WARZONE SOLOS will never be the same

FaZe Jev

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    1. Jennifer Ruiz

      lmaoooo just dies💀😭

    2. Brandon Deming

      The way you die the end.. I've died from that from running OFF of a rock BEFORE falling. Yet another clipping glitch that won't get addressed because it doesn't involve exploiting.

    3. CleverTaco

      Jev sounds like soytifa goon when he screams lmfao 😂

    4. Dexter GILES

      If they made zones faster then people would have to rotate instead of caping

    5. Waving Buddy

      remove dead silence, stuns, ghost, high alert, cold blooded and heart beat sensors. Just discourages playing the game, encourages campy behavior, it would also make the game more skill based as ACTUAL GUNSKILL would be more relevant

    6. Abdullah Ahmed


    7. Blake Storey

      they could add random gas attacks in popular camping buildings to try and force those people out and speed up the game 🤷🏻‍♀️

    8. Kammy A

      Another one! 💀

    9. PhantomFluid

      I need to know that music at the beginning

    10. Yael Hernández-rojas

      Jev is goated

    11. Bruv

      They should remove birthas add more uav on the ground and remove ghost and cold blooded and make the circle close faster

    12. Adam Allen

      I love how the video just ends with the "No."

    13. ninja the elite reaper

      Man went on a shopping spree

    14. Aspxct

      I’m guessing they are gonna nerf ghost

    15. Nixon Byron

      Jev went back there after his gulag to kill that car btw lol

    16. Kai Llewellyn-Smith

      more requis

    17. UC_Gamer

      that glitch at the end has got me a few times uno bro

    18. Txsla

      heres a fix for dead silence, add an item that allows the player to hear dead silence footsteps and regular steps a little louder

    19. f4h1m12

      Casually drops 25 kills and wins

    20. Bionic Warrior

      God when jev did the little kid sound i just feel like hes related to merkmusic

    21. Nick Hyped

      insane win you are the best.

    22. Ren

      7:26 that isn't a mustache that's a beard my guy.

    23. Jack Johnston

      jev play rebirth

    24. Eldoon

      I would love to see a barebones Solos, which means you can still get your loadout but with no perks, no tacticals/grenades and no vehicles

    25. Aidan Luna

      I never thought about it until Jev said it but camping wise, I think that if they implemented a system where if a person is standing still in a location for too long, they're pinged on the map, that would help a lot

    26. CD16

      I’ll play solos and can’t get passed the start of the game but then in any other mode I’ll carry my team with loads of kills

    27. TTG Melly

      Bro you’re fuckin cranked at war zone. Challenge accepted: load up a solo squads game n drop 40

    28. famouseze

      Tracker is actually hella useful if you don’t play like pussy.

    29. Jr

      Make solos better would be if the heart beat sensor would run out I never understood why the f we don't get unlimited stuns or flashbangs but lame no skill players just sit with it all day long should be timed then gone after certain amount of time not making the camper feel like they can be there all night

    30. The Villager

      Was the change to ruin warzon?

    31. Reckless REPS

      Every minute and a half there needs to be a voice line saying pinging uav now or something like that and ghost can’t hide from it

    32. Jacob vfdgnf

      These spectating videos are great

    33. Mr. Magic Potato

      M3rk is that you? 3:25

    34. YoXzn

      0:42 was very nice

    35. Julian Brenner

      They might try and stop camping, maybe they will put an AFK timer for five minutes and if you’re a FK for more than five minutes you’ll get kicked from the game causing you to not be able to camp

    36. Jero 2975

      "... No" Jev - 2021

    37. Jero 2975

      Best way to fix solos is just adjust the inactivity kick sistem

    38. Jero 2975

      3:25 jev is such a nice voice actor :O

    39. Temrax

      your lobbies must be iron rank

    40. PuRe GhOsTT

      I think honestly it'll be them nerfing ghost to the way it was in other cods. Camp? It'll show you on radar

    41. Finn Torbett

      Ghost should be the way it was in bo3. If you’re moving you’re hidden, when you stand still you are visible on maps, heartbeats, UAV’s etc.

    42. Philsbury dough boy

      I think they should add perks from cold war into warzone like replace mws ghost with cold wars and put in ninja to counter campers and etc just a thought

    43. hammerhead3636

      they can't remove the camping. it's so fun to camp bc it makes everyone so mad.

    44. Vanni 717

      sti- walking stick drifting

    45. Jacob Sutton

      I'm sorry am I the only one that thinks that the trophy system is broken. A good change the entire game overall would be to make the trophy systems break or slide off of cars guaranteed. The fact that you have a one shot weapon that is completely impenetrable to anything that can actually inflict enough damage to destroy it. Especially in solos. Cuz you can't just randomly beam of Bertha until it's dead cuz that gives away your position.

    46. dxsxrt_

      Close the circles faster

    47. Gabe K

      the No Hehehe


      i feel like removing bertha could also have a negative impact as its the aggresive players way to push corner campers

    49. Original Super Chicken

      As much as this dude complains about warzone, just play apex. That’s almost as fast paced as it gets.

    50. NotLeelee

      You're running out of ideas aren't you jeb

    51. Philsbury dough boy

      POV: u watched jev and now want to play warzone but u realize ur bad/campers/cheaters

    52. Alex Rivaldi

      26 kills in the beginning Dawm

    53. A G

      Camping is already nerfed with the use of armor plates. Movement wins in this game and usually a camper isn’t good at moving or is a console player

    54. Maxwell Parke

      what they should add is if u are staying still for longer the 10/15 seconds u should get pinged on the map

    55. Ronald McDonald

      Jev what is that Bullfrog loadout

    56. DaveyLondon Nanadaime

      When’s the next PO Box opening I’d rather see you enjoying something that’s not so tasking

    57. Mr. Media

      Does it ever feel like when you play solos the whole lobby is sweaty and out to get specifically you or am I just crazy

    58. imD1SCREETヅ

      26 kill solo win?! SHHHhhhhhheeeee-

    59. Brave Ocelot

      So early it’s 360p.... oh wait that’s my internet

    60. RedGulak


    61. xXLuK3Xx1

      Would be cool to watch the whole gameplay of that win at the start

    62. Musti 17

      No ghost No stopping power No vehicles after the 4th circle And putting in the radar scan of rebirth after killing someone for duos, trios or quads

    63. Fino Eli

      What if I’n solos you get a UAV single scan every minute Untill the last 2 or three zones ?

    64. UCLA Diontrae

      They should make ghost like cw ghost

    65. Noah Cala

      just take the bertha and the jeep

      1. Noah Cala


    66. Chandan


    67. Charm

      People that use Cold Blooded use it because they think Ghost doesn't work for Heartbeat Sensors. If you see yourself on a heartbeat sensor in your killcam, it's a bug. they can't actually see you, they just hear you stomping around in the attic because you're antsy, since you've been waiting for an hour in a corner for this moment.

    68. Zack Disharoon

      It’s a nice break from just running around and trying to get 50 kills. Sometimes it’s more fun to move tactically and get good positions instead of just popping uavs and driving to kill people

    69. Mark Harrison

      Extra gulags too to stop lobbies been basically wiped out by 2nd circle

    70. Mark Harrison

      Remove vehicles and you'll show on the mini map if you don't move after X seconds

    71. Arjan Jassal

      remove ghost perk for solos

    72. Rivest CR

      Constant map ping every minute or so

    73. Calvin Rioux

      Just remove anything that cant be countered

    74. Step-Duck

      The best thing Activision could do to fix solos is take the damn game mode out. Get rid of solos.

    75. LW/f1ber

      important adjustment would be if they remove ugly ass shadows and remove bushes so people cant camp in it

    76. KILL Spike

      Must be nice to not be worse than garbage at warzone

    77. Itzastral


    78. Lil Loud


      1. Lil Loud


    79. Bo Jearman

      Maybe solos u can’t use ghost perk

    80. D Chronic

      I felt that no at the end I die to the vehicle glitch thing all the time

    81. AV_Kay

      The change I want is for Cold War to get off war zone Like maybe don’t make a dookie game if u want me to buy it

    82. My Name Is Djay

      I love you jev

    83. ZephX36

      Play door in the basement please

    84. Matthew Selman

      jev is so mad that he sucks so he just complains constantly

    85. Jay Yako

      That winning clip at the start was just insane I need to be like that

    86. Rokeya Kadir


    87. Rpthunder

      It be cool if someone’s sitting in a building for too long than the building gets marked and a guy on your headset says like “look out I saw an asshole in that building” or something.

    88. Thatch 99

      That intro 😍🕺🐐🤩

    89. ABROAD98

      This is why we watch

    90. Too Breezy

      2:26 - 2:33 delete the whole game

    91. Derek Govert

      I love it

    92. Austin Vial

      They should make it sumhow were less ppl camp. Make it more agresive

    93. Billl Age

      I AGREE

    94. cam

      Get this video off 666 videos in the name of Jesus

    95. 1000th Boy


    96. Ben Flintham

      This guy is so full of himself


      We’re you cloned?

    98. Owen Cavanagh

      Maybe they will just remove all buildings and bushes so it’s impossible to camp😂🤣

    99. Hobo Joe

      They should make it when you stand still for a certain amount of time while having ghost you appear on the radar

    100. Gavin Nugent

      Need that bullfrog class someone get me right with a class