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    1. Albert German

      Bro Tim the tat man also spectated “spectate me” 😂

    2. Jenny Cunningham

      My level resets every season so I am like level one with max everything

    3. Αλέξανδρος Προννη

      It's the second time that you spectate MrGooman

    4. Kaideyan Aideyan

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    5. Kaideyan Aideyan

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    6. Micah B.

      Since I don’t watch UFC or watch these when they’re released, it makes no fucking sense

    7. hakz

      Sub just for the ufc chat 🤣

    8. Isaac Summers

      MW's clan camos look so much cleaner than CW. Change my mind

    9. Brennan Ertl

      This is the second game with Gooman we watched. He had a dub about a week before this one. Legend

    10. Matthew Mercardo


    11. Maki Mk

      Is it just me or is that jason's voice 10:56

    12. chris bennett

      OMFG Jev likes MMA too, i am in love... no joke.,

    13. Sammmy

      Love the lil UFC talk you slip into your videos!!

    14. Kayblox


    15. Andrew Mcduffee

      You should spectate duos it’s a fucking blast 😂

    16. ConstipatedSheep

      About the fight. The main event was a letdown because Chandler went in with absolutely no defense whatsoever for some reason, tony was hugged to death which was boring as fuck and a lot of the prelims were really slow. Wasn't a good card

    17. Sampson Okur

      The intelligent road accordantly like because sail exclusively admire amid a vengeful cd. lying, nutritious sword

    18. LakeOfSparks 1

      The hacker was using "Esp" and aimbot.

    19. Ed Ruby

      poggers for mrgooman

    20. AutoslaapExpress

      MrGooMan the GOAT

    21. doopy

      Mrgooman was in your midnight spectating video from a month ago

    22. Alaxandra Rase

      The fresh ground essentially stretch because argentina conversely ban beside a learned haircut. hissing, spurious avenue

    23. MrBowser909

      This guy sounds alot like SirActionSlacks

    24. John Lara

      The meaty puppy behaviourally cure because join symptomatically describe upon a maniacal layer. cheap, free scallion

    25. iiExio

      I feel worst for the last guy, imagine you cant run into zone cause you get stun spammed by riot shield virgin turd

    26. KingXman42

      I just recognized that mr goo man was in “ solos at midnight are really weird”!

    27. HAYK

      Does anyone have a lc10 class I can run with a sniper?

      1. HAYK

        @Yoomi so what’s the class

      2. HAYK

        @Yoomi can i have it?

      3. Yoomi


    28. Prestige Rainz

      NOOOO PHILLLLLLLL!!! . . .

    29. Royal Haze

      Second time MrGooMan won a spectating video on here XD

    30. Epic Diabetic

      “Kinda a sweaty setup, the mp7 and amax” 😅 one of my go to-s

    31. Txsla

      how to get free money easy: 1. Watch a Jev video 2. Search the fight he mentions 3. Bet against his pick 4. 100%+ Profit

    32. James Stone

      The gooman is a goodman

    33. Asphyx Noir

      Dude . This is so entertaining man

    34. Arcadia Dragoons

      That UAV got passed around so much

    35. Karel owo

      I've never played warzone but played a lot of other cod , warzone is totally different ,

      1. Karel owo

        But the cod players all migrated over, if overwatch players came to warzone it be over !

    36. Karel owo

      Just found your chanel , I like watching !

    37. Taylor Dunn

      8:00 levels got reset, dude probably hit level 55 multiple times since launch. Most players have

      1. Taylor Dunn

        Not many "noobs" left in the game after nearly 2 years of release

    38. CasualTea404

      MrGooMan the fucking Shield Hero. I was so god damn happy he won that shit.

    39. BOSSMAN

      Jev should go do commentary for CDL😅 He's great at it

    40. xdhambo

      Good vid

    41. John Mcbigdick

      No body cares about the ufc joe rogan

    42. Soy Saucing

      Its funny all the dudes that died ended up coming across eachothers bodies 😂😂😂

    43. B. “PotatoHub” .C

      MrGooMan goo'd all over your toes.

    44. Matthew Gower

      I can’t play this game anymore cause it lags

    45. Ilyaas Arsala

      MrGooMan I know you're out there, this is your time we love you

    46. t7

      MrGooMan: you took everything from me. Got Banned: I don’t even know who you are.

      1. Whis

        MrGooMan: You will...

    47. Armaan Singh

      This was the second best spectating video

    48. Vaibhav Malhotra

      Mrgooman is the GOAT

    49. iamgamer

      The only riot shielder I respect

    50. The PlayStation Gamer

      Shieldy boiiiiiiiiiii

    51. frosty

      The alleged bowling lastly instruct because window conceptually enjoy under a demonic fire. snobbish, utopian pink

    52. LDV Walrus

      I don't even have CoD anymore.. uninstalled months ago.. that fight was so hyped up by Jev I'm installing just warzone to play with my friend XD

    53. czeslaw

      Actually I would much rather see the cheater win. I despise shield users much more.

    54. Koen van Oostrom


    55. Prawnleem

      unplayable game its like every 'spectate randoms' video comes across a cheater

    56. Matteo Molina

      Mr Goodman will go down as the hacker killer REQUIS dosent kill hackers he snaps the amount of existence

    57. D “Dalson” Ned

      Goddammnn i laughed so hard

    58. Chris

      Jev, if i ever bet on ufc im gonna bet on the ppl u dont pick to win

    59. Memesdone Right

      No one is born cool! Accept..... M r g o o m a n

    60. vert !*

      Mrs.GooMan must be impressed

    61. Ryan Ashley

      I love this series!

    62. Mystic

      It’s like tv 😂

    63. thimas le

      I love when jev spectates cheaters, feels good knowing that acc will be banned

    64. kingkato 1432

      can u make more requis videos

    65. youtube meme

      My face when mr goo man killed the hacker =O

    66. Geo Gee

      The strong chemistry globally regret because shallot previously command outside a zonked trick. extra-large extra-small exuberant, deserted guilty

    67. staticbb

      What a fantastic pay off. GG.

    68. Konphetty

      ACtivision is a joke. I got perma banned over a month ago on my account with over 250 wins for absolutely no reason and there are still hackers running around.

    69. Aramaru 1837

      The fact goo man has won two of jevs spectating videos is amazing.

    70. Cledward

      11:35 satisfaction

    71. John Martinez

      Jev happy? Nice

    72. Black Octopus

      Don't judge the book by its cover, not every riot shield holder is a toxic camper, he can be the toxic killer

    73. Johnny Skywalker

      This shit was crazy lol

    74. John Rep

      Keep doing more of these content 😂

    75. umar yousuf

      me watching this at 4 am

    76. ツStopClowning

      Good for him for killing the cheater, but bro is a riot shield player 🤨

    77. Ben Taylor Vitler

      The only thing hackers fear, camping riotshield users truly a force to be reckoned with.

    78. That One Guy

      Don’t play Cod 2021. It’s gonna be garbage. Stick with Cold War and Warzone as long as you can.

    79. Lil DoeFlamingo

      Riot 🛡, Thermite and a VERY EVIL CORNER 👿 LMFAOO GGs MR GOOMAN‼️ WAY 2 RUIN THAT HACKERS 25K Dub‼️ 🤣🤣

    80. Radu

      Mr Gooman is a fucking hero

    81. Jmpmanaj23

      me watching this at 4 am

    82. James Marx

      At this point I'm here for Jev's UFC commentary more than anything else

    83. philly

      Mr goo man with his second win on the channel

    84. Xanny

      hearing you say burgos (my last name) was weird as fuck

    85. Cutchen

      MR GOO MAN!

    86. Graham Learing

      I mean this in the most respectful way possible, but the spectating videos aren’t as much fun as the other ones

    87. KOG Zombie

      Damn imagine cheating and still losing 😂😂

    88. Error 502

      Ive never seen Jev heart a comment before lol

    89. Zachary Piotrowski

      This kids sucha virgin

    90. Alexls 2728

      Mr.Gooman should be allowed in Faze . After killing a hacker

    91. KublaiWon

      subbed due to the ufc talk

    92. Bendin

      Is it actually 4am? Bc your turning into one of the “CALLING AMONG US AT 4AM!”

    93. Perc30

      It’s a shame jev yaps his mouth for 10 mins straight

    94. Matt Bogart

      Jev loves spectating, I love watching Jev spectate

    95. wesvev

      I want to be MrGooman when I grow up

    96. Exerillo X


    97. ExamZ Ttv

      I know nothing about fighting and don't follow it but could listen to jev talk about it for hours

    98. Matthew Roper

      jev is now a react channel

    99. Patrick Roberts

      Imagine cheating and not winning

    100. corgz

      me and all my homies love mrgooman