I shouldn't have played WARZONE today but I'm addicted

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    1. SubVoid

      6:05 LMAO he did that so casually 7:46 LMAOOOOO

    2. controlledbyaliens

      Nice video I have been watching you for 3 years now

    3. Enoch Uthayarajan

      6:12 'shake for answer' jev explain

    4. Bill

      Cod mw4 and cold war are the worst cods out there. Apex legends a fucking free game has way more views and a higher player count daily

    5. Javier Gonzalez

      Fvck everything we need jev to be happy again

    6. mike wazowski

      0:53 is funny asf

    7. Freddie Novruzov

      I love watching you play your so good and funny

    8. peanut butter

      love the vids bro keep at it

    9. erik rodriguez

      Y’all seen his trigger finger

    10. Amelio Holguin

      Why did I get a notification for this video ?

    11. Timothy Williams

      You need to take a break jev

    12. SmokeySlumpGod

      please play more r6 jev

    13. Ahmad Alghamdi

      “ by the end of my life I will be trans and it’s all because Warzone molested My childhood “

    14. Austin Cook

      I don't understand why they made guns despawn. Why have gulag when you can't jump right back into the game. Can't go back to your guns half the time because they're camped and when you do find a gun it's a shot gun that does absolutely nothing.

    15. Thomas Srsich

      The loose boundary contradictorily own because hawk meteorologically tick during a brainy gas. sore, petite sailboat

    16. Andrew Gomez

      Quick fact loot actually despawns after contact with a player after a certain time frame


      Sad ending

    18. Yg Champ

      show your gaming setup

    19. diovores

      Bro your so good why you even sad

    20. PLTNM

      You could disappear for a year, come back, and we’d all still be here watching your videos.

    21. Wa ge

      I swear watching him get angry makes my blood pressure rise

    22. Lil Skeet

      Has anyone noticed that you can’t equip the Cold War special camos on your Warzone guns? I got the faze one and it changed the color and I can’t re equip it

    23. Cameron Holt

      Your the July faze member that didn’t switch up for money or clout 💯 I respect you and have been watching since you played until don. Love you bro keep it up.

    24. Slipknot Army

      Okay but that shot at 0:56 was fucking badass even though you didn't kill him

    25. zdr81

      Jev be landing in the most irrelevant spots and be like “where the hell is everybody” or “just challenge me” cause the only people landing by u are camping 6 year olds land super

    26. dondon

      i like mortal kombat x music in the back of the beginning clips

    27. yolo229 fak

      Riddle me this, riddle me that, why the flying fuck does a suppressor add bullet velocity?

    28. J’Anthony Morales

      Attachments for MP5?

    29. MATTY B

      I love you Jev

    30. Plasma Dizzy

      Jevs one of the og members that stuck to his roots and still pulls hella views jevs an inspiration have been watching you since early 2015 love you man ps please post more mk11

    31. Brayden Nowak

      I watch youre videos while i shid

    32. Brayden Nowak

      I waj ur videos while i shid

    33. noob triesalot

      Just realized you used the Shinnok theme from mkx for the intro clip. NUT

    34. Trizzbo

      he’s get so mad cuz he’s fuckin trash 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    35. Julia Marrero

      Jev is a lowkey sweat

    36. fozzer1398

      Consistently brough back by the insane gameplays. Love you jev x

    37. Sj TV

      1 day

    38. It’s Mitsuri

      I wanna see Jev get totemed in apex or kl just get triple 3rd party lol

    39. Paul Moir

      You need a life man seriously actually hurts to watch this

    40. Exitzero

      These warzone videos just keep getting shorter and shorter lol

    41. Kahm

      People forget he’s literally a faze member

    42. aaron itsame

      You okay Jev? Hope so.

    43. Sebastian Järvinen

      Jev a playthrough of resident evil village? Could get you frustrated in a different way ;D

    44. NoJaVa

      I love how he just causally gets the first kill of the game from parachuting 🤣🤣

    45. Jose Antunez

      I like that he uses one of the mk soundtracks

    46. Jorge Cabrera

      dang you leave a game faster then my dad left me

    47. Luis Perez

      I know it is just a game that is played for fun but go out and get an actual handgun, rifle, shotgun or a compound bow. The real life experience is better than what you get from a video game, you get to learn new skills that are actually applicable to the real world. Life is too short to be stuck in your house playing video games all day long. Get out there and enjoy the challenges of trying new things, in doing so you will meet other people and find more about yourself.

    48. SVN FREEZY

      jev you should play with temperr or blaziken i know they stream warzone...you might have more fun playing with a squad i literally hate BR solos u can get fucked over to easily...im also down to play but they're prolly better teammates tho lmao

    49. Corywalls123yt

      jev: gets 5 kills a game thinking he's terrible my highest kill record being 5

    50. FN_ chapa

      4:40 wat was that sound?🤣

    51. Voidz Gaming

      Me too 😔

    52. M8 Duffer

      Can someone tell me the name of the song 7:10

    53. Viktor

      warzone is just not it for me

    54. Atlantis Drews

      more warzone

    55. David Hewison

      Is this the first time he’s completed someone else’s play

    56. Ragnaaarr

      Notice how Jev’s Warzone lobbies are always super sweaty and he never gets bot lobbies. Yet these Warzone ‘pro’ players seem to get bot lobbies every other game. Can’t wait to find out what this exploit is they’re all doing.

    57. EmilioMKIII

      Watching Jev play solos, and how he reacts is exactly how I feel. Solos just releases inner demons that I didn't know existed.

    58. Rhys James

      You always start moaning just get your loadout quick then fry not use ground loot ofc ur gonna get bummed

    59. Tv7w

      you should stream

    60. Beefyyy

      I’m glad your addicted daddy

    61. Pyrofull

      bruh i laughed so hard @7:44

    62. Cording karma

      They should call it Snorzone at this point

    63. Braden Stevens

      Man I know you love pumping out videos for us but I’ve noticed that you’ve been real stressed for awhile. I’m sure we all wouldn’t mind if you took a week or 2 off. We love the videos but we care more about ur health man. Love you jev, stay strong ❤️

    64. Luv Shiestyヅ

      what’s yo class

    65. Yunggleezy

      You should try solo trio

    66. Used Plaster

      4:39 look at his face lmao

    67. DSyR

      Warzone is addictive

    68. scentar

      how are you addicted to such a shitty mode... if it didnt exist all the ass players would have to go back to getting ran over in shipment shoothouse lobbies and actually practice to get good again

    69. メSiͥleͣnͫ†

      This dude has the aim of a demi god

    70. T- Wally03

      Day 7 of asking Jev to play insurgency: sandstorm on steam.

    71. I_USE_AIMBOT


    72. VXT Fervent

      The IQ from Kev to use the munitions box as a grenade is out of this world, sadly it done literally nothing 😂

    73. Lucas Nolen

      You should try to play Apex legends

    74. Fw._.Johnny

      Hey is that mkx music? I know when I hear it

    75. schmid shady

      Quote my words jev is the last real faze member always been my fave and hope you staying smove bro 💯🙏

    76. rip claude

      hey man take a break if you need one

    77. Mark Arreola

      You shouldn’t play at all

    78. : D

      Lmao I love how he has a class called “cheese”

    79. Deondre Stonestand

      play minecraft

    80. Active Central

      Only faze member to not change. Best IRflow out here. Enjoy these videos so much

    81. 360Looney

      That intro was fire . Jev the demigod

    82. Alan Torres

      I’ll pay pal some to get me Damascus

    83. Zachary Ellis

      Jev it would make me the happiest man alive if you could play Mortal Kombat 11 again. :)

    84. mrkick16

      7:47 Jev's car did a nose manual.

    85. SLUMP Sossa

      I can’t be the only one burned out on cod vids

    86. rule 34 enthusiast

      Anyone else thinks rug needs to get out of FaZe

    87. Bryan Lopez

      Love you jev

    88. Gabriel Mendoza

      Jev could literally name his video “N” and I would still watch

    89. Aldo Sanchez

      The question is dose jev still use gamma form the old days on MW remasterd

    90. The Boot

      Man Jev loves complaining

    91. Austin Trapnell


    92. Collin Clevenger

      U should try dead ops first person

    93. Zakiria Legacy


    94. Noah Leek

      You take as much time off as you want jev.

    95. Jesswurd

      Day 3 of Challenge Accepted: Jev Plays Escape From Tarkov

    96. Aureo LXXIX

      Cuphead challenge accepted

    97. Thomas Taylor

      The m82 is nice in warzone

    98. Owen Blackwelder

      Somebody used your first clip in the video on TickTock and said it was theirs

    99. Ali G

      Is thing of mine or the FFAr feels out of control in Warzone? Like, in multi i don't have problems, but here i feel like it kills way too fucking fast

    100. CLIP BLIME

      i agree i play one game of warzone and i die within 2 minuets and i go back to fucking minecraft