I could only play WARZONE for 6 minutes before reality set in

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    1. nándi :D


    2. Felix Dumoulin

      “I feel like cod is a controller game” *Me who’s not able to look around when I’m trying to put on a plate*

    3. ImTrashzzz31

      lowkey wanna see more rage videos 😂😂🤣

    4. jesus rivera

      Challenge accepted:Riot shield only

    5. PuggyThePug112

      what operator is he using

    6. YoXzn

      I have never seen jev play with other people in warzone until now

    7. Jaeden Phillips

      challenge accepted use the striker

    8. kickass1238UMLl


    9. Blake Davis

      I feel like Jev wants to retire ?

    10. Adam Mendes

      Challenge accepted MW Scar short barrel , underbarrel 40 mic, sniper scope, collapsible stock.

    11. ツStalo

      Why tf did he say valorant like that


      ur cracked jev i love you

    13. Adrian Felix

      You’re always bored man! Get into some Monster Hunter trusttt

    14. Arin Glimm

      Just play fornite

    15. Daivis Matamoros

      Challenge accepted stick with vlk scope tac laser and a joker with a sniper scope tac laser

    16. Arran Oreilly

      use pkm

    17. Hotshot Coolz

      Fastest ADS movement speed: The Galo with 12 round mag, the tiger team spotlight, SAS combat stock, 20.3 forged and agency choke (you move as fast as u sprint when ADS) and the meta stoner with the agency, cavalry barrel, field agent, 120 round mag, and the 3x scope.

    18. Matrix

      Challenge accepted : Tundra Wrapped Suppressor, Tiger team barrel, bruiser grip, 7 round mag, airborne elastic

    19. Samsanite456 77


    20. Justin Holtman

      Jev ur so right bro, I stopped playing solos cause u just die to a fuckin camping noob after u play the whole match outgunning ppl. But yea I can feel ur pain bro

    21. Evan Auge

      Challenge Accepted: React to COD montages.

    22. Ethan Ortiz

      Challenge accepted: pick your least favorite LMG and and make the fire rate as slow as possible and then try to win a game

    23. Leo Pard

      The most legit FaZe member

    24. fedolp _XD

      Worst class setup Grau: Breacher device No stock 12 gauge deputy 60 round mags Xrk void II RPG 7

    25. Moonwalk Ninja

      i wanna see diablo tho my uncle plays it and he's really UP THERE in the game

    26. Moonwalk Ninja

      use m4 in wz with whatever attachments and whatever perks my fav class setup jev

    27. Nik Kebrdle

      I feel like you would like playing with stonemountain and aculite they seem like chill dude but idk all the issues of collabing

    28. Fin James

      Play with rain

    29. L D

      use a knife and swards

    30. Cure Whxytherz

      Challenge accepted: Most built HDR, most built akimbo burst rennettis, quick fix, restock, tactical mask (I know that's not what it's called shut up), semtex, and heart beat sensor

    31. OGAvenger3000

      Challenge Accepted: FFAR - Agency Suppressor, Takedown barrel, Air born elastic wrap, Salvo 50 Rnd Fast Mag, Field Agent Grip and the Aug - Agency Silencer, Srike Team barrel, Royal & Cross 4x optic or Axial Arms 3x optic, Field Agent Foregrip, Salvo 54 Rnd Fast Mag and I wanted to give you a decent loadout cause wouldn't be able to sleep just giving you a shity loadout and you also might not enjoy the game anyway just wanted to make it a little bit easier for you Jev

    32. Josh Richards

      Challenge accepted play some more rainbow six siege

    33. Jarod Gudino

      Challenge accepted: Primary: Kilo with no stock, muzzle brake, sniper scope, 60 round mag, ranger foregrip Secondary: model 680 dragons breath mag, no stock, choke, red dot sight, recon perk

    34. Asdflolpop

      Chalange accepted rpg overkill strella with any perks

    35. Flappocho

      challenge accepted. enjoy yourself and play diablo

    36. river warzone


    37. Antonio Orozco

      Your nuts love the clips in the beginning

    38. Yuri Gaspari

      Challenge accepted: Cold war campaign!!

    39. wat noob gaming


    40. Aalhad

      Challenge accepted: use a dragunov with a javelin.

    41. Aadit Patel

      Challenge Accepted: Primary: M4A1 Attachments: 10 SOCOM rounds, No stock, Monolithic suppressor, Merc foregrip, and GI Mini Reflex Secondary: HDR Attachments: Variable Zoom Scope, Lightweight Suppressor, Focus, HDR Pro Barrel, and FTAC Champion Perks: Double Time, High Alert, and Tracker Lethal: Semtex Tactical: Stun Hope you pick this class lol 😂

    42. Paco _The_Finesser

      Finally a real representation of the Warzone Solos experience

    43. Bruh Moment

      Challenge Accepted - win a war zone match using only Lethal throwables

    44. Justin Mitchell

      Challenge accepted: riot shield and rpg

    45. you don't know me you don't

      Fuck Love i just want to see jev happy again 😔...

    46. Fabien Johnson

      Challenge accepted- make the worse class you can and win a game

    47. KEY_CHET_

      He barely even plays the game in his videos but i still watch cuz it entertaining i think 😭😭😭🖐🏾

    48. Dan The Game Changer


    49. SavageSmoke

      Jev instead of leaving the game when you say “I don’t care” just go to the buy and if you die you die. Stop being a quitter

    50. jev

      challenge accepted play duos with me :]

    51. Lumba Banda

      yo jev love your content man, would be cool to see u react to a ufc fight tbh also challenge accepted : ak47 and vlk shotgun any attachments u want

    52. Giovanni Ponce


    53. Billy bombas

      Challenge accepted: attempt to get the quick bolt again

    54. The Blessed One

      I love the videos where its just gameplay and talking

    55. tm


    56. Me Me

      Challeng accepted: Holgen with thermal and the worse recoil you can get

    57. Me Me

      Just play a good game

    58. Derek

      Challenge accepted: dragunov and ksp45

    59. t0xic_cb

      Challenge accepted: play search please

    60. Elijah Rose

      Challenge accepted: use the ffar most recoil and duel diamatis

    61. Liam Black

      Amax with short barrel, sniper scope, lightweight suppressor, 1mw laser & comando foregrip

    62. Bosletof

      challenge accepted: mac 10 with smallest mag biggest sight no stock and any attachments that give you more recoil and type 63 smallest sight shortest barrel if possible no stock

    63. josh sumner

      Xm4 mp5 I dont care what u put on them old modern warfare class but cold war guns

    64. giant been

      is anybody else getting a glitch where your textures dont load in properly and theres just like floor missing in some places and others like hills of nothing that you can walk through because its pissing me off and i cant fix it

    65. Santiago Carrasquilla Tanury

      Challenge Acepted- use the ax - 50 with the slowest setup and the revolver alone with the biggest scope there can be lover ur vids :)

    66. MegaJuicehead

      use this warzone class MW M4 attachments- mono, grenadier,vlk,ranger,60round Secondary ffar-agency,takedown,sfod,salvo 50 fast mag,raider. Perms -eod,overkill,amped. Stuns,Semtex

    67. Harleigh Fowles

      Try the slowest cold war sniper ads speed and a riot shield

    68. matty ice 1.0

      use mw aug no atachments

    69. Chris Metz

      Challenge accepted: rytec and a riot shield

    70. Janfrederik Van den Berg

      Challenge Accepted: Don't give misleading titles

    71. Watching for Him

      Jesus loves you!

    72. Connor Jordan

      Challenge accepted: fist your entire audience

    73. frostpear HD

      Challenge accepted: Riot shield with restock (stuns) and obsidian Cali Sticks

    74. Eddie Munoz

      Try m13 with the vlk 3x,ranger forgrip,mono suppressor, 60 or 50 round mag Your the goat

    75. Jerremiah Wall

      Man I just feel like battle royales nowadays are kinda a drag like you either grind and play the game so much you spend all day calling people bots and waste your life on it like it's your job really or you play for fun and casual like and get crushed like a monster can under a timberline boot

    76. Brandon E

      Challenge accepted: play modern warfare S and D and trick shot 😂

    77. Jayden Amigon

      I have been watching your old vid 😂

    78. Adan Munoz

      Challenge accepted: kilo/Monolithic Suppressor (Muzzle) Singuard Arms 19.8" Prowler (Barrel) VLK 3.0x Optic (Optic) 50 Round Mags (Ammunition) Commando Foregrip (Underbarrel) :kar98k Sniper Scope. Monolithic Suppressor. Singuard Custom 27.6″ Tac Laser. FTAC Sport Comb.

    79. garrett murphy

      m4 comm barrel 10 round mag zoom scope no stock

    80. Sebastian Ibarra

      Challenge accepted: run the kali sticks and riot shield. I don't know.

    81. Dan Audia

      I want jev to play rebirth

    82. 2 Curlyj

      Challenge accepted : use ebr in warzone

    83. The2ndHrseman666

      Challenge Accepted- go to a random warzone class generator, and click the button make the class, see what happens. From personal experience its kinda fun

    84. super attacc


    85. Javier Martin

      Challenge Accepted: M4A1 with noob toob secondary 911’s that’s it

    86. Isaac Herzog

      Extremist Class Origin 12: Largest Ammo Capacity Shortest Barrel No stock Stippled Grip Tape Merc Foregrip HDR: Dual Thermal Tac Laser Champion Stock Monolithic Suppresser Longest Barrel Perks: Scavenger High Alert Spotter Equipment Lethal: Thermite Tactical: Snapshot Knock Yourself Out!

    87. Ethan B

      Challenge accepted: Jev uploads WoW or anything else he actually enjoys

    88. Chase Ludington

      Challenge accepted: find the will to live

    89. Aqua0mega

      Kali sticks riot shield

    90. Sc4r Prophets

      Challenge excepted: 725 with Milano no attachments

    91. Cole Hayes

      Challenge accepted: bring back Jev’s cafe and make a pizza

    92. WHH

      jev your getting a bit boring just rage quitting and spectating every game now if u dont enjoy it dont play it

    93. Wullie_g25 -_-

      Challenge Accepted: riot shield, and scarL with sniper scope, noob tube, no stock, tactical suppression, 1mw lazar

    94. Andrew DeGuzman

      Valorant gang baby

    95. YBS

      Challenge Accepted: Use AK-47 MW with Romanian barrel, Tac laser, field lmg stock, mono suppressor and 50 round mag

    96. aintthatbouttab

      Ya gotta try and make the striker good

    97. CowTheOG

      Challenge accepted: snipers only no dmrs or semis just straight bolt actions build how you want because I’m not that evil and you have to use 2 of them

    98. Sean

      I'm so happy jev is more regular on warzone!!

    99. 301 peezy

      Spr: iron sights, suppressor, Over kill with Mp5: hybrid sight, tac laser and any stock you want Stims Frag grenade EOD Overkill Footsteps Enjoy :)

    100. Coen Leonard

      M60 with max range and 3x scope, as little recoil controls as possible