I UNLOCKED THE DM ULTRA SWISS K31 and I can't even complain

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    1. CrazyBoySoy

      Is Cold War or modern warfare more worth buying

    2. Terka Terka

      Mans talking about losing confidence while getting like 10 in tow snipes 😂😂 jev is a fucking beast

    3. ShoKasaki2k12

      Glad I'm not the only one who gets tilted when they happen to be doing the best on their team. I just want team mates, man!

    4. Binky

      Challenge Accepted: get therapy

    5. Schmitzelhaus

      "It´s my superpower, pure arrogance." 👌

    6. Unitary VT

      Lol I want jevs sensitivity so I can play like a raging god


      5:11 i never have audio on max it destroys my ear

    8. Ved-ix

      All jev dose is complain.

    9. krzysiek zmora

      Such a skilled player but so nervous and toxic in same time 😂love it. But when i hate a game I just stop playing it for him its a job so fell sorry to forcing to play smth u dont like :/

    10. Ronnie 2k

      We need more ufc videos

    11. Young Styx


    12. Young Styx

      and your complete dog water bowl spit slime uk that shit thats slippery at the bottom of your dogs bowl

    13. Jack Galloway


    14. RuMarksMen22

      I can’t Even play this game

    15. Jennifer Ruiz

      "...and i feel so old and slow" -Jev

    16. IM-FUNI

      Is Cold War movement speed faster than mw wz or is it just me

    17. Gavin Martin

      Omg, I got the swiss before jev

      1. Gavin Martin

        Like gold lmao

    18. Brandon Jewell

      Cod is just to competitive and not in a fun way going back and playing games like mw2 or black ops 1 it was fun, people actually played the game and had fun

    19. Jay

      He is the only FaZe person I actually like and watch

    20. Seef Nawar

      So Jev should I buy Cold War?

    21. Radon Jays

      Going to be honest the Swiss is kinda useless until tiger team. Lol playing hard-core to get it now.

    22. Devin Madrid

      He cries too much

    23. Luke’s Flipping

      Who else here gets bo3 Locus vibes from this thing

    24. quiet_salvage 3

      Not the game

    25. quiet_salvage 3

      Your bad

    26. ChrisisGolden

      Bruh i hopped on snipers only and kept running in to people hip firing the barretta

    27. SHY

      How do u complain about the sound in Cold War multiplayer but not in warzone are you that dumb 😂

    28. Corné Klijn Velderman

      Isnt the last stock a good pick?

    29. omnipotence

      im currently watching death note for the first time

    30. mmmmmsay

      Maybe a different game?

    31. Lewis

      they should add a report button for campers or give you the option to choose what type of lobbies you want to be in like fast pace lobbies or chill lobbies that would make cod so much better or even better they could remove sbmm

    32. David Behney

      If you remove the muzzle, it speeds up your ADS to 528 ms.

    33. BasilTheBeardie

      Jev, your in my notifications eveyday playing this game. Please for your sanity and health stop 😂😂

    34. Airam Mitchell

      Almost right on picks. Thug pulled out the W

    35. McDonald's McMuffin

      Am I the only one that found him combing his beard oddly satisfying?

    36. eraze kermit

      Try the zrg 20mm in warzone

    37. Lady Bugzz


    38. Riley Cooper

      "I don't know how to take a day off" Don't act like playing 5 mins a day counts as working lmfao

    39. Soldier_75

      That's true, no confidence no power

    40. Fred

      Play bf5 :)

    41. Alexis Burciaga

      DM Ultra looks better on the swiss k31 sniper than Dark Aether on the swiss k31 sniper. LIKE IF YOU AGREE

    42. Isaac Bruce

      Is it just me who feels bad for jev

    43. swrvein

      i think jev might be on his period💀

    44. Cristian Guzman

      u might have depression no cap tho

    45. Wavy Yt

      are boy jev getting old.

    46. Billy bombas

      Jev when he sees namajunas win 👁 👄 👁

    47. George Castle

      This is the whitest and most whining guy I've ever seen on IRflow, thanks algorithm for recommending me a guy complaining for 10 minutes.

    48. Michael Ralph

      pellington is better than the kar tho

    49. Aurteekay

      How do you still have the white dot in the middle of your screen? Mine disappeared after the update and I’m upset about it

    50. Aurteekay

      Yo jev is getting old !!! He got scared of the nuke sound 😂😂

    51. Irealydum 69

      U good bro?

    52. Jskiillz Ent.

      No homo shit but I like your voice and rants lmao

    53. Ant. Vr

      jev should smoke weed

    54. Element Gamer

      Here's a challenge unlock all the camos in zombies for all the guns

    55. Luiz Monteiro

      Stop complaining about everything !!!! You are a bad loser !!!!! Make your own game if you know better

    56. Lewis Hatt

      smoke some weed jev chill out, relax

    57. LP Zockt

      my fav moment in this vid at 4:00

    58. My Inbox

      Good picks

    59. whiptastic

      This is funny vid low key but I feel bad 😢

    60. ShadowZwrecker

      Yo jevs actually smiling this is a w

    61. brian miscampbell

      make a video of you going outside and doing something 👍

    62. Crizalfn

      bring back the 2016 back ground music

    63. go crazy duke

      How in the hell every single gun gold 🤦‍♂️

    64. Ok Boomer

      Love the vids keep it up love what u do 👍

    65. Juan Lopez

      Bro you suck at this get a real job warzone is where it’s at go back to fortnite

    66. gabe gomez

      Hey jev, I'm one of your cold war viewers and I occasionally will go watch some of your MW vids, idk what going on with warzone but there is a big difference in your.... Health between now and getting that high bullet velocity but slow ADS sniper video

    67. Quinn London

      Man if you like Cold War you probably never play the OG black ops cause this Cold War game is ass in comparison.

    68. Jigga Rich

      Rose ended communism

    69. Be Ta

      Hey Jev you should try to make a collaboration with dysmo

    70. idk what this is

      Jev complaining is almost as good as him raging😂😂😂

    71. Wraith Infinite

      I love the sniper so far but the base damage is going to make me quit on it. I’ve gotten more hit markers than kills with the thing and I can’t level it up because of that, I also refuse to play zombies with a sniper so that’s not an option. Any advice for this or do I just continue suffering until I finish?

    72. NOODLE

      Jev have you lost the will to live yet?

    73. Jordan Williams

      Challenge Accepted Day 10 -Play Risk of Rain 2

    74. Nick Patton

      Jev, you look like you need a vacation. Take it easy man. :)

    75. Harry Hughes

      You look like a human being. Don’t put ur self down on what u look like

    76. Julio Granados

      Take care of your mental health man, don’t let the games get to you 💀

    77. Ruben Vega

      jev play titanfall 2

    78. Leland Rogers

      THES PIPES ARE CLEEEEEEENN listen I had to

    79. havagigle

      4 out of 5 with the ufc 261 card

    80. Smellmyfinger pop

      Jev what are ur attachments for Swiss?

    81. Crackrock Mirage

      I love this guy's honesty lol

    82. luka vasiljevic


    83. Legend's Room

      Jev is washed man just play roblox

    84. your_local_depressed_guy

      Jev buddy take a mental break. You are more important then the content

    85. محمد حسین طباطبایی

      Ma boy is shitting on lobby kids

    86. ehlis


    87. Hajjamajd


    88. mydadsinvisible

      i can hear Jev complain and rage all day and not get annoyed

    89. Devin Simmons

      o yeah i like the hair it growing just need a shape up

    90. Glorified Potato

      i love you jev

    91. Gamer Lynn-96

      It's nice how much we're alike Sucks that I'm an ant amongst many to you but hey, if you see this hi :b

    92. God ,

      The definition of salty.

    93. Agoge_

      I hope I dont jinx any fighters. *Weidmans leg has entered the chat*

    94. bob hamalton

      I haven’t played Cold War in a while got stale

    95. Jared Merklinger

      SPR > Kar98

    96. Lil Culture

      Jev do my snipers 🙃

    97. Ziggy 2x

      Bring back UFC vids

    98. Drew Jessee

      I feel the same way when I play solo warzone. Would you mind telling how you overcame the anxiety? Like did you just power through it or what?

    99. GOLD | YOUTUBE

      2:12 Jev got turned on hard af and got so embarrassed I need to edit it out but as you can see at the bottom left when he respawns he gets shot right in the face

    100. Marcus 55

      I hate this gaaaa