WARZONE SOLOS at MIDNIGHT are really weird

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    1. asuun

      oooh its mrgooman

    2. Coery

      Lol the riot shielder at the end, Mr Gooman is actually in another video of Jevs, he kills a hacker while Jev is watching him lol

    3. Phd flopper from statefarm


    4. CHiTOUN

      gooey win

    5. James0982 14

      Its mrgooman from the recent video lmao

      1. Usman

        loool it wasn’t just me

    6. The gamer7

      didn’t mean gooman kill a cheater as well

    7. Danny Taylor

      MrGooMan is a true hero

    8. euoim


    9. Pyro


      1. Maximilianmus got waves

        He won agian

    10. :

      Yoo MrGooMan was in Disresepectful Warzone solos st 4AM

    11. Garin Smith

      mr goo man made it in two vids damn

    12. EvanAndy72

      Mr goo man back at it again nice to see him again

    13. Andrew Williams

      mr "riot shield" gooman killed the hacker in that other video to secure the w

    14. Vaughn Mancao

      bro mrgooman was in the same video jev just made where mrgooman killed the hacker

    15. EPIC DZN

      Mrgooman becoming a regular on this channel

    16. Friendly Crusader

      1:21 This is the reason Warzone is still not dead

    17. Silentgod 999

      mrgooman is the same guy who killed a cheater on one of your videos jev

    18. Jesse Lange

      Thats Jevs second time spectating MrGooMan in solos🤣

      1. Maximilianmus got waves

        No one noticed

    19. Joseph Gagliardi

      Anybody here after the video where goo man is in it

    20. Payton Burke

      Tired of listening to a nerd talk about fighting

      1. T - Meme


    21. Evan Behrens

      No way it’s the same mrgooman that killed the hacker

    22. Comrade Rodion

      mrgooman is here

    23. Cosmic Biscuitz

      Yo it's the goo man! Hacker killer from today's video.

    24. lewis stillie

      Mrgooman was spectated by jev in another vid he was still using the riot shield he also won and killed a hacker😂

    25. uck it

      half of my ufc knowledge comes from cod videos

    26. Joshua

      10:01 Mr Gooman wins the game

    27. Goated CR playa

      Mrgooman killed a hacker in a later video

    28. Amir ali

      10:07 the true hero

    29. Amir ali

      1:52 Mr gooman a true hero

    30. Youssef Gaaloul

      I am excited for the Ferguson fight tonight.

    31. Tanner Brooks

      8:06 is the most realest thing I’ve ever heard. Love ya Jev 🤣🤣🤣

      1. Tanner Brooks

        Idk anything and ufc but hey

    32. DJJ


    33. Storsteez

      Ufc 3 rly is better lol i still play vs buying 4, demo is all it took to know 4 felt like trash

    34. Arnav Jain

      The only faze member who is not cringe

    35. Alexander_Cdn

      Honestly I don’t even watch Jev for the gameplay, it’s just to hear him talk about random shit lol

    36. Swift Fear

      4:15 Shiiit almost thought he changed. Good to see he loves his revenge. 😂😅

    37. Freddy Fiddle

      Probably the only youtuber that isn't using anti recoil and aim assist 🖒

    38. devin7136

      What operator is Jev using? I use mil sim shadow company is that mil sim?

    39. CrazyGP 23

      Yoo I love getting un hit by a cargo truck

    40. ABROAD98

      This mans videos have a different flair to them and its great

    41. go to gulag

      jev don't ever scare us by not going for revenge, it's become a ritual

    42. TriL Zero

      i know these are just reaction videos, but jev does them well. keep it up son

    43. XxSupCuZxX

      Fr I honestly don’t know shi what he’s talkin bout but I don’t mind it it’s kinda of entertaining

    44. May

      I loved Jev's energy in this video, he doesn't sound depressed at least.

    45. Isa Elfarse

      F the loadout

    46. Isa Elfarse

      Love jev vids

    47. Valhalla Cod

      That was you That came third party and killes me and took my sniper hah 😂now im proud to have given it to you! I came out of the gulag and looked for my sniper and it was gone where you complained of the one you could not see hah siiiiiish

    48. Britt Stair

      Love the ufc talk

    49. Stunky

      No one: Jev: YURI PROHASKA

    50. Sir Sidious


    51. Sir Sidious


    52. indoboybrah ismellyou

      bro u are fkn amazing serieusly. being a pro gamer and in faze clan and also a reporter man that's some skills man

    53. xjlmk monke

      i don’t gotta watch ESPN i just gotta watch jev and boom same info

    54. Daddy Napalm

      How to get past the nonexistent roze nerf: Use a riot shield in a corner.

    55. Whiskey Throttle

      UFC 2 best one.

    56. uziツ

      thanks for making me laugh tonight lmfao. i just got jack in the box and my food order was t right so i was mad lol. anyways luv you jev

    57. Logan Wright

      dude i would do anything for a night night with jev it would be so fun

    58. The3rd Splashbrother

      I love how these gaming morons talk about fighting...

    59. Preston Wright

      Your zone videos are so entertaining

    60. Jess

      It’s not a freaking Gold chest

    61. Frost bite

      Challange accepted: Complete getting over it

    62. Chugalingus

      That reaction when the riot shield got the kill was amazing lmao

    63. KinggDjj

      I like the way Jev sits in his chair

    64. The chronic cave

      How did I die by getting un hit by a vehicle 🤣🤣

    65. tactical gamer

      playing swat4 trying to get in each mission a score of 100/100 . a support with a like or subscribe would nice

    66. african american shrek

      Will you do a controller settings video? I'm really curious

    67. Blaze 459

      Aye man I use the variable zoom and I do just fine with it 😑

    68. Thekingmahd

      my guy really said nice hacks jev: thank you

    69. Kdscomics

      1:02 that $uicideboy$ song tho in the background

    70. hilri

      9:44 jev should be an esports commentator lmao

    71. Tezt


    72. Angel Arevalo

      I used to use the kar98 with a regular sniper scope but I would get into long distance snipe battles so I chose to use the variable zoom and now I be hitting more shots than before 😌

    73. StrafeY

      I took a break from the internet for a few days, come back and realise how COLOURLESS this game is everywhere.

    74. Logtain _

      Meeeeeennnn........ nah fuck that shit

    75. Oscar Garibay

      Can y’all imagine if Jev streamed and played with Tim And Nick, that would be golden content😪

    76. Ducky1

      Funniest guy on the internet

    77. Alex Cruz

      I’m just staying here for the stuff he says

    78. Dylan

      jev always starts these spectating videos by dying in the funniest ways

    79. destructer

      I like how when jev dies he rants about the ufc and for most of the stuff he is saying I can agree

    80. Chicken Nugget

      I love how he slides towards the car and just dies😂😂😂

    81. Devin Lucien

      4:25 When Jev says oh my loadout is ready... and contemplated wether or not if he wanted to go back i said “His ego is gonna tell him to go back” and he went back lol

    82. Schmitzelhaus

      Hmm, i don´t know first hand, but i´m pretty sure you would be able to run fast enough to, at the very least, significally injure yourself when you run head-first against a slowely backwards rolling truck. 🤪 EDIT: Holy shit, i did NOT see that fukkin riotshield either! Jesus....

    83. Ryan Wheeler

      10:52 Im disoriented from tryna understand jev here

    84. ThatGuy Todd

      I absolutely love how the truck was on its two front wheels and the music stoped and immediately played when it landed

    85. Tommy Willy300

      Itd be so cool to see Jev become a UFC Commentator

    86. NPC’s Bizarre Adventure

      I really hope jev becomes a ufc commentator 😂

    87. Laura Dachner

      ya I guess all the kids pretty much have to go to bed at 11 or something and the sweats play at 3:00 am so there are probably lots of bots at around 12

    88. Valentino Jurkovic

      I dont get it, what do people have against variable on kar? I dont use it i like spr more but i just dont get it

    89. AJ Miller

      Close your mouth jev please

    90. Fuzzy

      The variable zoom was the no glint glitch for a while. Myself included just haven’t taken it off yet cause I forget lol

    91. CeeDatMan2x

      Leave it up to jev to die in the most bullshit ways😂😂🤣🤣

    92. MGLBRT

      You could be making up fighter names and stats and I would never know the difference. I got a whole bracket in my head of people Im not sure exist!

    93. Box

      I love jev. I've been watching you for litterally my entire childhood. Im 22 now. The warzone just doesn't do it for me, never has. I watch all of your videos still. But man.. id love if you played more variety style games. Like I love all the cod. But I'm here for your personality you know? Obviously if this is all you enjoy that is what it is. But if its not.. think about showing some different stuff. Some of my favorite videos you've EVER created haven't been on cod

    94. Parley Gage Reed Marsh

      *sigh* i didnt come here for a ufc update....

    95. Giga Mix

      I love these

    96. TheTruth1126

      Jiri slept Dom something scary the other night

    97. S P

      anyone else thinks he looks different?

    98. Phoenix Savage

      So desperate to make content that all he makes videos about now is either watching solos, or playing them

    99. Orion

      Yeah I love watching you slap fools in cod and talk about whatever the fuck you talk about, you're just very entertaining. You could talk about how steamy of a shit you took yesterday and I would still be way more entertained from that then any other youtuber.😂😂

    100. GREY59

      1:05 I heard that G59🔥