This NEW MAX DAMAGE ZRG 20MM hits as hard as REQUIS

FaZe Jev

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    1. Life Outside

      Dude bring back REQUIS

    2. Darth Varanus

      I love the mma talk😂

    3. Its Vct

      Hey did you know the average human has anywhere from 5 to 7 pounds of toxic poop in their intestines

    4. T3rminator 56

      For the ogs that know

    5. Soviet

      5:24 idk if gpus usually get this hot, but jev you need to go give it a bit of a break, think 40 degrees celcius burned the notre dame down

    6. Matthew Stetz


    7. Axstrowrldz

      Bring requis back from bus slumber

    8. X0NIX

      Damn he must be slow as hell

    9. ethan pike

      Irl,this fucked is used to take out trucks,cars,really anything below a tank is valid prey

    10. Scrapo *

      Adesanyas hardest fight was Jan blachowitz

    11. The Requis

      Nothing hits even similar to me

    12. Daikoku


    13. PonPon Doodlez

      Yes, I'm sure getting hit by a gun irl would do a lot of damage

    14. Edgar varela

      Isn’t requis from the mw vid and beg raging

    15. blnk

      Anyone know how to fix my cold war feeling like 60fps when i get 130 fps? i already have it set to 144hz in game but it just feels disgusting.

    16. vFl1ck .,.

      Requis hahaha 🤣 im so dead man

    17. Johnnyblaze 420

      Jesus's don't compare your gun to that lame ass UFC character requis bro every single match you pressed 2 buttons by the worst UFC gameplay I've ever seen you showed nothing about the game and threw the same one 2 punch you entire time playing that game it was very painful to watch stick to cod your actually really good at that @fazejev

    18. Bulls Eye

      Who ever created that sight needs to be fired.

    19. [TC4L] Tyler

      Nothing hits like Jev Nd that desk 😂😭😭

    20. Tvmzt

      Hey I’m going for diamond on the snipers in Cold War, I only have gold on the pellington so far, but does anyone have any advice for sniping in general I’m okay at it and want to get better


      Requis getting his bed sheet ready.

    22. Doom Slayer

      Petition for Jev to play UFC again.

    23. Idylanx

      bro the title and thumbnail made me choke on my drink

    24. Felix H

      Think how annoying it is to level up this thing in zombies XD

    25. Kenji Senpai

      The Infinity Gauntlet was modeled after REQUIS's fist.

    26. Jessica B


    27. ducky boom

      Does it crack armour on body in warzone?

    28. Noob `

      I miss watching you play mk

    29. Bruce Campbell

      Nothing hits harder than the Demi god

    30. Little Nessness

      Don’t let ksi keep you down. Dustin made a come back requis can too

    31. Transformed speculation of reality

      If you see this jev you should give this thing called slapping competition a try I think it’s pretty cool you might like it as well

    32. Antoniv Vasili

      The Barret and ZRG are roughly around the same weight IRL.

    33. The Wendigo

      I’m surprised that he remembers requis

    34. Murphy King

      This is a silly video

    35. Zestys

      I’m in my bed under blankets now I need to take a shit any tips?

    36. Aiden T

      Marvin didn’t give Izzy nothing, Whitaker was his hardest opponents

    37. L7 SkaTe

      Fell asleep watching this woke up to a hour and a half long add😂

    38. Jose Papi

      Jev play rainbow again. There’s an operator with a sniper now plzzz

    39. R4K45H1 03

      This sniper is so strong that divides oponnents into qwarks

    40. Krypto

      Holy shit Jev actually plays this Cold War garbage LMAO

    41. Logan Ardale

      game is so dead to tryhards he talked about ufc for half the video

    42. kera Miller

      No one can be Nina tbh she's gonna become a legend

    43. ??

      lol man shot his niko niko knee caps lol 3:18

    44. 17MED

      I am simple man, i see requis i click

    45. Tastier jungle 46

      Dutlniv tioogattlyg

    46. Gavin Smith


    47. Josh Hughes

      How many times did he say “highest in the game” 😂

    48. Sven Baars

      No clue who requis is, but good video as always.

    49. Colin Volpe

      you mean as hard as my dad right on the title This NEW MAX DAMAGE ZRG 20MM hits as hard as MY DAD

    50. Refr3sh

      Requis vs Kratos? I think it will be a close one

    51. Le_Sin_of_Wrath

      Speaking of Requis The Demigod, how come you dont play UFC any more?

    52. Julian Perez

      when requis hits 19 years old his parents move out

    53. Gogeta

      bring back requis

    54. Bradley Page

      Pov snipers on crack:

    55. TheCleverJoker

      That hip accuracy on the ak magnum needs to be 2-3x larger, ppl who use that crap are so annoying and just ruin the experience, it's even worse on pc.

    56. Ghost Grower 420

      I’m so glad you watch ufc ❤️I’m here for the game tips but I’m staying for the ufc advice 😈❤️

    57. unwearybeast 11

      bro i love watching jev man hes came such a long way been watching since middle school about to be a freshma in college sheesh

    58. Ya Boy Joe

      Jev actually built a Kraber in CW

    59. Requis


    60. Jamaile Sutton

      god damn ur speed

    61. make out hill


    62. Haters

      sniping hasn't been the same since MW2. :/

    63. The ORIONGREY

      Literally sometimes only watch the first few second of his videos just to hear him say “Alright what’s going on jev here” 🤣🤣😅

    64. Cxqz

      little kid birthday party napkin

    65. DivideMyCheeks

      the M82 is .44 not 50

    66. Mario R

      When is Requis coming back???

    67. Requis

      Compared to me, this is like slapping somebody in the face with a napkin from a little kid's birthday party.

    68. Joseph Krupka

      This class with stopping power rounds in wz

    69. Rayhan Gill

      Jev please just play ufc

    70. Gibson Frat

      3:07 wtf just happen.. that was fast asf

    71. milk

      They shouldve called this the REQUIS GUN

    72. Przemek Horn

      Challenge accepted play WARFACE

    73. Johnny Sins

      Requis got. Fucked by an Asian fighter

    74. Dane

      I saw this guy on my for you page but why does this guy whine so much

    75. Its DKariuki

      We need that sniper from infinite warfare that had no aim assist but was a one shot to any part of the body

    76. DARIOOOH

      What about a trigger finger series All semi auto weapons build for trigger fingers

    77. diego morasso

      The spr has a better bullet velocity than the new sniper on warzone

    78. gomrooker007

      You brought REQUIS back

    79. Santiago Avalos-Villegas

      Jev im sorry but no one wants to see coldwar

    80. Frosted Shark

      When’s requis coming back tho☹️

    81. TheGierling

      Might be a dumb question, but in some of your videos you show a nifty overview of a weapons stats, complete with % and everything, like the ADS time etc. Is there a mod for that, or do you actually build these pics yourself? I haven't found this option ingame.

    82. Rubbybandz

      Challenge accepted: play lego Batman

    83. OGgamers_ YT

      Your magnum loadout?

    84. It's blobfish 009

      I can’t even watch this game anymore, let alone play it 😢

    85. mustaf alkatalony

      Who the fuck is REQUIS?

    86. Lev

      Highest in the game highest in the game highest int he game highest in the game

    87. JINX _dark

      Idk if it’s me but jev is the only IRflowr talk about ufc and play cod at the same time and gets a lot of kills and when he try he be in try hard mode and don’t talk and go back to ufc then change it back to cod

    88. Nick Name

      Please bring back REQUIS

    89. Jack Saunders

      First of all REQUIS doesn’t hit he decimates

    90. Tim Galls

      Use it in warzone

    91. Julian Hunter

      When will requis make a comeback


      bro it's a 20mm anti material rifle. it should be a one hit with the lowest damage you give it. you shoot someone in the shin and their foot goes bye-bye

    93. Ayo Bray

      pls more requis ufc videos

    94. Sina Sakhi

      Tbh cod mw is better then cod cw

    95. Shanuel Lavandier

      At this point This is no a call of duty video anymore its just jevs talking about people fighting On a call of duty gameplay

    96. Shredders 4 Life

      Why do you have more subscribers than Faze Scope but he's better at sniping?

    97. TheOnlyJay

      It breaks my heart that Jev references Requis but we haven’t seen him in a long time

    98. Voltage

      I bet requis can beat up Connor mcgregor in 5 seconds

    99. Alex Poser