I UNLOCKED the DARK MATTER ULTRA CROSSBOW and I never want to do it again

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    1. donkey guy king k man

      seeing jev play zombie with his friends would be fun

    2. AlabamaShrek305

      stop doing it then

    3. John Doe


    4. svRdx Official

      Your next intro, just say "Hey whats going on Jevs its Guy"

    5. Kap Alot

      Idk if Jev smokes weed or not but I feel that he would definitely not be so depressed while playing I love smoking then playing it doesn't make me better but my mood is better so I play better if that makes sense

    6. TrianglesRmyFavShape

      Ayo Jev pls stop playing cold war this can't be good to you. Just play Kirby for the Wii or spectate warzone again plsssssss

    7. J0ecaca

      Jev is the sickest.

    8. Cannon Cook

      I always get abused by that damn weapon. Every shot an enemy shoots seems to hit

    9. Teched Birb

      Funny how perks worked in modern warfare and just people didn’t want to use them

    10. Encr1ptyd (beastedfornite2.0)

      Call Of Duty watching this video: proceeds to delete jevs account

    11. Thorvaldsen

      Do balistic knife in sticks and stones

    12. A Praetorian

      Honestly the thumper is a lot easier to do then the crossbow IMO. I did it in warzone In that king game mode that’s basically an infinite pregame lobby. Cut your parashoot and blast people on the ground = easy thumper long shots.

    13. Granny Tusnade

      For my ballistic knife I did most of the challenges while just having fun on sticks and stones, then all you'll need is the stun kills in regular games.

    14. TheNetflixGamer

      Love you jev

    15. Kenneth Gonzalvo

      Challenge Accepted: Do the Easter Egg in Nuketown where you shoot all the ragdolls' heads on a pub match

    16. NiRiiV

      Why don't you simply go to Stick and Stones to get the Ballistic Knife in Dark Matter?

    17. Father, Son, Holy EDAV

      Three words: Sticks and Stones!

    18. Snorl

      Hey Jev what are your obs settings???

    19. Mr. nice guy

      This 🗑of a game can't even hold up to BF4 compound bow physics.

    20. Holden Moncrieff

      I got mine diamond so when I get dm ultra it will just auto unlock easy

    21. TTVdakidodervid

      your new video isn’t working about the shotgun

    22. Hannibal Lecter

      Whats the background music in your videos? I have been dying to find out for a long time.

    23. Milkly

      I feel jev when grinding for long shots so much pain😂

    24. Munchy 24

      Hey Jev you have the rona on your gun 😂😂

    25. Phod

      Hey jev just saying the real ones will stay no matter what you play. Love you man stay positive.

    26. Muhreds

      Modern warfare obsidian yeah okay but cold war dark matter if you do all these guns u are a straight up psychopath cold war is so terrible

    27. Buff Sponge

      Day 5 of asking jev to play rainbow 6 again

    28. May

      Jev tell us a story like the good old time

    29. panda


    30. Krishan Joshi

      Pls spectacle rebirth-day 4

    31. Spoobz

      Stick and stones makes it so much easier and faster for the ballistic knife man

    32. JD

      Ayo somebody remember the vid which where jev got hit by a airstrike on ground war in krovnik farmland while inside a house?

    33. Mordecai

      jev pls do another horror series your resident evil vids and outlast were so amazing we would love more

    34. jrod.66_

      Challenge accepted: Hollow Knight

    35. frank onion woods

      Jev, please don't push yourself to make content if you're not having fun or enjoying it. Do something you enjoy or maybe find a new game to do a series on.

    36. XyrusMartyni

      I didn't think the crossbow was to bad but just wait until they drop a new launcher without tracking. I hated getting the rpg done man.

    37. Recoil

      Play Sticks and Stones for your Ballistic Knife challenges :D so much easier since the only real opposing weapon is the crossbow

    38. Matteo Nicosia

      I have a challenge accepted request. play five nights at Freddy's

    39. James Crow-Mains

      Do a requis video

    40. chase whitney

      0:47 well dont worry jev your computer definitley recorded audio

    41. Pedro Vasconcelos

      Day 2 of asking jev to make an ark series

    42. youtube sensation

      Bro it’s Litterly the same video as yesterday

    43. Andrew

      Jev play fortntie you won't lol

    44. Erskain a

      I want to get back into Cold War but the maps are so trash

    45. Peyton Honto

      Jev you should go get obsidian on the skycov pistol if you havent already

    46. Darkness Artist

      Thoughts on a discord?

    47. Jugg Chugger


    48. Xglo s14

      That one time on mw i got damascuss and then the next day i lost it all and i had to get all the camos again

    49. Tardyear238

      Jev should play rebirth island he would really enjoy it now

    50. DeadlyDestroyer

      Could've played sticks and stones

    51. Vinayak Nagyan

      Jev you are starting to look like a skinny S-X

    52. Julius Rodriguez

      Challenge accepted: play Cold War zombies and if you like it how have to do dark ether

    53. iiranks 408

      Challenge accepted: Play rebirth island solo and don’t rage

    54. Donkey Shotgun

      Challenge accepted: Chivalry 2 medieval warfare

    55. Andrew Matthews

      That kinda looks like mold.

    56. Not_ VipeZ


    57. Suds

      I'm not surprised that it took this long 😂, Cold War is such a broken game. Not even Flex Tape can fix it 😂.

    58. DabbaPrince k11

      Proud of you

    59. Kellomies

      Dude if they make a MW3 Remastered then it's a Double S tiet game for me. Thoughts?

    60. Tempos

      video idea: spectate three solo winners then put them all in a squad with you then win

    61. jajamsxj

      We want requis to return

    62. Jackson Snavely

      I’d love to see Jev play a racing game

    63. lan

      does anyone know how to always get his videos in your subbox i havent been getting any of them and its annoying as hell



    65. Aleksander Erikson

      Dead game

    66. noahh

      Challenge accepted: accept a challenge

    67. Tyler Bishop

      Challenge accepted: Jev's Cafe, rocket league,

    68. Finn Md.

      He plays on ps5?

    69. Mr. SupMyDude

      I will watch the entire ad for jev just so he can drink more g fuel

    70. TundraFire

      That hair though making jev look like the final horcrux

    71. Tony Vaglica

      Jev should play a different game he’s kinda getting old and boring😑

    72. FoReaLess

      Every youtuber exited about new cod" WOOOOO" Every youtuber when they see the mastery camo challenges "ah shit here we go again"

    73. FoReaLess

      Who the hell wakes up and say "oh jevs uploaded... Time to dislike"

    74. small spud

      PLEASE PLAY DEAD BY DAYLIGHT would be the funniest shit ever

    75. Will Leitner

      my recommendation for the ballistic knife is to shoot them point blank for the projectile + melee kill and melee kills count for the slide kills

    76. antymu

      Play World at War, WW2, BO1 or BO2 Zombies just so you dont go insane playing this dogshit of a Game (Day 3 of asking)

    77. sparten uprising

      Even the crossbow in mw was pretty trash I’d hate to see what would happen if they made this crossbow fully customizable oh I can see them nerfing it into the ground now....

    78. Adopted Nut

      Day 12 challenge accepted learn bmx

    79. Pyro 11372

      Day 2 of stating that I would love to see Jev playing the newer Forza games

    80. DrowningIce

      Jevs getting a requis beard

    81. TheRadDan

      Challenged accepted grind for dark aether

    82. Spider Sav

      Longshots work in a way of the max range of the weapon. So don't use attachments that increase range (Atleasr from my understanding)

    83. Adam Penney

      dude, challenge accepted. get dark aether

    84. Lil Serr

      Day 1 of telling jev to play rebirth in warzone

    85. moose


    86. Luxifyy

      Challenge Accepted: Play Black Ops 2 Plutonium (day 38 of asking)

    87. Itzz Annex

      Jev should do another PO Box opening

    88. Konstantinos Tsenes

      Finally some actual content

    89. 0FeNNec 0

      SBMM is too strict

    90. Arturo Martinez

      Jev you should try playing apex

    91. Mystic The Wolf

      Think they addedthe ballistic Knife to cold war didn't they?

    92. Big Yoshi

      Day 6 of asking Jev to finish re2 with Claire’s story

      1. FoReaLess

        Day 100 be like *ah shit here we go again"

    93. Sad Suckle

      Jev you should play with Swagg fr like a duo it wil be fun

    94. tim bradford

      jev you gotta make a video of you playing dayz

    95. EhEh Ron

      Challenge accepted: play league play.

    96. Henrik Westin

      Can u play other maps than nuketown pls

    97. The Expressive Pineapple

      Challenge accepted : jev plays league play.

    98. yahya mohommed

      Bring back challenge accepted

    99. Bad Habits

      "I'll forever be a square, dominated by other geometrical shapes" -Jevman

    100. FunIsInfinite

      i love the barret crucify me