COD 2021 LEAKED again but WARZONE continues to bully me

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    1. Doxive

      Cod’s dead, ww2 sounds boring af

    2. BlackDynamiteMN

      Im not sure how MW2 isnt up next, even from activisons money sucking non ethical view. It actually blows my fucking mind

    3. noah richart

      Hows requis

    4. Demon Claps

      i actually think if you change to keyboard and mouse your aim will get better in a week.

    5. Nate W

      Call of Duty Civil War: the fight for civil rights That should be the next cod

    6. ThisNormalOnly

      It’s not louder than you bro

    7. Infinite Kai

      I want a civil war cod!

    8. D.R.K

      yo i killed you in goolag bro i was like i haven't seen anyone with faza in so long

    9. Dominicgaming

      Bro it could be tela tubi warfare idc just as long as there is no sbmm

    10. Dominicgaming


    11. TheBest Gamerz

      Hey jev hate to say this but there’s no kd ratio in warzone 😂 if you go to look at it in barracks there just isn’t a kd like it’s disabled

    12. Hunter

      I want to see the zombies camp grind

    13. Rudolph III

      I’m really not excited for a ww2 cod at all and I’d rather have a semi futuristic game tbh

    14. Crazy Pistachios

      I dont know about anyone else, but i wouldnt mind seeing another futuristic game 😏

      1. nothing


    15. Jake

      Im sticking with cold war this year. I actually really enjoy the MP and game as a whole.

    16. Cal L

      I would happily watch you grind camos in zombies. But that's just me 🤷🏻‍♂️

    17. Hunter L96

      A ww2 cod will be cool if it’s scary like WaW, not the ww2 we had where it was made by activist that didn’t allow a swastika in the game

    18. Jank 909

      I’m really excited for ww2 cod

    19. Lime

      As long as it isn't a future cod I'm chilling

    20. Zachariah Valencia

      Can you do fire base pls love you🙂🙂🙂🙂

    21. Nick Schuman

      Dawg we’re still on this old dated trash map and they’re already working on another cod that nobody wants

    22. ツSQLord

      I think a WWII game would be fire honestly jus cuz the game was so smooth and the zombies mode was fun

    23. B NIGHT

      This dude should just be called “fazecrybaby”

    24. Furz Nugget

      I would love to see another WW2 COD. As long as it doesn’t show just Americans and Germans. It was the WORLD war. Not the US-German war

    25. Levi Pavsek

      Jev I truly love you, but you have to stop playing warzone like multiplayer.

    26. Kairu

      A fucking hate ww2 games just give us mw2 2021

    27. Nigga Poop Crankers 1

      can we just get infinite warfare 2

    28. Little_cowboy1

      I love any war based games WW1 WW2 nam any of them

    29. DopeThaDon

      Jev is so entertaining

    30. Logan Dauphinee

      i personally would love to see a cod that goes back to a near future setting. like black ops 2 or advanced warfare. maybe bring back advanced movement in a smaller capacity?

    31. qpXCELL

      Cold War is pretty much unplayable due to the SBMM. Same with MW19 and ww2. I put a lot of hours into BO4 and quit with around a 4 kd. The sweat fest I run into is unbearable. Cold War was my last hope with cod coming from 3arc but they recycled so much shit from MW19 I won’t buy another(and Cold War was free to me game-shared). RIP cod community from one of the og guys.

    32. Jason Charman

      0:18 must be in Florida

    33. fatter than u

      Met u in a wz lobby

    34. Void XBL

      I think jev just has sensitive ears

    35. James Pahl

      Challenge accepted let ur coments pick what u play

    36. Im Schittles

      No ones excited for the 6th call of duty set in WW2 ? Not surprised to be honest, me neither. Maybe spice it up and be original rather than go for the like 100th ww2 game out there Not that the game is gonna be bad, but for the fact that it’s the last call of duty they’re making for awhile

    37. Andrew B

      I love WW2 games so im hyped

    38. Ares Waves

      “Why do gasmasks break in the gas?” Jev 2021

    39. SnowTheGhost

      I would love to take a mp40 into warzone

    40. FizZy _

      another WW2 Game...Jesus just fucking shoot me

    41. Chase Gwinn

      Who else wants to see him grind dark aether

    42. Strat Patt22

      they should have tried ww1 or something other than another ww2 game

    43. JoE_MoMMA_227

      I’m not exactly sure but I have heard rumors that the next game could be a futuristic version of WWII which I think could actually be pretty cool

    44. brhndo

      Challenge accpeted: atleast ATTEMPT to get golden in zombies in just one game, its possible I've done it multiple times and worst case if you don't, the gun is like halfway done usually

    45. Eldr KR

      How do you get that reticle that Jev has on his kar?

    46. Austin Britt

      If he wasn’t good he woulda never made faze.

    47. Snaccfps

      mw2 remastered with a multiplayer would be prime

    48. Mac Lafreniere

      I would rather have a BO3 style cod than another ww2

    49. xvikor

      I kinda want another mw for the next part of the campaign

    50. GfuelsMyXans

      the 2021 ww2 is based in the 50s which makes no fucking sense but fuck they still never fail to amaze me

    51. Nicolas Martinez

      Wow a ww2 cod totally haven't seen one of those, oh WAIT we already had like 5 of them.(I hope it's not a ww2 cod)

    52. Kyle Lewin

      almost 10 years and every video still starts with, alright... whats goin on guys its jev here. Iconic.

    53. ItsHypexd

      Keep making great content JEv you have made a another day better!

    54. Angel Serrano

      Challange accepted play with you’re headset inverted.

    55. Joseph Dalimonte

      *WITHOUT* Warzone i would love to see a ww2 cod game. WWII's campaign was fantastic and i loved it. The time period is one of my favorites for an fps. I think there should be integration and they should incorporate ww2 era guns in warzone but thats about it. Make the campaign good, thats all i ask.


      My life would be complete if jev actually streamed

    57. Ayden Jorge

      Bro this man Jev use the weirdest loadouts

    58. Soaring Dreams

      I liked cod ww2 myself it was I nice breath of fresh air after a few years of jet pack hell but idk I’m kinda excited but not really I’ll still give it a shot but hopefully it’s not a flop

    59. Dustin M

      I’d be ok if the 3 year life cycle of Cod went something like: Infinity Ward : Modern Treyarch : Black Ops Past/Future Sledgehammer : Historical (WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam) Raven : Battle Royal (Actively working on it as a service) It would at least keep me coming back to play something different every year. And if there is a good amount of advancement in the engine between cycles I’d be fine with it. Feel bad Treyarch couldn’t utilize the new engine due to time restraints this year.

    60. French Ball

      A WW2 Warzone would be soooooooooo fkn cool

    61. Ghost Mode

      I don’t plan on buying the next call of duty since it’s WW2 they made one and it sounded cool was fun for a little but it got boring so quick warzone and modern warfare are still gonna be poppin

    62. zaphora

      it makes no sense to go from ww2 to cold war and back to ww2 the history and timeline don't make sense

    63. Greg Amaya

      What controller does Jev use?

    64. Xavier D

      I want to see you play zombies

    65. Zsombor Veréb

      Ey i like ur skin i have the same!

    66. JJ

      You are a true legend Jev. The realest one out there.

    67. Arin Ellis

      Honestly the gas probably breaks the mask due to pressure. Such a water pressure the more and more pressure the more it is crushed.

    68. Glenn Bracy

      Jev...Real shit...Just play ANYTHING other than Warzone/COD Multiplayer. Would love to see Zombies or anything else really👍🏾 Keep up the content tho bro

    69. FlipPhoneUser-

      Challenge accepted: Cold War Campaign

    70. Mr. Mochi

      I’m Japanese. Another WW2 COD just hurts 😂

    71. Lugia

      jev you doing alright i got an ad 30 seconds in

    72. Bryce Devlin

      If Jev made a zombies video of him unlocking dm ultra and talking I would watch it all day

    73. Christian Z

      I’m gonna be honest, they should just give us a sequel to MW 2019

    74. mr.bruh6000 gameing

      the guy that you are spectating is my stepdads friend (jsolo)

    75. Xerk the Great

      Cod ww2 was great but I love modern warfare and black ops just keep it boots on the ground.

    76. Fallout76 :Area 51 edition

      funny thing is cod has never added the cool looking guns in WW2 like the full auto lee enfield

    77. Gurveer Sandhu

      if it's nazi perspective ill be happy.

    78. it's THiN-KiNG

      Insert old Jev motif because he thinks everything is too loud. Damn

    79. Mitch Sap

      Let all agree bo3 was the best time for cod it was the best I say let’s make a cod like that a good zombies mod Let’s hope a better campaign And the same multiplayer And will see after that

    80. Sin

      The only reason I’m happy is because they have the best rank system so I just wanna something competitive because Cold War 😂

    81. Xbox Gamer Shawn

      Yo jev plz try the duel CW 1911s there fire

    82. Miguel Torres

      I lost access to my account Idk if I got banned or hacked anyone got ideas on what it could be?

    83. Izzmaniac

      Does jev know we um just like him as a person 🥺play and do anything we support till the end!

    84. Keith Yoink


    85. Ramzi Nasr

      post a good gameplay like you sweating

    86. • Aerospace •

      ay boys should i shoot my shot tomorrow?

    87. Ben White

      Everyone has self revive has one lmao

    88. josh denholm

      this thumbnail hahaha

    89. Dixie Crusader

      I love ww2 games and ww2 history and stuff but it’s crazy that they are gonna do it again

    90. Jaydon

      Fuck cod I’m waiting for halo

    91. jx

      what yu said about mw19 engine an maps was spot on itsv a pretty game but yu cant play a game if yu dont like the maps . if they had more maps or better orignals it would b better but shoothouse held it down for 9 months... cold war aslo barely had maps :/ but they pretty good

    92. ɈƩӺӺ ƉƩѦƫĦ

      CodWW2 was an amazing game prob one on my favorites other than the common bo1&2, ww2 mechanic felt amazing and I liked the slower feel of guns mixed with fast paced gameplay, it added more complexity and strategy, now most guns kill in like 200 ms or something (idek but still) and it's too mindless to run in circles on a map and not depend on strategy, I think that's also why a lot of people liked bo1&2, the guns killed way slower and forced more thought and brain activity rather than just running in over and over, in bo1&2 you had a game plan every time you respond but with very fast killing guns you don't need a plan just spray and hope your aim is on point There was also better chances to run away with slower TTK guns and also adds strategy cuz you and another player would run around a spot exchanging shots until either person betters the other, now it's just whoever gets seen first or you just both see each other shoot at each other real quick until one dies no running around and evading because the guns kill to fast, no strategy, no fun, WE NEED SLOWER TTK

    93. Sevsterdude 1

      Challenge excepted: complete the fire base z or die machine main Easter egg.

    94. Maski_17

      Wait why did i just the notification🤨

    95. Alvin Rodriguez

      I wanted to see who won the game at the end ☹️

    96. Immortal Thief2

      Ww2 would bring more over powered smgs

    97. Tokyo

      we dont care about the content we just love what you talk about in the video cause its interesting

    98. BlissEz

      He’s not wrong, all my friends don’t play Cold War or even touch it, tbh Cold War is an alright game, it’s just the sbmm is too much and it just makes the game unplayable and not fun

    99. LegendSpectre


    100. WornScarab

      I honestly don't want ww11 I just want another modern cod