

    80. Zinemagnetic

      Correction, a lot of ppl are playing this its just that warzone has like 3 million players a day on

    81. Dark Cheetos1895

      “Don’t have anything right now” challenge accepted and Jev’s cafe: am I a joke to you?

    82. BoredHub

      Play a single player game

    83. EvolveNation™


    84. Leopardshark21

      How come jev doesn’t play rebirth resurgence, way more fun than verdansk

    85. Andrew Shurr

      You should cover Battlefield 6 when it comes out or Fry Cry 6

    86. HorrorBro

      Yo, Jev if you want to play a game that's just mindless shooting NPC and just relaxing, Id recommend "The Division"

    87. Cliff Copeland

      Hear me out. Rocket league.

    88. xolar 火

      dont you mean nobody plays mw?

    89. PhantomFluid

      Honestly jev, I’ve also had the craving to play a racing game

    90. Julian Lopez

      You should play gta

    91. Eternal RL.

      Play rocket league

    92. LS Nate

      Challenge Accepted: Forza Horizon

    93. Connor Burns

      I’m more than happy to watch you drift on Forza lmao

    94. Relieved Dimetrodon

      2:02 because modern warfare is better

    95. Jorge Luis

      Asetta corsa, spintires? Gta races?😁

    96. Da GoalKeepa

      You should get the wheel/pedal/shifter set up for Forza, it's fucking awesome

    97. Rorion Soroka

      jev, play fortnite

    98. Michael Throneberry

      Try playing Battlefield 4 again that would be fire


      That had to be the most coincidental comment I've ever heard. I was going to comment on your previous video and say play forza. Zero thinking involved. Manual clutch is king btw or just manual. Forza Horizon 3 is more fun then 4, music is better and contact aloud ( if one wants revenge on an idiot driver ) 4 is more into racing. U can't take idiots out on 4, you'll ghost through them or if u hit into a barrier you'll slow down. 3 is less thinking.

    100. CEO of Snuff Film Productions

      Well i don't think we wouldn't mind seeing forza Jev