I think this MODERN WARFARE UPDATE is an early APRIL FOOLS joke

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    1. ISellTurbos

      I wish I had friends

    2. HA Abde'rraheem

      this whole game is a fucking joke i swear even devs don't know how to fix just fucking keep milking this "zombie invasion/nuke the map" cow untill idk it fucking dies and everybody quits

    3. Ray__

      Is there anyway to get the balkan blue lightning skin still? Anyone?

    4. Ernest Van Tent

      I`m deleting the game and never buying a activison product ever again.

    5. Dark Light

      Damn jev isn't good enough for mw matchmaking

    6. Dixin C.

      The level of aim assist these guys have is astounding. They can literally go pro!

    7. GTA 3WAR

      Ewwww ur still playing this old shitty game lmao call of duty is a dead game

    8. Talisa Washington


    9. Zubir Maqsudi

      Why did I get this notification today???

    10. I’m gonne Kill ye

      Challenge accepted: Use knife and riot shield in warzone and get a win FYI: use eod/restock/amped/stuns/throwing knifes

    11. Dead Warrior

      Jev forgot this game is actually realistic

    12. Howard B

      This is the most pain in the ass game ever..

    13. My farts stink

      I'm getting booted off of kandor and hardhat before the game starts. After update. I can't play either

    14. joe mama._.

      yes thwy reset all my data packs and it took me 2 days to download. Thanks activision/who ever is making this game

    15. Tommy S

      The long avenue qualitatively bless because flood postmeiotically brush beyond a wonderful psychology. early, damaged chinese

    16. Noah Hood

      “I pet fat girls”

    17. Kolton Green

      The fact that they buffed the FFAR like it needed it 😒

    18. 21 Elites

      Does anyone know the name of the music in the background he uses at 5:24

    19. Devin Henderson

      Dude, your the only faze member I actually watch all the other ones let money and fortnite change them or they just stopped caring about their community, thank you for stay true sense the beginning you honestly make my day✌

    20. daxkzy

      I got kill house in SnD and it's just terrible 💀😭

    21. oRaGaMi 1337

      You Complain but its part of their strategy to combat Hack developers who patch THEIR OWN HACKS with a blueprint (Patchnotes) provided by the game company themselves. See?

    22. milk

      3:59 can we just talk abt the names of his classes 😂

    23. linda mcdanil

      Can you make a settings vid

    24. Eduardo Barboza

      Where is requis they Demi god

    25. Dopamine

      All I'ma say is if your game is going to take up that much storage make it work properly, thanks activision

    26. Tim jung Un

      Fuck warzone man no one cares about this game and shit I’m only here for jev

    27. mateusinho gueimer

      2:23 overpass?

    28. Jorge Garza

      Mp5 on MW sleight of hand attachment not working for anyone else? Like you put it on and it just doesnt make a difference?

    29. P E

      Mw engine is so slow compared to cw engine.. also no fov

    30. jack 14

      My multiplayer just won't work

    31. Sick boy solider

      All cod updates are jokes

    32. Jeeb Sneeb

      god i hate this game so much i can’t even stand looking at the main screen lol. the stupid ass guy just walking in place in a weird blue grey screen is so fucking infuriating

    33. Buns Stiffington

      Your Kilo is level 69. Nice.

    34. Kyle Erickson

      Jev your a fucking goat bro keep up your good content bro💯🙏🏼

    35. Bryce Rochester

    36. Mr.GoodTime

      play rainbow six siege

    37. Michael

      I thought they were supposed to stop supporting MW when BOCW came out

    38. wavytheluvbug

      Bring back the mortal kombat videos

    39. ReaperWiiPlaza

      Username “ I pet fat girls” 😂

    40. Absurd OP

      3:18 check the name list 💀

    41. Charles Smith

      Modern Warfare deserves a couple more years of attention. Imo its the best cod ever. Since I started playing it I hardly play battlefield anymore and thats sad really

    42. Larry Welser

      Love how they give us all them old maps listed in private games but give us like 4 fucking maps during public MP lobbies lmao

    43. blaze -xr-

      at least you guys get patch notes. epic hasnt released fortnite patch notes in 2 and a half years

    44. RobbyG

      you're actually trash 😂

    45. Krazy killar47

      Since the fucking update everytime I start the game I have copy a add on. Despite doing it multiple times it keeps on happening. Loads others have the same issue.

    46. Pirate Monkey

      The new update broke modern warfare for me, I can’t even play it. This is an April fools joke right... RIGHT

    47. Mayte Exxis

      2:50 i feel ya

    48. Kisame Tsusana

      4.50 mill 🥳

    49. Captain_ Knees

      Jev has 13 ping while I have fucken 40-50 ping

    50. just MW

      Would you do a hand cam with your settings video ?

    51. niteo

      I’m really dumb. I thought killhouse was already in the game...

    52. Angel Sigala

      I haven’t played in 4 days


      Bro now your content needs a change try a new way bro giving good gameplay I'm bored seeing the lobby whole time

    54. ARSFox787

      Drainage reminds me of a MW2 map where it had all the wrecked cars under the overpass

    55. Good aim?

      Every single trashcan is still using Aug and famas

    56. Xaphility

      Am I the only one noticing the frame rate drop on his camera

    57. Exprxssions

      Post Some snd

    58. Joe V

      fucking hate these updates and this game way too fucking big

    59. Connor Cheetham

      I think when they change things it inadvertantly changes other things like Bots working in coldwar releas then they got worse over time. It happens all the time really like the patch that reset accounts on this game at the start of its life

    60. Omar Sanchez


    61. Noah Sample

      Ok guys I think we’ve all had our laughs April fools haha delete Cold War right now it’s not funny anymore it’s a terrible joke

    62. cenation7mjc

      Havent played since season 7 i need to update modernwarfare

    63. KB Jusu

      love u jev

    64. Grided

      Did they nerf sleight of hand for the kar? Feels wayy slower idk

    65. SaintBiscuit

      anyone else notice how he had like 15 seconds of gameplay in a 6 minute vid?

    66. Exrsy

      mw > cw

    67. XiroCastGaming

      These WZ devs are just pissing me off at this point

    68. Jaxon Gilliam

      Activision sucks

    69. Jaxon Gilliam

      Activision sucks

    70. Jaxon Gilliam

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    71. Jaxon Gilliam

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    72. Jaxon Gilliam

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    73. Jaxon Gilliam

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    74. Jaxon Gilliam

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    75. Jaxon Gilliam

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    76. Jaxon Gilliam

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    77. Jaxon Gilliam

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    78. Jaxon Gilliam

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    79. Jaxon Gilliam

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    80. Jaxon Gilliam

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    81. Jaxon Gilliam

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    82. Jaxon Gilliam

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    83. Jaxon Gilliam

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    84. Jaxon Gilliam

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    85. Jaxon Gilliam

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    86. Jaxon Gilliam

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    87. Jaxon Gilliam

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    88. Jaxon Gilliam

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    89. Jaxon Gilliam

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    90. Jaxon Gilliam

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    91. Jaxon Gilliam

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    92. Jaxon Gilliam

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    93. Jaxon Gilliam

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    94. Jaxon Gilliam

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    95. Jaxon Gilliam

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    96. Jaxon Gilliam

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    97. Jaxon Gilliam

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    98. Jaxon Gilliam

      Activision ruined cod

    99. Justin Willie

      Slight of hand is not working for me anymore and neither are the fire rate barrels for the Finn any suggestions?

    100. JJTV

      anyone here from the 2k community thinking... yeah nothing new.