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    1. EvolveNation™


    2. John Doe


    3. Jay Todd

      Jev play valorant on the channel ‼️

    4. Jaxson Moon

      Am I the only one who likes to watch/listen to jev play while I play

    5. Nick Ortiz

      what’s that street sweeper class jev 😏😏😏

    6. Ginga Ninja

      Hell yeah Shahzam and the boys on team Sentinels dominated in iceland.

    7. John Preston

      5:36 keeping in the demon like he got the ninetails

    8. drako

      bro good people need to play with jev 😭 jev could drop 30s with a good squad

    9. AlphaGrizz

      Challenge accepted: unlock dark aether

    10. Road To MMA

      One way to go about the feeling is just suffer and get used to it , it hurts in the beginning but effectually you won't rage anymore easier said then done

    11. Reece Walker

      How do u get the thing where u can see if there is bombs and stuff like that

    12. ayden martin

      try out the SPR

    13. stone lindsey

      how can you watch this all day? dude spectates more than he plays, dog shit. get a life

    14. Josef Bethea

      I feel this on a spiritual level

    15. Optimumlamp

      I cant wait till he finds the vents

    16. ArcticNinja

      Haven’t seen the video yet but I’m calling clickbait

    17. Grey On Controlla

      Hey jev, glad to hear your enjoying something like the pellington in warzone. But what is your opinion on the Swiss in general

      1. poop sock

        shut up lmao

    18. David Wallace

      @7:17 - 7:20 😂🤣🤣😂😂

    19. Rhodesy

      what's a "fan cam"?

    20. Speed Bag Boxer

      7:30 u turn into laughter. Life is just a comedy.

    21. AlexIsScared

      Calm Jev is 10000x scarier

      1. Freeplex

        How can he be scarier calm??

    22. ough

      Challenge Accepted: Tell Us A Story

    23. Luke Witt

      i feel jev needs a long ass break

    24. Ray_Bong

      when you get angry just start a scrapbook

    25. Alex Fields

      Is it me or does his skin look like kidd from black flag

    26. Bruno Jorge

      rarezy was in the gulag

    27. Peter Hull

      I wondered how he’d avoid raging lol he just quit hahaha

    28. nate

      Why you say valorant like that haha

    29. G59 Manny

      Jev looks like that cool old gamer uncle 😂🤙🏽

    30. Beast Mode

      He doesn't realize that home raging makes the vid like 5 times better

    31. Yrasimp

      jev play valorant

    32. The Gamer Famer

      He was in the game with Rarezy

    33. Mick Fetherstonhaugh


    34. Nate Nate

      Definition of when you run out of video ideas 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    35. KXNG HADES

      U can tell from the picture that jev wants to break something

    36. Fruitloop

      *seed title* Me: I think I should try that myself

    37. Jack Anton (GungPlunk)

      Jesus beared looking clean

    38. Little Productions

      You need some serotonin, no cap. Go see a psychologist. That will help with the anger rush.

    39. The best COD gamer

      🅐🅨🅞 🅑🅡🅞

    40. Press

      What’s that street sweeper class?

    41. Sema J Grover

      You have every thing else, do you not have blue dot

    42. castro

      make a video playing valorant

    43. SONA

      catch me in some silver lobbies too. basically radiant in EU

    44. Seth Faith

      7:30 I feel you

    45. Kaonashi

      Jev is literally the Doomslayer. Non rage Jev is the Doomslayer...but on melatonin

    46. Tastier jungle 46

      Dutlniv tioogattlyg

    47. Steif Chinki

      Please upload games that you think are fun. No matter what if you are having then the videos are fun to watch. Even if you think the game is to much for people to take in its not.

    48. Jacob Vins

      What’s the ram 7/ sweeper build?

    49. Lowly Paladin

      25 seconds in without saying a single word Jev: eee

    50. Aspect andrew

      Your just like me 😁 good thing I am not the only one

    51. Luca Krämer

      WHO Would dislike a jev Video ?!

    52. EXiLE Gaming

      My man got flashbanged by his own class lol

    53. Bear Jones

      5:46, rarezy?

    54. Exclusive Kix

      The loutish baboon corroboratively fit because jason relatedly depend around a adamant station. useful, berserk jam

    55. Dylan Youmans

      the hacking the mine clip is the best warzone clip i’ve seen

    56. 0rikk0 !

      Jev you should buy a plant and instead of putting your emotions into raging you should trim or water the plant

    57. Christian Flores

      You have to take the elevator shaft up that’s the best way to get up the tower

    58. TheKhannunisT

      6:44 Well, we know that wasn't a KB&M player Lol

    59. Edwin Laus Laus

      Just cuss it releases the same amount of rage and you don't destroy anything in the process

    60. SinOfLuck

      @4:34 they just flash banged us wtf

    61. Risky

      Love you jev

      1. N - Gaming

        Love you jev

    62. Rebosive

      try boxing man with all that anger youll be good

    63. rey7gamer “Rey7GAMER”

      top 3 most illegal things- 1. driving under aged. 2. illegal drugs 3. *Jev playing warzone without raging*

    64. MG- CLAN

      I was today years old when I realized Jevs name was Jason.

    65. Zach Hollar

      Dude I have the same feeling. About MP. If I don’t scream and yell what am I supposed to do. My wife gets so mad at me when I yell at COD

    66. Mike H

      I feel you bro. I quit warzone because of rage.😂 How can a player sit in a room and stare at a door for the whole match?

    67. PriMe MachiNe

      Ahh so you saw merks video ey, when are we going to see that colab

    68. Jeff Stocks

      He had rarezy in his gulag 5:47. Rarezy is a warzone streamer

    69. andrew browne

      They canceled cod online for this garbage, I’m disappointed. I didn’t even get to try the fucking game!

    70. Irán j

      Whats the loadout from the intro?

    71. Tyler Todd

      Why is that title difficult for ppl

    72. no

      Let the rage flow, or it bottles up

    73. L1GHT

      when i saw that titl i thought the imposible was going to be posible😳😳

    74. BlueSkullzGaming

      Don't control your anger, slam your table, we want to see it.

    75. A.D.D.J

      Sentinels destroyed man its was awesome to see, would love to see some valorant content, or maybe i will catch you in silver some day lmao

    76. Jonathan Renteria

      When she rejects you 7:15

    77. Andrew Matthews

      That was some big brain hack plays.

    78. Andrew Rouh

      play valorant

    79. Christoph Fischer

      "The amount of times someone has shot me up there... Just kill me" That's the plan.

    80. Vincent Coker

      jev i think the bois would appreciate a vid w nick mercs

    81. Rudy Abarca

      Why do some ppl on pc that use controller look like they us a Cronusmax wtf 😂

    82. Trevor Anteau

      Stop playing the fucking game jev

    83. Lokiwolff

      Jev got flashbanged again

    84. Nassahi

      The moment you almost hit that table I knew you and I were the same, it is incredibly difficult not to get pissed but you still got to hold it in

    85. ElvenMan

      That ending note is so relatable whenever we play CSGO with my friends.

    86. NGKaktusz

      The title is no Rage not no showing of any displeasure

    87. ToeSuck

      jev doesn’t understand how much this means to us, we love and enjoy everything you do for us.

    88. Aether Pheonix

      "Ima stop playing before I give my self a anurizem today" got me sry if I miss spelled anurizem never spelt it till now

    89. CR7 Master 2

      If he gets this mad at solos, imagine how mad he would get at rebirth. 🤣🤣

    90. Donuts_for_me


    91. Ali

      Firs he copies jgod vids now he acts like him SMH

    92. Maxvvs

      This guys been watching tfue 😭

    93. Ethan Barlow

      jeeeez look at that guy somehow fully aim when a stun legit went off in his face, and then when i get stunned by a stun thats 20 m behind me i cant even see straight

    94. Red szn

      5:50 lol rarezy in your lobby

    95. LavenderDakid

      No seriously 5 plates please!

    96. SmilyVenus YT

      Jev uses the same loadout pellington as me, now I’m happy

    97. / Owceania /

      How did Jen hack those Prox Mines? Is that what Spotter (or whatever it’s called) does?

    98. Taqua

      I thougt without raging means playing without cam and mic on 🤣🤣

    99. Sanayhia Powell

      you should play life is strange

    100. Maximilian Klimt

      The classic auto-mantle