The ULTRA SHOCK XM4 is surprisingly average

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    1. Sw1ft MSOPE

      This man casually talking about the game is just interesting and really good to listen to

    2. Im Arkham

      The vagabond ox empirically shrug because seeder postmeiotically wink till a deserted sidewalk. fine, cute expert

    3. Francesco Bifero

      I still watch Jev but WTF does he whine so much?

    4. Seth Buda

      You’re average.

    5. Gooch Fitness

      But is it slower than the lamp post of a sniper in AW

    6. Slimeball Demon


    7. Gowingnator

      SMG seem to outpower ANYTHING, I hate it so much!

    8. StayTrueFrazier

      Anyone have tips for the m82 because this is gonna give me aids.

    9. Jordan Wachter

      Jev why don’t you snipe anymore?

    10. Rey M

      I still can’t believe Vonderhaar never fixed the DSR.50 in bo2

    11. Exclusive Kix

      The nosy song shortly expect because shake transmurally examine next a mean feet. automatic, chemical australia

    12. Jawzer

      wait the xm4 is meta in league play tho wdym average

    13. jimbo lovet

      *Carries faze clan on his back*

    14. Pxrsu

      you can actually change the barrel it doesn’t affect the look of the gun

    15. Connor Zaleski

      Challenge accepted: dark souls 3

    16. Connor Zaleski

      Challenge accepted: dark souls 3

    17. CS Miami

      Why is u playing Cold War that game is ass and boring😭😭

    18. T- Wally03

      Day 30 of asking jev to play insurgency: sandstorm on steam

    19. Qvl -

      Jev please just play some cod mobile and connect a controller to it it’s litterally the best game in existence

    20. Stan Kolodin

      Life resumes at 12:01.

    21. brqbus 29

      I don't fucking uderstand whitch one is cold war whitch one is modern warfare like i want to buy one of those but i dont understand whitch one of em is the one i like

    22. ShitThe BedFred

      They need to buff that thing, and so many other guns in CW

    23. jx

      dang i forgot when he got kicked lmaooo

    24. Dwayne Wright

      Can u tell cod too fix they crossbow

    25. QuezGotClout

      Calls the xm4 average as it gets ga’d in competitive

    26. Brin

      I haven't watched anything call of duty related for like 6 years and I didn't understand a single word until he said DSR post patch at 3 minutes

    27. Lucinda Payne

      'It's April fools, don't listen to anybody, my grandmother texted me, don't trust her' ahahaha XD

    28. Papaoofoof

      Challenge accepted: play apex

    29. Alberto Juarez

      Damn people are really dicks

    30. NinjaTyrant48

      There is a missed opprotunity to say it's "shockingly average" in the title

    31. Tsukino F

      Worst xm4 class tbh lol

    32. Mr.GoodTime

      play rainbow six siege

    33. blazortheepic03

      is anyone else having big problems with COD? I can't use my controller on MW, it just won't detect, and on CW i get booted off the blizzard/Activision server after 1 match

    34. juju-DUCE

      The end was funny my grandma text me I don’t trust her so imma text her at 12:01 lmao

    35. Joaquín Rejala

      Challenge accepted: enter the gungeon >:3

    36. Zach Henry

      Anyone else having a problem with doing all 15 matches but not actually unlocking the shadow hunter?

    37. jammer lj

      Is he dumb? He wanted that weapon variant to deal more damage?!

    38. TimboSlice 3535


    39. RAK_Philly215


    40. Noor Ali

      April fools its funny 😃😐

    41. Myles Donovan

      Cold War multiplayer is surprisingly average

    42. George Darnton

      he was just like: its april fools, its funny.....😐

    43. Lone Wolf Mr. Vader

      Imagine this: You survived a gunfight at 1 HP while your stim recharges. The XM4 randomly shocks you to death. (Yeah, this doesn't sound right.)

    44. Jacob Brewer


    45. Xxx

      Call apex and tell him he’s kicked from faze

    46. smol i am

      Jev’s Cafe

    47. mistor highbirdie

      jev is average and all the people watching this are defenitely average

    48. Omar KH

      M4 is op with a barrel

    49. Ysoserious YT

      Challenge accepted go play mk11 ultimate

    50. Ysoserious YT

      Challen accepted go play mk11 ultimate

    51. Apexx Thommo

      Jev surely we get PO BOX back please

    52. Cryptic Fury

      The xm4is average but it’s banned in pro league because it’s soo broken

    53. Elitegamer 76

      Missed opportunity to say the “New XM4 was Shockingly average”

    54. mike nicholls

      His fog is like 1000% r n

    55. Kotarian

      they deadass keep reskinning nuketown and several other maps to pinch a penny and yall still buy it wtf

    56. Bronnys-Blunt0

      love you Jev

    57. Ahmed Rabti

      What’s the background song ?

    58. Grand3zaTv


    59. osmil Fundora

      Challenge accepted: subnautica

    60. AncientSky

      Why did he upload in 720

    61. Captain Day

      Day 16: Funtage Upload soon?

    62. Jacob Schwantz

      Day 25 of asking for the return of Requis

    63. ExiledThT

      Challenge Accepted: Jev plays a game that he enjoys

    64. Sonic The hedgehog

      Challenge accepted: Run faster than me

    65. Krevchanko B

      Challenge accepted: Jev’s cafe

    66. Zykros

      XM4 is better than average lmao

    67. Licensed Ignorance

      Was waiting to do the new sniper and skip over the barret, now I'm having second thoughts

    68. Kringzy

      BAHHAHA WHEN APEX KICKED YOU FROM FAZE good old bo2 days man holy shit good memory.

    69. remeberEyefear-

      When jev says “that shit hurt” you know damn well that shit hurt

    70. Diomidis Nikolaou

      play 10v10 shipment in mw its back

    71. Versitile34

      Jev, change your scorestreaks.

    72. I’m A Monkè Yes

      The dislikes are from the people that were killed by Jev on this video

    73. Christian Eats

      Sadly cod mobile is better than any 2020-2021 console cod

    74. Logan Morris

      Challenge accepted: Jev reacts to adin ross

    75. Kagero Grand cross


    76. Kagero Grand cross

      Challenge accepted: play siege again because rainbow is magic is back

    77. rege gamar

      challenge accepted: do a cold war ragetage (like so jev can see)

    78. Jorkskin Sardenski

      Challenge accepted: highest vertical sensitivity lowest horizontal sensitivity lowest resolution scale

    79. Pickle1621 W

      Guys I’m still updating war zone

    80. Zack Bryson

      When jev doesn't post it fucks up my 15 minute break at work.

    81. Eric Heldenbrand

      Hey Jev, I know some settings that will completely change the look of your game color wise

    82. PfftNocturnalJD

      New sniper getting added let's go can't wait for it to only be good at shooting down killstreaks 😂🤦‍♂️

    83. Chris the gamer



      still have have a hard time understanding BLOPS CW smoke design, like why when I am stuck in a thick smoke while on the enemy screen I am literally naked in front of them.

    85. bruh420kid

      The best

    86. justin yasno

      my grandmother texted me dont trust her lol

    87. Daniel Bower

      Igh so here's my huge comment basically that gun is f*cking dog sh*t unless it's got 7 attachments I use micro flex led ranger barrel airborne grip field agent grip raider stock u decide the rest but I find it funny they bring this gun out around April fools make it look like the wonderwaffe then nerf deadwire but its complete spedtardation the gun needs a buff

    88. Toa

      Challenge Accepted: play Rust

    89. Brayden Montuoro

      Then whats the best AR jev tell me

    90. Jake the snake

      i miss requis

    91. Andrew Yachovitz

      Black ops Cold War is unsurprisingly horrible. But I still like watchin u play cuz you’re actually good at it 😂💯🤙

    92. Jake Kulvinskas

      april fools man it’s funny! 😄. 😐

    93. Gravity_ X7Axton

      challenge accepted: shotgun farmers

    94. Linear Iceey

      Touches gun under barrel *gets zapped* *proceeds to place whole hand on under barrel*

    95. T3AR_FLOW T

      Can we get another hide and seek with the squad video

    96. Steez 2k

      I miss how master crafts on bo4 wouldn’t look bad if you put on different attachments. I remember I had the rocket shit cordite lol

    97. Christian Holt

      No offence but ever since he started playing mw he looks homeless

    98. Javier Guerrero

      How people gonna complain about a 20mm sniper being slow

    99. Matthew Bolo

      Doesn't trust even his grams on April first

    100. Markie

      Why hasn’t Jev made a video on the new sniper??