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      7:53 mexicano claro que si كضحشيةصج شححذوث شتحكَ

    2. Darrell Smith

      Your my only happiness jev love you

    3. Superpig

      can’t top jev man

    4. xXTaeXx

      Who else thought Jev got that kill at the end

    5. OldGamers - The Best of Gaming

      This game has incredible graphics

    6. roleypoleyguacamole

      00:34 "Pow camps"? P.O.W. camps, man. Prisoner of War camps. Damn.

    7. Mr. Pug

      when jev shot that random shot in the air I thought he really did hit someone lol

    8. Noah Velasquez

      Wait so what happened to the Kar98K I thought it was in warzone?

    9. Dray Day


    10. Smu 1

      Love a bit of jev before bed

    11. Jon Uresti

      Nah man I’m 18 and I loved watching the Rambo movies my pops put me on

    12. Jatmiko

      Man, he's Going 😑 To 😲 very quick as hell 8:18

    13. slothyof

      Jev never folds

    14. Carl Junior

      Wait, jev actually not raging :)


      The sound moderater is doing the opposite and increasing ads with lmg's and there is no change to sprint to fire with the sound moderator for everything. just thought you should know its been tested

    16. Bra Vo

      Aww happy jev

    17. evo

      7 minute intro :(

    18. Mashur

      ''my frames are fine'' 70 in the menu

    19. theGamingSOLDAT

      My man really said pow camps 😂

    20. 2S4IN

      Do I reinstall tho

    21. Mingus

      12:01 I thought he sniped someone out of the air

    22. big Chungus

      Steady aim laser is good because its still up when your hip firing so when you scope in its gone

    23. a nicecab

      Nothing change , cheaters everywhere . Gamming community is so sad ....

    24. Master_Royal YT

      Is the Cold Wars free acces just for pc ? Im on ps4 and i dont have it ...

    25. TwoToneRebel

      i fucking love you jev

    26. ZephX36

      Play door in the basement please

    27. Conor

      Drop shotters suck

    28. nvz

      aint no one gonna sit there and let the kar get nerfed

    29. Giovanny Madera

      Jev get your ass to watching all the Rambo movies you’re older than me bruh you’ll love that shit on god

    30. Ivar Taavo

      The new sniper is trash

    31. xdhambo

      Good vid

    32. Collin Owen

      Yoah the swiss slaps harder than my dads belt

    33. Yesn’t

      Did he just say POW.😂😂lmao

    34. Graham Schrauben

      Is that only is war zone or in Cold War multiplayer also

    35. UnsaltedChild

      The new background actually gives better FPS in slower PCs witch is surprising

    36. Energyy yt


    37. Kareem C

      We don’t have ALEX MASON in a black ops game but we have Rambo and John McClaine Nice one treyarch

      1. Learntheterm

        Boo who who cry some more

    38. utuber1399

      Skip to 7:31 to save time

    39. Elxctricdxrk

      11:49 yo👀

    40. Hamchawa

      2:43 WTF cold war multiplayer free?

    41. Mingi

      “We got Rambo’s knife which literally looks like another knife” well no shit i thought he used brass knuckles

    42. Anima Vestra

      Warzone is booty cheeks.

    43. YTE MANIAC

      Apex is better get on it ASAP

    44. Hi There

      Yo jev on 1:22 is black ops rlly free? My nephew started to play cod a few months ago, watches ur videos and says he wants to be like u. I cant get a hold of the game and he lives a couple miles away from me and we rlly make his day. When he watched the vid, he told me to go on 1:22 so i did and it siad blackops was free for 12 hours and 12 days. I went on my pc and there wasnt there. Can u confirm this for me because at the moment, he thinks that maybe its for pc not console, so it would a sure that it would be okay if you would be able to check agian and so. Thanks jev and continue to make my 9yr nephew happy!

    45. Clemente Hernandez

      When you look at the guy aiming down you can see he snapped on

    46. Rub My Figs

      seeing jev happy about a warzone update makes me happy

    47. Traumatic T

      Love watching this man suck at cod😂 not even being sarcastic

    48. Fortnite Sucks

      It doesn’t make sense to nerf every single gun which performs better than other guns just because everyone uses it tf ?

    49. Brandon Thomas

      They changed it to where you now need to get the guns gold from CW to use DM Ultra on Warzone.... Why? Like fuck man. I grinded this camo just for Warzone and now I have to grind more on a sweaty ass game just to use to in Warzone.


      This new update makes my game now have 20fps

    51. MVP M2X (MVP)

      I wish they’d implement something like an EMP that would trigger on one of the final circles that disabled all vehicles in Solos.

    52. tigeronces

      The amount of love shown in the comments of jevs videos is amazing

    53. xXPhoenixBurnXx

      So are the changes only in warzone or do they affect coldwar too?

    54. Jeager Unit

      Hello why dont I have free access to multiplayer and zombies. Is it for playstation owners only?

      1. Jeager Unit

        @Lorenzo M no pc is not free I think the second part of the event is for cold war only 😒

      2. Lorenzo M

        Im on ps4 and can tell you its not free here either, maybe Just pc

    55. Joel Miller

      What is that cold war free acces?

    56. elimisurski

      The irritating ronald summarily serve because fragrance unlikely thaw an a bewildered cover. profuse, robust makeup

    57. TheGrim 1

      😳 :)

    58. Thelegend27

      Shot a mountain to finish that dude

    59. aiden gaming

      I watch this video almost ever day just because he is happy in it

    60. Jake Spievak

      finally a happy ending to a jev video ive been waiting for some time now

    61. Korai Hoshiumi

      CoD lost me. Hackers, same map since release, CDL sucks, cold war sucks, but NONE of that could stop me from watching Jev.

    62. Vizrixx -

      Plz play mortal kombat jev!!!

    63. Jon Port

      It always has been like this more or less, it's just they put labels on it now in the UI.

    64. mr. mister

      I spent so long trying to get the ppsh gold and it gets a buff

    65. Juanolym

      Sup no LIFES

    66. Not_Deez6969

      is it just me or did all my settings reset

    67. Jamesplays

      i think the change to solos is going to be uav that pops on evey 5 seconds or somthing like that

    68. Mentioned

      0:34 It’s Prisoner Of War Jev….P.O.W

    69. Ulysses

      I wonder when they will fix modern warfare

    70. momo c

      U should spectate a rebirth game

    71. Josiah Spicer

      bro i thought the PPSH was crazy it’s insane

    72. Xavier Z

      11:59 was that’s the guyed he downed right???

    73. Isaiah03p

      Jev is the goat beyond

    74. George Sparkes

      Is Jev hacking 12:00 he just hit out of no where

    75. Nick Burns

      Its open meta you can play warzone now. Don't be a bitch

    76. MightBeMax

      happy jev = happy me

    77. nf100

      in the lobby it says free access to cold war but I cant find any news about this or a download page

    78. Life_Pr0d

      Bring back R6!!!

    79. Blix

      When's the next Jev's Cafe episode

    80. OUTLAW1523

      A jev video after my construction job 🙏

    81. OUTLAW1523

      I like ya cut G

    82. dig bick

      is the krig 6 got buffed as well ? i'm not sure anymore ?

      1. Ronald Benítez

        @dig bick Yeah, it's pretty good right now. I love using it, very viable in this meta

      2. dig bick

        thank you

      3. Ronald Benítez

        It was buffed at the start of season 3.

    83. DeadJoker 77211

      I take a dump nd watch jev lol

    84. Devin Rowland

      daddy jev

    85. Riley Clark

      Anyone else think for a second at 12:01 Jev hit a cross map and just kept going about his day

    86. ???


    87. Jesus is Lord

      (John 3:16,17) "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but should have eternal life. For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world might be saved through Him." (Romans 10:9,10) "That if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your that God has raised Him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart, man believeth unto righteousness and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation."

    88. Elías Ari Freysson

      12:00 got a little heart attack there

    89. fled1k

      12:00 bro ????? explain

    90. Gabriel Saavedra

      Jev were the fuck is the next vid man your vids are like drugs to me plz I need more

    91. irocne1

      will jevs cafe come back?

    92. Pandakai

      Challenge accepted: go on Omegle again

    93. Greg Carrillo

      Yo Jev, What chair do you use ?

    94. Mason Sommers

      it may have changed everything, but did it fix the damn dev errors that make me have to run my pc at potato settings just to be able to play? doubt it.

    95. Bababooe

      ඞ amogus update

    96. Best 0

      12:00 I thought he sniped another person 😂

    97. Boss박수영

      Jev are you black?

    98. Flying Chickens

      Balanced warzone? Haven't heard that in a while.

    99. alex cabral

      Am I missing some or have these updates just not appeared for me yet?

    100. Thomas Barlow

      I’m looking for his kar98 set up. Anyone know it?