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    1. Shred

      he really tried to pull it off by saying gg dude lmao

    2. officialkeewon

      People watching this like: -in bed, couch or on toilet -not in full screen -reading comments -if I am right, u owe me a sub❤️

    3. Hassan Nashed

      That dude on the buggy getting absolutely crushed under that Bertha had me wheezing


      7:42 and yet ive played since the game came out and have no wins 😭😭😭😭😭

    5. CT Music

      Lol idk how ppl think using a zen isn’t cheating...you have an advantage over everyone playing with aim assist recoil correction, firing mods, strafe and drop shot key binds....ppl are dumb asf

    6. Havok Clips

      Sounds like hes trying to promote the cheats, probably some dev with them or something, given how bad he is at the game

    7. Juice Wrld Unreleased

      so if u cheat it means ur insecure what about the people that are good and cheat

    8. imhecking nino

      He keeps checking the heartbeat sensor. dude forgot he has walls on

    9. zach mojo

      Activision probably won’t do anything about the cheaters but if someone that works with them make a sexist comment on social media they would get fired

    10. Jack Soron

      What i hate most about this game is that when i kill someone but the same time they kill me and we die together

    11. LM17

      What a looser

    12. Angelboy XD

      Cronus Zen 🤓

    13. D13G0 -.-

      The worst part is that he probably didn’t even get banned

    14. CrazyBoySoy

      I got killed by a hacker then we landed back on them just to confirm if he is hacking then we spectated him and he died to gas.

    15. Nick

      A warzone map rotation would be nice

    16. mext420

      Why even play the game....your already sitting there why sit more....

    17. Friddle Fries

      Seeing that you didn’t hit Prestige Master in S2 makes me feel better about ending near the same mark but S1

    18. Bookiemooks

      Def cheat , all headshots and that snipe at end lmfao! 😂

    19. Mike Giorgianni

      alternative title: PewDiePie hacking CONFIRMED?!?!

    20. Kaden Morgan

      Spam like button

    21. 3pic gam3r

      when u indian and support PewDiePie like bro turn off the hacks

    22. Cade Heaney

      SPR class?

      1. AbotZ

        monolithic,no barrel,tac laser,scope,no0rma and skeleton stock

    23. ScootyNums

      The worst players are always the ones that cheat

    24. sollydogg

      What a total bitch at least charge around the map with cheats like that lol sitting in corners🤦‍♂️I've been killed by a cheat under the map at the stadium, how do they not feel dirty

    25. Alon Ventura Amsellem

      0:49 low key impressive

    26. Jeff

      Why play if all you do is complain? Go do something with your life! SAF

    27. Tobias Gellen

      I get the salt about the cheats. And I agree the playstyle+cheating is especially lame. But there's nothing wrong with playing passively in order to win (assuming you're not cheating)

    28. ShoKasaki2k12

      Waiting for someone to climb a ladder so they can't fight back is actually a really good play. However, cheating, and seeing your opponent through walls to wait for them to do it, is the coward part. Otherwise you'd have to use audio and planning, which isn't always easy. Fuck cheaters.

    29. Fabian Gomez

      Cronus Zen in fully undetectable btw

    30. Preston Smith

      this guy is toxic

    31. Call me Unknxwn

      Cronuus sen

    32. brimmers

      I like seeing jev rage so it makes me feel better when I scream over warzone

    33. wild moose

      Military wives: *cheating* Husband: hon, is someone in there with you? Wife: no hon why do you ask? Husband: I GOT TWO HOSTILES 5 METERS AWAY, GET AWAY FROM THE DOOR!

    34. Andrew Heavenridge

      this warzone content is fire 🔥

    35. w

      Im the one and only W

    36. Corey Whitham

      You should try Sea Of Thieves

    37. Sabastian James

      Jev ive been watching u since i was like 11 im 19 now and it makes me so happy to say that i sucked bad back then and thru all the struggle all the cods i went from a 2 kd in mw2 to a 7 kd in bo2 to an 11 kd in AW to present warzone and I'm sadly rockin like a 1.7 cuz kids play ljke rats but im substantially better then i used to be largely thx to u so you've been such an influence on my cod experience so thank you

    38. SlimeBallCurt Bro's

      im using gronosen bru gronosen

    39. Splat Man

      kroenuz Zhaen

    40. Mark R

      He is a smidgeon worse than the bunny hoppers!

    41. YaBoyKev

      Chronus zen is what is being used now to cheat but the game where it really blew up on was 2k but basically for cod it allows you to set how strong ur aim assist is and you can set it so high to the point where it locks on and even rapid firing single fire weapons all you need is like 200 bucks and computer to set it up on. It’s sad on how man people bought zens just to win in a game

    42. Matt Bohl

      It’s always the foreigners too.

    43. SaltedCuredBovineSticks LLC

      I have a Cronus Zen - bitch is lying, lmfao

    44. Matt Gauthier

      Became a significantly worse COD player after watching Pewdiepie play for 5 minutes

    45. Ryan O’Callahan

      Sounds like you complain a lot


      This kids ego is so fragile that not only do they cheat but they can't handle the stress of a gunfight even with auto headshots.

    47. Some Butter

      Man literally paid $200 to still be trash at warzone smh

    48. Mahith Elegoda

      what did the cheater say?

    49. BangBang COTW

      Man said “I’m using colonel sanders”

    50. Jmansion YT

      You was talking to the 1# IRflowr. Your as racist as more you can play

      1. Damar Aksama

        Does that "Pewdiepie" nicked dude sounds like legit pewdiepie? I DONT THINK SO.

    51. Liam Kilraine

      ItS CrOnUs ZeN 🤓

    52. Infamous WRLD

      the fact that the cheater was sitting in the salt mine the whole time was fucking hilarious honestly

    53. Corey Foster07

      Can someone tell my jevs spr class from this video

    54. Boston Lay

      if warzone wont do penalties on hackers lets just hack some ip's and pay a visit lol easy fix

    55. Cj TheGreat

      Did he say nigga at 8:49💀😭💀 “ofc it’s this nigga”😭😭

    56. ZzaTinN ZzaTinN

      Did he say the hacks he was using at the end?

    57. Anthony Shlemon

      Jev: “i dont know why people shoot body’s” Also jev: 0:09

    58. Skrrt Skkrrt

      My guy said CRONUS ZEN CRONUS ZEN...

    59. Khadi Mouad

      Why does jev look brain dead when he is focusing


      Some nerdy guy from Europe probably just wants to feel like a winner. Let em cheat. If activision doesn't care why should we

    61. Jeremy Clarkson

      The report spam is where I lost it

    62. Nathan Joly

      I got killed by the exact same guy

    63. Scaryygarryy

      This dude has aimbot and still misses a good 30% of his shots. Out here cheating to get 7 kills and a passive win. Where is the fun In that? Like honestly? I could maybe understand it being fun to wreck a whole lobby even though you're still butt at the game and have no skill doing it. But like camping with aimbot? How is that fun.

      1. Sam barber

        Its not aimbot, its controller assist. Its heavily different and is why he doesn't get banned. You still have to be aiming close to target. Its more like enhanced aim assist and is still easily killable if you're anywhere decent. Jev isn't great at the game honestly. The guy is aware of this and his own faults and is why he chose to not engage as much and wait till he had a better chance at survival. Whether he had cronus zen or not he may have still won because he didn't get in to fights he couldn't win.

    64. mache 261

      im ushing cronush shen🤓

    65. Ninjamigs 1

      It's 3 am... In an hour it be prime time solos lol 😆😅🤪

    66. Delinquent

      I'm so scared to kill Faze Jev. Dudes gonna come back so hard to clap back cause he dont play

    67. ItsKaspa Hoe

      Are there UAVS every minute pinging enemies in real life? No so why should that be in a "realistic" themed cod lmao

    68. Jeff W

      What is your SPR build, looks fire.

    69. ferrariyung95

      What’s the hacks he downloaded?

      1. Sam barber

        Its not a hack.

    70. Luke Cos07

      Why tf do you look like marley

    71. Me Tastic

      Saltiest guy on the planet on this channel. Nothing better than watching a "Faze Clan Member" get fucking destroyed, cheater or not.

      1. Me Tastic

        @Sam barber It's a trend in "Faze Clan". What a douche group. lol

      2. Sam barber

        Agreed. Little baby gets mad he got killed by controller aim assist so he slams his desk like an infant.

    72. MarcoMillz

      I thought he called u colonel sanders at the end

    73. Thomas Duff

      He’s just got a better gaming chair

    74. UrMumIsALandWhaleTV

      I like how jev just landed back like he always does and just murdered everyone in that area like the fucking punisher

    75. Father Trim

      This guy is single handedly the worst player in the game

    76. Jacob Swatz

      I think he’s just having fun, he’s not trying to impress anyone and I doubt he’s insecure. Also, why are you getting so mad over some pixels? Thats kinda embarrassing for you ngl.

    77. Smartieclock

      He says he’s not heated but he is heated 😂

    78. Graham Puckeringf

      I actually like this guy but wish he would stop bashing campers some off us arnt playing on the top end pc with a 4k gaming monitor I camp like fuck but playing on a ten year old plasma with a xbox one some people love to play but can't afford top end gear

    79. PRS-Luck k

      Wtf I’m a long time sub but haven’t watched any vids in ages , that beard looks fucking amazing my guy !!!

    80. Richard Folk

      Bro ngl I thought jev was the cheater lol

    81. Marc-Antoine Lapierre

      Im using. CRONSAN MAN! CRONOSAN !!!

    82. Soup can Last name Harry

      I like how no one knows what to use anymore after the nerf

    83. BENJO

      CrOnUs SeN BRo CroNuS SeN

    84. Noah Neal

      Sooooo salty

    85. Bradley Ross

      pretty sure winning is the difficult part especially when everyone is like this guy cheating

    86. Concentered

      sheesh cronus Zen console player shitting on everyone lol

    87. Spider Jerusalem

      I always wonder if I've been spectated by a streamer before lol. I don't cheat, but I've won some pretty BS gunfights where they might try to see what I was up to, only to find out I'm trash at the game LOL

    88. scott macintyre

      bring back the ghost perk from bo1 where movement of the player using the perk activated the perks ability, negating campers from sitting undetected.

    89. Dylan James

      its a zen lol

    90. Aidan Bennett

      Jev roasting pewdiepie

    91. motoMojo

      What’s ur spr load out

    92. Levi Envyy

      When u gon try Tarkov

    93. Jon Hebert

      "Thoughts on this new BR map" lmao well yea making it look better than the original is ALL this update did. Very big disappointment considering they had a perfect set up to give us a new map

    94. Jesus Christ

      I’m so happy that cheaters DESTROY all you tryhard GAMERS AND MAKE U ANGRY AHHAHA

    95. Relentlessly Mad

      Ppl cheat in WZ because there is no negatives to it activision won’t do shit

    96. Key0

      yo i thought that cheating is boring but cheating and camping at the same time is next lvl

    97. Solid Stake

      IW : We are working so hard to get rid of cheaters Jev : Allow me to show you a quality playlist

    98. icicles sss

      I killed a cheater twice in plunder and he said I was hacking.

    99. jude denham

      I love jev. Every video consists of calling the game trash, calling the players trash, getting angry then talking about MMA😂

    100. Ohh Jaden

      Hey Jev,to tell if someone has ghost,look at the mini map,if they have a translucent triangle,they have ghost,if not then they don’t