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    1. The Legend

      Congratulations to everyone who is early and found this Comment” 🏆

    2. Glizzy bot

      honestly respect the grind of putting out videos daily while having a trash sleep schedule. it’s difficult to function without sleep and you putting videos out and grinding earns my respect

    3. Ponti.lee_360

      Lmfao “take it easy guy”

    4. Aurteekay

      Drops a absolutely beautiful multi kill cam while rocking the “faze jev” on the gamertag....... Jev: “ah I hope they don’t recognize me” 😂😂😂

    5. Dean Bean

      Dont yell when play games it gets you stuck In a reaction loop and try saying good game to people in the beginning of lobby and at the end of each game it makes you feel a lot better about playing and if you lose it dosnt really feel like it ya know? Also dont hype yourself up that you might win calm down take a breath tell yourself it doesn't Matter if you lose and if you do tell the the winner what play you thought was the best of there's and say beautiful game. Hope that helps

    6. Stridah's Angels

      is jev streaming during these or just records?

    7. Mutiny

      Someone set me a challenge... my life’s shit and I wanna get up and enjoy the day, where do I start


      "my eye is blood shot rn" me too bruh

    9. Abrams Donald

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    10. Young_Ramen

      Jev what’s ur background songs?

    11. Patrick Irwin

      What about the old reputation on Xbox 😂

    12. Ben Levo

      COD is basically dead by this point, I’m one of the only people I know who still play it

    13. Constantin Saur

      what attachements deos he use on the tundra?

    14. lowfuse2

      the new sniper looks shit

    15. Florida 83

      My bad im late i did a ten year bid missed a lot cod was just coming out when I went in so sorry. But i did my research so less talk more action...

    16. Florida 83

      Way better than mobile sniper mode

    17. devant73

      Bro take a break

    18. Ethan Devenney

      The zrg was in the roadmap for season 2 40 something days ago theres bearly even 2 weeks left in the season and they still havent released it, but there is an xm4 in the store with blue bullets for €24 😐😐😐😐

    19. Prime RBW

      Why dont you do the dual sniper glitch bro youd have way more clip opportunities

    20. Justin B

      I remember Jev used to get mad in every video lmao

    21. Nick Schuman

      This dude really woke up at 6am and recorded a snipers only vid for us jev you’re an absolute gem

    22. Gavin

      jev talking about mw3 like he’s a grandpa telling war stories

    23. ArcticNinja

      Jev you need sleep, take a break please. On behalf of your community we'll all come back to watch you videos. Your mental health is way more important than our entertainment.

    24. Gerardo Carrillo

      Bro I was so close to getting dm ultra and out of nowhere Cold War decided to not let me play, I’ve had this problem for the past week 😞

    25. Trog Dada

      What’s his tundra attachments?

    26. niteo

      That aim assist stuff happens to me too. I literally suck at sniping because the aim assist is broken.

    27. KommieKaze 2524

      3:39 Jev is definitely like Eminem in the fact he does like when people recognize him and go squeaky fanboy but he’s nice because he’s got nothing better to do.

    28. Mikey On Mw

      anyone know jevs psn?

    29. Tory Melton

      jev u good man

    30. CoCoCrispy

      Yo jev if u need a couple days off to get ur sleep together go for it. We all understand. I mean you put out hella content take a break if u need it

    31. Jaden Bowden

      Wish you just roasted more people in voice chat, that would be great entertainment.

    32. MKK

      Day 19 of asking Jev to finish his minecraft series

    33. Doodlbob

      The other day I was playing Snipers Only Moshpit, and ran into a fake Jev, with the Atlanta Faze skin and DMU equipped on his swap class. I asked if it was him, and to my sorrow, he didn't instantly leave. Pain

    34. Django Joe

      You're great at warzone. It's just war tho

    35. AGAMEZ

      I bet someone is reading this on the toilet

    36. Jake

      In mw does anybody else’s perks not work it’s rly annoyinh

    37. epic gamer

      Jev at 4:40, your aim assist didn’t even work

    38. t0xicpiano _

      Idk how itll affect you but try melatonin gummies

    39. A1

      Jevs face when he’s called the n word lmao

    40. Stone Age Productions

      Jev: “I hope they don’t recognize me” Also Jev when they recognize him: “Yeah guys it’s me 😄😄😄”

    41. кожа

      I struggle with sleep too Jev. I literally can’t fall asleep until 6am or I don’t wake up until 1pm. It’s horrible. Today I slept for 4 hours and have no idea what to do with all this time.

    42. notluke

      jev take a break to fix your schedule, ur health is more important, take a breather man.

    43. Prin Din

      Snipers only is always chill tbh pham

    44. Carter Dyck

      When is the crossbow grind??

    45. Thomas

      what worked for me is just stay up for like 2 full days and then go to sleep whenever you want to go to sleep normally

    46. Lenny

      That kid was listening to youngboy💀

    47. Shadow

      Challenge accepted: Go on Omegle at 4am

    48. Gettinhighoffmusic

      Why do people join a game of domination, and not capture base's?😐 go play tdm bruh

    49. Ryan VanDoeselaar

      Grandpa Jev

    50. Rhys Matthews

      stop playing cod, you clearly dont like it anymore!

    51. AleksWorkshop

      Dude, sleeping schedules are just not worth keeping up with at this point

      1. Xsvsx.

        @Royal WL sleeping schedule is not the same as sleeping tard

      2. Royal WL

        No he needs his sleep

    52. 19G

      I am Camper thats me rihgt there dude you clapt me si hard gg hh

    53. fake account

      No cap I played jev on nuketown the other day and he was camping with a stoner. Made me die a little inside

    54. Andrew Gould

      Spectate as many games as you want I love those videos

    55. Zachary Stanley

      Hey Jev I haven’t been watching for a super long time just about a year in and off but I really look up to you as one of the greatest cod snipers ever so thanks for continuing to make videos

    56. Phoenix

      Challenge Accepted: Have Fun doing anythung

    57. BowMaster420

      All people do in snipers only is melee and it pisses me off

    58. Gaming With Cov

      You’ve really inspired me to start my own gaming channel.,!

    59. pepe meme

      Bro I felt jev when he said waking up at midnight then it being 7 am and not knowing what Ure doing

    60. Jacob Bonicamp

      who tf doenst stay up till 6am

    61. Luis Virella

      MW3 days were the best I miss them 😢

    62. cosiemiller

      jev at 6am with full lights on 💀💀

    63. Cameron McGurk

      The new snipers cock back is like 5 seconds long

    64. Will Pownall

      what camo does he have on

    65. Bram. c_

      Some of these kids nowadays will never know the absolute mayhem cod lobbies were around mw3/ bo2 and it really shows

    66. Joel Locke

      Jev, how about you stay up for 24 hours and do an updated “a day in a life” video?👀

    67. R GOOD

      u say mw3 but I remember c4w3

    68. JustCallMeDevil

      I don't know if you'll read this, but I would prefer if you get DM first

    69. IcyFN

      We will keep supporting you no matter how many breaks you take fix your sleep schedule and take a break and don’t worry about YT

    70. Habib Sadman

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    71. Habib Sadman

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    72. J Money

      You be gassin how long you stay up

    73. Brenden Vega

      challenge accepted : play escape from tarkov but fix your sleep schedule first :)

    74. Alex Stachura

      I just hope the dlc guns get some unique attachments soon. Its so lame knowing everything thats coming. Ammo conversions were sick

    75. Basim Zaidi

      yo drop your class?

    76. Slav Dog

      Jev... sleep

    77. TG Vrexoh

      Cold War first pls

    78. BME Shaco

      Fighter is - Jiří Procházka - He's Czech MMA fighter :) And ye, that guy is great fighter but also a nice person!

    79. IzzyJ

      Mw3-bo2 was the most beautiful show of toxicity the world will ever manage to create

    80. KB Jusu

      love u jev

    81. elijah

      I slowed it down and, I can confirm, this mans sniper said “Nah I’m just playin, you cool” to the guy he aimed at🤦‍♂️

    82. Keny Ken

      Bro the dude in the background with 20 mins🤣🤣

    83. cHeeKo BandiT

      Jev you are looking like shit now man😣 hope all is well, you need to get yourself sorted, heart attack waiting to happen

    84. Xeno CastroYt

      Cold War first

    85. Luke Gundrum

      Challenge Accepted: Get the Dark Aether camo in zombies.

    86. FEELS

      Challeng accepted do my school overdo work so I can get my dream pc

    87. Yaboiii CloudZ

      Am I the only one that has a glitch where I can’t use the crossbow even tho I just got it

    88. TimmothyPanik

      Challenge accepted: give us the fucking tundra loadout

    89. Joshua Maynor

      Jev you should react to Rhyms sniping clips

    90. Reekay

      please make a video on it 7:50

    91. Steven E

      Challenge accepted: gather all the clips you have from recent and make a montage, we don’t care how shitty you think it is jev

    92. Linkx

      im glad im not the only one experiencing weird aim assist moments

    93. Hayden

      Challenge Accepted: Show us why you're in faze

    94. The nexus

      People need to realize that 1v1's don't mean shit. Period

    95. Astronomical

      spicy clips jev

    96. Diego Ceron

      Jev is pretty much my favorite faze member he uploads every day and just always puts a smile on my face

    97. Sweden Bois

      Please jev take a break we are all worried about your mental health

    98. Qeox

      jev bro, just take a few days break from youtube and fix up your scheldule, you don't have to do this everyday, we genuinely care about your health, just get some rest

    99. Strykr

      Hi faze jooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooov

      1. Earisnothere 1

        I agree

      2. Strykr

        @Agent Assassin PlayStation controller

      3. Agent Assassin

        Hii faze boooooooooooooooon

    100. Moshum Aleer

      You still haven’t got the Quickbolt in AW do another video on it